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 Chapter 139: Chubby Child, Swordbearing Maiden, Chess Player

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"Thud! Thud! Thud!"

Incredibly heavy footsteps reverberated from afar. With every step, Lin Feng felt the earth beneath his feet tremble.

Gazing in that direction, Lin Feng was dazed for a moment.

He saw a teenage girl, no more than fifteen, slowly advancing step by step.

Borne on her shoulders was a sword case literally the size of a small hill!

The case measured 20-30 meters in length as well as several meters in breadth and thickness. The whole case was matt black, appearing to be exceedingly heavy.

In comparison with this giant sword case, the girl's frail frame appeared extremely out of proportion, the striking contrast resembling how Atlas held up the sky.

The sword case was tethered with numerous silver chains, all of which were entwined with the girl below bearing the case.

Relative to the gigantic sword case, those silver chains were impossibly thin, like strands of silver thread wrapped around the case.

But when Lin Feng scrutinized them carefully, he realized that all of the chains were pulled taut, serving to hold the sword case in place.

As for the girl, although she was supporting a gargantuan case thousands of times her size, her back remained upright and her airs, imposing. She herself was like an unsheathed sword, dazzling and awe-inspiring.

She gave Lin Feng the feeling that if not for the burden of the sword case, she would have soared past the clouds and carved the sky into two.

Treading ponderously and ploddingly, but without the appearance of clumsiness or awkwardness. Instead, she radiated an air of invincibility and indomitability, as if she shall forever forge on tirelessly.

Lin Feng's breath halted. He realized that, just like that wailing chubby kid, this girl with the sword case seemed to be completely unaware of his existence.

Even if Lin Feng intentionally stepped into her path, the girl still appeared oblivious, just continuing to advance as if Lin Feng was invisible.

Lin Feng thought for a moment and in the end, did not attempt to block her path and test what her reaction would be when colliding with him.

His primary objective now is the Mount Yujing Space. This girl practically breathes peculiarity; it would be prudent to settle this at a later time.

Intrigued, Lin Feng followed behind the girl, who seemed to be wholly incapable of sensing her new stalker.

After a while, Lin Feng discovered that this girl with the giant sword case was actually walking in circles around the smaller Black Heavenly Treasure Tree!

Obviously, the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree in the alternate dimension could not be compared to the size of the actual body outside on Mount Yujing, but its bulk was still shocking, surpassing any other tree Lin Feng had previously seen.

Judging by the girl's path, each round would be a minimum of 2-3 kilometers.

Apparently, this girl intended to shoulder her mountainous sword case and continue to circle aimlessly around the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree.

Moreover, she seemed to be planning to walk like this forever.

Following the girl's circular path, Lin Feng walked to another side of the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree, where, antipodal to that chubby kid, sat another weirdo.

An unkempt old man lounged below the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree. He has a Go board in front of him and was playing - by himself.

The old man's hair was matted and greasy, and his clothes were filthy and full of holes.

But he himself seemed completely oblivious and was putting all his focus on the board.

Lin Feng took a closer look. The battlefield situation on the board was constantly in flux, but not progressing move by move.

First, the board was covered in pieces, and the game was in its final stages.

The next moment, the copious pieces have vanished, leaving only a few behind. A new game has started.

Coming to face the old man, Lin Feng knelt down and looked into his eyes.

As he thought, like the chubby kid and the girl with the sword, the unkempt old man simply ignored Lin Feng's arrival, as if he did not even exist.

Lin Feng stood up, shaking his head, and silently grimaced. "What the heck is all this nonsense?"

"Confound it!" Lin Feng forcibly subdued the questions arising in his mind. "I just hope they would not interfere with me as I take over the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree and the Mount Yujing Space.

Lin Feng flew above the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree and sat at the top of the crown.

Merging his consciousness into the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree below, a thunderclap sounded in his mind.

In Lin Feng's consciousness, layer after layers of glittering walls, overlapping and dense, were trapping him in the center.

"These...all these are spatial energy!" Lin Feng was awestruck. "Every gleaming wall is the product of the folding and compression of countless dimensions, unthinkably dense and virtually indestructible."

These walls...there are trillions upon trillions of them!

Remembering that the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree forged an alternate dimension on its own, Lin Feng instantly realized that the universal Way and Concept this strange tree possessed were the absolute power - Space.

Having attained this realization, it all made sense to Lin Feng now. "The Black Heavenly Treasure Tree is Space, while Mount Yujing, simultaneously demonstrating the two supreme ways of Time, Eternity and Instant, possesses the Way of Time."

Together with the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds' spirit and way of life creation.

Space, Time, in addition to Life, and a complete world has been constructed.

"No, something else is missing." Lin Feng closed his eyes, deep in thought.

After a long time, Lin Feng's eyes abruptly opened, flashing. "There's still Idea, or rather, Spirit!"

"Life is more than just being alive. Flora, fauna, humanity, these are nature, Creation and Evolution."

"But so are the mountains and the rivers, the rocks and the sea - the lifeless!"

Lin Feng stood up and gazed at the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree below his feet. "Space, Time, Matter, Spirit. These four things make up a complete world!"

Lin Feng has never felt so buoyant as he was feeling now. He felt his spirit being one with the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree below.

Not just the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree, but Mount Yujing, the peripheral Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, all of these established incredible telepathic connections with Lin Feng.

Space, Time, Matter and Energy, the four combined attained a perfect, harmonious equilibrium, merging into one like an independent world.

At this moment, Xiao Yan and Co., who were still loitering outside the sea of purple clouds, were astounded as they discovered that the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, which have been blocking their paths, are retracting back into the interior of Mount Yujing.

The white-jade-like mountain was displayed before their eyes, with nothing else in their path.

As they stood, bewildered, Lin Feng's voice sounded from the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree on the summit.

"Don't just stand and stare, all of you, you can come up now."

Xiao Yan and his fellow disciples stared at each other, their faces full of gloom.

"Looks like we spent far too long here, Master has already run out of patience." Xiao Yan said, grimacing.

Zhu Yi and Wang Lin both sighed, their heads bowed.

Xiao Budian's eyes blinked rapidly. "We didn't complete the mission, the reward is definitely gone. But...master shouldn't punish us because of that, right?"

His three seniors looked each other in the eye and all grimaced.

They did not bother saying anything more and, depressed, flew up on the back of the Feilian.

Seeing that his four disciples have ascended the mountain, Lin Feng attempted to re-form the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds. It served as an excellent barrier, able to effectively impede those who attempt to enter Mount Yujing.

But although everything had been fine before, once he attempted to issue the command, Lin Feng's connection with the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree, Mount Yujing and the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds were almost severed.

Shocked, Lin Feng ruminated further and discovered that in fact, he and the three wonders were in a very fragile equilibrium. Even with the slightest disturbance, the equilibrium would be broken and considerable effort would have to be taken to reestablish the connection.

"Basically, my mastery is too low." Lin Feng immediately thought of the reason.

After all, he was still a Foundation Establishment cultivator now, and how strong was the three wonders, great powers of the universe? Establishing a connection with them was a tremendous feat by itself; further attempting to command them was, doubtlessly, a man trying to move a mountain.

Lin Feng calmed himself and, upon probing further, had a rough idea. "If I can reach the level of Aurous Core, maybe I would be able to control part of this power."

As he thought, a system notification rang out beside Lin Feng's ear.

"Congratulations to the host, having found a blessed spot that fulfils the requirements and suitable for starting a sect!"

"Congratulations to the host for completing the third Main Quest!"

"Main Quest Special Reward, issued!"