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 Chapter 153: A Grand Entrance for Somebody!

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Lin Feng manoeuvred the Black Cloud Flag as he sailed through the skies.

As the dark glow spun about the Black Cloud Flag, it displayed a superior aura.

Within the dark glow, one could notice the trembling of the space and void which was a much stronger display of power.

Lin Feng had not only obtained a small amount of Swelling Earth from Chen Gang's Anti-Water Flag as well as a tiny bottle of One Heavenly Primordial Water.

Using that little bit of One Heavenly Primordial Water, Lin Feng had successfully washed the Black Cloud Flag which had been polluted by the Unholy Blood River.

Because of its previous polluted state, the Black Cloud Flag had not been able to exercise most of its capabilities though it could still be used for flight and short-range teleportation, as well as the forming of a tiny vacuum space within its interior. However, it was always unable to be used for combat purposes.

Now that the Black Cloud Flag had recovered the original power which it possessed as an Aurous Core Stage magic item, the dark glow about it possessed both offensive and defensive capabilities. It could very well be considered the cream of the crop amongst all Aurous Core Stage magic items.

However, with Lin Feng's current strength, if he were to really go into combat with others, there would not be much of a purpose to use the Black Cloud Flag.

But with the purification by the One Heavenly Primordial Water, it had become more sagacious and in the event if Lin Feng attained the Nascent Soul Stage, with renewed refining and purification, the Black Cloud Flag still had a chance of becoming a Nascent Soul Stage magic item.

The one who was maneuvering the Black Cloud Flag right now was not the actual Lin Feng but the Avatar of Ares because his actual self was still cultivating and training on Mount Yujing.

Since he had managed to develop the Avatar of Ares, it was as though Lin Feng had another body.

Upon attaining the Aurous Core Stage, Lin Feng's soul was sufficiently strong to control two physical bodies and to co-share both the consciousness and memories.

The avatar had swapped the suit of armor for a purple robe. Other than being significantly larger, the avatar was no different from the original body.

Lin Feng smiled and thought, "This body not only has greater strength and it is also very useful. However its soul is not as agile and sagacious as the original body's. The casting of spells is also not as convenient."

"But the brute strength that it possesses is more than enough to compensate for the disadvantage in spell casting."

As Lin Feng guided the Black Cloud Flag, he pondered, "Since understanding the Grand Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams, I have vaguely grasped certain concepts about the Agile Flesh Theurgy and some combat techniques. But they were never translated into something concrete."

Now that I have an avatar which has great strength, let's try to create a new combat technique with these concepts."

As he flew on the Black Cloud Flag, Lin Feng soon entered the perimeters of the Hengduan Mountains.

Although the mountains stacked upon one another, it was different from the mountains back in the Kunlun Mountains which were tall and majestic. The Hengduan Mountains had steep and dangerous peaks instead.

There were many broken cliffs and precipices, displaying the wondrous works from Mother Nature.

Lin Feng's objective was Mount Changchun which was situated in the South of the Hengduan Mountains. In this region, the strongest sect was the Great Barren Sword Sect, which was a member of the the Nine Heavenly Sword Alliance.

There were countless treasures and rare items in the Hengduan Mountains and the Great Barren Sword Sect which guarded the mountains also possessed many strange and powerful magic items and spells, renowned throughout the world.

The Great Barren Sword Sect was not an unreasonable Sect because they were generally fine with other cultivators coming into the Southern regions of the Hengduan Mountains to hunt for treasures and herbs. There were only a few places which they restricted cultivators from trespassing,

Hence, there were usually many cultivators who entered the Hengduan Mountains to look for treasures and herbs that they sought after.

Along the way, Lin Feng had already seen many groups of cultivators navigating their way about the mountains.

Other than the rare treasures, the Hengduan Mountains also housed many dangers. Other than the countless demons and fearsome monsters, the mountains also had many unexplained disasters.

However, for most of the human cultivators, the most dangerous threat still came from their own species.

In these mountains, human cultivators were much more dangerous than the demons.

As Lin Feng stared at the murder happening in front of his eyes, he shook his head at the sight of greed doing its work.

There were five cultivators surrounding six cultivators.

More accurately, there were four of them fighting against the six while the other cultivator merely watched from the side.

However, the bystander was exerting a far stronger pressure on the six than the four of them.

That was because the black-robed cultivator's demonstrated his Aurous Core Stage training and his power was like a mountain above the heads of the six cultivators.

Among the six cultivators, there were three who were at the Foundation Establishment Stage and another three at the Qi Training Stage.

Their four opponents were all robed in grey and were all at the Foundation Establishment Stage.

The six of them were barely putting up a bitter fight under the leadership of an aged cultivator robed in white. The three young cultivators at the Qi Training Stage had escaped from the jaws of serious danger a few times all thanks to the protection from the aged Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator.

Amongst them, there was a young lady dressed in yellow, which had a very pretty look. From her face, one could identify both feminine characteristics and the look of a heroine. She was gasping quickly, "Master and Uncle, run while you all can! Don't be burdened by us."

The white-robed cultivator smiled miserably, "My foolish little disciple, even if we wanted to go now, it would have been impossible."

The black-robed cultivator which was bystanding gave off an eerie laughter, "My little beauty, it seems like only your Master knows what is going on here. Haven't you understand how bad a situation you guys are in right now?"

"Return with me obediently and I promise I won't ill-treat you. If you were to sleep and cultivate with me, I guarantee that you will be in the Foundation Establishment Stage in no time. In fact, there would also be hope of attaining the Aurous Core Stage."

The face of the girl dressed in yellow darkened as she replied, "Taoist Tiemu, you have done so many evil deeds! How many girls have you corrupted with your evil spells? If if I must die, I will not succumb to a despicable person like you."

Taoist Tiemu was not at the least bothered by her words as he laughed, "I'm afraid the ball is not in your court."

Lin Feng was looking at the scene with much interest from above the clouds, "Isn't it always at this moment when a young hero appears and destroys the antagonist with a single slap? Afterwards the young lady will accept a marriage proposal from the hero?"

While Lin Feng was indulging in his own little thoughts, a condescending laughter could be heard from afar.

"I have long heard about the despicable and polluted spells of Taoist Tiemu. About how you use their bodies as your cauldrons and how you have stained your hands with much blood."

"Today, now that we have met, I do see much reason for me to take your life."

The laughter might be soft but it was sufficient for everyone to hear.

Anger flashed across the face of Taoist Tiemu as he gazed at a far, focusing on the figure of a young man robed in black.

When the others shifted their gaze onto the black-robed man, they could not resist cheering in joy.

He was tall and charming ashe stood there in his black robe. His long snow-white hair laid nicely on his back as his eyes radiated the calmness in him.

Everyone was bought over by the charismatic look he had and had forgotten about the fight.

"This entrance..." Lin Feng stared at the youth. "That's too cliche... This can't be right, such an entrance would disrupt the tempo?"

His previous thought about a hero saving the damsel in distress was only a joke. Who knew that someone like that would really appear?

Taoist Tiemu scanned the black-robe youth before laughing.

"Foolish lad! You're only at the final level of the Foundation Establishment Stage! Yet you want to come and look for death... Let me fulfill your wish then!"

After hearing this, the white-robed aged cultivator lost quite a bit of his confidence as he did not believe that the black-robed youth could defeat Taoist Tiemu who was at the Aurous Core Stage.

Taoist Tiemu gave off another eerie laughter before commanding two of his four cultivators to take him down.

The two cultivators acknowledged before pouncing towards the black-robed teen.

Xiang Lanying, the girl dressed in yellow shrieked, "Watch out!"

Her companions were also equally anxious for him. Some of them were about to assist him while some of them weighed the option of fleeing. But Taoist Tiemu kept his eyes on them and released a cloud of black mist which entrapped the six of them within it.

In the meantime, his two disciples had reached the front of the youth robed in black. The two disciples were also at the final level of the Foundation Establishment Stage. That was why XIang Lanying did not believe that the black-robed youth would stand a chance.

Xiang Lanying closed her eyes as she could not bear the sight of the destruction and humiliation of such a charming and charismatic lad.

Lin Feng who was watching from afar also could not bear to continue watching this. But he was not sympathising with the black-robed youth.

How could a person with such a look and such an entrance fail?

Indeed, facing the two aggressive cultivators, the black-robed youth did not even bother looking at them as he maintained his gaze on Taoist Tiemu. He spoke faintly, "I do not like people who insult the black color."

As he spoke, the youth plunged his fist forward with his fist bathed in an azure blaze of lightning, as though Lucifer had descended.

One fist, it took only a single punch, to knock the two cultivators back with a speed that outmatched the speed which they were coming towards him.

Everyone's jaw dropped as Taoist Tiemu exclaimed, "Who are you?"

The black-robed youth remained silent but the sea of clouds which was in the sky behind him opened up.


Amidst the thunderous sound of the lightning and thunder above, four gigantic warhorses appeared with their bodies bathed in a purple glow as they trampled on the the clouds of thunder. The horses were pulling an a green chariot which was like a knoll. This entity ripped apart the sea of clouds and appeared in front of everyone.

The black-robed youth jumped and flipped himself onto the Azure Thunder Chariot. The gigantic Thunder Draco Horses and the Azure Thunder Chariot gave him an unprecedented heroic look.

Regardless of whether it was Taoist Tiemu or the white-robed aged cultivator, they all felt like a wolf which had just met the lion king in the jungle.

The youth looked down towards Taoist Tiemu while he stood on his chariot before asking plainly, "So you were asking who I am?"

He retrieved a piece of red maple leaf and opened his palm, allowing the leaf to dance freely in the wind.

"The Azure Thunder Chariot, the red maple leaf..." The white-robed aged cultivator exclaimed, "Hong Ye, he must be Hong Ye!"

Everyone around was all shocked as they focused on the youth robed in black who was standing on the Azure Thunder Chariot which was floating in mid-air.

The expression on Taoist Tiemu's face changed to something extremely unpleasant as he squeezed out the few words, "Hong Ye!"

Though she was surrounded, Xiang Lanying could not resist staring at Hong Ye with a swooned look.

Lin Feng might be the only person among all of them to remain void of any feelings as he looked from above, laughing, "So is this the legendary entrance which all heroes enter from?"

Suddenly, other voices could be heard from the Azure Thunder Chariot. And it was not only two voices.

Lin Feng took a closer look and he was stunned as he almost fell off the Black Cloud Flag.

"What the..."