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 Chapter 162: A Thousand Tigers Descend Upon the Mountain

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Lin Feng watched, as the crimson sword radiance flew from Changchun Peak and headed north.

"Is that disciple from Great Barren Sword Sect getting reinforcement?" He pondered. Rumours had it that when the Great Barren Sword Sect came to investigate previously, the Mortal Spiritual Elixir was pure fabrication.

Current events proved that the earlier conclusion was nothing but a mistake.

"If Hundred Herbs Grandmaster was concealing the Elixir in the past, without a doubt the secret will be leaked," he thought. 'The Gengjin Tiger King is his main source of pressure now, but ultimately it will be difficult to answer to the Great Barren Sword Grandmaster."

His eyes lit up.

"There must be contact agents within the Great Barren Sword Sect! That's the most plausible reasoning. Previously during the investigation, they must've assisted to cover up the whole event." Lin Feng concluded.

It was unlikely to have many individuals involved in this, for there was not much profit to be shared. The individuals were likely to be of a senior rank in the Sect, at least a master who was in the Nascent Soul stage would have sufficient influence to pull off the cover-up.

And now, facing Gengjin Tiger King's looming threat, Hundred Herbs Grandmaster has no options left. He would definitely require assistance, but his agent within the Great Barren Sword Sect definitely could not reach in time.

"Why didn't he used the sound transportation device... That would save so much time. But he chose to send a messenger. He must be attempting to retrieve something, possibly a relic to resist the Tiger King!" Lin Feng gasped.

"I hope that old Tiger will not disappoint me," he took a deep breath and began patiently waiting for further developments.

The Gengjin Tiger King didn't make him wait for long.

3 days later, in the valleys south of Changchun Peak, the thunderous roars from thousands of tigers began to sound! They were not just roars, but mixed within were metallic shrieks that struck fear into the hearts of disciples on the Changchun Peak.

In the great hall of Changchun Peak, Hundred Herbs Grandmaster gave a cold grunt that morphed into huge waves of sound, rushing down the mountain. Instantly, all the tiger roars became subdued. Deep in the valley, all the tiger demons felt as if their chest was tightly pressed down, and no matter how hard they tried, unable to make a sound.

The disciples on the mountain cheered, "Our grandmaster's powers are without boundaries..."

Before they could finish, a loud jeer came from the skies south of Changchun Peak.

"Hundred Herbs, you are still as useless as before!' The jeers shook the ear drums of the Changchun Peak disciples, with some of the weaker ones unable to handle the soundwaves and passed out.

'You damned tiger demon, how dare you stir trouble in my Changchun Peak!' Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's face turned green. He may be furious, but he can longer suppress the hysterical laughter.

Hundred Herbs Grandmaster began to concentrate and initiate his spells. The white fog looming over the Peak began to change.

The white fog became clouds and lowered downwards, pressing down to earth. These clouds changed from white to yellow-brown, almost like the colour of the soil. Clouds around the mountainside turned jade-green. On the mountain peak, these clouds became purple, with a reddish -hue.

All round the Changchun Peak, myriad of colours popped out, like a blooming sea of flowers, incredibly eye-catching.

Instantly, disciples within Changchun Peak became shielded behind the clouds from the jeers in the horizon.

Lin Feng watched this scene unfold, impressed. 'To have a Grandmaster at Nascent Soul Stage leading the Mountain Defence Spell Formation is indeed effective.'

He looked south again. This time, the jeers became louder, 'So is this the Changchun Heaven-Defying Formation?'

A pulse of golden light pierced down from the clouds down into the woods south of the mountains. Down in the woods, thousands of tiger demons reflected a metallic shine from top to bottom.

The common tiger demons, equivalent to a Human Race cultivator, walked on all fours and were laying on the ground.

The Gengjin Tiger Demons, who were Demonic Commanders, however, were physically larger, almost 20 feet in height, and able to stand on 2 back limbs. However, they still resembled Tigers more than human beings.

Right in the centre of the congregation, a few Demonic Generals of the Gengjin Tiger Race stood. For these demons, their faces were clearly more humanoid than their counterparts. As they stood, you would realize they were no taller than humans, and physically paled in comparison to the rest of the tiger demon race.

But these Demonic Generals released a metallic aura from their bodies covered with iron blades and mineral crystals. Without a doubt, they were more powerful than any other tiger demons present.

The pulse of golden light pointed straight onto the ground between these Demonic Generals. As the light faded, a white-gold tiger's silhouette emerged.

All the Gengjin Tiger Demons within the woods, no matter physical size or features, kneeled down on the ground respectfully.

"Long live the King!"

This tiger did not possess a humanoid figure or release a strong demonic aura. Purely from his appearance, apart from the reflective metallic glow, looked completely like a regular tiger. Physically it was not outstanding either, approximately three metres in length.

The reaction of all the tiger demons present gave away his identity.

This was the Gengjin Tiger King, the one who forced Hundred Herbs Grandmaster to cast his Mountain Defence Spell Formation in desperation.

At the southern section of Hengduan Mountain range, any mention of Gengjin Tiger King would only be kept to a whisper. His offensive prowess is feared by all. Even if you step the Barren Expanses, the home of the demons, he would still be one of most powerful Demon Kings in existence of his level.

The Gengjin Tiger King focused his gaze onto Changchun Peaked and mocked, "Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, that witty old man, quick enough to cast the Mountain Defence Spell Formation just as I arrive. But his efforts shall be proven futile; I am set to be undefeated."

The Demonic General next to the king was much more cautious. He stepped up and warned, "Your highness, pardon me for my inadequacy, but the information gathered from that human cannot be verified at this point. What's more, he was acting so mysterious all this while. Perhaps there's a conspiracy involved."

The Demonic Commander who spoke was the exact one who managed to escape Hundred Herbs Grandmaster days ago with the help of Lin Feng. After he returned to report the news, Gengjin Tiger King ordered an immediate move out for an offence to Changchun peak.

Upon hearing this, Gengjin Tiger King smirked, "Even without the Mortal Spiritual Elixir, I would willingly clear them out. They have been an eyesore for too long. The man in purple robes you mentioned definitely has his little plot going on, but I have no fear for it."

"Whatever he's plotting, just come at me," he growled proudly.

"We are at your command, your highness!" The tigers cheered in unison.

In the mind of the Gengjin Tiger King, he wondered, "The only consideration, is the reaction of the Great Barren Sword Sect. Had it not been for them, I would have wiped Changchun Peak ages ago."

"If news of the Mortal Spiritual Elixir is true, then Hundred Herbs Grandmaster would have committed a serious taboo in the eyes of Great Barren Sword Sect by hiding this information. As such, Hundred Herbs Grandmaster would definitely be hesitant to request for assistance."

"Even if the news reach them and they do come to provide reinforcement, it will be too late. I would have wiped out the Hundred Herbs Sect and returned back to my Barren Expanses."

The Gengjin Tiger King raised his paws, gave it a stretch and asked, "But if Hundred Herbs Grandmaster truly does not possess the Elixir, the reinforcement might reach in no time."

The Tiger Demonic Commander considered, and suggested, "Let us probe lightly and observe their reaction"

The Tiger King nodded in agreement, "We shall send out the undead spirits to test out their Mountain Defence Spell formation."

At his command, thousands of tiger demons obeyed and came out from the woods to surround the boundaries of the Mountain Defence Spell Formation. These tigers expanded their jaws wide, and out came balls of black smoke. The smoke chained and linked to form a sea of black fog that engulfed the Changchun Peak. From deep inside the fog, there were all kinds of silhouettes stumbling out.

Out came black, translucent creatures, some with human figures and others with all sorts of demonic figures too. They had nothing but evil from their gaze, with green, blood-lusting eyes, and stared intently at Changchun Peak.

On the peak, the disciples of Hundred Herbs Sect all became numb with fear, 'Undead spirits, there are so many of them!'

Unique to the tiger demon Tribes, anything that it consumed would be enslaved, coming back out as Undead Spirits mindlessly being at the tiger demon's disposal. These spirits would remain loyal, like a zombie being under the command of a necromancer.

The tiger demons stored these Undead Spirits as black smoke within their bodies and release them when launching an offensive.

On one hand, sending the Undead Spirits would effectively test the Mountain Defence Spell Formation, while on the other, prevent the tiger demons from actively being brought into battle.

Hence, if the Great Barren Sword Sect did come to render assistance, the tiger demons may immediately exit the battlefield back to the Barren Expanses and not worry for being enveloped by a combined force.

Lin Feng watched from afar and thought, "Looks like these Undead Spirits still preserved their abilities from their previous life. Comparing to the Hundred Wraiths Nightwalking Technique, these undeads may have a greater killing instinct, but they have completely lost their intellect, merely puppets."

It was supposedly noon, with clear blue skies, but the masses of Undead Spirits created a sea of death, dimming the sunlight.

Under the control of the tiger demons, hordes of Undead Spirits gave waves of ghastly howls, as they charged into the Mountain Defence Spell formation senselessly.

Lin Feng instantaneously became alert.

"It's about to begin!"