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 Chapter 167: You Are Too Inexperienced...

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The truth was that the moment Lin Feng had never given the Prince of Autumn Leaves much of his attention since arriving at Changchun Peak. He was much more interested in the battle between the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster and Gengjin Tiger King which was happening within the colourful cloudmist at the peak.

Lin Feng's lack of attention towards him further angered Hong Ye.

Being treated as a nobody was not as bad as being treated as invisible or non-existing.

The spicy young girl who had a nickname called Xiao Man looked at Lin Feng before shifting her glance back to Hong Ye. She said, "Husband, he is really the guy whom you wanted as our carriage driver!"

After her words were out, regardless of whether it was a cultivator of the Hundred Herbs Sect or a demon from the Gengjin Tiger Tribe, everyone stared at Hong Ye.

It was dead silence as everyone stared blankly at Hong Ye.

He actually wanted to take Lin Feng as his carriage driver?

After a brief moment, everyone including the demons burst into laughter.

No one spoke and everyone was just laughing non-stop while some even ran out of breath.

Despite not talking to one another, everyone understood clearly the reason why they were all laughing.

At this moment, Hong Ye was red with both embarrassment and anger, like a well-cooked prawn.

"How dare you?! How dare you humiliate me like this!" Hong Ye exploded and howled as a green light flashed on his body. As the green light flashed, a tiny green bronze cauldron emerged from the green light.

It was only when the green bronze cauldron appeared, then Lin Feng started to pay some attention to Hong Ye. "Oh? I did not know that this rascal actually had such an extraordinary treasure. It can actually shift spaces and voids, just like my Black Cloud Flag."

"Hey...wait a minute. No, this cauldron is stronger than the Black Cloud Flag. This is not an Aurous Core Stage magic item. Its level is definitely higher than that. Just that, it is currently damaged and is unable to perform at its full potential."

Now Lin Feng was interested in this item. He turned his head around and saw how the cauldron, under Lin Feng's control, suddenly trembled.

As it trembled, it vanished instantaneously as it teleported through space and appeared in front of the Tiger Demonic Commander.

The Tiger Demonic Commander was caught offguard and knowing that it was too late to run away, it could only muster all the demonic power that it had to absorb as much of the Jinxiang Essence from its surrounding to form a gigantic golden shield.

The tiny green bronze cauldron might not look impressive but even at the level of a Demonic Commander, the Tiger Demonic COmmander could feel the immense threat from the cauldron and henceforth, called upon all its demonic powers to defend itself.

At its current level, a full potential defence would be more than enough to handle the blow from the Dragon Slaying Sabre.

But just as the green bronze cauldron collided into the golden shield, formless ripples formed on the space surrounding the cauldron.

And just like a pebble thrown into a pond, the cauldron moved with the ripples and penetrated the golden shield with ease.

The Tiger Demonic Commander watched the cauldron with its fearful eyes as its body was penetrated by the cauldron. It could not do anything about it because it could not put up any form of resistance.

A hundred percent effort in defence and a body as tough as steel was powerless and weak like paper pulp in the face of the tiny cauldron.

The laughter amongst the crowd soon died down as they were shocked at how Hong Ye slayed the Tiger Demonic Commander in a single move.

Hong Ye's face soon turned pale as it was quite exhausting to manoeuvre the cauldron at his current stage of training, especially with at the rate which his mana was being consumed.

However, Hong Ye was unbelievably relieved as he thought to himself, "How dare you all mock me?! Now you know how good I am! It was nothing but a Demonic Commander...Just a puppy!"

"Usually, I always keep the Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness at my side for self-defence. Today it seems as though I have widened the horizons of all these ignorant fools."

"I just want to let you all know that my Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness when employed for defence, creates a ring of void space around me, allowing me to survive through countless catastrophic encounters. When used for offensive operations, it can penetrate through spaces and voids. Nothing can stop it!"

Hong Ye's face became a sickly red as he scanned through all the shocked expressions of the masses, feeling good.

As he continued to scan his surroundings, Hong Ye ended on Lin Feng as he gave a hearty laugh.

However, the expression on Lin Feng's face was neither fearful nor shocked. Instead, he seemed to be somewhat sympathetic.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you look at me with such a look? I will...."

Before he could finish speaking, Hong Ye felt a throbbing pain from his chest. He looked down to find the tip of a sword protruding from his chest.

Behind him, the ice-queen whom the harem had been addressing as Big Sister was wielding the longsword as she sighed.

"The day when you shifted the Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness away from your body has finally arrived. It has been a long wait."

Hong Ye blinked his eyes and seemed to finally understand what was going on. He gave off a loud battle cry and was about to retaliate.

Just at this moment, multiple blades of sword were stabbed into his body. Different types of mana ravaged his body as they flooded his veins and arteries as well as his organs.


The crucible on his spiritual altar shatted and soon, the altar crumbled while the aurous sea was torn apart.

His vitality was destroyed in its entirety instantly.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" Hong Ye questioned as his body crumbled to the ground.

The ice-queen who was dressed in a palace attire smiled, "Have you ever wondered why we follow you?"

Hong Ye shook his head in pain and asked himself, "So it wasn't for my charisma?"

The ice-queen smiled, "I am very interested to lay my hands on your little cauldron."

Hong Ye panted heavily and looked at the rest of his harem, "So...what about the rest of you?"

A cultured young girl who was dressed in purple replied coldly, "People claimed that you attained enlightenment in your own training in the mountain as you began your road of cultivation. Do you dare to say that it is the truth?"

"There was one day when you were strolling in the mountains when you met a cultivator who had ran into psychosis due to poor control over his cultivation. He was on the brink of death but it was not beyond hope. As long as you followed what he instructed you to do, which was to place him into a ice-pond timely, he would have survived."

"But then your selfishness got the better of you! You took away his Taoism manuals and left him alone, leaving him to struggle before his poor death." The young girl dressed in purple recounted without any tinge of emotion. "That man was my father. I had arrived late on that day, and was unable to save him. All I could do was to watch him struggle and die."

She lowered herself to get a better look of Hong Ye's pale face before whispering to him, "My good husband, what do you say? Should I kill you?"

Another young girl who was dressed in white spoke without emotions, "Don't you dare look at me with those sad eyes. I am training in the Self-beautifying Technique and needed a cauldron badly. I happened to bump into you, who had a pretty fitting cauldron, and hence I followed you."

Hong Ye's eyes widened in disbelief after hearing her little confession.

"Ahem. Ahem..." Lin Feng choked onto his saliva as he looked at Hong Ye, unsure of whether he should laugh or cry for him.

"Wow, I can't believe how bad your luck actually is... After harassing them for so long, it seems like you did not manage to take advantage of them but rather they took advantage of you!"

Hong Ye was not ready to give up as he looked towards the three other ladies and asked, "What...what about the rest of you?"

Xiang Lanying shook her head with regret, "It is true that I do not share any hatred with you. But I do not love you. I followed you for the Mortal Spiritual Elixir."

Another shy young girl looked down and refused to say anything. The spicy and fiery girl called Xiao Man spoke cynically, "Xiao Rou is too nice to speak anything bad about you. Let me help her."

"Xiao Rou had a young sweetheart back at her village. But after bumping into you, and the fact that you had gone to her house to raise an official proposal, her dad saw how powerful you were and agreed so as to get onto your good side. Fearing that you would harm her loved ones, she had no choice but to consent to this marriage. So please stop thinking so highly of yourself!"

Xiao Man continued with a cynical smile on her face, "As for myself, I was simply using you as a protection against my enemies when they were chasing after me that day."

"I had wanted to express my gratitude but who knew that you would try to rape me."

As she mentioned this, Xiao Man capitalised on the rage which she had bottled up all these while and stepped on Hong Ye's dick with much rage and force!

After a single step, she found herself unable to quench her thirst for revenge and continued to step twice more with even more force than before. Before she lifted her leg, she moved her foot back and forth to maximise the damage dealt.

Lin Feng and the Bastille Black Dragon who were in mid air felt a chill down their crotch as they saw how Hong Ye curled up like a little shrimp.

Lin Feng moved his hand to cover his crotch subconsciously before shaking his head slowly, "Ouch! That must have hurt..."

Since the first time he had met Hong Ye, Lin Feng had been confused by how someone who was as fortuitous as him, who also had plenty of treasures would only score a five point in the Fortune aspect in the Talent Analysis Device. He had almost suspected that there were some issues with the Talent Analysis Device.

When they met again outside of Changchun Peak because of the Tiger Demonic Commander, Lin Feng had used the Talent Analysis Device again.

But then at that time, the Fortune score had fallen to a four.

So what had actually happened during that short period of time which could cause his Fortune score to drop to four?

Simple. Mr Charisma had included another lady into his harem.

Increasing the size of his harem was not the main problem. Fortune was a difficult thing to discuss because it was always a fuzzy topic. It was related to the character of a person and the way he handled things. It was somewhat linked to an old saying which went like this, "Character decides the destiny".

Having more wives and concubines did not necessarily result in misfortune but the problem lied in Hong Ye amassing a bunch of ladies with malicious intents.

Because he had killed Taoist Tiemu, Lin Feng had already known of Xiang Lanying's intent of a sex scam.

As for the performances of the rest of the ladies, Lin Feng had observed that the ladies were always trying to create more problems for Hong Ye when he encountered Taoist Tiemu and the Tiger Demonic Commander.

It was really as though they were scared that their husband would die too slowly.

With all these information, the question had became simpler than before. The six ladies including Xiang Lanying were probably the reason why Hong Ye's Fortune score was so low. He probably had a full score considering how many treasures he had stumbled upon. Poor Hong Ye.

Lin Feng shook his head as he smiled, "Young man, you are too young and too simple. Love is always selfish. Who would be willing to share their loved one with others? A harem which doesn't squabble...Wouldn't you be suspicious? If they would really come together united as one, who would they be against then? It would be you of course!"

"The problem was that you simply took in any beautiful lady that you bumped into without even a proper check on their background." Amassing a group of your enemies into your harem is really a stupid mistake. And so you believed that you could charm anyone in the world?"

Lin Feng looked at Hong Ye who was still surviving on his final breaths with much pity in his eyes. "Starting and maintaining a harem is a feat which demands much skill and precision. Young man, you are still too inexperienced and young..."

The Bastille Black Dragon turned its head, "Huh?"

Knowing that the Dragons were lustful creatures, Lin Feng gave a rare word of advice, "My dear dragon, a harem usually spells trouble, please take utmost caution when it comes to such matter."