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 Chapter 177: What a Nice Cabbage! Thankfully the Pig is Stupid Enough

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Three rounds passed, then another half of a round.

The wheel spun forward by another two sections before gradually coming to a halt. Finally, it stopped spinning.


A smile came to Lin Feng's face as he looked at his reward. His heart was joyful.

His prediction was indeed correct, as the system ruled that the wheel would stop within the first and fourth section after spinning three rounds.

While he managed to obtain his Disciples' Abode, Lin Feng was in no haste to use it.

He only possessed the deeds for the "Great Hall of the Main Pavilion" and the "Disciples' Abode". It was as if a skyscraper had been constructed overnight. Even if some divine force helped him to establish these two structures, they would just be two lonely buildings.

If anyone mentioned that they wanted to build other buildings, then he would be in a difficult position.

Lin Feng planned on accumulating more deeds before using them all at once. In doing so, he would be able to reach the pinnacle without much headache nor problem.

He exited the system's interface and strolled slowly on top of Mount Yujing. He felt the mountain underneath his feet, the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World above his head and the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds.

Time, space, being and essence. All four of these things appeared to have reached a new height.

"Eh? Are you about to build your spiritual altar?" Everything upon Mount Yujing was under Lin Feng's control. With his consciousness, he could sense any occurrence.

Lin Feng came to a peak, where a young girl clad in red robes sat. Her long fair, like the tongues of a blazing fire, danced about even though there was no wind.

Yue Hongyan's eyes were shut and her eyebrows, narrow like two skinny swords, arched gently.

After stepping into Mount Yujing, Yue Hongyan felt its power and with it, the laws of heavens and earth. She improved tremendously, and while she was previously in a bottleneck she took this opportunity to break through. In her aura sea, she began to build her spiritual altar and advanced to the middle stage.

"Innate Ability - 8, Intelligence -8, indeed she's not bad," Lin Feng nodded her head as he observed her surroundings closely. he discovered that Yue Hongyan had accumulated enough mana, but in terms of her understanding of the Tao, she still needed a bit more help.

At this moment, she was inches away from the middle portion of the Foundation Establishment stage where she would start building her spiritual altar.

"You cultivate fire-type spells, and hence could obtain the All-Powerful Apocalyptic Primordial Flame, which is one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires and a cadet branch of the True Torch of Kṣitigarbha," Lin Feng said gently. "What's the power of the True Torch of Kṣitigarbha? While the All-Powerful Apocalyptic Primordial Flame only possessed 10-20% of its total power, it was already very powerful."

"As a female, you belonged to the yin side. While you can cultivate fire-type spells, you have to use a different path from males."

Upon hearing Lin Feng's words, Yue Hongyan's body trembled a bit, but she did not open her eyes. She appeared to be listening intently.

Lin Feng continued,"When a female cultivates spells with too much yang, she would need to use to activate the tiny sliver of True Yang in her Original Yin. Only by using her True Yang to direct the yang of the spells could she obtain success."

Upon hearing that, Yue Hongyan's body trembled furiously for a while. She blushed.

Lin Feng's mouth twitched as he pretended to have not seen it.

What he said was the truth, which of course was hard to swallow.

To cultivate the Tao, beyond some special skills, there was not much requirement for either boys or girls.

However, as the female body is inclined towards the yin side, a female cultivator would not face any obstacle while cultivating yin spells. However, if she wished to practise spells that were overtly yang, then she would need to use her True Yang hidden in her Original Yin to balance the Yin-Yang auras. As for the True Yang hidden in her Original Yin, it could only be found in female virgins.

For males, vice versa. Once a boy lost his virginity, he would be unable to cultivate yin spells.

At the very least, one would need to build a spiritual altar, and form one's crucible. Only when the foundation is stable could one begin to explore.

Amongst cultivators of Man, Xiao Budian's mortal enemy stood out in this particular regard. The Yu Family of the Great Qin Empire's ultimate spell is the Mantra of Xuanming which can ultimately be perfected into one of the Six Great Primordial Waters: the Xuanming Primordial Water.

The Yu Family and the demonic Xuanming Tribe are the only two major forces in the Grand Celestial World that controlled the Xuanming Primordial Water.

The third rule of the Yu Family stipulated that male members of the immediate family who cultivated the Mantra of Xuanming could not have sexual relations with females after they entered the Foundation Establishment stage and before they formed their crucibles. If they contravened this rule, their skills would be forfeited and they would be banished from the family.

Yu Tian, who was killed by Lin Feng near Mount Hengyue, lived only for 20 miserable years as a virgin.

Yue Hongyan quickly steadied her heart, and sank deep into her subconscious. With only slight coaxing from Lin Feng, she knew what to do.

She was just inches away from forming her spiritual altar. Now, with a slight prod, the mana in her aura sea concentrated and a black and red spiritual altar began to rise from the earth.

"First class?" Lin Feng arched his eyebrow, but he knew that Yue Hongyan borrowed the powers of Mount Yujing to achieve that.

It was not that her skills were lacking, but rather that she cultivated a poor spell set. If she cultivated the fire-type Earthly Torch Mantra of the True Torch of Ksitigarbha, then with her innate ability she would have no problem creating a first class spiritual altar.

However, the All-Powerful Apocalyptic Primordial Flame was indeed inferior.

Lin Feng thought for a while, "Nevermind, prodigies with potential above can only be encountered and not desired. I'll just treat it as an investment."

He slammed his palms together and cast a spell. A leaf dropped from the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree.

The Black Heavenly Treasure Tree on top of Mount Yujing appeared to be big without limit. Its crown covered the sky just a tiny leaf from it could cover many square kilometers.

Lin Feng flicked his finger and the tree leaf from the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree began to shrink. In the end, it was reduced to the size of only a fingernail.

The shrunken leaf landed on Yue Hongyan's forehead and was absorbed from between her eyes.

Yue Hongyan's body jolted as her spiritual altar, which almost plateaued, begun to shoot out auras left and right.

Lin Feng, seeing that, thought, "The Black Heavenly Treasure Tree could only give you a fighting chance. Now it's up to you."

A first class spiritual altar was as rare as a dragon's scale or a phoenix's feather. It could only be formed with the right combination of talent, chance, spell and willpower. Despite the powers of the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree, it only played a supporting role to marginally increase Yue Hongyan's chance.

Yue Hongyan appeared to have felt something as her spirit became more at ease. She quietly directed the aura in her body to concentrate on building her spiritual altar.

Under the watchful gaze of Lin Feng, mana trembled ceaselessly on the top of Yue Hongyan's spiritual altar. Finally, it solidified into a spiritual altar made entirely out of flames.

The Nine-Tiered Spiritual Altar! First class!

"Her spiritual altar is special too! The top layer is constructed completely from fire, just like a signal tower," Lin Feng thought as he admired it from the side.

The trembling from Yue Hongyan's body gradually died down as her cultivation became purer. It was a great improvement compared to before, and she was already a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

She opened her eyes, and her red pupils were filled with joy. She calmed her heart, and bowed towards Lin Feng while saying, "Thank you senpai for your assistance!"

Lin Feng waved his sleeves and smiled while saying, "All I did was to optimize the situation. Without your inherent talent, all of these would have been for naught."

Yue Hongyan raised her head to look at Lin Feng. Doubt colored her gaze.

Lin Feng knew what she was thinking, but he could not say it directly. He really wanted to take her in as a disciple after seeing her innate ability level.

But doing to would be too classless.

"Your eyes are filled with hatred and anger," Lin Feng said. "The fire in your heart, if it's not used to destroy your enemies would destroy you instead."

"Fate brought us together, and I gifted you a chance at advancement. Whether you could actually accomplish anything will depend on yourself."

Upon hearing Lin Feng's words, Yue Hongyan's heart jolted massively. She looked at the space beyond Mount Yujing and was visibly distressed.

"I don't know. He's too strong. If even Mr Kang could not beat him, then I would use all my strength to become stronger. I want to kill him personally to avenge the deaths of the other members of the Covenant of Liefeng. But... but I don't know if I could it."

"Sometimes I don't even dare to think too much. Every time I think, I could feel my courage dying a little and my confidence falling."

At this moment, Yue Hongyan appeared extremely fragile. Her two skinny brows, slick as swords, also drooped downwards. In that moment, she appeared more beautiful.

Lin Feng did not say anything as he listened to her.

From Yue Hongyan's tale, he finally understood what had befallen upon the Covenant of Liefeng.

While one may deem it a tragedy, it was more of a tragic joke.

The Covenant of Liefeng was a resistance organization formed a few years after the Great Qin Empire annexed the Arctic State by loyalists of the former Arctic State.

There were two main founders of the Covenant. One of them was Yue Hongyan's brother, Yue Hongfeng, who had died many years ago in the battle against the Great Qin Empire.

The other person was called Zhang Lie, who was Yue Hongfeng's best friend. The two of them formed the Covenant of Liefeng and after Yue Hongfeng had died, Zhang Lie became its leader. He led its members in a resistance against the Great Qin Empire.

The families of Zhang and Yue were friends for generations. Yue Hongyan was brought up by Zhang Lie. Even the Mantra of the Apocalyptic Primordial Flame Yue Hongyan practised was taught to her by Zhang Lie.

In the battle of the Great Swamp of the Ancient Region, Zhang Lie was practising alone elsewhere as he sought to progress into the Nascent Soul stage.

Some time ago, Zhang Lie finally ended his solo meditation. Not only did he enter the Nascent Soul stage, but he was already in the middle phase of the Nascent Soul stage.

However, in Yue Hongyan's description, Zhang Lie had changed. He became extreme, even deviant as if he had been afflicted with an obsession. Upon knowing that Yue Hongyan had led the remnant faction of the Covenant of Liefeng out of the Great Zhou Empire, Zhang Lie flew into a rage.

"He told us that we were easy-to-bully weaklings and garbage," Yue Hongyan's red eyes flared up again. "I remember his exact words, which were, 'Useless cowards, there's no use in keeping all of you. Hence I shall use your flesh and blood as offering to my Arctic State.' Saying that, he killed everyone and sacrificed them in the name of the Arctic State with his deviant spell."

"Those were his comrades!" Yue Hongyan's eyes blazed. "Only him, I will just kill him to avenge the Covenant of Liefeng."

Lin Feng's mouth twitched, but he said nothing.

From what she said, why did it sound like a story of a love went wrong?

Zhang Lie and she did not appear to be just master and disciple. Could this be the legendary master-disciple relationship?

"How did such a good cabbage get fed to a pig? No, since you could use her True Yang to practise her yang-type spells, it means that she's still a virgin. Oh, that's good. It means that she hasn't been 'eaten'." Lin Feng's mind ran wild as he thought in his heart, "What a good piece of cabbage, so much better than that pig head."

However, something seems amiss about that Zhang Lie.

Who cares? If you did want this disciple, then I'd take it. If you wanted to argue, I would beat you beyond recognition.

"However...the middle stage of the Nascent Soul stage..." Lin Feng's mouth twitched again. "I need to improve my cultivation. Despite Mount Yujing and my efforts, I am not fully confident of entering the Nascent Soul stage after leaving here."

Those who wished to understand the will of heaven must begin from the middle phase of the Aurous Core stage.