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 Chapter 157: On top of Changchun Peak

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Over ten rays of sword radiances sliced across the skies and charged towards Changchun Peak, where the Hundred Herbs Sect resided.

The sword radiances was dazzlingly colourful and seemingly random and disorganized, yet upon closer inspection, all of them combined emitted a desolate and ominous aura.

Lin Feng stared at the sword radiances and thought to himself, "I've heard long ago that the Treasure of the Great Barren Sword Sect, the 'Great Barren Sword Code', has extensive history, and has been passed down since ancient times. After witnessing it now, it truly lives up to its reputation."

The sword radiance leading the pack was bright red, burning with astonishing power, like a flaming comet falling onto Changchun Peak with an immensely long trail of smoke behind it.

"An Aurous Core stage cultivator." Lin Feng promptly determined the person's mastery level with a brief glimpse.

The Great Barren Sword Sect was the greatest superpower in the southern Hengduan mountain ranges. The Aurous Core stage cultivators visiting the Hundred Herbs Sect were similar in nature to those sent by higher-ups to check on subordinates.

The Hundred Herbs Sect naturally wouldn't reject visits from other sects. The thick mist around the mountain parted into two under the manipulation of cultivators, temporarily lifting the formation's defensive barrier and inviting the Great Barren Sword Sect cultivators onto Changchun Peak.

The Hundred Herbs Sect has a Grandmaster in the Nascent Soul stage residing there, while the messengers sent by the Great Barren Sword Sect were no more than Aurous Core stage cultivators. Hence, they showed the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster the necessary respect by halting their advancing sword radiances and landing on the ground to ascend the peak by foot.

Lin Feng seized the chance to conceal himself and secretly followed behind the group of Great Barren Sword Sect cultivators up Changchun Peak.

Regardless if it was a forceful dash or a silent crossing, confronting the Mountain Defence Spell Formation would always startle the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster easily, but now with the Great Barren Sword Sect visiting and the Hundred Herbs Sect generously opening their gates to welcome them, Lin Feng managed to enter Changchun Peak unnoticed.

With the system helping to conceal him, as long as he doesn't confront anyone, it would be difficult for others to detect Lin Feng's presence.

While trekking up the road to the summit, Lin Feng carefully hid his presence while secretly observing the situation around Changchun Peak.

Changchun Peak, like other mountain peaks of the Great Hengduan mountain range, had a dangerously steep incline, abound with near vertical cliff walls and sharp slopes.

Normally, sects in mountainous regions would grow their fields of herbs on gentler slopes.

But the Hundred Herbs Sect's herbs are grown in abundance on these staggering cliff walls.

Small amounts of soil lie within the crevices between the rocks on the cliff wall, and many herbs grow on these pockets of soil on the cliff until maturity.

And what's shocking was that, almost all the rock walls were sprouting with various kinds of herbs that formed a dense blanket enveloping the cliffs.

"The Nine Songs Heavenly Sesame, the main ingredient for many mana-restoring potions."

" The Black Golden Blood Ginseng, the main ingredient for the Thunderous Echo Elixir, which heals wounds with miraculous effectiveness."

"The Tri-coloured Orchid. The Tri-Solar Oceanic Elixir crafted from it can expand the Aura Sea of cultivators in the Foundation Establishment initial stage and increase the total amount of their mana.

"And the Soul-fusing Fruit, the resulting Soul-fusing Elixir can increase the speed at which cultivators harness the surrounding spiritual energy and raise their training efficiency ... well, these are all amazing herbs." Lin Feng was salivating just by looking at these herbs. As he was not well-versed with herbs, he couldn't recognize more than half of the herbs on the rock walls.

And those herbs he could identify already made him extremely excited.

After ascending Changchun Peak, the summit was unexpectedly flat, but it didn't seem like a natural formation, but rather created by a person with high mana mastery who forcefully sliced off the original summit to form this plateau.

The leader of the Great Barren Sword Sect's party was a lean middle-aged man with a long sword slung across his back. His expression was calm with no hostile intent.

After the rest of the visiting party followed the receiving Hundred Herbs Sect elder to rest from the journey, the middle-aged man entered the Grand Hall at the heart of the summit alone with escorts from the host sect.

At the end of the Grand Hall sat an old man in green robes with hair as white as snow, his legs crossed over a futon. Before him lay a huge elixir cauldron. The fire in the cauldron burned vigorously, with a herbal aroma sifting through the air, indicating that the brewing elixir was almost completed.

The lean middle-aged man bowed. "I, Qu Bin, have come to meet you, Senior of the Hundred Herbs Sect."

The white-haired old man was naturally the Grandmaster of the Hundred Herbs Sect, the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster. He smiled, "Qu Bin, no need to be so formal. I've already known your master for nearly a thousand years."

Qu Bin smiled. The Hundred Herbs Sect is just a small fry compared to the Great Barren Sword Sect, but he was still courteous and gracious towards the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster. This was the due respect that an Aurous Core stage cultivator should show a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

One need not respect the person, but one must respect power.

This was Qu Bin's belief.

He looked at the elixir cauldron and smiled, "Looks like Grandmaster has crafted another batch of top-quality elixirs."

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster chuckled, "You've come at a good time. Take half of these elixirs back for your master."

Qu Bin smiled and nodded. The Hundred Herbs Sect occupied a large percentage of arable land for herb-growing in the Great Hengduan mountain range. The Great Barren Sword Sect has silently allowed this monopolization as the Hundred Herbs Sect provided large amounts of elixirs for them year after year.

Qu Bin's master, as the Grandmaster of the Great Barren Sword Sect and the closest ally of the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, would therefore frequently enjoy special privileges for obtaining new elixirs.

"Open it!" The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster waited for the right flame intensity and waved his flowing sleeves. The elixir cauldron opened, and a herbal aroma immediately invigorated Qu Bin's senses. Countless rays of glowing light shot out of the cauldron and illuminated the entire hall.

Countless deific flowers and treasure trees shimmered amidst the glowing light.

Qu Bin took a light breath, and felt his entire body relax instantly and his Aurous Core strengthen greatly.

"It's an excellent elixir. Only Grandmaster can craft such elixirs in all of the Hengduan mountains." Qu Bin proclaimed, "And Grandmaster's elixir-crafting skills are top-notch, not a single ounce of herbs is wasted, everything is utilized to its maximum potential. I'm truly in awe."

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster stroked his sleeves, evidently flattered by the adulation, but he soon let out another sigh.

"What a pity though, this elixir cauldron cannot keep up with the times."

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's cauldron was a piece of equipment that he acquired during his Aurous Core stage. At that time, it was extremely precious, but as his mastery levels increased, consequently, his elixir-crafting skills heightened and the cauldron's capabilities became outdated.

Although the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster had previously upgraded the cauldron to a Nascent Soul stage item, the cauldron's own foundation was still weak. After it was forcefully upgraded, it still couldn't keep up with the intensity of the Grandmaster's more advanced elixirs.

"How great would it be if I had the Ethereal Heart Cauldron." The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's face was brimming with nostalgia, "I chanced upon it once last year, but sadly I brushed past it, and could not find it again when I tried searching afterwards."

Qu Bin was fascinated by this too, "I have heard of the Ethereal Heart Cauldron too. Apparently, it is made of meteorites from outer space, and it kindles its own fire when crafting elixirs. It can prepare elixirs in half the usual time with its intense flames."

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster sighed and waved his sleeves, "Well, let's not talk about this anymore."

Qu Bin nodded, and his expression turned serious, "Grandmaster, how's the progress of the Mortal Spiritual Elixir?"

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster chuckled, "The second batch of Mortal Spiritual Elixirs are almost ready. No need to worry."

"In our sect, despite my master's best efforts to hide the news, the elixir has already attracted much attention from many." Qu Bin sighed, "My master hopes that we temporarily halt the crafting of these elixirs once this batch is completed, and continue only after the excitement has died down."

The Hundred Herbs Grandmaster's sleepy eyes suddenly burned with passion. "Seems like that's our only option. If I catch the scoundrel who leaked the news, I swear I'll kill him with my most potent poisons!"

He looked at Qu Bin, "Just like last time, after the elixirs are completed, you can bring back sixty percent of it. You can stay on the mountain until the elixirs are completed."

Qu Bin nodded, "I had the same thought before I came here too."


Lin Feng stopped tailing Qu Bin once Qu Bin entered the Grand Hall.

"I'll just search for the Swelling Earth." Lin Feng pondered for a while and took out the Heaven and Earth Mirror. Since this mirror managed to locate the Gaia Jade previously, then it should be able to find the Swelling Earth as well.

Indeed, the Heaven and Earth Mirror glimmered and two dots lit up on the mirror surface. The red dot represented Lin Feng's current position and the yellow dot would probably represent the location of the Swelling Earth.

Lin Feng began searching in the direction given by the mirror, but suddenly heard long and loud neighing beside him.

"What a familiar sound." Lin Feng turned around to investigate and saw four magnificent Thunder Draco Horses pulling a huge Azure Thunder Chariot, slowly trudging forward under the lead of the Hundred Herbs Sect members.

Hong Ye then disembarked from the chariot and strolled onwards while chatting with an Aurous Core elder from the Hundred Herbs Sect.

Hong Ye may only have the mastery level of the Foundation Establishment's advanced stages, but he was already a renowned young talent known throughout the Hengduan mountain ranges. Many claimed that he would definitely become a legend in the future.

He was also extremely magnanimous, frequently purchasing the Hundred Herbs Sect's elixirs in bulk, being one of the sect's biggest clients. Hence, sending Aurous Core stage elders to receive him would naturally be necessary for maintaining an amicable relationship.

Hong Ye's massive harem followed behind him obediently.

This incredible entourage of beauties helped the playboy Hong Ye pump up his pride.

And the stream of beauties all looked straight ahead, staring longingly at Hong Ye's back without even a hint of subtlety, not sparing the Hundred Herbs Sect's men any looks and driving them insane.

No doubt, all that's written in the girls' minds was just this: I'm proud to love Hong Ye.

Lin Feng scanned the horde, and noticed Xiang Lanying in the harem.

She looked slightly pale, probably having just been healed. But this did not stop her from maintaining the same infatuation as the other girls, gazing unwaveringly at Hong Ye, evidently already assimilating as a loyal member of Hong Ye's harem.

Lin Feng snickered silently upon witnessing that sight.

While some may be disgusted seeing so many fresh cabbages being offered to the same dirty pig, but Lin Feng quickly threw this passing thought to the back of his mind and shifted his focus back to the Heaven and Earth Mirror.

Lin Feng searched according to the mirror's directions and after a while, he was quickly closing in on the Swelling Earth.

But when he looked around, he was still surrounded by barren wilderness.

"The Swelling Earth should have been collected by the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster not too long ago, he probably needs it for something, could it be for the supposed Mortal Spiritual Elixir?" Lin Feng thought to himself, "If the Mortal Spiritual Elixir really exists, yet the Hundred Herbs Sect disciples don't even know about it, this means that the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster has hid it from all others and crafted the elixir in secrecy."

"If I was the Hundred Herbs Grandmaster, where would I place the secret elixir chamber?"