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 Chapter 148: Showdown rematch

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The Avatar of Ares concluded the battle in no time.

It was so fast that Chen Gang could not react to it.

The mere sight of a defeated Bastille Black Dragon made Chen Gang shudder.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have expected that Lin Feng had an avatar. He had believed that it was just a dummy after all. It was that belief that gave him the glimmer of hope for victory. No dummy would have possessed the intelligence and dexterity of the Avatar of Ares. Perhaps if it was just a dummy, the dragon would have stood a chance. Unfortunately, the avatar made quick work of his adversaries on that very mountain, and wasted no time at all.

Chen Gang exclaimed, "You won't get away with these murders! Especially from the Mount Shu Sword Sect and the Aeolus Sect!"

With that, he chanted the Dragon Morphing Mantra and was immediately lifted into the air by a silver light dragon. Once in the air, Chen Gang raced in the direction towards Mount Yujing.

Lin Feng threw out the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm with a smirk as he raised two fingers towards Chen Gang. Almost on cue, Chen Gung spun around haphazardly.

"Soaring Dragon Path!"

The fear on Chen Gang's face was at once replaced by an unusual serenity. Being from the sacred Great Void Sect, he had a strong sense of superiority, but he was by no means a weakling. In fact, he was willing to go to far ends to achieve his goals, a practical cultivator in comparison to the rest in the world of cultivators. His initial escape was just a decoy as his true intention to kill Lin Feng finally unravelled.

The silver light dragon made an unusual turn and made a beeline for Lin Feng, charging at monstrous velocity. Lin Feng's Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm had a fixed dimension. By abruptly changing direction, Chen Gang was able to avoid flying straight into the trap, and able to make a surprise attack.

"Doomsday Dragon! Heavenly Pillar!" commanded Chen Gang. Within the silver light dragon emerged a flash of gold.

"Nine Heavens Roar! Change!" and the silver light dragon transformed into pure gold. The clouds clustered at its feet, like peasants bowing in fear to a mighty king. The killing intent of the now golden light dragon permeated the air.

Who could possibly stop it?

The dragon lowered its head and rammed towards Lin Feng in a move that crushed columns of air. Unbelievable speed. Finally, the true strength of the Great Void Sect was revealed! The power of the dragon and Chen Gang's Aurous Core combined was formidable!

"I knw it... I mean how could the disciples of the Great Void Sect be pussies?"thought Lin Feng. "So the fear, the anxiety, the escape...they were all a deception..." as he raised a finger towards the oncoming dragon. The air in front of him stirred and disappeared into a void. Dragon, cloud and all the rage and hype vanished in a blink of an eye. The great deception and revelation had turned into a practical joke. The sky cleared and everything seemed to revert to normal.

"Space...you can play with voids? Are you a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator?" blurted Chen Gang.

Lin Feng's face remained expressionless as he was lazy to even give any form of response to Chen Gang.

"Rise!" exclaimed Chen Gang.

In a swift motion, Chen Gang whipped out the Formation Breaking Drum given to him by Pang Jie. It was a Nascent Soul Stage artifact which was his very last resort. He only used it when he was certain that he was no match for Lin Feng. Now, only the Formation Breaking Drum could stand a chance in protecting his life.

The Drum sparkled and expanded, turning from the size of a fist to that of a tree. Its sound hollow and long, sending shock waves rippling through the air towards Lin Feng.

"So it was this drum that broke my Two Elements of Creation Formation? I wasn't there the last time to control it so let's have a rematch!" shouted Lin Feng over the blast of the drum.

With the slight of hand, a spark of light was emitted from Lin Feng's index. The light whizzed and shot out in all directions, revealing the a Formation technique beneath. The Formation was vast and wide, enveloping the entirety of Mount Yujing in its light.

The shock waves pounded on the Formation's light, shattering the beams at its fringe.

"My Drums can break any formation in this world. Outrightly challenging it is seeking defeat!" cried Chen Gang.

As Lin Feng broke into a grin, purple clouds gathered above the mountain and flooded into the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

"Previously, my Formation had nothing to depend on apart from its light. Now with the purple clouds, my formation's power has started to reveal the tip of its iceberg!" replied Lin Feng.

"Formation! Open! Six Life Paths! Change the heavens and earth! Rise!" Lin Feng chanted the incantation as the purple clouds filled the Formation, transforming into a vast cover.

"Bang!" the cover flipped as heaven and earth swapped positions, shattering the shock waves. The impact hit Chen Gang hard as he spat dark red blood onto the drum.

"Wait for it... The real change is coming" commented Lin Feng.

"Crack the ceilings of the Heaven!" cried Lin Feng as he held both hands in spell.

The earth and sky reverted back. Suddenly, the purple sky screamed as it cracked, revealing a hue of crimson behind. From the crack one could see meteor showers, the fires of hell, a true doomsday sight to behold. The pressure was suffocating Chen Gang. He could not believe his eyes, the skies had cracked, the very same faults appearing on his drum.

The drum squirmed and spat out light in every direction, as if foreboding its death. In an earth-shattering roar, the purple sky split in two as the drum fell to the ground in halves.

A Nascent Soul Stage magic item was actually torn into half!

Chen Gang gave a loud cry as he spitted blood out. His Aurous Core had almost splitted as well and without hesitating, he fled in the dorection of Mount Yujing.

"This formation is unstoppable, only the pioneer drum can break it" he thought. This time, Chen Gang was really running for his life. The Fire Crow Commander could bear no more. The numerous deaths, the complete defeat, the utter humiliation. It turned and immediately began flying off the edge of the mountain.

"Running away? No one's getting out today" shouted Lin Feng.

The purple clouds reappeared and exited the formation as its light retracted to become the small flicker it once was.

"Fences of the Heaven, The Heaven Arrests! Stabilize!" exclaimed Lin Feng. The air surrounding Chen Gang and the Fire Crow Demonic Commander shook and vibrated, everything blurring in sight.

Chen Gang threw out his Anti-water flag and Swelling Earth in a last ditch attempt. The flag would never decrease in size or volume, but neither would it increase. Lin Feng's power of manipulating space was unrivaled, trapping the duo in a confined boundary.

Chen Gang's bones cried out in pain. Cracks started to form and organs grinded in a mess. Chen Gang spat out blood profusely and cursed "Senior Pang will not let you go!".

From his forehead, a tiny light flickered as if giving off a signal. The light turned into a spell formation, steadily increasing in power. Lin Feng squinted his eyes and observed that every molecule of Chen Gang was vibrating as if ready to give sacrifice, or calling another being from the void.