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 Chapter 135: Are You Looking for This?

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Lin Feng paid no attention to the arrival of Zhang Sen, and continued experimenting on the Wutu Stone Ape to refine his new spell.

With a gentle wave of his palms, a huge gash formed on the Ape's stone armour.

Still, there was no harm dealt to the Ape's flesh.

"This sorcery, though it splits the divine energy, is unlike the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm which splits vacuum to harm the opponent's flesh." Lin Feng understood deep inside, although the new spell may be unique in its own ways, it remained no match to the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm as an offensive spell.

The strength of the stone armor on the Ape may increase ten-folds, and while it would still be torn apart by his new spell, the flesh will stay unharmed.

Lin Feng dodged the Ape's berserk charges, and ponders, "The new spell still has huge undiscovered potential..."

All his efforts were on refining his new spell, but unknowing to him, it's a totally different picture Zhang Sen's and Zhang Lin's perspective.

The twins turned to each other, and smiled.

"Looking from the mana charges, he has not yet reached the Aurous Core Stage."

"The power of the spell is obviously lacking, only the armor can be damaged right now."

"Clearly he's no match for us, an easy prey indeed..."

Zhang Lin smirked, "What are we waiting for, attack!" as he raised his right hand. The black bracelet on wrist rose to the sky while he mouths his spell.

Waves of a blizzard, icy cold and with ice shards as sharp as blades, gushed out the bracelet.

Brother Zhang Sen raised his left hand, and on his wrist, there was an identical bracelet to Zhang Lin, but white in colour.

"Rise!" He commanded as the bracelet flew to the air.

Out came a storm of fire and lava, the polar opposite of his brother's.

"Fusion!" The Zhang brother's held each other's hand, while the two bracelets fused in the air. This was a union of the abilities of the two sorcerers' to become something much more powerful.

Shockingly, the fusion of bracelets didn't cause the elements to repel, but produced a gargantuan tornado.

It condensed as it spiraled inwards into its final form of a long spear, exuding a cynical eeriness.

Lin Feng eyed the brothers, expressionless.

The target of the spear was not Lin Feng, but the Wutu Stone Ape.

The Ape had focused on Lin Feng all this while, and paid no attention to the incoming spear. By the time the Ape took notice, it was too late.

Desperate, the Ape formed a thick shield in front of its chest, but the spear struck right through it, leaving a gaping hole in its path. The wind elemental spell circled its body, raging and destroying every inch of its flesh.

Gnashing its teeth while roaring, the Ape was brought down to its knees.

"The ice and fire elemental spells, logically do not mix. Yet with true mastery, they may be condensed into a perfect harmony, just like the ideal 'Tao' of the Yin and Yang." Lin Feng observed.

The actions of the Zhang brothers were no gentlemen's assistance.

Quoting Lin Feng's gaming experience from his previous life, these two were just 'kill stealing'.

The Wutu Stone Ape lifted its head, eyes bloodshot, and stared intently into the Zhang brothers.

Suddenly, it took in a deep breath, and charged at them in the form of thick, yellowish haze.

"Sucker punch," the brothers turned to each other and mocked. The same instance, the bracelets in the skies fused once again, and this time round, produced a massive shield, impeding the haze from approaching the brothers any further.

The haze lashed straight into the shield, creating earth-shaking tremors, but repeated waves of the tornados continuously diluted the haze.

The Wutu Stone Ape was filled with despair. That was its ultimate and final attempt, yet it was nowhere close to damaging his enemy.

With the haze resolved, the brothers roared, as another tornado formed in the skies, this time condensing into an enormous blade, soaring down and cleanly decapitating the Ape.

A gigantic skull, with shiny bronze eyes, flew through the skies in a perfect projectile motion, and landed soundly back onto the ground.

The brothers smiled contently and placed the bracelets back onto their wrists.

With a wave, the skull flew into Zhang Sen's hands. He skillfully sliced through the skull, to retrieve a crystalline object. He smiled, "This belongs to the earth elements, but I am sure that I can trade this for something of value."

Zhang Lin scanned the space around, "There is a heavy concentration of Earth elemental aura here. There definitely is a precious earth object here in the past, but it's gone..." He turned to Lin Feng and said, "You took it away?"

Lin Feng peered at the brothers curiously, not because they were powerful sorcerers, but in reality, twins are hard to come by.

"What are you looking at?" snapped Zhang Lin, "I demand an answer."

His brother too eyed Lin Feng with ill-intentions.

Lin Feng gently took out the earth-elemental jade, "Is this what you are asking for?"

The shiny pale yellow earth-elemental jade, emitted a dense wave of earth spiritual energy, as though it carried all of life from the ground.

Simply from its appearance, one will know its value and rarity. The Zhang brothers' eyes lit up instantly.

"How impressive! Can you tell me its value", remarked Zhang Lin sarcastically as he attempted to suck the jade from mid-air.

Lin Feng smiled, while the jade remained firmly in his grip.

Zhang Lin raged, and demanded, "Don't make us escalate this conflict!"

Lin Feng remained calm, and asked, "Are the two of you students of the Aeolus Sect?"

"What are you implying...?"

"Oh, nothing... I previously partially learnt of a spell from the Aeolus Sect leader, I simply want you guys to teach me what I had missed out on"

The faces of the Zhang brothers darkened. Zhang Lin snarled, "You reckless fool, I shall assist you if you seek death."

"Cutting off his upper limbs will do," Zhang Sen remarked coldly, as he removed the black bracelet from his wrist. At this instance, he realized his brother was looking back at him, face full of horror.

"What's wrong?" he asked, and realized his brother's face was peppered with blood dots, This, together with the expression of shock, was uncomfortably mysterious.

This precise moment, an excruciating pain was felt on Zhang Lin's left shoulder. As he looked down, he nearly fainted upon realizing his left arm had vanished. Blood was gushing out from the open wound.

Turning around to look at his brother, he realized that much of his green robe had been stained by the blood.

"Ah!" Zhang Lin shrieked, losing conscious and falling to the ground.

His brother came to his assistance, and tried to halt the blood flow. Moaning, Zhang Lin cried, "Where did my arm go to?"

Zhang Sen too had no answer.

"Hey, looking for this?" Lin Feng's voice was heard.

The brothers turned, and there he was, smiling contently, as he flashed out the dismembered arm from behind his back.

And there, on the wrist, was Zhang Lin's black bracelet.