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 Chapter 147: To Swallow and Stomp

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Chen Gang and the gang stood mouth ajar at the sight of Lin Feng slaying Liu Yang.

The main disciple of the the greatest sect in the art of swordplay in the Grand Celestial World was actually slayed?!

Liu Yang was no ordinary disciple. He was studying the top secret manuals of Mount Shu Sword Sect and was the main disciple of the Mount Shu Six Passages of Sword. He was definitely one of the brightest disciples and someone to look out for in the future.

"Why...you..." muttered Chen Gang as he pointed and Lin Feng who casted a grin which silenced Chen Gang.

Seeing no way out of the gridlock, Chen Gang felt his pockets for a jade disk and flung it into the air. The sunlight lit up the green disk and shone blinding light onto the ground. From the light walked out a tall middle-aged man dressed in black armour.

His black armor covered his body but could only barely masked his two-metre tall frame. As he stepped out of the light, the crowd could not help but gasp in awe. His skin glistened with a mysterious purple undertone as his coarse and long hair hung loosely at his shoulders. His moustache held in place like two symmetrical curved blades in addition to thick, angry eyebrows.. However, what stood out wasn't his build or his look, but the fact that two ivory horns stuck out from his forehead.

He descended with crushing presence, something that felt almost god-sent. This middle-aged man was no mortal, his prowess sensed by all who were on site. In majestic fashion as though a king visiting his own land, the mysterious person stood on the ground without a word.

Fire Crow Demonic Commander exclaimed "It's a dragon?"

Lin Feng eyed this new character with interest, as his gaze hovered about the man's horn and whiskers.

Legend had it that before humans came into existence, demons roamed and ruled the world. Amongst all that walked the Earth, the Immemorial Dragons were the most divine creatures yet.

"No way...it's not just any reptile. It has to be a dragon. It's an actual dragon!" commented Liefeng Priest.

"Legend has it that the Great Void Sect actually reared dragons. So it's actually real? No wonder they are the number one sect for cultivation. Only they can afford such luxuries!"

The man glanced at Lin Feng, then let out a cough that shook the ground, "Chen Gang, might he be the worthy opponent you speak of?"

Chen Gang nodded unwillingly.

This man was a descendant of the original Immemorial Dragons, a sub-species known as the Bastille Black dragons. Unadept in magic and transformative abilities, their physical strength and armor was known to be the strongest among the dragons. Although the dragon was only at the Demonic Commander Stage, his physical ability allowed him to engage in close combat with Demonic Lords.. Chen Gang had intended to use him against Lin Feng's Demon Avatar, but now circumstances dictated otherwise. Hence, he had decided to reveal his trump card and to pursue a swift and decisive victory.

"He doesn't seem to be a challenge" scowled Lian Jia Black Dragon.

"Second-hand trash like you don't get to pick your opponents," scolded Lin Feng. In that instant, Lin Feng's Demon Avatar appeared in front of him in murderous fashion. Lin Feng smiled lightly and tapped on the helmet of the Avatar. The helmet immediately shattered and revealed the face beneath for all to see.

Chen Gang gulped as he registered the appearance of the Avatar. It was an exact copy of Lin Feng! The avatar was much taller than Lin Feng, but both their features were more identical than twins.

There was only one explanation for this.

The avatar was not a puppet from a spell but rather the physical split of Lin Feng's spiritual powers. Chen Gang could not fathom how any mortal could wield such power.

Ever since Lin Feng had attained the Aurous Core Stage, he had managed to transform the Demon Avatar into the Avatar of Ares. The avatar understood Lin Feng's intentions, given that they were one and the same. He was like an extension of Lin, his doppelganger guardian angel, yet one that had tremendous might.

"Satisfied? I think he should be worthy enough.." mocked Lin Feng as he looked at the Bastille Black Dragon straight in the eyes.

The avatar calmly opened its eyes and immediately, its killing intent could be felt by all. Black smoke seemed to fill the air, caused by the evaporation of water around his body. His aura heavy and daunting. The mere sight of him sent shivers down one's body. Suddenly he vanished.

The next moment, he reappeared in front of the Bastille Black Dragon and a direct punch to its face. No cheap shot, just one that was lightning fast. The dragon backed a couple of yards, reeling from the shock and pain. The air split at the impact, sending waves across the ground. Almost immediately, the Bastille Black Dragon stood his ground and charged back, trying to catch the split moment the avatar needed to regain his posture. The Bastille Black Dragon was after all a master tactician and battle-hardened veteran.

However, to his surprise, the Avatar of Ares wasted no time at all. The dragon threw out its most powerful punch, one charged with momentum and rage at the humiliation he had just suffered. Instead of dodging or blocking it, the avatar met it square on with a punch of his own.

Upon the collision, a deafening roar reverberated through the air like millions of atomic bombs. No one could stand looking at the sight. Sparks flew as titans clashed. The sound of the heaven's roar. A punch for a punch. Fist met by fist. Bone collided with bone.

The ground trembled at the impact, like the strongest earthquakes that ever saw the Earth. The Bastille Black Dragon felt completely alone. It was him against the world. His world shook. The sky turned a dark red. Then gray. Then red. The sky itself started to tear, then it cracked. The onlookers on site felt like a thousand enemies waiting for his demise. Waiting for him to waver and fall, like hyenas waiting for a kill. Time seemed to pass slower than usual. Every second felt like an hour, every minute an eternity. However, everything was only felt by the dragon.

Crimson blood splattered as the Bastille Black Dragon's limp body flew through the air. The battle between the Aurous Core Stage cultivator and demon had been decided in a single punch. It was over. Decided in one blow.

With no time to waste, the Avatar of Ares advanced to continue his attack. He was already on a roll. Suddenly, the air in front of him was filled with the colours of the rainbow and numbness started to creep into his body. It was a sneak attack from Liefeng Priest.

The Avatar of Ares forced the wind out from his body with sheer willpower. Following which he pounced onto Liefeng Prince and tore away his arm with a single tug!

"Monster...I'll explode my Aurous Core to perish with you!" cried the priest. That was the true trump card of a cultivator from the Aeolus Sect. An average cultivator had to attain the Nascent Soul Stage before he could explode his own soul to injure his enemeies whereas the mantra of the Aeolus Sect allowed its cultivators to explode their Aurous Core.

The Avatar of Ares stood still, unmoved by Liefeng Priest's actions. Suddenly, the air behind him howled as thick black fumes rose from the place where the Bastille Black Dragon was lying.

Out of the smoke, everyone could hear a deafening dragon roar which had a tinge of anger and pain in the roar.

A humongous black dragon rushed out from the black fumes as it dashed towards the avatar.

The Bastille Black Dragon had reverted to its true form. One with dragon bone and tooth, impenetrable armour, and a formidable appearance.

The aura of the dragon was so strong that even cultivators, especially the weaker ones, would not be able to help themselves from bowing to the dragon.

The Avatar of Ares let go of Liefeng Priest and turned to face the dragon. In dauntless demeanour, he delivered a solid punch to the dragon's head. The sheer force of the impact threw both parties backward.

The wind stirred behind the avatar, yet there was nothing when he turned to look.

It could not be seen nor traced!

It was the Nine Heavens Formless Squall!

With a single hand, the Avatar of Ares blocked the spell without looking. His armour hissed, then split, revealing the muscular flesh beneath. Yet the usually formidable spell was still not strong enough to harm him.

For the first time, Liefeng Priest felt true fear. His trump card barely delivered a scratch. He turned his heels in what was a feeble attempt to escape, but Demon Avatar was already there.

"How dare you!? I'll explode my Aurous..." shouted the priest

"Shut up" came the reply. It was the first time anyone heard the avatar speak. Before the words were complete, what was once the priest was now a bloody mess. However, a golden light flashed form the forehead area of Liefeng Priest. It was his Aurous Core!

"You shall perish with me!" The last bit of consciousness of Liefeng Priest screamed.

"I'll explode!"It was too late. In one quick swoop, the Avatar of Ares had grabbed it in his hand. Like a hungry predator chancing upon an egg, his gulped down the Core.

The Bastille Black Dragon could not believe his eyes. How crazy would it be to swallow an exploding Aurous Core? Was he not afraid of the explosion? The cold sweat on the dragon's forehead was his cue to run. He turned his back on Chen Gang and immediately made his escape.

"You're not the only big guy around, y'know...Grow! Grow! Grow!" mocked the Avatar of Ares as he stamped his feet. Soon, he gradually transformed into a sky-scraper-tall giant. With a foot the size of a bus, Demon Avatar stamped onto the escaping dragon.

His stomp shook the entirety of Mount Kunlun and left the Bastille Black Dragon gasping for air..