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 Chapter 154: A Harem!!!

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On the Azure Thunder Chariot, there were more than two voices that did not belong to Hong Ye.

The different voices exhibited characteristics of sweetness, crisp and many other personalities.

But that was not the important point. Most importantly, the voices were all female voices.

And there were not only two voices!

Out of curiosity, Lin Feng took a closer look at the people who were sitting on the Azure Thunder Chariot. "What the...!"

The entire chariot was packed with beauties who could shame the prettiest flowers in the world.

They were either posh, cold, bossy, demure or spicy. There were no repeats in the type of girls he had on his huge chariot.

Virgin Mary style, Waitress style, Bossy girl style, Lolicon style etc. He had every single species of girl in his carriage!

And they were not any normal girl. Lin Feng took only a glance to ascertain that the lowest amongst them was at least a Qi Training Stage cultivator. Amongst them, three of them were at the Foundation Establishment Stage.

"This is a harem! An actual harem!" Lin Feng could not believe his eyes. What shocked him the most was how the entire chariot of beauties were all unison in admiring Hong Ye as their eyes never left him at all. Not even the Taoist Tiemu who was at the Aurous Core Stage.

The group of beauties were just staring at Hong Ye with their swooned look as though it would be alright even if the entire world crumbled.

"Come find me, ladies! Forget about that man!"

Lin Feng controlled himself and made sure those words did not slip out of his mouth.

"Counting the time I had spent cultivating in the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, it would have been ten years since I had been transported into this world. Yet I'm still a virgin." Lin Feng grumbled with much bitterness. "You brat! How could you hog so much of these precious resources! You really deserved to be spat by the Heavens!"

"I shall curse you that it will never be able to stand up again!"

Regardless of what he thought, Lin Feng could not help but accept the fact that he might have just met another of his prodigious disciple.

And different form Xiao Yan and the rest, the lad in front of him had already taken flight and had led his way into maturity.

Lin Feng took out his Talent Analysis Device as he pondered about whether Hong Ye had a master already.

Hong Ye did not have a master and very quickly the Talent Analysis Device displayed his potential.


Lin Feng stared at the statistics shown on the device and was utterly stunned. He tried resetting the device to ensure that he did not retrieve the wrong numbers. And he got the same results again.

"Is the device not working? It can't be......" Lin Feng stared at Hong Ye with much confusion.

Xiang Lanying and the rest could not bother that much as they let out exclaims of joy. In fact, some of them teared at the prospect of surviving this battle.

"So it is Hong Ye! We are saved!"

"Rumour has it that Hong Ye was the son of an official. At the age of four, he had already began studying literature. At seven, he began taking examinations. At the age of twelve, he aced the imperial examinations but he chose to move to the mountains to study Taoism rather than accepting the position of an official."

The aged white robed cultivator nodded his head, "That's right. There were many sects which were fighting to get Hong Ye as their disciple back then. But Hong Ye refused all their offers and chose to train himself in the mountain for a good five years. He grasped the art of Taoism himself and created his own techniques."

"Hong Ye took three years to attain the Foundation Establishment Stage. He took another year to erect the spiritual altar and another year before he crafted the crucible. At the age of 25, he is already at the final level of the the Foundation Establishment Stage. You must know that all his accomplishments were all from his own comprehension and understanding without the assistance from any Sects."

Xiang Lanying stared at Hong Ye blankly and muttered, "I heard that Hong Ye had impossible fortune and luck as well as powers. He was said to have been able to defeat cultivators which were at a higher stage of development than him back when he was at the Qi Training Stage."

"Just awhile back, he had just slayed a Demonic Commander which was at the Aurous Core Stage, despite being only a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator."

The white-robed cultivator nodded his head fervently, "That is right."

Xiang Lanying stared at Hong Ye dreamily as she thought about all the legendary stories about Hong Ye. Soon, she found herself swept off her feet by him.

Taoist Tiemu, who was about to become a stepping stone for Hong Ye's next feat, was increasingly displeased with Hong Ye.

He would be very offended if people would to start spreading rumors about him being scared of a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

Though Hong Ye had proven himself as a very powerful cultivator by slaying a Demonic Commander which was at the same level as Taoist Tiemu, past efforts of forming the Aurous Core had made Taoist Tiemu an extremely determined cultivator. As long as his opponent had never sparred with him before, he would not be frightened by the mere name or reputation of his opponent.

What Taoist Tiemu feared were the four Thunder Draco Horses pulling the Azure Thunder Chariot.

Just the four horses were enough to be on par with the powers of four Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators. Somemore, the Azure Thunder Chariot was the product of the Grand Celestial World's number one craftsmen sect, Celestial Smith Faction.

Even if he were to do away with the fact that Hong Ye was at the final level of the Foundation Establishment Stage, being able to ride such a chariot would made Taoist Tiemu deliberate on his actions.

While Taoist Tiemu was hesitating, Hong Ye was not willing to be courteous and wait for him to make up his mind.

Hong Ye glanced at Taoist Tiemu coldly, before speaking in a very plain tone, "Scram or die."

Lin Feng gaped as he thought, "Wow, that's how you make foes."

Indeed, Taoist Tiemu's already black face turned into blood red.

An Aurous Core Stage cultivator being mocked by a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator?!

"Infidel, don't push your luck just because you have an Azure Thunder Chariot!" Taoist Tiemu roared as he leapt into the air before planting his palms together as a dark cloud loomed towards and over Hong Ye.

Lin Feng's eyes were focused on the dark cloud and he noticed how within the depths of the dark cloud resided a strange flying sword which was like a fish swimming in water.

Obviously, Taoist Tiemu was in deep rage but when he was dealing with his opponent, he still managed to maintained a calm mind and could still devise despicable methods.

He wanted to make use of the dark cloud to attract the attention of the Azure Thunder Cloud so that he could command the flying sword within the clouds to launch a sneak attack on his opponent. A classic strategy of misdirection to overcome one's enemies.

Hongy, who maintained a calm and composed expression, saw Taoist Tiemu's attack and smiled as he shook his head gently.

This action was seemingly very attractive as the ladies on his chariots donned an expression which illustrated their increased admiration for him.

"Azure Thunder Chariot? When did I ever mention that I was going to use the chariot to attack you?"

Hong Ye laughed condescendingly as he waved his arm to toss out a bronze mirror.

The bronze mirror spun in the air to reveal a black side and a white side. And right at this moment, the black side was facing the dark cloud which Taoist Tiemu had just casted.

The dark cloud vanished instantly and the flying sword which was residing within the cloud naturally disappeared as well.

"What is that magic item?" Taoist Tiemu exclaimed in shock. He wanted to call back his sword but realized that the flying sword which was facing the black surface of the mirror was not able to return to his side.

Within the black side of the mirror, one would notice the flying sword struggling to break free from the realm of the mirror.

Seeing how the tides had changed, Taoist Tiemu released another flying sword, which was emblazoned in red as flames ran across its entire body, towards Hong Ye.

Hong Ye smiled once again and shouted, "If death is what you seek for, then don't blame me."

He quickly brought his hands together and muttered some incantations. The bronze mirror flipped itself to reveal the white surface of the mirror. As the reflection from the white mirror shone on Taoist Tiemu, both his fire and water swords were both repelled.

A bossy young lady on the chariot laughed, "Taoist, let me explain to you. My husband's bronze mirror is an Aurous Core Stage magic item, called the Universal Magneton Yin Yang Mirror."

"This mirror uses the Universal Magneton as the foundation for its attractive force and is split into both the Yin and Yang surfaces. The Yin surface can immobilise magic items and nothing can run away from it. The Yang surface can injure and damage magic items and no one can stop it!"

Taoist Tiemu laughed, "How dare you behave so haughtily with just a single Aurous Core Stage magic item?"

His mana surged as the water and fire swords combined and worked in unison. The water-type flying sword became like streak of water-mist while the fire-type flying sword blazed with a fiercer fire than before as both of them flew towards the Universal Magneton Yin Yang Mirror.

Because Taoist Tiemu was an Aurous Core Stage cultivator and his mana was far superior compared to Hong Ye, the Universal Magneton Yin Yang Mirror faced difficulties with stopping this attack

Hong Ye did not panic as he tossed out a long rope towards Taoist Tiemu.

It was not clear what powers the long rope possessed but for some weird reason, Taoist Tiemu could not dodge the rope and was bound tightly by the rope.

The moment he was constricted by the rope, Taoist Tiemy found his mana stagnating and unable to flow around his body smoothly.

Because of that, the gulf between their mana was evened out by quite a bit.

On the chariot, an ice-queen type beauty glanced at Taoist Tiemu, "My husband's Dragon Leash is also another Aurous Core Stage magic item. Any cultivator which is at a similar training stage would not be able to struggle against it. They can only wait to die."

"But because you are at the Aurous Core Stage, only your powers will be suppressed."

The Azure Thunder Chariot, the Universal Magneton Yin Yang Mirror and the Dragon's Leash. It seemed that Hong Ye had countless treasures on him.

Xiang Lanying and the rest were all left gaping and drowning in their own admiration and envy.

"So many treasures... No wonder he can challenge foes that are above his level." Lin Feng saw how Hong Ye took out his treasures one by one as though his pouch was a hole of an impossible depth. But this only led to more confusion. "That's strange... Then, how come the Talent Analysis Device would generate such a reading?"

After being mocked by the beauties around Hong Ye, Taoist Tiemu was bursting with rage.

"You bitches, wait till I slay that little brat. I will make sure I harvest all Yin energy from your delicate bodies. I will torment all of you till your deaths!"

"He gave a loud battle cry, and instantaneously released three flying swords, each representing the three elements of Metal, Wood and Earth, which combined with the previous two elements of Water and Fire, to form a gigantic sword which encompassed all five elements.

"Five Elements Blade of Yin!"

The gigantic sword brought about gales of Yin wind, which were like the howls and screams of the ghouls, as they flew towards Hong Ye.

"You have angered me." Hong Ye who had remained calm and composed revealed an angry look as he extended two of his fingers.

"You have committed two mistakes. Firstly, you should not played around with your pathetic swords in front of me. You not only did it once but thrice."

"Secondly, you should not have scolded my women. Whoever scolds my women, I will exterminate his entire family and anyone related to him by blood!"

Hong Ye muttered some incantations for his sword technique and a blinding flash of sword radiance burst out from Azure Thunder Chariot. It was so bright that it could struck fear even in the most fearsome of ghosts.

"Let me show you how you should use a sword!"