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 Chapter 166: Who Is More Attention-Grabbing?

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Changchun Peak, at this moment, was lit with the dances and howling from the demons and ghouls.

The Changchun Heaven-Defying Formation had already been destroyed by the Gengjin Tiger King. The dirt-yellow cloud mist at the foot of the mountain and the jade-green cloud mist at the halfway mark of the mountain had already vanished.

All that was still left struggling was the luxuriant-purple cloud mist at the peak but it was like an isolated flame amidst gales of wind, trembling and ready to be extinguished.

Batches and batches of Gengjin Tiger Demons were committing atrocities at Changchun Peak.

"Badum! Badum! Badum!"

A thunderous roar drew attention to a chariot pulled by four humongous Thunder Draco Horses. The Azure Thunder Chariot appeared to be pulling a small city by itself as it knocked two Gengjin Tiger Demons, who attempted to stop the chariot, with its sheer power and momentum.

The disciples of the Hundred Herbs Sect who had been struggling to fend off the tiger demons cheered and rejoiced at the sight of the chariot.

Hong Ye was attired in black which contrasted against his white hair. He stood on the Azure Thunder Chariot wielding both the Dragon Slaying Sabre and the Universal Magneton Yin Yang Mirror as he exuded a suave look. Both the Dragon Slaying Sabre and the Universal Magneton Yin Yang Mirror were Aurous Core Stage magic items which assisted Hong Ye in his offensive and defensive needs.

Another of his Aurous Core Stage magic item, the Dragon's Leash, was floating in mid air above the chariot, waiting to bind itself against any tiger demon that came in its way. Following which, the Dragon Slaying Sabre would supplement the attack with a clean stab to take away the life of the tiger demon.

Witnessing this scene, some of the disciples of the Hundred Herbs Sect sighed and discussed amongst themselves, "I used to think that Hong Ye was nothing but a cultivator extolled and lauded to the skies by the ignorant masses. He did not have any Sects to back him nor any remarkable evidence of his abilities. Only until today, did I know that he is really worthy of all those praises."

"I know right. Even the tiger demons which are already at the level of a Demonic General would not be able to last for more than a single round." The other disciples continued to add, "I believe that he would be able to defeat demons that are at the Demonic Commander level."

"I really wonder how powerful he would be if he were able to attain the level of the Aurous Core Stage... The mere thought of it is simply horrifying."

Of course, there would also be cynical remarks made. "What is there to admire about? He is merely relying on a few powerful magic items. If you were to give his items to me, I am sure I can do a better job!"

Hearing this remark, most of the disciples laughed, "Having that many powerful magic items mean that Hong Ye is a fortuitous man. Looking at how petty and sardonic you are, the magic items would never choose you as their owner."

In the face of the besiegement from the tiger demons, Hong Ye gave no chance as he unleashed the full power of the Azure Thunder Chariot and bashed through the crowds of Gengjin Tiger Demons like rolling thunder.

During its movement, endless electric snakes hissed and shot themselves towards the tiger demons in an arrow-like manner, dealing heavy damages to the dense groups of tiger demons.

The humongous Thunder Draco Horses, which were basically like elephants, sped forward and trampled every Gengjin Tiger Demon which was in the slightest bit weak or small to its death.

The four Thunder Draco Horses, which was on par with demons that were at the level of the Demonic General, were extremely blessed and gifted as they had inherited the bloodline of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon. Despite the bloodline being slightly muddled with time, the horses continued to possess the ability to control thunder.

When they were put together with the Azure Thunder Chariot, the way they sped through the battlefield resembled a speeding thunderstorm, which left groups and groups of tiger demons charred and squashed to their deaths.

Lightning was a natural bane of the Gengjin Tiger Tribe. When it came to dealing with these tiger demons, the combination of the chariot and the horses were much more effective and efficacious than the Hong Ye and his three magic items.

Hong Ye braced the Dragon Slaying Sabre and continued with the slaying of another tiger demon. As he looked towards the peak, he muttered with much hate within him, "Gengjin Tiger King, you will pay for your actions!"

"When that day arrives, even if you beg for mercy or agree to be my watchdog, I will still kill you!"

The suave and attention-grabbing Hong Ye had finally attracted the attention of a group of Tiger Demonic Commanders.

The Tiger Demonic Commander whom he had fought with before laughed haughtily before exclaiming, "It's the lad who does not fear. Let's go and take him down swiftly. He has a lot of treasures on him. Killing him will allow us to reap plenty of rewards."

The other Demonic Commanders also noticed the powerful magic items that were in the Hong Ye's possession and immediately dashed towards the chariot.

At this moment, they were no longer interested in any unspoken rule about one-on-one duels. Hong Ye would barely be on par with any single Tiger Demonic Commander. But now five of them were pouncing onto him, spelling much danger to him.

The Dragon's Leash was rendered useless in no time and the Universal Magneton Yin Yang Mirror followed suit. Before long, the Dragon Slaying Sabre was also taken down by two of the Tiger Demonic Commanders.

One of the Thunder Draco Horses almost had its brain raked off by the claws of a single Tiger Demonic Commander.

His mood darkened as he exclaimed furiously, "When the dragon runs into shallow waters, it is mocked by the tiniest of prawns! In future, I swear if I do not exterminate the entire Gengjin Tiger Tribe, I shall not be considered as a human!"

The Tiger Demonic Commander grinned hideously, "You can stop your dream of being a human from today! I will turn you into my pet ghost!" Amidst a wild burst of golden flash, a gigantic gold-plated claw formed. It had a radius of a good two meters as it came sweeping towards the head of the Hong Ye.

"With your own effort? I don't think so!" Hong Ye exclaimed as he remained calm despite his items being preoccupied with the rest of the Demonic Commanders. Just as the gold-plated claw was about to land on his body, the space around the Hong Ye's body trembled and twisted unnaturally.

The enormous energy generated from the twisting and trembling of the void repelled the claw instantaneously.

"What was that?" The Tiger Demonic Commander exclaimed in surprise. A few of the Tiger Demonic Commanders which were encircling around Hong Ye were soon also repelled by this mysterious energy.

Hong Ye might have remained unscathed from the multiple attacks but deep inside his heart, he was feeling not much better. He was frustrated by how helpless he could be when it came to facing multiple Demonic Commanders.


At this moment, a loud and authoritative dragon roar could be heard from the sky.

An aura of solemnity and authority could be felt as the tiger demons which were below the level of the Demonic Commander found their knees turning into jelly.

Even the Demonic Commanders, who had already completed the cultivation of the Demonic Pill, found themselves shaken by the roar of the dragon.

The four Thunder Draco Horses which were pulling the Hong Ye's chariot was even more affected by the roar as their legs crumbled, leaving them in a kneeling position, as though they were receiving their leader.

The sliver of dragon blood within them made them easier targets for subjugation when it came to encountering actual dragons.

In fact, everyone present at the battlefield stopped all fighting as they lifted their heads to gaze at the sky afar where thick and heavy clouds continued to rumble and flip.

Within the stacks of cloud, the faint shape of a celestial dragon could be seen, revealing its scales and claw momentarily at times but never showing its head nor its tail.

However, the strong aura from the clouds which radiated the energy and authority of the dragon clan reassured everyone that the celestial dragon had one of the purest possible dragon blood.

Finally, the clouds opened up to reveal a hundred feet long creature which descended majestically from the sky towards Changchun Peak.

It had a bull-like head, antelope-like horns, prawn-like eyes, elephant-like ears, snake-like neck, serpent-like body, fish-like scales, phoenix-like claws and tiger-like palms.

On its back, there were exactly 81 scales, completing the Yang Positive Square of Nine.

Every breath it took created clouds and mists, while its roar was like the clanging of bronze plates, while beard-like whiskers crowded themselves around its mouth. It also had a bright pearl below its chin, radiating a majestic aura.

This was a real and actual dragon that was staring at their faces. The black scales that armoured its body gave off a thin glimmer as they encapsulated a body which contained an explosive amount of energy. Yes, this was the Bastille Black Dragon, the dragon among the Immemorial Celestial Dragons which had the strongest and toughest body.

"Look, there is a person standing on the dragon!" Out of nowhere, someone exclaimed suddenly.

Chaos broke as everyone was aware that dragons were one of the strongest species of creatures out there. The Immemorial Celestial Dragons ruled the world aeons ago and their prideful and haughty character was well-known. How was it possible that it actually allowed someone to stand on its back?

Even Hong Ye and the flock of ladies around him were perplexed by this sight. They focused their poor eyes on their shocked face onto the dragon to get a good sight of the person.

All they saw was a young man standing on the back of the dragon with both his hands behind his back. The purple robe which wrapped around him was flapping against the wind which gave him the look of a celestial deity descending into the realm of the mortals.

Three Tiger Demonic Commanders took in the sight and revealed an expression of dissatisfaction. "This might be a pure blood Bastille Black Dragon, but it is merely at the level of a Demonic Commander. We have nothing to fear!"

As the saying goes, "The tiger and dragon shall fight", seeing how the Bastille Black Dragon had stolen all the limelight and gave off an aura of unfriendliness, the three Tiger Demonic Commanders gave a loud howl before pouncing towards the Bastille Black Dragon which was in mid-air.

The person on the back of the Bastille Black Dragon was, of course, Lin Feng. At this moment, he was looking at the luxuriant-purple cloud surrounding the peak. Amidst the cloud mist, one could barely see the reflection of a certain metal flickering from time to time.

"It seems that we are just on time. Not too late nor too early." Lin Feng pondered to himself as he heard the three howls from the tigers before shifting his gaze to the three Tiger Demonic Commanders which had leapt towards himself and the Dragon.

The Bastille Black Dragon which had long been frustrated and infuriated by how Lin Feng was stepping on its back, channelled its bottled-up rage onto the Tiger Demonic Commanders.

It extended its humongous claws and swept them towards one of the Tiger Demonic Commanders. The spikes on the exterior of the tiger gave off a cold flash as the claw and the Tiger Demonic Commander collided. However, the spikes could not penetrate the scales of the black dragon, which were like refined iron.

When it came to defensive prowess, the Refined Mana Black Scales of the Bastille Black Dragon was definitely stronger and tougher than the iron skin of the Gengjin Tiger Demons.

The Tiger Demonic Commander did not only fail to breach the defence of the Black Dragon but it also found itself pinned onto the peak by the Dragon's claw.

The other two Demonic Commander level Tiger Demons were enraged as they prepared to free their comrade.

Lin Feng stared at them with an expressionless look as he lifted his finger casually.

The two Tiger Demonic Commanders which were dashing towards their comrade suddenly found themselves stopping abruptly. They gazed down in confusion to find the lower half of their bodies gone.

The iron-like skins of the Tiger Demons were made from condensed Jinxiang Essence and even the Hong Ye's strongest Aurous Core magic item, the Dragon Slaying Sabre, would find it difficult to deal any life-threatening damage.

But now, two Tiger Demonic Commanders had just found themselves sliced into half from the waist!

It was as easy as slicing a tofu! Zero resistance!

Everyone found themselves dumbfounded at this sight as they saw how the three Tiger Demonic Commanders were either immobilised or killed with such ease.


After a good long pause, someone from the crowd shouted, "Holy! Who is that? It's incredible how he took down the Tiger Demonic Commanders in seconds! And how cool is that? To ride on a dragon?!"

"Could he be a Grandmaster at the level of the Nascent Soul Stage?"

"I don't know...But all I know is that he is insanely powerful! He killed the Demonic Commanders with as much ease as it was to kill ants..."

Amidst the rowdy crowd, someone muttered loudly, "Hong Ye is nothing compared to him."

That statement quieted everyone before another discussion erupted again. "How could you compare them? He was fighting against the Demonic Commanders while the Hong Ye was only slaying Demonic Generals. When surrounded by Demonic Commanders, the Hong Ye could do nothing but to get ready for a beating."

"You can totally see the difference when you look at their rides. Did you see how the horses kneeled down when they saw the dragon?"

Although the person was not very loud but how could the Hong Ye not hear with his abilities?

He was angry beyond words as his face darkened. He was especially infuriated by his disappointing horses which had fought hard for his reputation in the past.

But now the horses did not display any of the superiority that they had in the past as they kneeled on the ground, attempting to flirt with the Bastille Black Dragon.

At the sight of this, Hong Ye found himself even more enraged than before.

On the chariot, the lady, which the rest of the harem had addressed as Big Sister, stared at Lin Feng for a good moment before exclaiming, "Husband, don't you find that guy familiar?"

Hearing her words, Hong Ye took a closer look and indeed, he recognized Lin Feng as the man whom he wanted as the carriage driver. Immediately, he found himself giddy from the previous ideas that he had.

He calmed and stabilized himself to find a peculiar look on his harem's faces. Immediately, he could feel all the rage within him soaring to new heights.

"How dare you?! How dare you embarrass me like this?!" Hong Ye howled as a flash of green light flickered on his body before a tiny cauldron emerged.