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 Chapter 168: And Changchun Peak Crumbled!

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Hong Ye widened his eyes but his final breath had left his body.

Following his death, his treasures lost their sagacity and stopped moving about in mid-air.

It was only the Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness and Dragon Slaying Sabre that became increasingly sagacious with the death of Hong Ye as they bounced about in mid-air as though they had just been liberated.

The Dragon Slaying Sabre was especially energetic as it surged towards the Bastille Black Dragon at break-neck speed.

The Bastille Black Dragon gave a low growl as it felt the menacing threat which the sword posed to it. As its name showed, the Dragon Slaying Sabre was definitely extra powerful when dealing with dragons.

Lin Feng saw the flying sabre and put his palms together to chant a certain incantation. A cloud of purple mist formed and quickly constructed a little atmospheric cell which contained the Dragon Slaying Sabre.

Sensing the repeated struggles of the Dragon Slaying Sabre within the atmospheric cell, Lin Feng smiled, "Such a disobedient sabre we have over here. Let me find a partner for you to play with."

Just as the Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness was about to disappear into another space-time dimension, Lin Feng stopped it with his Fences of the Heavens.

It seemed that his actions had angered the Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness because the cauldron transformed into a streak of green flash as it turned around to come for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng gave a little shrug as he smiled and ignored the frustration of the cauldron. He opened up the little purple atmospheric cell and captured the little cauldron with ease.

The tiny cauldron tried to tear up the space and void of the atmospheric cell to flee but Lin Feng had already made preparations in advance to prevent that from happening. He had previously reinforced the atmospheric cell with the Fences of the Heavens to ensure a secured sealing of the cauldron and sabre within the cell.

Afterwards, the purple atmospheric cell was shrunk to the size of a rice grain as Lin Feng opened his mouth to swallow the blip of purple light.

After he was done with handling those two little treasures, Lin Feng had no interest nor intention to stay behind as he commanded the Bastille Black Dragon to fly towards the top of Changchun Peak.

However, the Bastille Black Dragon gave off a loud roar, "There is a Demonic Lord up there! It is not just any Demonic Lord but the Gengjin Tiger King. I don't want to go up there to meet my own death!"

Lin Feng used the tip of his foot to tap on the dragon's head before reassuring it, "I am here. You don't have to worry at all."

The black dragon insisted with a snort, "Nope, I'm still not going up."

"You might be big but it seems like you don't have a pair down there eh", Lin Feng laughed but quickly followed with a stern order. "Regardless of whether you want to go up or not, I will make sure you go up."

He laughed cheekily as he read out a name slowly, "Black Dragon Jieyu!"

The Bastille Black Dragon began to shiver and almost dropped down from the sky.

"How would you know my real name?" The Bastille Black Dragon rushed Lin Feng for his reply.

Lin Feng grinned but remained silent. Because he had the soul of its original owner Chen Gang in captivation, the Black Dragon Jieyu no longer had anything which it could hide away from Lin Feng.

No wonder the Great Void Sect was able to be labelled as the world's number one cultivation ground. It not only bred dragons but invented the technique to ride and control dragons.

The Dragon Taming Technique required one to know the real name of the dragon before performing a secret spell which involved the mixture of the dragon's blood and the cultivator's blood. After the technique had been perfected, one could at a certain extent control and ride dragons.

However, this technique was only effective with dragons which were relatively weaker. It was primarily planned for dragons which were below the level of the Demonic Lord.

Still, it was widely considered as a strong secret spell because dragons were considered the cream of the crop amongst the rest of the demons. At the same level, dragons were unparalleled in the demonic world.

Jieyu had no choice but to adhere to Lin Feng's orders and took flight towards the top of Changchun Peak.

However, along the way, Lin Feng did not hesitate to harvest and keep some of the rare herbs which the Hundred Herbs Sect had cultivated on Changchun Peak. Although quite a bit of the herbs had been destroyed during the intense battles, there was still a considerable bit left in a pristine state.

Lin Feng was not picky as he collected a bit of everything.

By the time he had reached the top of Changchun peak, Lin Feng had a thousand different type of herbs in his possession.

At the top of the peak, the Hall of the Hundred Herbs Sect was already in ruins.

The Gengjin Tiger King was sitting on the ground but both of its front claws had already transformed into two gigantic metallic claws which looked as though they could cover the limits of the universe.

The two metallic claws were grabbing onto an extremely thick and long cane which was probably a good thousand meters long and had a diameter of thirty meters of so. Basically, the cane resembled a green dragon.

However, this green dragon-like cane was being held down by the gigantic claws and could barely struggle against them. It could barely put up a fight against the Gengjin Tiger King and looked as though it was going to die anytime.

The foundation of the humongous cane was a huge green ball of light. The ball was transparent and in it sat the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster.

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's face was very dark as things did not look good for him. He was multi-tasking between controlling the gigantic cane as well as casting spells to communicate with the colourful cloud mist which was above the peak.

The cloud mist was the final protection from the Changchun Heaven-Defying Formation. And under the command of the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, the luxuriant-purple cloud mist continued to descend from the skies and enshrouded the peak.

The Gengjin Tiger King gave a loud laugh as it tilted its head upwards before giving the mist a hard blow.

While dragons breathed out clouds, tigers exhaled wind. With a single blow, the Gengjin Tiger King created a huge gale.

The gale was saturated with Jinxiang Essence which was transformed into countless metallic blades which impaled the colourful cloud mist endlessly.

Lin Feng observed from aside and thought, "The penetrative ability of this gale is almost on par with the Nine Heavens Formless Squall."

Gengjin Tiger King might be in a more advantageous position right now but the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster was not far behind him. The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster never stopped retaliating as the gigantic cane kept secreting a green fluid which burnt the gigantic metallic claws of the Gengjin Tiger King.

The corrosiveness of the green fluid was even stronger than the red fluid which the Heme Blood Cane secreted against the normal tiger demons.

The moment any of the Gengjin Tiger Demons which were below the level of Demonic Lord came into contact with these green fluids, their steely skins would be corroded instantaneously.

These fluids were the essence of the thousand years of cultivation which the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster had gone through. Its power was beyond imagination.

The original lustre fur of the Gengjin Tiger King started to show signs of wear and tear due to the corrosive ability of the green fluids.

At his level of cultivation, he still had to do his best to avoid coming into contact with the green fluids.

Nevertheless, all in all, the Gengjin Tiger King was still winning the battle.

After blowing and scattering the colourful cloud mist, the Gengjin Tiger King gave off a loud howl before tightening its grip onto the cane. At this moment, it no longer cared about the corrosiveness of the green fluids but concentrated all of its metallic demonic powers and continued to chop away at the gigantic cane.

The expression on the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster changed immediately as he tried to counter the Tiger King's attack. However, the explosiveness of its attack was too strong and had actually chopped a thousand meters long cane into half from the centre.

"You demon!" The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's face turned red but became green immediately as he vomited blood out.

The gigantic cane was the culmination of all his blood and mana. Hence, the moment the Tiger King had destroyed his spell, the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster was severely injured even though he had hundreds and hundreds of years of training as his foundation.

"I really cannot let that lad handle anything important! What is Qu Bin doing? Judging from the path he had to take, he should be back by now!"

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster felt a pain in his heart as he watched the destruction done by the tiger demons. He felt helpless as he watched the Gengjin Tiger King swapped the gigantic claws for a humongous axe.

Gengjin Tiger King raised the axe and lowered it with a might that could have shaken the world onto the top of Changchun Peak.

Changchun Peak, being the foundation and base of the development of the Hundred Herbs Sect, was impossibly tough with the large concentration of spiritual energy due to the activities of cultivation from the various disciples.

Along with the thousand years of cultivation, Changchun Peak had amassed a large amount of spiritual energy within its soil, giving it a robusticity which normal peaks would not be able to match.

However, the moment the Gengjin Tiger King's axe landed on it, the entire top of Changchun Peak was actually cleaved into half!

Countless boulders which were almost the size of little knolls rolled down the side of the mountain, smashing onto the cultivators and demons which were still in their heated battles. Thus, they had no choice but to put their differences aside for now and began to avoid the shower of boulders.

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster gave off a loud cry, "Don't you dare to treat this like your backyard!"

The broken gigantic green cane transformed into a foggy mist of green glow which was as wide as the ocean.

At the center of the green glow, one could barely see a red light which was like the blossoming of a flower.

"Breaking my Changchun Cane is nothing to be proud of! Let's see if you can handle my Flower of Samsara!"

Under the control of the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, the red light spun rapidly and like a blossoming flower, it flew towards the Gengjin Tiger King.

Anyone who was engulfed by the Flower of Samsara would never be given a chance of rebirth.

Gengjin Tiger King, who had been fighting with the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster while sitting down, immediately stood up after seeing the Flower of Samsara. He hastened his movement but he did not flee. Instead, he rushed towards the Flower of Samsara.

Lin Feng focused his vision to see a flash of white light which flickered at least a thousand times in a blink of an eye.

At every instant, the white light would tap the Red Flower of Samsara gently like how a dragonfly would gently land on the water. However, after each tap, it would vanish instantaneously, to tap at another angle.

A single tap was nothing impressive but if we were to view it as a repetition of a thousand times, it actually destroyed the Flower of Samsara by hand.

At this moment, the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster had lost all hope. His trump card did not even have a chance to unleash its destructive abilities before being disabled by his foe.

The flickering white light finally stopped its movement to reveal the body of the Gengjin Tiger King. The Tiger King also showed signs of fatigue because the rapid movement probably took a lot from it as well.

"Need to replenish first. I shall continue playing with you later." The Gengjin Tiger King laughed eerily as its claw once again transformed into the gigantic metallic claws. It went on to pry open the broken peak to reveal the secret elixir chamber within.

The Gengjin Tiger King did not even try to be courteous at all as it clawed open the icy exterior of the storage before lifting the roof off, revealing the pots which contained all the elixir.

Just when the Gengjin Tiger King was about to grab a large pot, suddenly, countless streams of yellow dirt which formed a murky long river blocked its claws.

Lin Feng's eyes widened at the sight of this.

Just as he thought, the next moment, Kang Nanhua appeared on top of the elixir chamber, as he stared at the Tiger King with much composure.

Before anyone knew it, a red figure dashed into the chamber. Yue Hongyan had taken advantage of this distraction to rescue the children which were in the different pots.

The Gengjin Tiger King and the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster bellowed with anger, "Who are these impudent kids?"

Kang Nanhua did not reply but raised both his hands to begin another incantation.

Countless grains of sand congregated together to form a gigantic shield which covered the opening on top of the elixir chamber.

The sand shield was streamlined and perfectly symmetrical. On its surface, if one were to pay attention to its design, one would notice the stream-like carvings which decorated the entire surface of the shield. The streams were connected to one another and the grains of sand flowed within these streams, which contrasted to the static nature of the shield. One would not be able to tell the start and the end of the streams apart.

The Gengjin Tiger King narrowed its eyes before delivering a claw towards the sand shield in a single rapid motion.