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 Chapter 152: The Name of the Sect

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"To finalise the name of our Sect?" Xiao Yan and the rest stared at each other in excitement.

Xiao Budian smiled and continued, "Master, are the four of us your first disciples in this world?"

Lin Feng laughed and replied, "That is right. But it seems that I remember someone saying how he wanted to be the Little Junior for everyone?"

Xiao Budian giggled in embarrassment after hearing that.

Xiao Yan placed both his hands behind his head as he muttered, "First Disciple? That's not too shabby."

From their character and gifts, they were all supposed to be haughty people who would not accept being subjugated by rules or anyone.

Lin Feng took in them when they were still insignificant and taught them the way of Taoism with utmost generosity. He also showered them with care and concern, setting the foundation for a deep and longlasting relationship between Master and Disciples. Hence, they were all very willing to be under Lin Feng's tutelage and guidance.

But if there were other elders in their sect which they had to greet politely and listen to their preachings, they would not have been able to take it.

Wang Lin had the experience of being a disciple and the lowest level in the hierarchy back at the Hengyue Faction. Although the time spent back there was not long, the difference between the freedom which he had under Lin Feng was like heaven and earth when compared to the time back in Hengyue Faction. As he continued to become stronger, he was no longer willing to go through those days again.

Xiao Budian's bright eyes sparkled as he asked, "Master, does that mean if we were to take in more cultivators in the future, they would be our disciples?"

Lin Feng gave a little smack onto his little head and laughed, "Wait till you become a Master before you think about taking in disciples. If not you will only teach them the wrong things and spoil our reputation."

He looked at all of them and smiled, "In future, if I chance upon cultivators who are as talented and gifted as the few of you, I might still consider to take them in as my personal disciples. For the majority of the rest, they would eventually become all your disciples, the Third Generation disciples."

"All the way till the Fourth, the Fifth and so on."

As he mentioned these, Lin Feng glanced at Zhu Yi for awhile longer as compared to the rest.

Amongst the four of them, the one who was most suitable to become a teacher was none other than Zhu Yi.

Zhu Yi also noticed the look on Lin Feng's face and immediately became impassioned.

He had read many famous literature and always had the heart to educate the masses and lead them through education and guidance. Now that he was studying the Art of Taoism, he definitely wished to show them the way towards enlightenment.

Zhu Yi composed himself and nodded his head gently while remaining silent. He felt like he had just made a promise which was of utmost importance and he was not ready to break that confidence Lin Feng had in him.

At this moment, Wang Lin asked, "Master, so what should we call our Sect?"

Lin Feng gave a gentle cough and replied with utmost solemnity.

"Heaven's Destiny Sect!"

"Those who enter the Sect shall be blessed by the Heavens with a great destiny!"

"Only the chosen ones would be able to join the Sect and the Grandmaster, I shall guarantee a smooth journey to fulfill the destiny of attaining enlightenment."

The second half of his long statement was not actually spoken because he had realised that his disciples were already lost before he had reached that line.

The four of them shared a similar expression.

Which was just lost. Like utterly lost.

None of them could comprehend or even understand the deep philosophical meaning of the name of the Sect.

Lin Feng looked at the expression on their faces and hid his irritated look.

The playful side of him had awakened back when he was trying to create some spells, and hence, naturally he thought of such a name.

But because it was only something which he had went through, none of them could understand the deeper meaning beyond the surface and hence, it was not really funny.

"It was as though I were wearing an expensive robe in the cover of the night. Such splendid humor yet no one would ever be able to understand. A bunch of humorless kids who cannot appreciate my efforts to get to you all."

Lin Feng cursed to himself, "If you all can't understand this, I can't hope for you all to understand Rashomon, Seven Pirates Gang from the One Piece, Akatsuki, Las Noches nor the Decepticons."

Xiao Yan and the rest had just managed to gather back their focus as they looked at Lin Feng with much hesitation, "Master, what's with the name Heaven's Destiny Sect? Is there some deeper meaning behind the choice of the name?"

Lin Feng thought, "Of course there is! But I shan't waste my time explaining to them."

He remained clam as he shook his hand, "Forget about it. That was the name of my Sect in another dimension. I shan't use it for this world."

Lin Feng paused as he continued slowly, "From today onwards, our Sect's name shall be the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

"A sect mysterious and abstruse beyond imagination. A door to the wonders of the world. A sect above the celestial powers of the Heavens. An estate that will last longer than time."

Lin Feng looked at his disciples with much solemnity before continuing, "There is one thing that all of you must remember by heart. Our Sect's way of Taoism requires one to feel and sense the Tao of both the Heaven and the Earth. But to never become one with them but to become Heaven and Earth ourselves. To be independent from them."

That was the additional insight he acquired from the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams after attaining the Aurous Core Stage.

Xiao Yan and the rest donned a serious expression as they bowed towards Lin Feng, "We have learnt much from Master's words."

Following which, the four disciples reaffirmed each other's placing in the Sect. Xiao Yan would remain as the Big Senior amongst the four and naturally became the first disciple of the leader. His role was no joke as it meant that whenever Lin Feng was not around, all Third and Fourth Generation disciples would be under his charge.

Zhu Yi was the Second Disciple, while Wang Lin became the Third Disciple. Xiao Budian was naturally the little disciple.

"After this, I want all of you to focus on your training." Lin Feng pinched his fingers and gauged the time before continuing, "In roughly a year or so, our Sect will officially be opened and we will start accepting disciples."

"By then, all of you will be ready to become masters of your own right. The new entrants will be under your tutelage. Do not make a fool of yourselves."

Xiao Yan looked at Xiao Budian with a playful look and laughed, "We are all okay with it. It's just that if Xiao Budian continue to stay within the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, he would always remain that tiny."

But Xiao Budian was not in the least affected as he giggled, "That is perfectly fine. After you all have accepted your disciples, I would not need to waste time and effort in teaching them. I would be able to get their respect for free."

Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and Wang Lin were poked by his comments as they scolded him half-heartedly, "You lazy brat!"

But jokes aside, including Xiao Budian, all four of them were very serious about their training as they went on to make hay while the sun shine, especially Wang Lin who was exceptionally hardworking.

Lin Feng looked at the four of them with much pride and nodded his head. Following which he left the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World and landed on Mount Yujing.

As he gazed at the chaotic currents within the void, Lin Feng let out a long sigh.

"One more year before my sect, The Celestial Sect of Wonders, will open up to the world."

Currently, Mount Yujing was hidden within the void and no one could find them for trouble even if they wanted. But once the Sect is officially opened, Mount Yujing would have to return to the normal world to receive all eligible disciples.

How could a great sect like this hide itself within a void?

When the day arrived, Pang Jie, Mount Shu Sword Sect, the Yu family and Marquis of Xuanji would all be able to come looking for their revenge.

To be ready to fend off their advances, Lin Feng had to make some preparations.

There was a use for everything in the world which the Heaven had bore. Lin Feng experimented with the Blessed Spiritual Land but found that it was unable to activate the Central Wutu Divine Light. Hence, the journey to Mount Changchun to find the Swelling Earth remained a necessity.

"Oh ya! I almost forgot that I have a chance for another lottery." Lin Feng suddenly recalled that he had a chance for lottery after completing the Gaia Jade mission.

Before he opened his sect, Lin Feng believed that he had to get the infrastructure of the mountain right first. As of now, the mountain was bare and he only had the token for the construction of a palace. He decided not to use it first and to wait for the accumulation for a few more similar tokens. He believed that it would create a more shocking effect if they were all used together. It would also be less suspicious in that way.

As he entered the Lottery System, Lin Feng took a look at the Dice System to see if there were any good prizes.

The only item which was slightly more attractive was the Five-Claws Golden Lion. It could swallow and release thunder and fire while the five claws below its body could ride on clouds and mists.

It was a good option for transportation.

But Lin Feng thought about it and the moment which he realized that he was going to get a ride that was even cooler, he ignored the Five-Claws Golden Lion immediately and exited the Dice System. Next, he entered to browse through the Roulette System.

"Library Setup Token?" Lin Feng's eyes brightened at the sight of the token as a library was an essential setup for a Sect.

Lin Feng took a deep breath but he did not immediately began with the lottery. Instead, he stared at the eighteen different boxes.

There was once when he tried to figure out the algorithm of the Roulette System but he failed.

During that time, he hypothesized that the the roulette would stop spinning after three and a half rounds but what happened was that the roulette went on for an addition of four boxes after turning for three rounds and a half.

Lin Feng calculated before choosing a number. Following which, he issued a command to the Roulette System, "Spin!"

The roulette began to spin profusely as Lin Feng concentrated his eyes on the roulette. He wanted to see if his new hypothesis was right.

The roulette soon passed three rounds as it continued to go on for another half a round, which was nine boxes. Its speed was slowing down and it could stop at any time.

Another three boxes and it would be the token for the Library Setup.

But this time round, the roulette stopped two boxes after the halfway mark.

Lin Feng sighed but he was not too disappointed. He had roughly gotten the pattern of the Roulette System.

It appeared that the roulette would stop somewhere between three and a half rounds to three rounds and thirteen boxes.

Although lottery remained as something which was primarily based on probability and chance, the odds of winning had now been increased to a large extent.

When he were to spin the roulette again the next time, Lin Feng would be able to focus on the item which he was interested in and the odds would be ¼ instead of the original 1/18. That itself was a remarkable leap in the increase in chances.

Because of his lifted spirits, he went over to take a look at his prize with a light hearted mood.

What lied in front of Lin Feng was a fruit which shared both red and blue color. Its upper part was a fiery red color while the bottom half was an icy blue color.

The Fruit of Fire and Ice could be found growing on the Fire Affinity Wood in places of extreme heat. Contrary to intuition, the fruit was naturally extremely cold and thus, because of its environment, it possessed characteristics of both cold and heat in its extremities. When placed in environment of extreme cold or heat, it would become hotter or colder respectively.

As he grabbed onto the fruit, the red upper portion was so hot that it was on the point of scalding his hand while the blue lower portion sent chills down his arms.

"This is indeed a strange little fruit... I wonder what can it do?" After examining the fruit for a little bit longer, Lin Feng kept it into his pouch, while making a mental note to keep it away from the Grand Sun Primordial Fire to prevent any unwanted reactions.

After finishing his preparations, Lin Feng began to make his move for Mount Changchun.