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 Chapter 136: The Fences of Heavens

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As Lin Feng removed the bangle from his wrist, it struggled to break free from his grip.

"Seal." Lin Feng smiled before using the Heavenly Cage Mantra to seal the black bangle.

Despite been in deep pain after his arm was amputated, Zhang Lin had invested all his focus and concentration in maintaining the communication with his magic item Bangle of Negative Wind. However, now that Lin Feng had used the Heavenly Cage Mantra, he was no longer able to connect to his bangle.

Feeling the impact from the broken connection, Zhang Lin coughed out a splat of blood and could no longer bear the pain as he fainted.

Zhang Sen was shocked as he turned around to look at Lin Feng. Lin Feng gave off the usual composed look as he said slowly, "This is merely a little punishment which I would issue to people who come screaming at me in the face."

After seeing how Zhang Lin had the intent to initiate a battle, Lin Feng did not waste time waiting for his foe to land the first blow onto him.

Ever since he had learnt that the brothers worked in pair and how their two magic items work in tandem, Lin Feng had decisively destroyed one of them. As a result, the other one would not be able to cause much of a problem.

As he activated the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm, Lin Feng vacuumed the space which contained Zhang Lin's right arm to the area behind him. As the space shifted, Zhang Lin's right arm was torn away from his torso.

Lin Feng extended his hand which he had casually placed behind his back and caught the arm of Zhang Lin easily. It was with such ease that he had managed to lay his hands on the black bangle.

Watching how Lin Feng did everything so easily, Zhang Sen felt a chill ran down his spine. He knew that he was up against someone whom he should never have meddled with.

Zhang Sen and Zhang Lin were twin brothers. Just like them, their black bangles also came in a pair. Zhang Sen's Bangle of Positive Wind could generate hot wind while Zhang Lin's Bangle of Negative Wind could generate cold wind.

If you were to consider the individual prowess of these magic items, they were nothing special. At best, they can only be considered a mid-tier item in the ranks of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

But the moment when these two bangles come together as one, the combination of the hot and chilly wind, aided by the dynamism of the Yin-Yang Energy could culminate in an extremely powerful tempest. The tempest would have streaks of black and white intertwining within the rapid airflow and had sufficient power to destroy most things that came in its way. It was a skill that allows the user to go around undefeated at the Foundation Establishment Stage.

However, the current situation made Zhang Sen lost all hope despite the great power that he shared with his twin brother. Before they even had the chance to make their move, Zhang Lin had already been severely injured and his natal magic item Bangle of Negative Wind had already been taken away by their foe.

Zhang Sen ground his teeth and snarled, "How could you? It was only a joke!"

Lin Feng looked at him and shook his head. "Your brother was obviously threatening me. You better watch out. If not, do you want both of your arms removed?"

"The only reason why I am still standing here unhurt is not the result of your leniency but rather the fact that both of you are incompetent." Lin Feng let out a laugh before continuing, "So once you all have realized that you guys do not have what it takes to take me down, all the shouting and crying of how you all would tear me into pieces becomes a misunderstanding?"

"In your eyes, I will deserve to die if I am unable to defend myself but if I am able to retaliate and survive, you all would be spared?"

"This must be a joke! Whatever the logic that you all were employing. Who do you all think I am?"

Zhang Sen looked at Lin Feng with much hatred but he knew that in the current circumstance, there was nothing meaningful for him to say anymore.

Just like what Lin Feng had said, Zhang Sen's original plan was for both of them to assert their might over Lin Feng and to get Lin Feng to go onto his knees and plead for mercy.After that, he would pretend to be an extremely benevolent person and stop Zhang Lin from killing Lin Feng.

But from what it seemed now, he was better off daydreaming.

Zhang Sen stared at Lin Feng begrudgingly as he remained puzzled. "How could it be that he had such powerful spells? When he was fighting with the Wutu Stone Ape, I did not remember him casting any of them."

"I am afraid that you will have to pay the price for treating a tiger as a cat." Hearing this, a thought raced through Zhang Sen's head. "I must run. I cannot try to parry his attacks else I would die here. As long as I can escape from him and report this to the Liefeng Priest, he will definitely find someone to avenge us."

Even if the Liefeng Priest was unable to kill him, there were many more powerful elders and grandmasters in the Sect who were able to do so.

After assuring himself, Zhang Sen decisively grabbed the unconscious Zhang Lon and raised a talisman in the air.

Feeling the ripples from the movement of mana in the talisman, Lin Feng furrowed his brows.

This talisman was not the usual one used for attacking. It was a Great Teleportation Talisman that allowed one to teleport instantly to a distance that was hundreds of miles away by splitting open pockets of space.

Of course, it was a well-known fact that talismans were one-time use items. Also, the destination of the teleportation could not be predetermined by the user. However, this did not stop the Great Teleportation Talisman from being one of the top-selling talismans.

It had the ability to split open space quickly and allows swift escapes. Who would not want it?

The ability to split open spaces was not possessed by many. In fact, only cultivators at the Nascent Soul Stage would be able to do so. Hence, they must rely on special spells or methods in order to do so.

Thus, this indirectly resulted in the scarcity of these talismans in the market. In fact, this was the first time that Lin Feng had seen the Great Teleportation Talisman.

If Zhang Sen were able to use the talisman, Lin Feng would not be able to stop the brothers using the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm since the talisman was able to split apart any vacuum or space.

The Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm could only interfere with the possible destination of the teleportation. At the very most, it could only tear them apart in the currents of space and vacuum but never will it be able to hold them back.

As the talisman gave off a flash, Zhang Sen hugged Zhang Lin as he stared into the blank space in front of him, which was starting to waver and falter.

As he looked at Lin Feng, he exclaimed with much hate, "When we meet the next time, if I am unable to shred you into pieces, I will not be able to quench my thirst for revenge!" Lin Feng smiled at his words, "You do not have to wait for the next time, we shall meet now."

As he spoke, Lin Feng rose his right hand formed a blade-like shape with fingers before making a slashing motion in mid-air.

"This new spell shall be named Fences of the Heavens!"

Lin Feng's Crucible which was sitting on the Spiritual Altar in his Aurous Sea trembled as the mana of the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams gushed, executing a second original spell which he was perfecting.

Fences of the Heavens sets up an enclosure like the boundaries of the Heavens which then subsequently insulates the environment and prevent any circulation or movement of spiritual energy and mana.

The moment which Lin Feng cast the spell, Zhang Sen could sense that something was wrong.

In the next moment, he was shocked to find the spiritual energy of the Great Teleportation Talisman cut off by an invisible barrier.

Both brothers were still able to move from the gaps within vacuum and space under the assistance of the Great Teleportation Talisman, but their movement was restricted within a radius of three meters.

No matter how much the powers of the Great Teleportation Talisman tried to struggle against the Fences of the Heavens, they were still like birds trapped in a cage. No matter how hard they tried to flap their wings, there would be no escape for them.

Lin Feng looked at this scene with much interest as a thought suddenly occurred to him. It seems that my Fences of the Heavens do share some similarities with the Heavenly Cage Mantra.

Now that I have acquired another direction to research on, it appears that this spell still has much potential to grow, Lin Feng thought to himself.

While Lin Feng was deep in his thoughts about the new insights which he had gained about this new spell, the Zhang brothers were suffering in great pain.

While they were entrapped within this hemisphere of space, the power of the Great Teleportation Talisman continued to teleport them around this tiny space. The confusion and giddiness, as well as the feeling of being torn across spaces, made it extremely unbearable for them. At this moment, the Zhang Brothers wished for nothing but death.

It was only when the spiritual energy of the Talisman was fully expended, the Zheng brothers could then land onto solid ground. By then, Zhang Sen's world was spinning around and he could not stop vomiting.

The severely injured Zhang Lin appeared to have suffered more, as he kept gasping for air like a dying man.

Witnessing the effects of his new spell, Lin Feng smiled before sealing and containing them with the Heavenly Cage Mantra and the Black Cloud Flag.

Just when he was prepared to leave, Lin Feng sensed movement from the ground below him.

Powerful waves of energy continued to sweep against the surface of the earth from the underneath as though something was going to rush out from the ground.

"I had felt these tremors earlier but they were not as strong as the ones I am experiencing now. It seems like whatever that is underneath might not be anything of the usual sorts." Lin Feng looked at the Gaia Jade in his hand as he muttered to himself, "It seems like the Gaia Jade has been suppressing something."