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 Chapter 133: The Kill-Stealer

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The usually obstinate and unruly Liu Yang broke out into cold sweat at this moment, and looked once again at Pang Jie basking in the light, with a gaze filled with trepidation.

Separated by infinite space yet still possessing such oppressive powers, the All-Under-Heaven Strider did indeed lives up to his name.

After momentarily criticizing Liu Yang, Pang Jie then ignored him. He quietly listened to Chen Gang's report, and said calmly, "Settle this yourself."

He shook his shirt cuffs, and a ray of white light penetrated layers upon layers of space, landing right before Chen Gang.

"You can break that person's spell formations with this."

Chen Gang examined the white ray as he received it, his face beaming with joy, and said with reverence, "With this, I can easily deal with that Taoist Lin without needing to trouble you too much, Senior Pang."

Pang Jie nodded. "Go forth then. If he indeed does have that thing, be sure to bring it back complete and undamaged."

Chen Gang hastily confirmed that the claim was true.

Pang Jie suddenly thought of something and asked, "One of his disciples, supposedly from the Shi Family last year, is only five or six years old this year?"

Chen Gang nodded. "His name is Shi Tianhao. He appeared on the Hengduan Mountains half a year ago, and stirred a conflict with an Aeolus Sect disciple from the southern foothills of Mount Kunlun. At that time, he already had the mastery of twelve levels of Qi Training despite being less than five or six years old."

Pang Jie said faintly, "After vanquishing the Taoist Lin, bring this boy back. Such talent should not be left to wander around aimlessly and have all that potential wasted."

"I shall dutifully carry out your orders, Senior Pang."

Pang Jie nodded. His light illusion flickered slightly, then disappeared instantaneously, reverting into flowing water and returning to the waters below.

Chen Gang then turned around and smiled at Liu Yang. "Go clean yourself up first." He flipped his palm and took out a white jade vial.

A light aroma drifted out from the open vial. Just a small whiff of the vial's scent revitalised Liu Yang's polluted and distressed mana, filling it with life and vigour.

Tang Ze grinned, "The One Heavenly Primordial Water does indeed live up to its name."

"Naturally." Liu Yang laughed as he took the vial, feeling indescribably carefree.

But he did not use the One Heavenly Primordial Water in a hurry, raising his head instead to look at Chen Gang. "From what you all said just now, you want to search for the scum named Lin? Do you know where he is?"

Chen Gang smiled lightly. "I'm unsure of his exact location, but I've received news that he surfaced at the northern foothills of Mount Kunlun not long ago, and he should still be there now."

Liu Yang's face showed a sly grin. "I don't care about the thing you wish to take from him, nor his disciple whom you want to adopt. But I will take his life with my own hands!"

"I want to hack off his dog head!"

Chen Gang lifted his eyebrows and laughed. "Sure. If you're interested, we can travel together. I can hand him over to you at the end, but you can't touch that thing he has on him."

"Deal." Liu Yang sneered. Chen Gang turned his head and looked at Tang Ze. "Are you coming with us? From what I recall, you were pretty interested in him as well."

Tang Ze yawned lazily. "I am interested, but I've recently trained to an important level. I'll need to go back soon."

"The Unholy Blood River of the Earth Palace is not bad. Its Primordial Water is pure, and the current is not too strong - just right for my training."

After hearing what Tang Ze said, Chen Gang nodded his head nonchalantly. "I'll contact you if anything happens."

With that, Chen Gang rose with the wind and flew towards the west with Liu Yang in tow.

Tang Ze gazed at them, shook his head and laughed, then morphed his body violently into a cloud of bloody mist and vanished into thin air.


Lin Feng followed the directions of the Heaven and Earth Mirror, dove down through the sea of clouds, and descended among the peaks of the Kunlun Mountains once again.

"It should be around here." Lin Feng rode the Black Cloud Flag and galloped across the skies above the Kunlun Mountains, flying over a thousand miles before stopping. He kept the Black Cloud Flag and landed on one of the summits.

The yellow and red dots on the Heaven and Earth Mirror had nearly all gathered together.

A powerful wave of mana suddenly blasted towards him from the dense forests below the mountain peaks. It seemed like a ferocious beast had sensed the presence of invaders trespassing into its territory.

Lin Feng grinned, and descended from the summit into the dense forests below.

Upon nearing the source, the opponent's mana waves grew even stronger. Lin Feng thought to himself, "Could there be two demon beasts with powers of the Foundation Establishment?"

He advanced further, and came before a huge cave. When Lin Feng arrived at the cave's entrance, a deafening roar reverberated from within the cave.

It seemed to be warning Lin Feng not to take another step forward.

Lin Feng smiled leisurely, and entered the cave without any reservations.

After just a few steps in, Lin Feng suddenly caught a glimpse of a dark shadow flashing by from the corner of his eye.

Lin Feng turned around and saw a gargantuan figure, with a level of agility unthinkable for its size, leap behind him like a spectre.

It looked like a giant ape, with an upright height far exceeding 3 meters.

The ape's body was covered with overlapping pieces of stone plates that enveloped the ape's entire figure, as if it was wearing an armour made of stone.

The lumps of muscle beneath the stone armour flexed vigorously. One could feel a frighteningly explosive power emitting forth just by witnessing it with the naked eye.

The ape's eyes flashed with a blinding red light, and pounced forward with overwhelming testosterone. Its physical strength was clearly immense.

Lin Feng summoned the Polar Aurora Sword. He was already a Foundation Establishment cultivator in the advanced stages, and could control this magic item perfectly.

Lin Feng mercilessly conjured the Polar Aurora Divine Light, and landed it swiftly and accurately on the ape's body, immediately sending the giant ape flying backwards.

The giant ape was jolted by the lightning shocks and sent flying back, but rolled on the ground and quickly stood back up again. Only a large piece of the stone armour on its chest was damaged.

"This weapon seems outdated." Lin Feng curled his lips, kept his Polar Heavenly Sword, and glanced at the giant ape.

Despite only being at the level of a Foundation Establishment Demonic General, the giant ape's suit of stone armour evidently had formidable defensive prowess.

If the Fire Crow Young Master does not use the Grand Sun Primordial Flame or bring his Fire Crow army to such a battle, he may not even be an equal match for the giant ape in a one-on-one duel.

Of course, Fire Crows can fly, and can always retreat to the skies if they cannot overpower their opponents. But looking at this giant ape, there seems to be very little chance to back out from a fight with it.

Lin Feng's thoughts were in a mess as he saw the giant ape bounding towards him once again, and he instinctively lifted a finger.

"Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm."

The space around them became slightly distorted, and the giant ape's advance came to a violent halt.

The ape's colossal body collapsed on the ground, with its eyes wide open in shock. It tried to get up, but just couldn't do it no matter how hard it tried.

Then, a soul-crushing pain jolted its brain. It appallingly realized that the lower half of its body had actually disappeared.

Even this giant ape, with the mastery level of a Demon General and possessing incomparable vitality, could not endure such grievous injuries. It let out one final desperate howl before collapsing dead within the cave.

Lin Feng smiled lightly. The magical energy emitted by the ape's body was exceedingly rich, so the object it was guarding would be no ordinary trinket, and should be the treasure that the Heaven and Earth Mirror was directing him to.

"It'd better not mislead me." Lin Feng flashed his gaze and unwittingly glanced behind him before venturing into the depths of the cave.

Long after Lin Feng disappeared into the cave, a small thin figure suddenly popped her head out at the cave's entrance.

It was a girl in green clothes, with a big sly grin on her face. After examining her surroundings momentarily to confirm that Lin Feng had indeed left, she gleefully ran over to the giant ape's corpse, "He killed a Wutu Stone Ape so easily, he really is formidable."

"He may be formidable, but more importantly, he is so generous. The more powerful you are, the more I can take advantage of you." The girl in green snickered and, with a sword of light in her hand, split the skull of the Wutu stone ape open and extracted a crystal of some sort. The magical energy around the dead ape had dissipated, allowing her to pry the skull open with ease.

The girl in green gazed in the direction that Lin Feng had left in and stuck out her tongue. "Following him would probably give me even more rewards, right? Hm... let me think. I suddenly have a great idea."

The girl in green turned around and exited the cave, scanned the surrounding forests with her pair of large eyes, and grinned cunningly. "If I do this, I'll probably gather even more treasures, right? Hehe, who might the unlucky bastard be?"