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 Chapter 151: Blessed Spiritual Land

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The dirt-yellow fat baby screamed in joy, not showing any fear towards the domineering power of the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire as she opened its mouth to swallow the blue-purple flame.

Immediately, a blue-purplish tint formed on her face as she giggled heartily. She was obviously savoring the flavor of the flame and had definitely enjoyed the taste of it.

However, in the next moment, her expression turned into a bitter one as she grabbed onto her tummy and rolled about on the ground.

"Seems like it might be tasty but bad for digestion." Lin Feng and his disciples all found it funny but thought that it served her right for being greedy.

The features on the face of the dirt-yellow baby had became contorted in pain, but apparently, she was far from dying.

After a good long moment, the expression of pain on her face started to fade as she let out a long sigh of relief. Suddenly, she let out a loud exclaim before flying out of the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World.

Lin Feng was caught off guard but immediately chased after the baby. He saw the fat baby jumped off the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree and landed on the peak of Mount Yujing.

The fat little baby extended her limbs and formed a shape which was similar to the chinese character Da ()before landing heavily on the peak.

In an instant after landing heavily, the baby turned into a sea of yellow dust which was nicely evened out across the hundred acres worth of land before seeping into the rocks and boulders of Mount Yujing.

And instantaneously, much to everyone's surprise, the boulders and rocks transformed into a hundred acres worth of arable and fertile land.

The land was entirely different from any conventional idea of an arable land as it was enshrouded in an aura filled with spiritual vitality and life.

It was so good for cultivating crops and herbs that even a person would receive much benefits from cultivating on the fields.

Lin Feng examined the land for a short moment before retrieving some herbs which had not been used to make elixirs. Following which, he tossed the herbs lightly onto the field.

These herbs had already been removed from their roots and dried to a nice yellow color. They had long lost any hint of life within them and what remained inside were some of the natural spiritual energy. They were essentially dead.

However, the moment they landed onto the soil which the fat baby had transformed into, the dried herbs behaved as though they had been given new lives. Under the nurturing and care of the aura from the fields, new roots and branches stemmed out from the herbs. The herbs had been revived!

When these herbs were harvested, they were merely herbs which were roughly ten years old.

Now that they had been planted in this fertile field, they had started to expand and grow in an astonishing speed.

The ginseng did not take much time to develop the thickness of a human arm size and soon became the size of an infant.

Slowly, the different stalks of ginseng let out little sounds of cracking as though they were undergoing some transformation.

A plume of white mist was released from the ginseng and soon concentrated to form a silhouette of sorts of a white infant. The silhouette wrapped itself around the physical ginseng and ran around gleefully, emitting a strong and concentrated herbal scent.

At the sight of this, all of their jaws dropped.

Zhu Yi reacted first as he gasped, "It has gained sagacity!"

It was not only the ginseng but the polygonum, lingzhi etc. They all had a rich and strong herbal scent as many silhouettes were seen rushing and playing around.

All the herbs which were thrown into the field had all gained sagacity.

After gaining sagacity, the herbs would concentrate their herbal aura to take on an illusory form. The more aged a herb was, the more solid the aura would be, resulting in stronger and better medicinal properties.

Sagacious herbs and plants were increasingly scarce and had exorbitant price tags. Because of the possible huge profits, they had been over-harvested in recent times.

The Hengyue Faction, which Wang Lin was from, was led by a Nascent Soul Stage Grandmaster. Though it was not really a huge sect, it was still decently reputable. The Hengyue Faction did possess a few sagacious herbs but they were definitely not as much as the ones which they now possessed.

Usually, most herbs would take a few hundred years, and for some a few thousand years before they could accumulate sufficient herbal aura to attain sagacity.

But what was staring at them in their faces were a few ten year old plants and herbs which were dried and dead, that had attained sagacity in a few moments. The speed was totally insane and unimaginable.

Lin Feng's heart was tied to Mount Yujing and because the fat baby was now part of Mount Yujing, he could quickly establish a connection and understand the nature of the baby.

The Blessed Spiritual Land, had flames and fires as its diet and possessed the ability to convert flames into its unique spiritual energy. It could nurture the development of plants and herbs and hasten the rate of their growth.

"The Five Elements restraint and reinforce each other mutually. Amongst them, the Fire reinforces the Earth. No wonder..." Lin Feng nodded his head, "I believe that with a stronger flame or fire, the spiritual energy of the Blessed Spiritual Land would even be stronger. The Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire belongs to one of the six primordial fires and would be the best nutrition for the land."

Just then, Xiao Yan and three others had just regained their composure as they looked at each other in the eye, unable to contain their excitement. "Isn't this an extremely high quality piece of land? With such a fertile land, who can outgrow our herbs?"

Lin Feng was equally happy as he laughed, "Now you know what the baby is all about."

The four of them laughed and nodded their heads. Xiao Budian patted on Xiao Yan;s shoulders, "Big Senior, we will need to rely on you to feed the little fellow from now on."

At this moment, the land on top of the mountain transformed back into the sea of yellow dust and gathered to become the familiar fat baby figure again. It was rejoicing after hearing how Xiao Yan would feed it from now on as it grabbed onto Xiao Yan's arms and kept shaking them.

Xiao Yan was a little bit confused and helpless as he looked towards Lin Feng, "Master?"

Lin Feng controlled his laughter and continued with a serious look, "The land is called the Blessed Spiritual Land. It feeds on fire and flame and has the ability to hasten the development and growth of all plants and herbs. It can be considered as the cream of the crop among arable and fertile lands. Its human figure is usually termed as Lucky."

"And as what Tianhao had said, he would be under your charge from now on."

"Lucky would need to expend the energy he derived from the fire after every consumption. Hence, whenever there isn't a need to grow herbs, there is no need to feed him with the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire." Lin Feng also reminded, "If you were to give him the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire, do take note of the volume because there is a limit to which he can take it before it harms him."

Xiao Yan frowned upon the responsibility as he stared at Lucky before nodding his head reluctantly.

Xiao Budian pondered for a while before asking, "Master, if Lucky is so great, will the two other weirdoes in the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World also be an apparition made from the concentration of some essence?"

Lin Feng mulled over his question and thought that it was quite possible. But because there was little that he knew about them, he chose to wait and see before taking any action.

Thus he replied seriously, "I have my own plans when it comes to how they should be handled. Don't disturb them without my permission. Nothing good will come out of it. Am I clear?"

Seeing how serious their Master was, the four of them nodded their head in obedience.

After returning to the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, Lin Feng looked at Lucky who was cuddling up to Xiao Yan and thought, "It would be very unjustified if I were to let such a good field remain unused. It seems I should harvest some shrubs and herbs along the way on my journey to find the Swelling Earth."

With the help of the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World and an enormous volume of high grade herbs, Lin Feng believed that his disciples would be able to train with great efficiency and speed.

Lin Feng felt at ease when he saw how his dream of his disciples becoming great cultivators realizing bit by bit.

"The speed of my own cultivation and training would also be able to be increased." Lin Feng muttered as he continued to mull over these ideas.

As he reflected upon his own cultivation, he could sense that in his sea of consciousness, a aurous core was gleaming with a faint purple glow. Seeing the existence of a purple glow, Lin Feng was elated.

Similar to the Foundation Establishment Stage, the Aurous Core Stage was also divided into three levels. Upon the the attainment of the Aurous Core Stage, the mana will concentrate to form a aurous core which was the initial level of the Aurous Core Stage.

Upon surviving the tribulations of the Yin Fire, all the impurities within the aurous core would have been removed and one would be able to attain the middle level of the Aurous Core Stage.

Upon surviving the tribulations of the Yin Wind, all unevenness on the elixir would have been ground smooth, and one would be able to attain the final level of the Aurous Core Stage.

Upon surviving the tribulations of the Nine Heavenly Lightnings, one would then finally be able to bear a nascent soul, attaining the Nascent Soul Stage.

Amongst all cultivators who had attained the initial level of the Aurous Core Stage, there were many different grades of the aurous core. The different classifications were the Purple Pill, Red Pill, Green Pill and Yellow Pill. Amongst them, the Purple Pill was of the highest grade while the Yellow Pill was the lowest.

Any cultivator who had successfully generated the Purple Pill would not only be blessed with mana and abhijna which were far stronger than the cultivators who possessed the Red Pill or the Green Pill but also stood a far higher chance of surviving the tribulations of the Nine Heavenly Lightnings. This meant that they had a higher chance of attaining the Nascent Soul Stage.

If one were to generate the Red Pill, unless one was a fortuitous man who had immense luck or possessed support from cultivators who had immense abhijna, one would more or less only be able to survive the tribulations of the Yin Wind. The result was that he would only be able to stay at the final level of the Aurous Core Stage for the rest of his life.

Cultivators who possessed the Green Pill could at most survive the tribulations of the Yin Fire and would not be able to go through the tribulations of the Yin Wind. Hence, it would be near impossible for them to go beyond the middle level of the Aurous Core Stage without any special help.

As for the Yellow Pill cultivators, they were essentially doomed to loiter around at the initial level of the Aurous Core Stage.

The reason why it was commonly stated that the Foundation Establishment was the most critical stage of cultivation was clearly demonstrated here. There were a total of nine different grades for both the spiritual altar and the crucible.

A crucible of the lowest grade (Grade 9) would have near zero chance if even cultivating the aurous core needed to attain the Aurous Core Stage. A Grade 7 or 8 crucible would have a low probability and the pill would be a Yellow Pill.

A Grade 5 or 6 crucible could at best cultivate a Green Pill, which was the third best aurous core.

A Grade 3 or 4 crucible would give a Red Pill and lastly, only a Grade 1 or 2 crucible could stand a chance to cultivate a Purple Pill.

Lin Feng's supreme crucible, which was one level higher than the Grade 1 Crucible, had managed to cultivate the best aurous core which was the Purple Pill. It could be recognised by the purple glow which came from within the aurous core.

And contrary to the common Purple Pill, Lin Feng's elixir had an additional warm colour which resembled that of an extremely high quality jadestone.

In fact, it would be more apt to label it as a Purple Jade Pill. With its quality, it would definitely rank above the Purple Pill.

Lin Feng thought, "The supreme crucible is really incredible. However, the Treasure Tree and the Purple Cloud Mist definitely played a part too.

As he continued to ponder, Lin Feng strolled to the side of Xiao Budian and the rest.

Xiao Yan was frowning as Lucky continued to bug him for the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire.

Xiao Budian and the two others were just laughing heartily at the side without a tinge of remorse for not helping.

Lin Feng jumped gently upwards and floated onto a branch from a Treasure Tree, before sitting cross-legged on it. He smiled, "It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't shared with you all where I came from and what my background is. Isn't it?"

Xiao Budian and other two kept their smile and lifted their heads to look at Lin Feng.

XIao Yan also placed Lucky aside forcefully as he looked at Lin Feng with much curiosity.

They were all very curious about the mysterious background of their Master.

Lin Feng let out a little cough before he began on his first line. But his first line was sufficiently shocking to silence all of them.

"Actually, the Master in front of you all is merely a split of myself."

Xiao Yan and the rest looked at each other in disbelief and repeated in unison, "A split?"

Lin Feng smiled and continued, "You Master came from a place beyond this universe. I have splits of myself running about in the thousand over different dimension to spread the essence and tradition of Taoism."

"Now that we have Mount Yujing as our foundation and base, and I have all of you as my excellent disciples, it is almost time for us to officialize our Sect. Today, we shall decide a name for our Sect."