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 Chapter 165: The Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web

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As Lin Feng turned and flew towards Changchun Peak, many thoughts flashed through Qu Bin's mind, "This person has too much information. Who knows what he'll do if we fly to Changchun Peak now? I can't spare him."

Without any hesitance, Qu Bin struck his sword towards Lin Feng!

Lin Feng did not turn, and simply laughed lightly, "Life is like a play, all depends on your act. What a shame though, you can't act as well as I do."

As his words ended, his body vanished.

Qu Bin was shaken and suddenly, he heard Lin Feng's voice from behind him.

"I was worried, what if I killed one who is innocent? But now, you've proved yourself to be someone who deserved death."

"He could warp space-time? Nascent Soul stage? Or was it an equipment to warp space-time?" Qu Bin panicked. He turned and raised his hand, as a ball of white lightning flashed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng's pupils narrowed. The ball of white lightning clearly worried him of an impending danger. Clearly, he felt threatened by the presence of something.

The ball of lightning abruptly expanded in mid air into a white thunder web, with the interior roaring with thunder, crashing towards Lin Feng's scalp.

"Nascent Soul stage equipment? Is this what Hundred Herbs Grandmaster is waiting for?" Lin Feng came to a realization, that they intended to 'harness thunder and electricity to cripple the metallic armour of Gengjin Tiger Demon clan.'

Qu Bin's equipment belonged to his master: the Grandmaster of the Great Barren Sword Sect and was named the Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web.

The Thunder Web was rapidly expanding, and quickly covered the visible horizon. Currents and lightning bolts were sparkling in abundance, as though the web was filled with thunder dragons circling the sky and gradually loomed over Lin Feng. Despite efforts to escape, he realized no matter where he travels, the web would follow suit, and the borders extended infinitely. It seemed he had no path for escape.

The roaring currents were full of explosive power. Lin Feng could confirm that if he was covered by the web, his body would instantly turn into ashes.

"Fascinating. A Nascent Soul Stage equipment is definitely extraordinary," he remarked, nodding his head. He pointed towards the Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web and activated the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm.

"If as expected, this equipment should contain the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster's understanding of the many mysteries of space, time and universe."

Under the influence of Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm, a portion of the web became distorted, but the attempt to replace it was unsuccessful.

Within the thunder and lightning, crystallized elements folded and interweaved, to create layers as thick as a hardened wall. It securely locked out the horizon, preventing the effects of Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm to be maximized.

"Just as I had anticipated..." Lin Feng thought.

Qu Bin was relieved.

"The matters of the Great Barrens Sword Sect are private. Now you pay, for meddling in things not of your business!"

"From your reaction, I guess you are aware of the Mortal Spiritual Elixir's brewing process?" Lin Feng stared.

Thinking Lin Feng would be captured soon, Qu Bin lowered his defences and laughed.

"What if I do? All the lives lost are nothing compared to the true value of the Elixir. Don't you know the powers of a single batch of Mortal Spiritual Elixir?"

Lin Feng chuckled softly, "Don't bother letting me know right now. Give me a moment, and I'll force it out of you even if you don't want to."

Qu Bin shuddered and sensed danger behind his back, forming and disappearing. Whatever he sensed was subtle, but not negligible. In fact, if Qu Bin reached the middle phase of the Aurous Core stage, his sensitivity to the elements would have caused him to miss out on sensing the imminent danger.

Realizing the danger, he tried to make a quick dash for safety, but it was too late.

Avatar of Ares had formed silently behind Qu Bin, across hundreds of yards in mid-air. Instantaneously, the Avatar summoned the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm, warping itself to within metres behind Qu Bin's back. This distance was more than sufficient for the Avatar.

A fiery fist smashed towards Qu Bin's backbones.

Above the forearm, there was a layer of strange glimmering substance etched in the skin. The result, was a bright and delicate skin, with an unnervingly powerful undercurrent about to be released!

As the punch was thrown out, a huge tornado formed, tightly taking in Qu Bin, effectively immobilizing him. He was left with no evasion and sucked right into the ground zero of punch impact.

Shocked, Qu Bin felt pressure rapidly building up on his spine, and felt his body hair standing straight. Life and death were determined at this crucial moment.

As a sword cultivator, Qu Bin was already far stronger than other Aurous Core stage Cultivators. At this decisive moment, he let out a howl and instantly released every ounce of remaining power within his body.

This powerful explosion, allowed Qu Bin to make a slight turn to his immobilized body in an attempt to evade Avatar's incoming punch.

However, the evasion was too slight to be effective, and the metallic punch landed square on his mid spine. Upon contact, the true explosive undercurrent was released, with waves of impact pulsating through Qu Bin's body.

The pain was excruciating, yet Qu Bin could not muster the energy to cry out. The flesh and bones along his spines instantly ripped apart, and a huge hole was formed on his body.

"Distance! Must create distance!" This was the only thought in Qu Bin's mind. As the in-house follower of the Great Barrens Sword Sect, he was already an Aurous Core Mid Stage sword cultivator and possessed the powerful Great Barren Sword Code. In his hands were the Mystical Flame Sword, a much feared Aurous Core Stage equipment.

But now, before he could even make a single move, his life was about to be taken. His back was still within the strike range of his opponent.

"If only I can create distance, can I have any chance of launching a counter-attack!" Qu Bin rode the sword radiance and desperately evaded the incoming attacks, but before he knew the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm had shifted right in front of him.

Qu Bin's heart sank, his time was up.

The Avatar smiled, and a punch was aimed right onto the face of Qu Bin.

"No!" Qu Bin gave his final, desperate wail before his skull was smashed into tiny bits.

Qu Bin's influence was lost, causing Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web to freeze mid-air.

Lin Feng's main body gave a hearty laugh and took the opportunity to escape from its grasp. The Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web rapidly decreased in mass, reformed into a ball of white lightning the size of a fist, and flew north in the direction of the Great Barren Sword Sect.

"Trying to return to the rightful owner? I can't believe he Nascent Soul Equipment possesses such spiritual energy, not bad indeed.' Lin Feng smiled, raised his palms and muttered, 'how is it possible for me to let you leave? I'll need your help to counter that Tiger.'

With the dynamic murmuring of spells, the purple clouds over the vast horizon opened up and covered the Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web's ball of lightning. Within the purple fog, light and shadow were constantly evolving. There were mountains, waters, flora and fauna, pagodas and pavilions, and the wonders of the weather. These ever changing sceneries made it look as though it was a miniature universe trapped within.

The ball of white lightning was trapped within this miniature universe and appeared uneasy. Through the lightning, the shadow of a person could be seen.

The person donned an ancient costume, had pale white hair, and clearly looked agitated. Powerful mana was emitted, similar to that of Gengjin Tiger Demon King, and Hundred Herbs Grandmaster.

This was none other but Qu Bin's master, the Grand Master of Great Barrens Sword Sect: Desolate Thunder Grandmaster. Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web was his personal equipment.

For Hundred Herbs Grandmaster and Qu Bin's convenience sake, the Desolate Thunder Grandmaster removed the majority of the divine restrictions of the equipment. Whatever restriction was left was purely to prevent the equipment from being stolen.

The remaining divine awareness would also allow the Grandmaster to implant a portion of his soul to view the Thunder Web and fend off any enemies.

"How dare you kill my disciple and attempt to steal my equipment!" Desolate Thunder Grandmaster rumbled.

Lin Feng simply grinned. He did not answer, and continue manipulating the clouds above.

The Avatar beside him had already captured the soul of Qu Bin, and walked up to Desolate Thunder Grandmaster, laughing.

"You talk too much!"

As he spoke, he raised his palms and swiftly made a slice. The connection between Desolate Thunder Grandmaster and his thunder web was lost.

From a cave deep in the Great Barren Sword Sect, the Desolate Thunder Grandmaster was stunned. It took awhile before he regained his composure, and what he felt was pure rage.

"You wait till I hit my middle phase of the Nascent Soul stage! I'll make sure to shred you into bits!"

The rant could still be faintly heard from the white ball of lighting miles away. Lin Feng grinned and focused back onto the Thunder Web. At this point, the Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web had quietened down and was floating gently mid-air amongst the purple clouds.

"Looks like this new Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds still requires some improvement..." Lin Feng sighed.

"After I reach the middle phase of my Aurous Core stage, I'll be flexible enough to absorb all form of mana to create my third unique spell to complete my package of abilities."

Lin Feng gently placed the Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web into his pocket and pondered, "I will still need much refinement to completely wipe out any traces of the Desolate Thunder Grandmaster. Only then will this equipment be truly mine. But for now, this should be sufficient."

A deafening quake sounded from the Changchun Peak in the distance, and the haze covering the mountains dissipated.

The Changchun Heaven-Defying Formation had finally been breached by Gengjin Tiger King.