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 Chapter 170: Lend Me Your Body, My Friend

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The Black Dragon Jieyu was scolding the entire family lineage of Lin Feng after being commanded to what it thought was mission impossible. But the moment it saw the Nine Thunder Screen, its spirit was lifted.

The Gengjin Tiger King was enraged as it bellowed in anger, "Do you actually think that with this single magic item you would be able to restrain me?!"

The Tiger King might have said that but the truth was that if it actually got entrapped under the screen, he would be in tremendous danger. And that is not including the passive threat from the by-standing Hundred Herbs Grandmaster.

Jieyu was already at the final level of the Demonic Commander Stage and with the gifts and flair from the Bastille Black Dragon species, its brute strength was actually on par with the Gengjin Tiger King. However, due to the gulf in the demonic powers and mana, when it came to a one-on-one battle, the Gengjin Tiger King was confident of knocking out Jieyu in two to three rounds of battle.

However, if the Gengjin Tiger King were to be entrapped by the Nine Thunder Screen, much of its power would be directed to protect itself against the white thunder and lightning. In that case, its battle against the Bastille Black Dragon would no longer be as easy.

If it were to factor in the likelihood of the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster and Lin Feng joining in the battle, the Gengjin Tiger King was very well aware that the odds were against him.

Hence, in an instant, the Gengjin Tiger King had made up its mind to ignore the cowardly Bastille Black Dragon.

It transformed its body into a white-gold light which was as thin as a millimeter, and like a fish in a stream, it manoeuvred itself through the holes of the Nine Thunder Screen and avoided the compound attack from the thunder and lightning. In a flash, it had managed to avoid the Nine Thunder Screen attack.

After transforming back to its original form, the Tiger King grinned cynically, "If it were the old man Huang Lei from the Great Barren Sword Sect who had used the magic item, I would not have been able to flee that easily. It seems to me that you are not really that impressive eh?"

Following which, it adopted a stance and was about to pounce towards Lin Feng.

Jieyu saw that and retreated slightly. It thought, "I just have to wait for the Tiger King to kill him and I will be free!"

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's Heaven Cleaving Fruit was still floating in mid air, primed but not yet released as he glared at Lin Feng. "Pass me the Nine Thunder Screen quickly. It was totally wasted in your hands. Making such poor decisions at such a critical juncture!"

Lin Feng was standing with both his hands behind his back as he stared at the Gengjin Tiger King before smiling gently, "And so you thought that you had escaped from the screen?"

The Gengjin Tiger King paused for a moment and then found the void in front of him twisting and changing in form. A figure, which looked exactly the same as Lin Feng but was much taller and bigger, formed right in front of him.

That was the technique, the Avatar of Ares!

The avatar was now exploding with yang-positive energy and was as hot as the sun. The rage within the avatar made it stronger than Jieyu!

The Gengjin Tiger King was mildly shocked by the technique and at the same time, it could sense that the Nine Thunder Screen was coming from the back again. Not wishing to stay at his current place any longer, the Tiger King once again transformed into a streak of golden light and shot upwards.

However, the Avatar of Ares was even faster and its humongous body displayed agility and alacrity which belied its size, like a dragon amongst the clouds. After its rapid ascent, it made a quick somersault and shot downwards towards the Gengjin Tiger King.

With the avatar above and the net below, it appeared that the Tiger King was sandwiched into an inescapable situation.

"Do you really think I'm scared of you?" Gengjin Tiger King was triggered as he chuckled. He lifted his right claw which transformed into the gigantic metallic claw as he scratched towards the Avatar of Ares.

The Avatar of Ares let out a loud roar as it raised its right fist and braced for the blow.

The Gengjin Tiger King widened his eyes when he saw the dense cloud of the aura surrounding the fist. The aura was so dense that it almost coagulated to form a solid itself. The aura had elements of the Heaven, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Mountain and Pond. They were all present within the aura of the fist.

When the Heaven and Earth are aligned and matched, the Thunder and Wind would breed life, the Water and Fire would negate and dissolve one another, while the Mountain and Pond would be interdependent.

Within this powerful fist, one would be able to identify insights which were similar to Xiao Budian's Infinite Thunderstorm's. However, the fist was far more intricate than the Infinite Thunderstorm.

With all eight elements successfully paired and housed within the Eight Trigram, power was continually created and channelled.

However, due to the natural opposing nature of Heaven and Earth, Fire and Water, and the Mountain and Pond, there were also destructive forces within the elements.

As such the continual growth and destruction generated an insane amount of energy which was like nuclear fission, leading to an exponential growth of power and energy.

It was Lin Feng's newly created physical combat move!

The Art of Combat: Eight Trigrams, Heaven-Collapsing Hammer!

When unleashed by the insanely strong Avatar of Ares, the punch was simple and close to the essence of Taoism. It was both rigid yet agile. The only constant in its ever-changing nature was its sheer might and domineering power!

Just as how the Eight Trigrams gave birth to life, it had the same ability to destroy all life in our world!

The metallic gigantic claw of the Gengjin Tiger King was broken into infinite bits the moment it came into contact with the aura from the fist!

Gengjin Tiger King could only sense that the internal bits of its right front claw had imploded before realizing that a chain reaction had begun where the implosion slowly spread to the exterior.

The sheer power from the fist had destroyed the right claw, including its bones and muscles to its blood vessels and mana-carrying passages!

The Gengjin Tiger King led out an insanely loud cry and before he could do anything, the Nine Thunder Screen had contained him.

Countless white streaks of thunder and lightning exploded themselves onto the body of the Tiger King while the severely injured right claw was further damaged till one could not discern between flesh and blood.

The jaws of both Jieyu and the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster dropped as they simply could not believe their eyes.

That was an actual Demonic Lord! The Gengjin Tiger Tribe was considered by many as a demonic clan blessed with unimaginable physical strength. However, their eyes had just shown them how an avatar from an Aurous Core Stage cultivator could actually smash its claw into bits.

Jieyu swallowed its saliva before thinking, "He might be a strong cultivator but the key thing was that skill. That was just insane..."

As Jieyu reflected about the incident on Mount Yujing, he realised that if back then the Avatar of Ares had used the Art of Combat: Eight Trigrams, Heaven-Collapsing Hammer, he would have been turned into dragon pulp.

Jieyu trembled at the thought of the prospect of that. Suddenly it noticed that Lin Feng was smiling at it in a very strange manner.

Immediately, Jieyu understood what Lin Feng wanted to see and exclaimed, "Ahhh!" as it charged decisively towards the Gengjin Tiger King. It was charging so recklessly as though it was scared to misunderstood as a disobedient pet.

After ensuring that the avatar and Jieyu were giving the Gengjin Tiger King its overdue punishments, he nodded his head in satisfaction before turning around to ask the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, "I'm sorry my friend but I didn't quite catch what you were saying. Could you repeat it again?"

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's mouth twitched as he silently turned around to face the Gengjin Tiger King before deploying the Heaven-Cleaving Fruit towards the Gengjin Tiger King.

The already giddy Tiger King was bogged down by the Nine Thunder Screen and was busy dealing with both the avatar and Jieyu. He no longer had any more energy to parry the attacks of the fruit.

Thus, the explosion from the fruit was taken by him to the maximum effect and he, of course, was blown into bits.

But before that, the Tiger King had let out a deafening roar and a blinding beam of white light had shot out from his forehead.

At the center of the white light, there was the silhouette of a baby tiger. It was extremely tiny but yet everyone could feel their spirits and soul being suppressed by the aura emanated by the tiny tiger.

And that baby tiger was the nascent soul of the Gengjin Tiger King which was also the foundation for future cultivation of an indestructible demonic soul. It was the essence of all the demonic mana within the Gengjin Tiger King. It was so powerful but because it was a scarce resource, it was usually conserved.

So the fact that he had summoned his nascent soul, it meant that he was ready to give his very all!

"Comet of the White Tiger!" The nascent soul White Tiger shrieked as it exploded into countless streaks of pure white light, which rushed out through the holes of the Nine Thunder Screen. They made a turnaround in the sky and like comets, they fell from the sky towards Lin Feng and the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster.

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster was surprised by the Tiger King's trump card. But just when he was about to dodge the comets, he suddenly found Lin Feng behind him.

"Lend me your body, my friend!"

Lin Feng smiled and extended his hands in a swift motion.

"Fences of the Heaven, The Heaven Arrests! Stabilize!"

The void and space surrounding the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster started to ripple and tremble, generating layers and layers of wrinkles. As a result, the void and space around became blurred.

Before he could react, the void had transformed into two humongous invisible hands which applied a death grip onto the body of the Hundred Herbs Grand Master. They refused to let him budge and he, therefore, became a sitting target for the comets.

The Hundred Herbs Grand Master was shocked and bellowed in anger, "You lied!"

Despite being in repeated battles with the Gengjin Tiger King, his low batteries were still powered by the Nascent Soul Stage mana and could still easily break free from the Fences of the Heaven.

However, Lin Feng had already achieved his objective of delaying him for those few seconds.

The Comet of the White Tiger's speed was unbelievably fast and during the time which Lin Feng was trying to delay the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, it had already reached the area right in front of the Grandmaster.

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster let out a howl of unwillingness as he became bathed in green light while he attempted a last ditch attempt to put up a defence against the shower of comets.

However, his mana had always been no match for Gengjin Tiger King's and now that the Tiger King had summoned his trump card, it would be even more unbalanced.

In the blink of an eye, the green light was penetrated like the holes of a cheese.

The body of the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, which did not manage to escape from a similar fate, withered.

His body was pierced through by the countless comets and countless spurts of blood shot out from his body. As much as he tried to use his mana to boost his regenerative abilities, it was like trying to fill up a tank with a huge hole in the bottom with a tiny tap.

Because of the pressure of the mana and the blood, the gashes in his body grew bigger and before long, he exploded into a rain of blood.

From the blood rain out flew a streak of green light. And from the green light, a kid which was roughly eight to nine years old bounced out.

The kid looked very similar to the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster and was probably the child figure of him. However, the child bore an expression which resembled as though he was in pain. In his eyes, one could tell that he bore much hatred towards Lin Feng.

This kid was the nascent soul of the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster.

However, right now, he could not bother to look for Lin Feng as the Comet of the White Tiger had not ended and he was still in unbelievable pain.

Lin Feng changed his physical stance when he saw that the nascent soul of the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster wanted to open up the void to flee. He raised his right hand immediately and did a slashing motion.

The power of the Fences of the Heaven was activated and it prevented the Grandmaster from fleeing by restricting the opening of void and spaces. Although it was countered by the Grandmaster in an instant, this delay was once again sufficient for him to be pelted by the countless comets which were very much like a thunderstorm.

Because of this, the nascent soul of the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster was also severely injured, leaving him hanging on the brink of the death.

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster glared at Lin Feng with a perplexed expression. "Why? Who are you?"

Lin Feng looked back nonchalantly and smiled, "I definitely have a reason for killing you."

"However, I don't intend to tell you. So hopefully you will still die in peace."

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster growled, "Even if I were to die, I will make sure you pay for it!"

As he spoke the child-like nascent soul shrunk exponentially and as the green light flickered, it transformed into a peculiar kind of seed.

Before anyone knew it, the seed expanded rapidly and was about to explode, radiating a scary amount of energy which was even more powerful than the Gengjin Tiger King's Comet of the White Tiger.

The Explosion of the Nascent Soul!