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 Chapter 141: Its Owner Is Indeed Powerful

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On Mount Yujing, both Xiao Budian and Xiao Yan were restless. After finishing their training for the day, they explored Mount Yujing to discover the mystical properties of this white jade divine mountain. They visited almost every single blessed spot and notable sight.

Zhu Yi sat under the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree and looked into the distance, watching the rise of fall of the clouds in the distant. His heart was at ease. "Looking far from above to expand one's heart and mind. The ancients did not lie. As the river flows and the divine aura encompasses me, my master's training spot is indeed a good place."

Here, Zhu Yi suddenly felt a strong aura of death, which made him wrinkle his eyebrows. "Third Brother's spell has such a strong killing intent."

He stood up and sat elsewhere around the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree.

There, Wang Lin sat cross-legged. The Pearl of Styx was placed before him

A dusky-yellow ball of light from the Pearl of Styx. In the ball of light, a middle-aged man clad in rough fabric was moaning in pain.

Around him, heavy black death aura floated and ate away at his soul.

This person was the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, Ma Wu, who had been turned into an Unholy Marionette by Lin Feng and handed over to Wang Lin in the Great Swamp of the Ancient Regions.

Wang Lin now used him to practise his Celestial Finger of the Styx.

Despite only possessing a shred of soul left, Ma Wu, thanks to the traits of an Unholy Marionette, was able to maintain the mastery level of a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator. With Wang Lin's current mastery, he was unable to kill a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with his Lonely Death Thumb.

However, as Ma Wu was constrained by the powers of the Unholy Marionette, he was unable to retaliate. He could only serve as a living punching bag for Wang Lin to practise his spells on.

Zhu Yi arched his eyebrows, and said, "Third Brother. While you may have a vendetta with your enemy, wouldn't it seem fair to leave him alone after taking your revenge? Even if he's a despicable person, why not just kill him straightaway instead of humiliating him like this?"

Upon hearing Zhu Yi's words, Wang Lin's mouth twitched. He almost wanted to sneer, but he decided against it.

He was a pragmatist true and true, and hence he could not agree with Zhu Yi's words.

However, Wang Lin did not mention that this was Lin Feng's plan. He also did not mention that the person who turned Ma Wu into an Unholy Marionette was Lin Feng.

"If Second Brother does not like it, I won't train anymore," Wang Lin smiled, and then stopped practising his Lonely Death Thumb before sending Ma Wu's soul back into the Pearl of Styx.

Zhu Yi looked at Wang Lin in the eye. He was sure that once he left, Wang Lin would continue practising on Ma Wu.

As he was just about to say something, Zhu Yi's expression changed as he looked towards the sky in the far distance.

There, a giant ball of flame appeared. In an instant, it turned into a boundless sea of flame, almost as if it had set every cloud alight.

A giant fire crow, whose wingspan stretched to almost thirty meters, appeared from the sea of fire.

The shadow of two cultivators appeared. Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian had reached the top of the mountain and reached the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree. Along with Zhu Yi and Wang Lin, they stood with serious expressions as they watched the coming of the great fire crow.

Xiao Yan said solemnly, "Looking at the power of this demon, it is akin to an Aurous Core stage cultivator. He's probably a Demonic Commander."

The newcomer was indeed the Fire Crow Demonic Commander, who had killed Li Chen Xi and company earlier on. Originally, it wanted to search for the Fire Crow Young Master, who had been imprisoned by Lin Feng. However, as the Fire Crow was trapped in Lin Feng's Black Wind Flag, it was unable to detect the Fire Crow Young Master's demonic presence.

In the end, the Fire Crow Demonic Commander searched around Mount Kunlun for about a month with no end result in sight.

The temperamental Fire Crow Demonic Commander was like a volcano that was about to blow.

"What a divine mountain!" These few days, the Fire Crow Demonic Commander flew to the vicinity of Mount Yujing. Without the Heaven Revolving Purple Cloud, Mount Yujing was exposed in the skies. As soon as the Fire Crow Demonic Commander exited the clouds, it saw it.

"The young master had previously mentioned about a mystical place near the northern foot of Mount Kunlun. Could this be it?" The Fire Crow Demonic Commander thought as it flew towards Mount Yujing.

As it approached within 10 li of Mount Yujing, it was stopped by an invisible wall.

In the sky above Mount Yujing, there were numerous rays of light, glittering in and out of one's vision. It formed a giant formation marked with strange patterns and diagrams.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander's eyes grew big. "Someone reached here before and ascended the mountain already? He also cast the Mountain Defence Spell Formation?"

"However, that would not be enough to stop me." With a wicked laugh, it spread its wings. Black smoke churned and covered the sun.

The giant fire crow opened its mouth and spat out balls of burning fire. The crimson flames were extremely hot. They turned from red to blue and was hot enough to melt gold and boil steel.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander did not possess a Kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame like its master and hence could only use the standard fire crow attack of the Heavenly-Gifted Rising Sun Primordial Fire.

However, its mana was more powerful than the formation set by the Fire Crow Young Master, which required up to hundreds of fire crows.

The Rising Sun Primordial Fire's power was pushed to its limits and turned everything into a sea of flames.

The Fire Crow Young Master's Grand Sun Primordial Flame may be powerful, but it was only an ember. The Rising Sun Primordial Flame used by the Fire Crow Demonic Commander engulfed the skies. For what it lacked in quality, it made up for it in terms of quantity.

The all-engulfing flames smashed unforgivingly against the spell formation.

"Could your spell formation stand up to this?" The Fire Crow Demonic Commander gloated, and in that instant, its smile froze on its face.

The fearsome Rising Sun Primordial Fire smashed into the spell formation. However, the spell formation began to shine brightly and turned.

In the instant that the spell formation turned, the Rising Sun Primordial Fire turned into cascading water!

The giant amount of water flowed down from the spell formation and turned into a giant rain. It poured over the Kunlun Mountains, situated below Mount Yujing.

While Lin Feng isolated himself, his Two Elements of Creation Formation was able to react by itself.

During his time in the Great Swamp of the Ancient Regions, the Two Elements of Creation Formation changed the very order of Heaven and Earth. It turned the heavens into the earth and vice versa, burying the Great Zhou Empire's 3000 cultivator-soldiers of the Divine Martial Army.

Now, with the same inversion spell, he turned the Fire Crow Demonic Commander's burning flames into flowing water.

Because it turns by itself, the great formation did not retaliate. Rather, it just dissolved the Fire Crow Demonic Commander's attack.

But this scene left it stunned.

If the opponent simply retaliated and destroyed its Rising Sun Primordial Fire, the Fire Crow Demonic Commander would not be as shocked as it was now.

But the Two Elements of Creation Formation transformed the very molecules of creations and turned fire into water. That greatly shocked the Fire Crow Demonic Commander.

In that instant, a giant gale began to blow in another corner of the sky. It blew away the clouds, and an old man in a green robe appeared.

The green-robed man looked with admiration at the Two Elements of Creation Formation and Mount Yujing. "How did I not discover such a good spot earlier? This is vastly superior compared to my Aeolus Sect's achievements."

"This place is more suited for my Aeolus Sect. I must obtain it."

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander looked at the old man in the green robes and snorted. "Liefeng, so it's you."

The green-robed old man was Gao Long's master. As he felt the presence of the Feilian that he had bestowed upon Gao Long nearby, he decided to bring his disciples, Zhang Sen and Zhang Lin, along. This was the master of the Aeolus Sect, the Liefeng Priest.

The Liefeng Priest and the Fire Crow Demonic Commander were old enemies and were not unfamiliar with one another. He swept the Fire Crow Demonic Commander with his gaze and said, "You demon. How dare you enter the northern foot of Mount Kunlun? Are you not scared that you would not be able to go back?"

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander said slyly, "You old c*nt can't keep me back."

The Liefeng Priest did not show anger upon hearing these words, for he knew he could not defeat the demon by himself. As such, he had no plans to attack it. Rather, he observed the Two Elements of Creation Formation that guarded Mount Yujing quietly.

After thinking for a long while, the Liefeng Priest slammed his palms together and the suddenly split them apart.

Two giant gales of wind flew towards separate directions, and from the middle, they tore open a vacuum in the sky.

The Liefeng Priest attempted to use this technique to destroy the formation, but the Two Elements of Creation Formation turned automatic and transformed the Liefeng Priest's gale into a rumbling thunder.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

As a few thunderclaps sounded, a deep and low sound was emitted. Yet, the Two Elements of Creation Formation remained unharmed.

"Turning water into fire, turning wind into thunder, what a good technique!" The Liefeng Priest said, his expressions turning increasingly serious. "Its owner is indeed powerful!"

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander went "Hmph!" and said nothing.

The Liefeng Priest counted with his fingers for a while and then took out a fan from his robes.

The fan shone with seven divine lights, which began to expand. They emitted a powerful mana.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander's face turned, "You actually..."

Without waiting for it to finish, the Liefeng Priest raised his Seven Colored Feather Fan and swooped it down with force against the Two Elements of Creation Formation!