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 Chapter 144: Let's Fight Them Together!

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When they saw Chen Gang and the others land on the summit of Mount Yujing, Xiao Yan and his fellow disciples became crestfallen.

Zhu Yi said sombrely, "The opponents' magic items are formidable and our Master is still doing closed-door training, with his spell formations lacking support. If the enemy forces attack the mountain now, the result would be catastrophic.

Xiao Budian's small face was also very solemn. He scanned the surroundings and said, "The Black Heavenly Treasure Tree seems very impressive. Let's compel the enemy to attack it and let the Treasure Tree deal with them."

Zhu Yi pondered for a moment. "We still don't know the exact capabilities of the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree - all these are just speculations. If our predictions are incorrect, we might harm the tree instead."

"Rely on ourselves." Xiao Yan spit out the stalk of grass in his mouth. "Master is still harbouring in the Treetop Cave, it'd be best not to disturb him."

Wang Lin nodded solemnly. Zhu Yi took a deep breath and said, "The enemy forces have great numbers, we must be careful."

"Feilian? So, it was you all who killed my disciple Gao Long!"

As the four were discussing, they suddenly heard the loud cursing of the Liefeng Priest.

The Feilian lying beneath the Treasure Tree shuddered. When it saw the Liefeng Priest, it immediately gained the spirit to spread its hoofs and race over.

But before it moved, the Feilian was already faltering, and secretly glanced back at the four.

It had previously used its spells to attack Gao Fan of the Aeolus Sect to please its new master. If the four intruders were to know about this, there would be big trouble.

Especially since Gao Fan was only abducted by Lin Feng and was still not dead.

The Liefeng Priest looked fumingly mad, but his mind was in fact unusually calm. He was pretending to be angry.

He saw the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect setting their sights on the Mount Yujing Cave and knew that his own sect bore little hope.

But Mount Yujing was still within the boundaries of Mount Kunlun, right at the Aeolus Sect's doorstep, and the Liefeng Priest would be extremely unwilling to just give up like that.

"With the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect battling each other, my Aeolus Sect might not be completely void of hope." With this thought in mind, the Liefeng Priest decided to join forces with Lin Feng's pair himself, instead of being marginalized by Chen Gang and Liu Yang.

With the Liefeng Priest himself joining the battle too, even if he could not claim the Mount Yujing Cave, taking the surrounding lands would still be a decent consolation. Otherwise, it would seem petty to have lost the dignified holy lands of Tao training.

The Liefeng Priest turned his head and looked at Chen Gang and the others. "My most beloved disciple died by their hands. I must take revenge."

Although the Fire Crow Demon Commander had ascended Mount Yujing, he knew his place and the limits of his powers so did not utter a single word.

Chen Gang and Liu Yang both smiled. How could they possibly not see through the Liefeng Priest's intentions?

But Mount Yujing was within the Kunlun mountain range. If they invaded the cave in the future, they would inevitably have to deal with the local landlord, the Aeolus Sect. So Chen Gang and Liu Yang would not mind cutting the Liefeng Priest some slack.

Liu Yang waved his hand impatiently. "I just want to kill that little beast named Lin. I don't give a damn about everyone else."

Chen Gang smiled slightly and pointed at the Xiao Budian and Zhu Yi with his index finger. "I still need that kid and that green-sleeved scholar. Don't harm them. The other two are free for you to kill."

Xiao Yan twitched his eyebrows and snickered without saying anything. The mana enveloping his body started to swirl, evidently being fully prepared for battle.

The Liefeng Priest scanned his opponent and sneered, "Insolent brat."

He knew that Chen Gang and Liu Yang had already acquiesced in his actions, so he relaxed momentarily and summoned a spell with one hand, shooting out over ten rays of green light from his mouth.

The green light rays arranged themselves into position following specified patterns and coordinates, instantaneously forming a spell formation, just like the Demon Destroying Cyclone that Gao Long had displayed before.

But compared to Gao Long whose formation required assistance from the Green Magical Flag, the Liefeng Priest was clearly more powerful, being able to rely on just his own mana to complete this massive formation.

And the intensity of his Demon Destroying Cyclone far exceeded Gao Long's. At the heart of the formation, a giant black tornado emerged and charged upwards towards the heavens like a huge black dragon.

The black tornado roared towards Xiao Yan and the others, about to obliterate them into dust.

Although Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian were already trained in the Foundation Establishment, they nonetheless felt immense pressure when faced with an Aurous Core Cultivator whose mastery level far surpassed theirs.

"Work together to defeat the enemy, don't fight alone." With a sweeping glance, Zhu Yi already calmly devised a strategy. "Big Senior will defend the forefront from the first wave of assaults, I will provide cover support."

"Little Junior, don't care about anything else. Prepare your Infinite Thunderstorm, and try your best to boost its power - the higher, the better. We need to rely on you for a counterattack."

"All three of us will defend the borders and prepare for the opportunity to support Little Junior when he unleashes his spell."

Wang Lin looked at Zhu Yi without a word and nodded fervently.

Xiao Yan bumped his fists together and laughed, "Bring it on!"

The unleashed Crash of the Eight Trigrams did not expel much power but instead formed a barrier in front of him in the fashion of the Eight Trigrams: Sin Destroyer.

The spell's power released layers upon layers of tremors. From afar, the space before Xiao Yan had already distorted into a blur.

Based on his personality, Xiao Yan disliked playing defensively. But when faced with a formidable foe from the Aurous Core Stage, Xiao Yan did not want to take any chances, instead choosing to trust his comrades and to use his own body to repel the opponent's strongest first wave of assaults.

The black tornado collided violently with Xiao Yan's Eight Trigrams: Sin Destroyer and was unceasingly battered and weakened by it.

Chen Gang and the others were slightly stunned. "What kind of spell is this? A Foundation Establishment cultivator in the initial stage actually withstood an attack from an Aurous Core cultivator?"

The Liefeng Priest could stand it no longer, and with a muffled grunt, continued to strengthen the intensity of the Demon Destroying Cyclone.

Although the ravaging tornado was incessantly ruptured by the Crash of the Eight Trigrams, the Liefeng Priest's mana was far stronger than Xiao Yan's. The black tornado used its heavily boosted destructiveness to successfully strike Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan did not make a sound, his feet planted firmly into the ground refusing to budge while his entire body was pushed backwards by the cyclone.

But he didn't fall and forcefully withstood the Liefeng Priest's attack.

Behind him, Xiao Budian's expression remained dead serious, the swelling mana had already morphed into a giant swirling loop above his head.

On one side were thunderbolts churning in hurricanes, on the other side were howling gales enveloping thunderclouds. Both sides were distinct and did not obstruct each other.

But the two forces, like a natural Tai Chi diagram, swirled and morphed into one.

Both wind and thunder, infinite fusion!

Within the swirling loop, wind and thunder surged, with the intensity of both sides rising at an alarming speed, seemingly growing endlessly.

The Liefeng Priest had already noticed Xiao Budian's Infinite Thunderstorm spell long ago, and murmured under his breath, "Looking at its form, the spell's power might be infinitely raised, even to a point where his Foundation Establishment mastery level cannot adequately control it, and it may even damage my Aurous Core levels."

With that thought, the Liefeng Priest was no longer composed. He continued to push his Demon Destroying Cyclone against Xiao Yan's Eight Trigrams Sin Destroyer while he took out his Seven-coloured Feather Fan and swept it at Xiao Budian.

All of a sudden, a gust shimmering with rainbow-colored hoops of light blasted towards Xiao Budian.

Zhu Yi was already monitoring the Liefeng Priest's movements and physical condition from time to time, and immediately whipped out two swords - a Kun-styled sword and a Qian-styled sword.

Together, he cast the Tai Hexagram!

In the Tai Hexagram, Heaven is below Earth, small efforts garner big rewards. Good fortune, proceed.

Peace will come to those with greatness!

When Heaven and Earth met, all become one. Yin and Yang balanced out and harmony was achieved. Righteous men prevail while evil men fall.

Zhu Yi's Tai Hexagram Sword immediately dissipated the Liefeng Priest's seemingly righteous but insidiously sinister Seven-coloured Gale.

At that moment, Xiao Budian's Infinite Thunderstorm was already complete. If he raised its power even further, the spell would be uncontrollable and it may backfire instead.

Zhu Yi and Xiao Yan had bought enough time for him. Xiao Budian glared at the Liefeng Priest and bellowed, "Go!"

The roaring rolling wind and thunderstorm rapidly charged towards the Liefeng Priest violently.

The Liefeng Priest was enraged. He clasped his palms together furiously and unleashed a formless, colourless and completely transparent gust of wind.

The Nine Heavens Formless Squall!

A seemingly non-existent yet extremely overpowering squall split the rolling wind and thunderstorm apart in a flash.

The Nine Heavens Formless Squall didn't stop there and sped towards Xiao Yan.

Zhu Yi's body flickered, and he bounded to Xiao Yan's side yielding dual swords.

The Mountain Concealment Technique!

The Dun-styled Sword brought Xiao Yan and himself far away, just dodging the Nine Heavens Formless Squall by the skin of their teeth.

And then, the seemingly absent Wang Lin, who was only a Qi Disciple Level 5, suddenly attacked.