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 Chapter 146: With the touch of a finger

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"Impudent." Lin Feng took a look at Chen Gang's Nine Dragons Encirclement Formation before raising his right hand and performing a slashing action.

The power of the Fences of the Heavens was activated and it caused the nine silver streaked dragons to tremble in unison.

An area of vacuum suddenly appeared inside the Nine Dragons Encirclement Formation and the silver mist disappeared.

The silver mist was separated by something that appeared to be an invisible barrier.

The nine silver streaked dragons had their heads and tails disconnected by the wall and thus, the Nine Dragons Encirclement Formation was naturally broken.

Chen Gang was caught off guard and remained shocked as he stared at Lin Feng who was floating in mid-air, surrounded by the purple clouds.

After a short moment of hesitation, Chen Gang placed his palms together in front of his chest and the nine dragons merged to form a humongous dragon which was a good three hundred meters long. The dragon was facing Lin Feng as it opened its mouth. A powerful sphere of light formed within its mouth as the sheer amount of energy and mana created ripples in the pockets of space surrounding it.

"Roar of the Celestial Dragon!"

The gigantic silver dragon which was formed from light gave out a deafening roar which echoed up to the highest of clouds.

Even though this dragon was merely made from silver light, it was like an Immemorial Celestial Dragon roaring towards the Heaven.

The sheer strength and volume of the roar were as though millions of humans and millions of beasts were roaring at once.

The sphere of light which was in the dragon's mouth became a beam of white light that was shot towards Lin Feng. The white light was so bright that it could have penetrated the Heaven and the Earth.

Lin Feng smiled and simply waved his hand.

An invisible barrier emerged between the gigantic silver dragon and him, taking the blow from the white beam. The white beam was extremely powerful and destructive but it was unable to penetrate the impregnable barrier just like how the waves of the ocean are unable to move the corals of the ocean.

The confident expression on Chen Gang's face changed and it was replaced by one that he would not be proud of. He turned around and screamed at Liu Yang. "Liu Yang!"

Initially, he had his doubts that Lin Feng would be an easy opponent. If not for Liu Yang's promise that Lin Feng was only at Qi Disciple Level 10 back at the Black Cloud Earth Palace, Chen Gang would never have come to Lin Feng to look for trouble.

Liu Yang also donned a stunned face as he was also in utter disbelief.

How is that possible? It is impossible for him to become so strong in a matter of two years. In fact, it is still a few months away from two years.

What level is he at right now? I cannot even make a calculated guess at all. Parrying Chen Gang's Roar of the Celestial Dragon with so much ease... Most Aurous Core Stage cultivators would not be able to do it either. What is going on?

Suddenly a thought occurred to Liu Yang as he muttered it out, "There must be some treasure or item that he is using! That must be it! It can't be his own strength. It is impossible!"

Chen Gang looked at Liu Yang with hatred and thought, receiving late intelligence is often worse off than having a weak team mate.

At this moment, Lin Feng had already come down from the Purple Cloud Stairs. Xiao Yan and the three others rushed forward to pay their respect to their master.

"Good." Lin Feng smiled and nodded. He looked at Xiao Yan before complimenting him, "Xiao Yan, your performance was not bad. It is commendable that you can now harness a percentage of the power of the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire. However, you have to continue to work hard. I believe you can sense what you are lacking."

Xiao Yan replied with the utmost respect, "I understand. Thank you, Master, for your teaching."

Lin Feng continued on and gave his feedback to Xiao Budian and the rest.

The commotion coming from this activity contrasted against the silence from Chen Gang and Liu Yang.

Chen Gang composed himself and changed to an expression which was more welcoming.

"This must be Cultivator Lin?" Chen Gang smiled. "I was simply giving your disciples some tips during our short sparring session. It was fortunate that we did not destroy the harmonious relationship that we share."

Lin Feng heard his words and looked at him with a playful look, "Does this mean that now I have to thank you for your help?"

Chen Gang gave an awkward cough before replying, "That would not be necessary."

He regained his composure before continuing, "The reason why I am here is because I have received instructions from the Great Void Sect's current All-Under-Heavens Strider, Senior Pang Jie, to invite you to join the Great Void Sect as an Honorary Elder.

Lin Feng replied coolly, "Oh? An Honorary Elder?"

Chen Gang replied with respect, "That is right. Our Great Void Sect is mankind's number one place for cultivating. It has a wide network of talents from everywhere and has a say in most of the things happening everywhere. However, a talent like yours truly would still be a valuable addition to our Sect."

He stole a glance at Lin Feng before continuing, "You might enjoy the freedom right now but you are still a vulnerable individual at the end of the day. If you were to join the Great Void Sect, we can all cover for one another."

"In the near future, if you were to face any form of dangers or troubles, or if you were to be in the hunt for any rare medicine or herbs, you can definitely rely on the Great Void Sect for assistance." Chen Gang's face was sincere as he shifted his glance towards Xiao Budian and the rest. "Your disciples will also be able to study and learn the Great Tao Spiritual Penetration if they were to come under the tutelage of the Great Void Sect."

Lin Feng gave off a light laugh, "You sound very confident, eh?"

Chen Gang smiled and replied, "I am just illustrating the truth after all."

"So if I were to enter the Great Void Sect as an Honorary Elder, what do I have to do?" Lin Feng extended the conversation.

Chen Gang gave a dry cough and looked at the foot of Mt. Yujing. "Once you enter the Great Void Sect, you would naturally have to stay at the mountain where the Great Void Sect resides. This little home you have over here will definitely no longer be of use."

"But you don't have to worry. The Great Void Sect will definitely send people to come down often to maintain your little place. We will not let this mountain go to waste."

Chen Gang saw how Lin Feng had remained calm and relatively cooperative in this little conversation and felt much more confident. He thought, "When anyone hears the name of our Sect, even the most arrogant of independent cultivators would not dare to be too haughty."

"Your level of cultivation might have exceeded our expectations but the moment I throw out my Sect's name, you have no choice but to accede to my requests.I don't believe that you'll dare to challenge the Number One Sect in the world." As he thought about this, Chen Gang smiled at pointed at Zhu Yi. "Your disciple here might need to follow me and pay Senior Pang Jie a visit. He needs him to assist him in some matters."

He then looked at Xiao Budian but hesitated before giving up on speaking. Chen Gang thought, "This kid must be the apple of his eye. I shall not spite him right now. There will be plenty of time once we get back to the Great Void Sect."

After hearing Chen Gang's invitation and request, Lin Feng turned around to look at Zhu Yi before turning back to reply to Chen Gang. "Oh? What do you need my disciple for? May I know what matter is it regarding?"

Chen Gang replied in a displeased tone, "This is not something that you can be made known to."

Lin Feng was not angered by his words but rather the cynical smile on his face was increasingly apparent.

"Actually, it doesn't really matter. Because I would not allow the Great Void Sect to do whatever they want with my disciple."

Chen Gang was shocked by Lin Feng's words and replied, "What do you mean?"

Lin Feng replied coolly, "When I was in my retreat for cultivation, you came over to disrupt the peace at my place. Now, you dare to try to lay your hands on my disciples. Shouldn't I be the one asking you 'what do you mean'?"

"Is this how the Great Void Sect train their disciples?" Since they are inadequate when it comes to disciplining and educating their disciples, let me teach you some courtesy."

Chen Gang was enraged and replied furiously, "How dare you! You dare challenge the authority of the Great Void Sect?"

Lin Feng crossed his hands behind his back and replied coolly, "It is indeed a reputable and authoritative name to be labelled as the Number One place for cultivation. If nothing were to happen, I would never have intended to get myself into trouble with the Great Void Sect."

"But now that you have attempted to climb over my head, do you actually think I'll let you go easily? You can try asking the lad next to you. Back in the time when he offended me and I retaliated by pushed him under the waters of the Blood River, did I care whether he was from the Mount Shu Sword Sect?"

Liu Yang glared at Lin Feng after hearing his words. It was natural for enemies to flare up when they meet one another. After hearing the embarrassing past, he was even more enraged.

He howled, "I just don't believe that you little cunt is actually that powerful!" Liu Yang unsheathed the long sword which hung around his waist and continued, "This time round we shall pitt our true abilities against one another. There will not be any intervention or assistance from the stupid Unholy Blood River. Let's see what you got!"

Liu Yang used his left hand to form some symbols as he pointed his long sword at Lin Feng with his left hand. The blade of the long sword exploded into a bright flash in no time.

Thousands and millions of streaks of energy ran across the blade of the sword causing a large disturbance to the spiritual energy at the peak of Mt. Yujing.

Following the chants of Liu Yang, the streaks of energy concentrated onto the long sword. A domineering cold glow started to appear on the sword in front of everyone's eyes.

The glow from the sword was bright and it captured everyone's attention. Every little spark which formed the glow was the consolidation of sword Qi and mana to form a single destructive sword aura.

This new sword was the result of the consolidation of millions of sword Qi. The power of a million sword was definitely not one that anyone would want to face.

Mount Shu Six Passages of Swords: Shaoshang Sword!

Shaoshang Sword is the most domineering and toughest sword among the Six Passages of Swords.

Sword Qi, Sword Aura and Sword Radiance belong to entirely different levels of power.

Zhu Yi's most powerful single style, Way of the Facile Blade, "Fire blazes in the Pond, Change", can generate hundreds of feet of Sword Qi. However, Liu Yang's sword radiance was only ten feet long. Nevertheless, Liu Yang's ten feet sword radiance could easily slash Zhu Yi's hundred feet sword Qi into smithereens.

That single stroke of Shaoshang Sword was called the Ten Feet of Winter!

There were no fancy moves but sheer power and energy within this single stroke of the sword, which contained every single drop of Aurous Core Stage mana. This single move was the essence of decades of training which Liu Yang had gone through.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander and Liefeng Priest thought to themselves with much bitterness, "Both cultivators are at the Aurous Core Stage. But when it comes to their actual fighting power, there is still a stark difference after all."

Chen Gang's eyes were focused on the sword as he muttered to himself, "It seems that Mount Shu's reputation as the Number One place for cultivating the art of swordplay is really true to its name. They have managed to perfect the art of swordplay to an extent which even our Great Void Sect would not think of challenging."


Flashes from the Ten Feet of Winter blinded everyone as the sword radiance flew towards Lin Feng.

Facing the enormous pressure from a legendary stroke of swordplay, Lin Feng laughed it off as he lifted his finger.

Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm!

The space in front of Lin Feng twisted in a mysterious way and the sword radiance which was moving across the patch of space disappeared.

It disappeared just like this, without any sign nor sound.

Liu Yang was utterly stunned.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander and Liefeng Priest were also gaping at the disappearance of the Ten Feet of Winter.

Chen Gang could not believe his eyes either as he looked at Lin Feng with much confusion.

Lin Feng looked at Liu Yang calmly before lifting his finger again, setting the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm off.

Liu Yang saw the movement in Lin Feng's finger and a chill ran down his spine. He broke into cold sweat as a sense of danger hit him hard.

He did not know what Lin Feng just did and definitely could not comprehend the abstrusity of the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm. All he knew that he was about to face something which was unbelievably dangerous. Something catastrophic was about to befall him.

"I must run now before it is too late!" he thought to himself. That was the only thought in his mind now but just when he was about to take his leave, he found his body immobilised.

As he looked down onto his body, he realised there was no longer any remnants of it.

"Where is my body?!"

And that was the last thought in Liu Yang's head. The next moment, his decapitated head rolled down into the deepest valley Mount Kunlun.

In the meantime, on top of Mount Yujing, Chen Gang and the rest were simply speechless as they watched the headless body crumble to the ground.

An Aurous Core Stage cultivator from Mount Shu Sword Sect was defeated! It was not any cultivator but a rather reputable sword cultivator.

He was destroyed with a single finger or rather to be more precise, two flicks of the finger.

Only cultivators at the Nascent Soul Stage were able to move between voids and spaces, and explore the limitless abstrusities of the voids and spaces.

Hence, any foe of Lin Feng who had yet to attain the Nascent Soul Stage or did not possess any spells or items which could control spaces or voids would be rendered helpless by Lin Feng's Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm.

The moment Lin Feng had attained the Aurous Core Stage, as long as the opponent did not possess any methods to manipulate spaces, Lin Feng would be unparalleled against anyone below the Nascent Soul Stage!