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 Chapter 134: Gaia Jade

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Lin Feng ventured deeper into the cave. The inside of the mountain was hollowed out, forming a deep, cavernous chamber. As he emerged from the tunnel, a clear, unobstructed view is revealed before his eyes.

The chamber was illuminated by a foggy glow, yellow as the humble earth.

Basking in the yellow glow, Lin Feng feels his breath falter, as if he was being buried alive in sand.

"Such concentrated Earthen Essence...." Lin Feng's eyes lit up as he set his gaze on the center of the chamber, where a large chunk of yellow jade sits. The jade, lustrous and glossy, was as perfectly circular as an exquisite plate.

The yellow jade flickered with khaki light - it was where the thick Earthen Essence diffused from.

A smile crept over Lin Feng's face. "Looks like this is the treasure the Heaven and Earth Mirror directed me to find. Such concentrated and untainted Earthen Essence will do much to strengthen the Earthen Divine Light of the Heaven and Earth Mirror!"

"Ah, but it seems someone does not take kindly to my mission." Lin Feng smirked as his body fades into the air.

The next moment, a massive shadow lunged at where he had been.

The rocks were simply pulverized by the immense strength. As the dust settles, the frame of a muscular Earth Ape was revealed, its body being even larger than the Stone Ape Lin Feng previously cut down.

The Earth Ape roared in a fit of rage as it lost sight of Lin Feng.

By then, Lin Feng has appeared beside the jade, swooped down and picked it up. "Ah, Gaia Jade? Forged and nurtured by nature, the rock essence that might only be found once in hundreds of thousands of mountains? A celestial spirit, no wonder it can nurture the Earthen Divine Light!!"

As he exclaimed, Lin Feng abruptly felt a slight movement beneath his feet - a subtle vibration.

"I sensed nothing previously, but it's there after I picked up the Gaia Jade. Maybe this Gaia Jade was suppressing something?" Lin Feng's brows furrowed, silently surprised.

There was no time for him to think further. Seeing how he took the Gaia Jade, the Earth Ape is even more incensed. It opened its mouth and spoke in human tongue, "Drop that!"

It took a deep breath and its chest expanded massively.

It's obviously the sign that a powerful ability was about to be unleashed, and Lin Feng hurriedly dodged.

Just as he jumped aside, the Earth Ape opened its jaws, and yellow-green smoke erupted out in a straight arc. Wherever came into contact with the smoke was masked in a mossy glow and then petrified, turning into the hardest rock.

Lin Feng's gaze flickered. "The spell in this smoke can petrify other substances?"

The Earth Ape, having missed his target, immediately took one more breath, and another pillar of smoke roared straight at Lin Feng.

This time, Lin Feng didn't dodge, but instead a grin came over his face. "Just nice, I'll use you to practice my Analysis magic."

Having previously been enlightened by the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, Lin Feng's takeaway was far more than the promotion to Foundation Establishment (Advanced).

Stones from other hills, may serve to polish the jade of this one. From the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, Lin Feng obtained some inspiration, which seems to be useful for the second original magic that he's meditating on.

Thinking back about the omniphobic attribute of the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, Lin Feng raised his right hand, fingers forming a blade, and swiped downwards gently as if chopping something.

With this gesture, the air remains unperturbed, but the yellow-green smoke emitted by the Stone Ape seems to suddenly collide with an invisible wall, unable to progress and dispersing.

As if a raging river suddenly collided with a solid dam.

The dam did not even budge, and the river, helpless, can only flow to the side, unable to traverse the dam.

Lin Feng smiled soothingly. "Just as expected, I improved a lot. Now, there are only some final touches and my second original magic will be fully molded. "

The Stone Ape was first dumbfounded, but then erupted into savage howling. "Damn human!"

Another day, its animal instinct might have allowed it to sense the danger, but after Lin Feng retrieved the Gaia Jade, this demonic beast fell into a fit of madness, and it would not rest until it killed Lin Feng and got back the Gaia Jade.

Those two giant apes discovered the Gaia Jade decades ago, but it wasn't mature then, so they patiently waited nearby, awaiting the day the Gaia Jade fully matured.

If they consumed the Gaia Jade then, they might very well break down the bottleneck and form Demonic Elixir, evolving into Demonic Commanders. But now, not only was a companion killed, the Gaia Jade was taken by Lin Feng as well, causing this Earth Ape to descend into a frenzy.

Lin Feng, naturally, isn't frightened and smirked. "I'll just use you to familiarize my new magic with."

As Lin Feng thinks, a thought came to him and he took out the Heaven and Earth mirror, crying, "Probe."

The surface of the Heaven and Earth mirror shone with yellow light, illuminating a red dot in its center. Just beside the red dot is a bright yellow dot, and two more, slightly smaller yellow dots are in the vicinity.

These two yellow dots are quickly moving towards the red dot.

Lin Feng's brows crunched. The red dot represents his position and the adjacent yellow dot is obviously this stupid gorilla here.

And the other two yellow dots mean that two other persons are coming in his direction. Judging by the intensity of the dots, they are likely to be at Foundation Establishment.

While Lin Feng circles around the Earth Ape, he radiated his magic power into the surroundings and quickly sensed two Foundation Establishment human cultivators, descending along the tunnel and hurriedly travelling towards him.

Lin Feng could even faintly hear their conversation.

"Brother, the Earthen Essence here is so concentrated, looks like that girl did not trick us. There are really treasures here." The speaker is a young man clad in cyan robes, his wind magic flowing smoothly, as vast as the sea.

His appearance, though, is similar to Qin Tao and Li Xiang, the classic get-up of a disciple of the Aeolus Sect.

In front, another cyan-clad young man dashes rapidly into the depths of the cave. His features are identical to the man who just spoke behind him - they are a pair of twin brothers!

The older brother, Zhang Sen, snorted. "Even if there is, it would be Earthen treasure, which isn't compatible with us."

The younger brother, Zhang Lin, laughed. "We can't use it, but it can be used for exchange. I think it can be exchanged for Wind treasure that suits us."

His eyes moved. "If worst come to worst, we can present it to the Liefeng Priest. You know how he loves face and rare stuff; if this can arouse his interest, even if he just casually rewards us with some good stuff, it'll be a big haul!"

"The Liefeng Priest probably isn't in such a leisurely mood lately," Zhang Sen said. "It has been a year since Gao Long's disappearance, and nothing has been heard of him since. Even his Flying Beast has vanished!"

"Previously the Liefeng Priest finally sensed that the Flying Beast is nearby, that's why he hastily brought us out."

"No idea what's so good about Gao Long," Zhang Lin snorted, "the Liefeng Priest cares so much about him."

"It's hard to say if two men will hit it off," Zhang Sen said. "Our master having died, us brothers are like rootless weeds within the Sect. This is not the way to go."

"Accompanying the Liefeng Priest out this time is an incredible opportunity for us. If we obey instructions and do our tasks well, we might get the chance to be taken under his wing."

Zhang Lin nodded furiously, "That's right!"

Eavesdropping on their conversation, Lin Feng silently thought "So that Liefeng Priest is Gao Long's master? I don't know about when there's distance between us previously, but now that the Flying Beast is within the Kunlun Mountains, no wonder he sensed something!"

Lin Feng composed himself and again focused on the Earth Ape before him.

This time, before it can discharge that smoke, Lin Feng made the first move. Approaching the Earth Ape, he swiped his right hand at its body.

The Earth Ape blinked and inspected itself. Not a single wound.

The only exception was its chest, where a long crack has been made on the thick stone armor.

The crack on the stone is neatly sliced, as if made in one blow by a divine blade.

Although the stone armor was sliced open, the flesh of the Earth Ape, ensconced within the slabs, is entirely unharmed. Not a single hair was damaged, let alone blood.

"I see!" Lin Feng was speechless for a moment, but upon further thought, he immediately understood the underlying reason, and exclaimed, "Looks like this spell isn't suitable for head-on attacks."

As he was contemplating, not far off, rumbles sounded. The brothers, Zhang Sen and Zhang Lin, passed through the tunnel and entered the hollow mountain chamber as well.