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 Chapter 142: The Formation Bursting Drum

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As the Liefeng Priest took out the Seven Colored Feather Fan, the Fire Crow Commander's facial expression changed.

The Feather Fan may look normal, but it radiated with seven levels of brilliant light, which consists of seven distinctly coloured light circles layered upon one another, undulating and diffusing formidable waves of mana from within.

The Fire Crow Commander had seen this Feather Fan before, but there were only six light circles around the Feather Fan back then.

Even the Six Coloured Feather Fan had left the Fire Crow Commander trembling in fear, and he needed to use all his powers and abilities to counter it.

Not in his wildest dreams did he think that the Liefeng Priest could ascend to the next level and release the seventh light circle by meditation.

If it was used against him, Fire Crow Commander's only option would be to flee and make a quick getaway.

The Liefeng Priest raised the Seven Coloured Feather Fan and waved it at the Two Elements of Creation Formation with force.

The Seven Light Circles trembled, and a gentle breeze drifted towards the magical formation in the distance.

The strength of the wind appeared weak and paled in comparison to the Wind-type spells previously demonstrated by the Liefeng Priest.

However, this gentle breeze was actually tangible with form and substance, and sparkled with dazzling radiance, much like the Seven Coloured Feather Fan.

The expression in Fire Crow Commander's eyes became one of solemnity and pensiveness as he stared right at the Seven Coloured Wind, while a satisfactory smile broke out across the Liefeng Priest's face.

It was not very long ago did the Liefeng Priest meditate with his Aurous Core stage magic item Seven Coloured Feather Fan and released the seventh light circle, effectively upgrading the overall power of the item.

This Seven Coloured Wind specifically countered divine powers, and though it may look weak and feeble it had the quality of permeating with silent tranquillity and quietly dissolved the adversary's accumulated spiritual energy.

Whether it was a spell, magic item or formation, it would be penetrated by the Seven Coloured Wind and dispelled, subsequently banishing it into formlessness and nothingness.

The Liefeng Priest firmly believed that even though the Two Elements of Creation Formation before him was enigmatic and complex, it was still unable to resist his Seven Colored Wind.

Indeed, nothing exceeded his expectations. The Seven Coloured Wind noiselessly permeated into the formation as it came into contact with it, and yet the Two Elements of Creation Formation did not seem to have any reaction at all.

Fire Crow Commander's expression was getting increasingly solemn. He thought to himself,

"This old hag's Seven Colored Wind is indeed insidious. I have to be careful not to fall into his trap."

The light beams from the magic formation began to fade, seemingly dispelled by the Seven Colored Wind into nonexistence.

The Liefeng Priest glanced at Fire Crow Commander and said, "Demon, I shall not bother with you for now as I have some business to attend to today. Leave the Kunlun Mountains immediately, or there will be consequences if I see you again."

Fire Crow Commander did not say a word as his facial expression darkened with gloom.

The Liefeng Priest smirked and began flying towards Mount Yujing in a gust of ferocious wind.

However, he did not get far before a dazzling beam of light appeared right in front of his eyes.

Once again, the colossal magic formation loomed across the sky. The Liefeng Priest crashed straight into it, and the force of the collision was so great that his body was sent barrelling into the air.

Having been caught off guard, the Liefeng Priest was sent tumbling. It took immense effort to counter the force of the movement but he fell back into Kunlun Mountain anyway.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Fire Crow Commander was surprised by the scene as well and exploded in a bout of laughter.

The Liefeng Priest was utterly humiliated. Infuriated by Fire Crow Commander's incessant mockery, he fired another wave of Seven Colored Wind and exclaimed, "Take that, Demon!"

However, Fire Crow Commander was ready for the onslaught. He cackled as he spread his wings and dodged the attack with ease, "Old bastard, why don't you go and attend your 'business'? Ha ha ha ha!"

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian could not hold back their laughter as they looked on from the summit of Yujing Mountain.

As they were inside the magic formation from the beginning, they knew that the Two Elements of Creation Formation had never dissipated at all in the first place.

The power of the Liefeng Priest's Seven Colored Wind lay in the Seven Coloured Brilliant Light, but the strength of the wind was menial.

The Seven Coloured Brilliant Light vanished into thin air as soon as it entered the magic formation. The wind was debilitated by the magic formation's effect in changing Heaven and Earth and was subsequently reduced into a single flash of lightning - so weak that the thunder was as soft as a buzzing mosquito.

The Liefeng Priest had no idea that his Seven Coloured Wind was dispelled from the very start.

Without any further external attacks, the magic formation returned to its original tranquillity as it was not damaged by the Seven Coloured Wind.

"What an ugly sight!" A clear and bright voice boomed from over the horizon out of the blue.

Both the Liefeng Priest and Fire Crow Commander were caught by surprise, and as they turned around towards the horizon a flash of sword radiance split open the sky and approached with electrifying speed.

Yet, what was more distracting was a white cloud, which looked so light that it could be blown away by the wind and yet, it was travelling at a speed faster than the sword radiance before it.

In the blink of an eye, both the sword radiance and the white cloud appeared in front of them, and the figures of two young men appeared.

Perched atop a flying sword was a youth wearing a green cone-like hat. He had pale skin, a few white spots on his face and wore a look of condescension. It was Liu Xiang, a disciple of Shu Mountain in his Aurous Core Stage.

The other youth roosted on top of the white cloud was clad in white, with a faint smile on his face. It was Chen Gang, the disciple of the number one sect in the Divine Lands, the Great Void Sect.

Even though neither of them had yet to speak, their display of magical powers already instilled fear into the Liefeng Priest and Fire Crow Commander.

The Liefeng Priest sized up Chen Gang and his facial expression suddenly changed. He coughed and probed, "Your Grace, are you the disciple of the Great Void Sect, Chen Gang?"

Chen Gang looked at the Liefeng Priest and said, "Are you the Liefeng Priest from the Aeolus Sect? I remember you."

A look of pleasant surprise flashed across the Liefeng Priest's face as he nodded and said, "Priest Chen has graced Aeolus Sect in the past, and your elegance has grown since then."

Even though he had a smile on his face, the Liefeng Priest was crying inside. If the Great Void Sect had set its sights on Yujing Mountain, there would no longer be a part for Aeolus Sect to play.

Indeed, Chen Gang smiled as he declared, "I am here on official business. I will speak with you when I'm finished."

Chen Gang turned and studied the Two Elements of Creation Formation and Mount Yujing for a brief moment.

Liu Xiang frowned as he asked, "Are you sure this magic formation is the work of the b*stard Lin?"

Chen Gang nodded as he confirmed Liu Xiang's suspicions, "There is no question about that."

Liu Xiang cast his gaze upon Yujing Mountain and said, "Chen Gang, this bastard's life is mine, and Mount Shu also wants a piece of this divine mountain. We will not just hand it over to you."

Chen Gang chuckled as he approached the Two Elements of Creation Formation and announced,

"I am the most senior disciple of Great Void Sect, and I come bearing orders from the Priesthood for Lin Feng. Lin Feng, come out quickly and receive your orders."

"Lin Feng, come out quickly and receive your orders..."

"...receive your orders..."

Chen Gang's voice resonated across the sky, and the echoes of his announcement ricocheted

between Heaven and Earth.

After a long moment of silence, Yujing Mountain showed no signs of any response.

Lin Feng was shutting himself in for cultivation, thus he ignored the message even if he heard it.

Xiao Budian and his three other friends listened to the commanding tone of the message with displeasure, but they could only swallow their pride as Chen Gang was a cultivator at the Aurous Core Stage.

Chen Gang responded to the continued silence from Mount Yujing, "If you're not coming out, I'm going in."

He peered at the Two Elements of Creation Formation and clapped in approval, "It's really not a bad magic formation. You must have had a lucky streak."

"However, to the Great Void Sect, the foundations are shallow and this is considered child's play."

Chen Gang did not take any action as he spoke. He knew that he was going to humiliate himself - like the Liefeng Priest and Fire Crow Commander did - if he tried to fight the Two Elements of Creation Formation with his own abilities.

At the first chance he got, Chen Gang flashed the magic item gifted to him by Pang Jie, which was specifically made to counter Lin Feng's magic formation.

He cast a spell with his left hand as he tossed out a tiny drum with his right.

The drum flew into the sky and grew as it shot through the air until it became an enormous drum twenty feet high and with a radius of approximately forty to fifty feet.

The entire drum was covered in mystical patterns, and its entire artistic conception was frightening.

The appearance of the drum astonished everyone at the scene, including Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian inside Mount Yujing, the Liefeng Priest and the Fire Crow Commander on the outside, and even Liu Xiang, who was right beside him.

This huge drum was much like the descent of the supreme master above the nine heavens down onto the world of Man, to command the fate of Heaven and Earth and the existence of all beings.

The Liefeng Priest blurted out as he beheld the giant drum, "It is the nemesis of all magical formations, the Formation Bursting Drum!"

The Formation Bursting Drum was one of the symbolic magical treasures of Great Void Drums. It had the power to overwhelm the destinies of beings under the Heavens. Its level was not like other magic items - the Formation Bursting Drum was a formidable and powerful magic treasure.

Only the Cultivators of the Nascent Soul could create such a magic treasure by meditation, and yet the Formation Bursting Drum has enough power to overpower even them.

"No, it cannot be the real Formation Bursting Drum." The Liefeng Priest quickly recovered and reasoned with himself - If this was the real drum, the presence of it being there already had enough force to pulverize everyone, let alone the pounding of the drum.

This drum should be a replica of the real Formation Bursting Drum. Somebody must have forged a replica based on the powers and conception of the original drum.

The man who created this drum should be a cultivator of the Nascent Soul stage. This magic item belonged to the Nascent Soul stage.

Even so, this drum was an absolutely terrifying magic item.

"The Great Void Sect dominates the Heavens. An impressive formation such as this should be automatically volunteered as tribute. Instead, it is used to deny me entry. It is futile indeed!" As Chen Gang faced the Two Elements of Creation Formation, he smiled and said as he clasped his hands, "I will reason with you after I dismantle your formation."

"Boom, Boom, Boom!"

Earth-shattering sounds emanated from the drum in the sky.