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 Chapter 155: A Trap?!

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The blinding sword radiance spun about on top of the Azure Thunder Chariot and the smell of death permeated throughout the air.

Even Lin Feng was slightly impressed, "What a bloodthirsty sword... Even Mount Shu's Liu Yang would not be able to generate so much lust for blood."

Hong Ye was totally disinterested in the incoming Five Elements Blade of Yin as he made a remark with the most sympathetic voice. "This sword is called the Dragon Slaying Sabre. At its peak in the past, it had taken countless lives and cultivated an aura which radiated bloodthirst."

"Usually I will not use this sword. But because of your little misdeeds, it seems like I have little choice."

As he talked, Hong Ye used his hand to call upon some incantations as the Dragon Slaying Sabre released a deafening howl which was close to the howl that a dragon would give off before it died.

The Dragon Slaying Sabre transformed into a streak of black light and intercepted the Five Elements Blade of Yin.

The loud howl formed the gales of Yin was blown apart by the sheer amount of energy generated from the blood lust by the Dragon Slaying Sabre.

The physical body of the Five Elements Blade of Yin was actually cut into half by the black light!

Taoist Tiemu, could sense the damage done to his swords, and because they were an extension of him, he could not help but spit out blood.

Despite being enraged, he was already all but sure that his Aurous Core Stage powers would not be able to defeat Hong Ye who was only at the final level of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Despite having the upperhand in mana and powers, Taoist Tiemu could not fend off the treasures which Hong Ye possessed.

Especially the Dragon Slaying Sabre, which was an immensely powerful weapon.

That was if we discounted the fact that Hong Ye had not used his Azure Thunder CHariot.

Taoist Tiemu did not hesitate any longer as he summoned a gale of Yin which began to sweep him away.

Hong Ye raised his brows and exclaimed, "A man full of sinful deeds! How dare you run?"

He chanted another incantation and the Dragon Slaying Sabre transformed into another streak of black light which gave chase to Taoist Tiemu.

Taoist Tiemu turned around and glared at Hong Ye with much hatred, "So you want to play real? I shall make sure you perish along with me." Afterwards, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out some blood essence, which floated in mid-air.

Taoist Tiemu quickly moved his fingers and hands and drew some runes with his blood essence.

The runes gave off a green and purple glow which shrunk a little before exploding into endless gales of Yin energy.

Within the gales, a pungent smell permeated throughout the entire area.

Lin Feng was a good distance away from the battle but he could not avoid feeling the urge to vomit after smelling the repulsive scent. Nothing was more repulsive than that smell, maybe except for the Unholy Blood River.

The white-robed aged cultivator and the rest screamed in unison, "Watch out! It's the Absolute Yin Poison Smog!"

"Hong Ye! Be careful!" Xiang Lanying exclaimed. Without even thinking, she threw herself in front of Hong Ye to take the blow from the Absolute Yin Poison Smog.

After being buffeted by the Absolute Yin Poison Smog, Xiang Lanying found her legs turned into jelly as a faint purple color crept into her face.

Hong Ye frowned as he carried Xiang Lanying onto the Azure Thunder Chariot. After examining her condition closely, he retrieved a jade pendant and put it on her.

With the suppressive power of the jade penchant, the purple glow retracted a little but she was still deeply poisoned.

Hong Ye calmed himself and muttered, "What a powerful poison."

With the interference of the Absolute Yin Poison Smog, Taoist Tiemu managed to flee away.

On the Azure Thunder Chariot, a classy but cold lady, who was dressed in an imperial costume frowned as she muttered, "Yet he escaped."

Hong Ye shook his head, "As much as I don't want him to flee, but I can't let this good-hearted lady die."

The lady dressed in an imperial costume smiled, "It's because you are such a nice guy, that's why I chose you to be my husband."

Hong Ye smiled gently and a gentle beauty next to him asked, "So my dear husband, what shall we do next?"

"The poison in this lady has not been cleared. And being a responsible man, I cannot let it hang like this. Since we are on our way to the Hundred Herbs Sect, we can rely on their expertise in medicine and elixirs. They are very reputable in the Hengduan Mountains."

The bossy and spicy girl added, "You might make it sound nice, but all I can see is that you are adding another sister to our little harem again."

Hong Ye smiled , "If she is willing to follow me, I naturally will not reject. Xiao Man, don't worry, you know I will still love you all the same."

Xiao Man pinched her nose and turned her head away. But one could tell that she was not really angry but simple throwing another routine tantrum.

A shy girl suddenly asked, "Since you are going to the Hundred Herbs Sect to look for the Mortal Spiritual Elixir, I was just wondering if the elixir would be able to heal this new sister of ours."

The cold lady donning the imperial costume frowned, "Xiao Rou, watch your words. Such things are not meant to be mentioned in front of outsiders."

Xiao Rou nodded her head fearfully like a shocked little rabbit, "I am sorry, Big Sister."

The Big Sister smiled which gave off the look of an iceberg thawing under the pleasant spring sun.

She hugged Xiao Rou in her arms and smiled, "You foolish little girl, of course I know you did not say it on purpose."

"What the heck?"

Lin Feng gaped from above as he muttered, "How can a harem be so peaceful? Are you kidding me?"

It was at this instant where Lin Feng had really wanted to ask Hong Ye to be his master, to teach him nothing other than building a cohesive and harmonious harem.

Hong Ye finally managed to free himself from his women to engage the peers of Xiang Lanying.

"This lady was poisoned because of me. It is naturally my responsibility to cure her. After she is free from the poison, I will send her back to your Sect."

The white-robed aged cultivator looked at the people around him and they nodded reluctantly, "I guess we will have to depend on you."

The two young men's faces as they developed an inferiority complex as they compared themselves with Hong Ye.

Quite apparently, they were admirers of Xiang Lanying who was a natural beauty, but after bumping into Hong Ye, there was nothing left but tragedy.

Hong Ye nodded his head and kept the Dragon Slaying Sabre, the Universal Magneton Yin Yang Mirror and the Dragon's Leash.

The four Thunder Draco Horses let out a loud neigh as they opened up their humongous strides and along with gales and thunders by their sides, they dragged the Azure Thunder Chariot along. Soon enough, they disappeared from everyone's sight.

All that was left was just the distant sound of thunder rolling away.

An impossible entrance and an impossible departure. What a lad!

Lin Feng did not hurry after them but chose to remain at where he was. His face was void of any expression.

What he could not understand was the reading shown by the Talent Analysis Device. The other values might not matter that much but the key thing that did not tally was the Fortune score.

Hong Ye's Fortune score was only five!

"Is the Talent Analysis Device spoilt?" Lin Feng asked repeatedly. How could someone with so many treasures and a huge harem be someone with a Fortune score of five?

Despite only being at the final level of the Foundation Establishment Stage, he owned at least three Aurous Core Stage magic items. In addition, he had an Aurous Core Stage Azure Thunder Chariot.

No matter how you would look at it, Zhu Yi, who had a full score for the Fortune attribute, was not as fortunate as him to be in possession of so many treasures.

As Lin Feng continued to ponder on this issue, he noticed something which was really wrong.

As the sound of the thunder from the Azure Thunder Chariot faded away, the white robed aged cultivator stared at the rest of the people as they all broke into a smile.

And without saying anything, he made a sweeping motion with his hands and he quickly vanished into the woods.

The remaining four followed suit very quickly after he vanished.

Strangely, the direction which they were heading towards was the exact direction which Taoist Tiemu fled towards.

"They want to chase after Taoist Tiemu? It can't be. A fallen phoenix would still be a phoenix. They won't be able to take advantage of anything at all." Lin Feng thought as he shadowed them decisively.

After a good ten miles or so, the white-robed aged cultivator and the four others entered a little ravine among the mountains.

As he followed them into the ravine, Lin Feng found a group of people waiting for the white-robed aged cultivator.

The leader of the group was none other than Taoist Tiemu. Standing behind him were his remaining two disciples.

Taoist Tiemu now donned a pale face, which contrasted against his previous tanned face. Indeed, the destruction of his Five Elements Blade of Yin by Hong Ye had really dealt serious damage onto him.

But right now, Taoist Tiemu's expression spoke nothing but peace. There was no sign of anger nor dispiritedness.

It was the same for the white-robed cultivator who did not exhibit any sigh of hatred nor fear. All he did was to pay his respects.

Seeing this, Lin Feng finally understood what was going on.

So Taoist Tiemu and the white-robed cultivator were together all along. They were only playing along to cheat someone.

And the someone was none other than Hong Ye.

"So did the thing went on as planned?" Taoist Tiemu asked plainly.

The white-robed cultivator answered, "Lanying had been taken away by him. He did not seemed to be suspicious."

Taoist Tiemu nodded his head but a look of worry appeared on his face. "Lanying might be outstanding in her looks but so are the ladies who surround themselves around Hong Ye. She will need quite a bit of luck to pull it off."

The white-robed cultivator acknowledged it by nodding his head.

"There is nothing to do but try," he sighed.

Taoist Tiemu waved his sleeve as he ordered, "You all may now take your leave."

The white-robed cultivator and the rest followed his orders and left.

Taoist Tiemu remained at where he was as he muttered, "Now that I had paid such a big price, I must lay my hands on the Hundred Herb Sect's Mortal Spiritual Elixir."

As he thought about the Mortal Spiritual Elixir, he became impassioned with his desires.

"Wait, what exactly is that Mortal Spiritual Elixir that you were talking about?"

A voice rang next to Taoist Tiemu, leaving him in shock.

Lin Feng's figure floated in mid-air as he stared at Taoist Tiemu with an inquisitive look.

Taoist Tiemu roared, "Who are you?!"

Lin Feng shook his head, "That's not the important question. The question is what is this Mortal Spiritual Elixir that you want?"

Taoist Tiemu's expression darkened as he extended both his arms and a sea of dark clouds zoomed towards Lin Feng.

"If you're thinking of fighting against me, don't even bother." Lin Feng continued with the plainest voice possible, "Because you are already too close to me!"

Taoist Tiemu was alerted by his words as his sense of danger tingled so strongly that it almost made him lose focus. Following which, he could not bother to use his mana to suppress his injuries any longer as he increased the amount of mana in his attack in hope of finishing Lin Feng off.

But right at this moment, Lin Feng flickered and he was so fast that all that Taoist Tiemu could see were mere split images of Lin Feng at positions where he was split seconds ago.

And just as Lin Feng had said, the distance between both of them was really too close by the standards of his Avatar.

The moment the word "close" was said, Lin Feng's fist had already shot out.

And before the word "close" was fully enunciated, Lin Feng had already retracted his fist.

Afterwards, Lin Feng stood at where he was as though he had never left that place.

Taoist Tiemu was left gaping as he stared at his own chest blankly.

To be more precise, he was staring at the huge hole which Lin Feng had left in his chest after the punch!