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 Chapter 137: Avīci Infernal Gale

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"What exactly is suppressed before this Gaia Jade?"

Intrigued and feeling the vibrations beneath his feet intensifying, Lin Feng, unable to resist, isolated a strand of Psychic Sense and explores into the ground.

He didn't get far before the sound of a thousand wraiths shrieking went off inside his brain, tormenting Lin Feng's soul.

That strand of Psychic Sense instantly disappeared like a snowball in hell, as if devoured by some terrible, terrible thing deep inside the earth.

Although it was but an instant, Lin Feng still managed a clear look at its true face. His mouth hung open, gaping in shock.

A swathe of red, as far as the eye could see.

Fog, but not fog; wind, but not wind; flickering, with light the deepest red.

In the ruby gleam, one could catch fleeting glimpses of countless specters, with flailing claws and excruciating cries that hinted at the worst imaginable agonies. The unholiness of the scene seemingly transplanted one right into Dante's Inferno.

It's his first time seeing it for himself, but having learned much about the Grand Celestial World, Lin Feng instantly recognized the nature of this thing.

Avīci Infernal Gale. Avīci - the boundless underworld of endless samsara, the hell without hope of respite.

In the universe, there existed the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires, the Six Great Primordial Waters, and lastly, the Four Grand Primordial Winds.

Dimensional Storm, Nine Nether Draught, and the Nine Heavens Formless Squall acquired via the Aeolus Sect's ultimate Tao technique - the Aeolus Formless Mantra. Together with the Avīci Infernal Gale, those were the Four Grand Primordial Winds of the universe, each with incredible prowess.

The Nine Heavens Formless Squall Gao Long released that day when he activated his jade belt was but a minuscule strand, but it was still capable of carving great mountains and roaring rivers into halves. It was just nice neutralized by his Dual Dimension Vaccum Charm, but if Lin Feng had been facing the infinitely abundant Nine Heavens Formless Squall above the Heavens, the only possible outcome is him being ripped to shreds.

The Nine Heavens Formless Squall was impossibly sharp and virtually invulnerable. As long as it hit its target, it was capable of disintegrating almost anything in existence. It was the most aggressive of the Four Grand Primordial Winds.

Meanwhile, the Avīci Infernal Gale would corrupt the souls of the living, devouring them and transforming them to specters in its ruby gleam. They will become part of the Avīci Infernal Gale itself, never to enter samsara and only moving at the Avīci Infernal Gale's pleasure.

As if truly trapped in Avīci hell, they shall never have the slightest respite.

The Million Wraith Sect remnant Sikong Nan, who was previously killed by Lin Feng - his Hundred Wraiths Nightwalking Technique was merely the spell created by the Million Wraith Sect's Great Ones of old after witnessing the prowess of the Avīci Infernal Gale. But compared with the mysterious and domineering powers of the true Avīci Infernal Gale, the Hundred Wraiths Nightwalking Technique is but child's play.

Hence, after realizing that there was the Avīci Infernal Gale underneath this mountain, Lin Feng did not hesitate even for a second and ran in the opposite direction.

The Kunlun Mountains were not the best in the Grand Celestial World in terms of concentration of Spiritual Energy, but although it was hardly the most suitable for human cultivation, there were untold treasures hidden here. However, there was a prerequisite - one must have the ability to get one's hands on those treasures, alive.

Treasure always coexisted with danger.

The Avīci Infernal Gale before Lin Feng's eyes now exceeded even the Grand Moon Primordial Water in danger.

As Lin Feng sprinted out of the cave, he unfolded the Black Cloud Flag and flew towards the horizon in a flash of dark light. After Lin Feng disappeared, a green figure abruptly emerged at the mouth of the cave. It was that girl from previously.

The green-clad girl, smiling, shades her eyes as she gazes at the fading outline of Lin Feng. "As expected, you're the better one. It'll be great if your whereabouts are known; that way, I can lead more people there to cause you trouble."

"After you've dispatched them, I can follow and pick the bones." The girl merrily hopped into the cave, "Let's see what I can scavenge from those two Aeolus Sect idiots? All of those people are filthy rich."

"In a way, you can be considered my lucky charm? Hahaha!"

Passing through the tunnel, the girl walked downwards into the chamber, where there was only a single dead Wutu Stone Ape.

...And with its skull already carved open and the crystal inside gone. The remaining corpse was virtually worthless.

Gasping, the girl let out a cry of agony. "Not even a teeny bit left for me! Aren't you rather generous?"

She wronged Lin Feng, though. The crystal in the Wutu Stone Ape's skull was dug out by the brothers Zhang Sen and Zhang Lin, whom Lin Feng still had uses for and thus obviously won't kill lightly.

But in the end, she came eagerly and went away dismayed and empty-handed.

"Aghhhh! Infuriating!" The girl clenched her teeth bitterly.

A palm-sized golden mouse scampered up her shoulder. After a few screeches, it abruptly spoke in human tongue. "Enough grumbling, Fengling. You're always so greedy, first, you want this, then that..."

"In fact, after you get your hands on a lot of things, you toss them aside in the blink of an eye, right?" The golden mouse said bluntly.

Zhuge Fengling wrinkled her nose, "What do you know? That feeling of satisfaction when you get your hands on good stuff, it's wondrous..."

The Gold-Digging Mouse snorted, "You! Always chasing after treasure and leaving nothing behind."

As it speaks, the Gold-Digging Mouse's pointy, furry ears suddenly trembled.

"Fengling, something's not right! There seems to be some kind of danger approaching us, fast!"

Zhuge Fengling's expression immediately became serious. This Gold-Digging Mouse was both her pet and her partner in crime; it was extremely sensitive to Spiritual Energy and danger, capable of detecting treasure rich in Spiritual Energy as well as providing early warning of danger.

"Where?" Zhuge Fengling, alert, surveyed her surroundings.

The Gold-Digging Mouse's ears are vibrating at ever increasing frequencies. An instant later, it shrieks. "Down! It's below! Fengling, run!"

Zhuge Fengling's expression shifts as she feels the waves of tremors coming from the caverns beneath her feet. They were muted at first, but in an instant, the tremors intensified by several orders of magnitudes, resembling a major earthquake.

Throughout the entire mountain, rocks began to shatter and scatter, with the ground shaking as if the Heavens itself is about to fall.

"This time, I'm losing the entire bet! Everything!" Zhuge Fengling hollered as she cranks up her Qi Disciple Level 12 power to maximum and bolts for the outside of the cave.

Beneath her feet, rocks continued to fragment. In the cracks, ruby light flickered as strand after strand of red gales and infernal clouds erupted from within. The shrieks of wraiths resounded in the empty chamber, growing more and more shrill.

"That white-robed Taoist - you're on my list! Don't let me...Arghhhhhh! What're all these damn things?"

Lin Feng, steering the Black Cloud Flag through the skies, turned and gazed at the cave, which had already disappeared beyond the horizon. He jiggled his head "Did someone call me just now?"

A smile crossed Lin Feng's face. He sensed that there's someone lurking outside the cave long ago, although he did not know about the person's plans.

Better not be plotting against him, or this would give the person a rude wake-up call. Avīci Infernal Gale wasn't something to be taken lightly.

Thinking of the Avīci Infernal Gale, Lin Feng sighed. He's now devoting all of his energy to the enterprise of parting the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds and entering Mount Yujing. Or else, if he could find a way to tame the Avīci Infernal Gale, it'd be another powerful technique in his arsenal.

"Still, even without Avīci Infernal Gale, it's good to have the Nine Heavens Formless Squall," Lin Feng grinned. Although Gao Fan, Qin Tao etc. all practiced Aeolus Formless Mantra, their copies were all incomplete fragments. Hopefully, the Zhang brothers he just captured could help to complete the Mantra.

The Nine Heavens Formless Squall was powerful, but it's not a must to Lin Feng. He's currently studying his own Grand Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams, which exceeded even the Aeolus Formless Mantra.

But considering that the Grand Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams was but the first chapter of the Heavenly Tao Te Ching, afterward, he'll probably have to study ways and mantras of even higher level.

Linking back to the experience of having to merge eight different mantras to successfully create the Grand Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams, Lin Feng decided to make preparations early, collecting all sorts of spells to stay on the safe side.

"What's most important now is still Mount Yujing." Lin Feng weighed the Gaia Jade in his hand. "Hopefully, this will allow the Heaven and Earth Mirror to emit enough Central Wutu Divine Light to break open the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds.