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 Chapter 164: Who Is the Better Actor?

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"Arrogance is human nature."

The Gengjin Tiger King finally stood up, with a gaze reeking with sarcasm.

"Fool! You thought I couldn't tell you were faking your weakness? I'm simply playing along with your trick. In fact, it is Hundred Herbs Sect that will get wiped out today!"

The Gengjin Tiger King gave out a violent roar, causing a tremor throughout Changchun Peak.

He stretched out his front limbs, forcefully stretching out towards the peak. Instantly, demonic energy spiraled over the mountain, endless lightning struck, and his front paws morphed into a gigantic claw of pure metal stretching out across the horizon.

The metallic claw was truly enormous in size, as it grabbed hold onto the mountain in one sweep.

A mountain thousand of meters high was within the grasp of a metallic claw. With the mountain held tightly in its palm, the surrounding clouds and fog were effectively dissipated.

The physical size of the Gengjin Tiger King, however, did not change at all and became disproportionately small compared to the metallic claw in the skies.

Had it been viewed from above, all that would have been seen was the claws. The Tiger King would have been completely covered below.

Lin Feng watched from far, thinking, "The demonic energy is absolutely horrifying. It's no wonder Gengjin Tiger King is so infamous through the realms."

Since Lin Feng entered this realm, apart from the injured Ming Yue, Long Ye and Tun Tun, he had only observed three cultivators achieving the Nascent Soul Stage: Pu Beizi, the Grandmaster of Xuandao Sect, the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster and Gengjin Tiger King.

In the duel going on before his eyes, the Gengjin Tiger King no doubt was the more powerful one.

The Tiger King looked at the Changchun Heaven Defying Formation's desperate defence against his metallic claws and gave a cold chuckle, "You fool, why do you think I would willingly send in my forces into your formation?"

'With thousands of Undead Spirits and thousands of tiger demons within the formation, how will you be able to freely manipulate the defence formation against my metallic claws!'

The smile was gone from Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, who was standing still in the centre of the Great Hall. He finally came to the realization he committed a grave mistake.

A spell formation was able to capture and absorb great amounts of essence and energy from the environment, and comparably stronger than most spells within the same tier. However, it lacked any mobility, and much more complex to be planned out.

As the power of the formation increased, so did the difficulty and intricacy required in planning.

With the lack of powerful followers within the Hundred Herbs Sect, the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster was left with little option but to deploy the Changchun Heaven Defying Formation to fend against Gengjin Tiger King. Additionally, he needed the formation to perform to its maximum potential.

However, thousands of enemies were struggling within the formation. Though they might not disrupt the structure of the formation, much attention was diverted, to prevent their escape. In the face of a powerful the Gengjin Tiger King, it was proving to be an enormous challenge. The Gengjin Tiger King's sheer brutal power definitely had the ability to break through the spell formation before his forces were harmed on the inside.

Lin Feng watched the metallic claw tightly locking the Changchun Heaven Defying Spell Formation, not simply through brute force. Through the grasps of the jaws, the metallic essence was released constantly and breaking down the formation from all angles.

Metallic essence with a high offensive power was also especially effective against wood-based essence. Facing the incoming offence, the clouds surround Changchun Peak was diffusing at a rapid rate. So rapid, it could be observed from the naked eyes.

The Gengjin Tiger King burst out laughing, "Your reaction further proves your guilt! Why don't the Great Barren Sword Sect care about your plight? Will they be sending reinforcements? Oh please, feel free to continue your pathetic defence and time delay tactics with me."

"You fool, your impatience to wipe out my forces was expected since the beginning. In fact, I saw through your inner fears. Without Great Barren Sword Sect's assistance, I'll easily crush your forces without breaking a sweat. Defence is futile! It's just a waste of time!"

Deep down, Hundred Herbs Grandmaster thought, "I'll annihilate your trapped forces and delay further to wait for Desolate Nine Thunder Divine Web's arrival. The fate of us will only be decided then."

He did not speak a word, just further manipulated the Changchun Heaven Defying Spell Formation's powers to fend off the Gengjin Tiger King's waves of attack. The tempo to kill enemies trapped within the spell formation was increased with a greater urgency.

"Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's fate now purely lies in the hands of Great Barren Sword Sect's reinforcements," Lin Feng concluded.

"However..." Lin Feng laughed coldly, "with you crafting the Mortal Spiritual Elixir, how would I allow you to succeed in this escape?"

Lin Feng could not determine the exact duration of Qu Bin's trip to and from the Great Barren Sword Sect.

However, to allow Qu Bin to return for assistance, they must have made the necessary calculations. Qu Bin would likely return to be at Hundred Herbs Sect's assistance.

The Gengjin Tiger Demon Clan was on the verge of victory. If his deduction was accurate, Qu Bin would be returning any moment from now.

Lin Feng glanced at Gengjin Tiger Demon Clan's offence and waved his Black Cloud Flag. From there, he began travelling away from Changchun Peak up north, tracing the path towards the Great Barren Sword Sect.

"Better be safe," he remarked. Raising his right index finger, he pointed it onto his forehead and initiated the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm. There was a slight temporal shift, Avatar of Ares' physical body disappeared, and a separate Lin Feng emerged.

The effects of the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm did have a range limit, with one exception: constant switching of the true body and the avatar.

"If only I could create another avatar. While staying at Yujing Mountain, I could keep an eye at home, and instantly teleport back to safety when facing dangers."

Lin Feng checked for the safety of his surrounding mountain and teleported his avatar by his side. This ability was one exclusive to the true body; an avatar, in turn, could not summon the true body from a distance.

He withdrew the avatar and turned back to squint at Changchun Peak to watch the struggle between the surrounding clouds and golden light. The layers of clouds were gradually thinning out; lights were becoming more glaring. Clearly, the Changchun Heaven Defying Spell formation could not hold up much longer.

Half a day went past. The Changchun Heaven Defying Spell Formation's fog had diminished to a delicate level and pressed closely to Changchun Peak by the offence.

At this very moment, from the corner of his eyes, a streak of crimson sword radiance sliced across the horizon, travelling urgently in the direction of Changchun Peak.

"He's coming," Lin Feng smiled.

In a swift movement, Lin Feng rose to mid-air and readied to intercept the light.

The person riding on the crimson sword was Qu Bin, and he was shocked to realize there was an interception in the air.

The Battle at Changchun Peak was at a critical point. From far, Qu Bin could sense it was moments before Changchun Heaven Defying Spell Formation broke down.

To be halted in midst of such a precarious situation, all Qu Bin wanted to do was to cut Lin Feng in in half.

He watched as Lin Feng hovered straight in the air, without the aid of any artifact. It was an ability of one of at least Aurous Core Stage, he deduced.

Qu Bin observed this man in front of him closely but was unable to make an estimation of his ability. He frowned and spoke warily, "I'm on urgent matters. Dear friend, what reasons do you have to block my path?"

"From the essence you exude, you must be from the Great Barren Sword Sect sword disciples. May I ask if you belong to the Great Barren Sword Sect?" Lin Feng asked without hurry.

"What if I am?" Qu Bin raised his eyebrows.

"Oh please don't misunderstand. For I have some matters to inform you."

Qu Bin looked on at the crumbling defence from far, and snapped, "I'm in a great hurry to save a man's life. Whatever you have to inform me, wait to till later."

'What I'm about to tell you, is imperative. Similarly, it's about saving a man's life,'

Impatient and anxious, all Qu Bin desired was to ignore Lin Feng, fly over him to reach Changchun Peak.

Just as he was about to make a move, Lin Feng mildly whispered, "The Hundred Herbs Sect crafted an Elixir, named Mortal Spiritual Elixir. Its crafting methods were incredibly heinous, absolutely degenerate of any morals. Since the Great Barrens Sword Sect is investigating this matter, some investigation into the matter is definitely not too much to ask for."

Qu Bin's heart leapt. He could no longer move, as though targeted by a freeze charm. He allowed himself to gradually regain composure, and replied, "It's nothing but a rumour. My Great Barrens Sword Sect has gotten this information in the past and made the investigation. It was proven to be nothing but a fabrication."

"Oh? Were you the one who came to investigate the other day?"

Despite the anxiety, Qu Bin could not help answer patiently, "That's right. I've questioned people from the top to bottom of Changchun Peak, and nothing about the Mortal Spiritual Elixir was found."

"But not too long ago, I've discovered a secret chamber at the heart of Changchun Peak, completely sealed from the outside, and witnessed the Elixir with my naked eyes." Lin Feng stared at him, and a smile could be seen from the corner of his eyes.

"And that Mortal Spiritual Elixir was crafted in a cauldron with the bodies and spirits of infants."

Panic flashed through Qu Bin's eyes for a split second, before he calmed down.

'There's such a thing?" Qu Bin appeared to be awfully shocked before his expression turned into anger.

"Let's travel to Changchun Peak. Once the mountain is split, the truth will be out." Lin Feng nodded.

"I thought Hundred Herbs Grandmaster was slandered! I can't believe I was fooled by this vile being! Let's go, and if anything of such is found, I will investigate it thoroughly without fail." Qu Bin declared, clearly outraged.

"Great! It's no wonder Great Barrens Sword Sect is the top sect of the Hengduan Mountain range. Let's go," Lin Feng spoke earnestly.

Watching his back, Qu Bin's eyes sparkled with a desire to kill. He conjured a spell, and a flying sword transformed into a crimson sword Qi, straight to Lin Feng's back.

Lin Feng did not bother turning around and merely smirked, 'You're a great actor but nothing compared to me.'