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 Chapter 132: Blank

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Tang Ze looked at him and said slowly, "Recently there's a Taoist called Lin, he's been really active recently. Some people aren't happy with him and would like to deal with him. Can you provide any information of value?"

Liu Yang was stunned. "The Taoist Lin?"

Tang Ze smiled and said, "How could not know who's your opponent up till now? The person normally wears a white robe, and is dressed from head to toe like a Taoist."

Liu Yang's face turned dark immediately and his face turned green. He gritted his teeth.

Tang Ze continued, "Some one saw him take in the son of the Marquis of Xuanji as a disciple. On that day, some stateless people from the Blizzard Land kidnapped his son and brought him here. The Marquis of Xuanji sent his men here in pursuit but they were completely wiped out."

"After a few months, the second manager of the Xuanji Household, Tao Er, was killed in the southern mountainous regions of Great Qin by the Taoist Lin." Tang Ze gave Liu Yang a look. "On that day, all who entered the Black Cloud Earth Palace were killed and used to clog up the Unholy Blood River. Only you remained unfound."

"I know you. How could it be that you would sacrifice yourself to seal up the blood river. You were probably forced, or tricked..."

"I fell for the little bastard's trick. I wasn't careful for a moment, and hence I ended up here."

"Little bastard?" Hearing the derogatory tone Liu Yang adopted when speaking about Lin Feng, his heart stopped. "Perhaps this fool really know some secrets," thought Tang Ze.

Here, Tang Ze said smilingly. "Regardless, I'll take you out of here."

Liu Yang arched his eyebrows. "Your Mantra of the Blood Demon may be an offshoot of the True Spell of the Blood River, but it may not be possible for you to control the Blood River Primordial Water right?"

Tang Ze nodded his head, and said while smiling, "Thus, I would require your Nine Blood River Banners. To be frank, I have to thank you for getting rid of my annoying disciple. Without his incessant chatter, the world is quieter."

Liu Yang humphed, and he watched Tang Ze prepare the incantation to retrieve his Nine Blood River Banners.

"Rise!" From the tips of Tang Ze's fingers emerged nine dark coloured blood droplets, which entered the respective blood river banners.

The Nine Blood River Banners changed shape and spread wide to form a new formation. Miraculously, the managed to stop the Blood River Primordial Water.

"While I don't practice the orthodox True Spell of the Blood River, this here is nothing more than a small tributary of the Unholy Blood River." Tang Ze shook his head with regrets. "However, to replace you, I can't bring back the Nine Blood River Banners."

Liu Yang looked at him sideways. "You would care whether the blood river floods and rushes to the surface?"

Tang Ze shrugged his shoulders. "I don't care about other places, but here is too near to the capital of the Great Zhou Empire. Saving you won't raise so much commotion."

"However, to allow the blood river to flow out, two particular person in Tianjing would want me dead. Between the two of them, they can kill me easily. Actually, they don't even need to use their skills. There are so many people who could kill me there."

Liu Yang sighed, and he merged his body with his sword to form a single ray of sword light. He charged up and out of the Unholy Blood River.

After being trapped under the blood river for almost a year, Liu Yang did not look well. His temperament was erratic. What made him more depressed was the fact that his Divine Sword, which was used to resist the corrosive powers of the blood river, had been tainted by blood. He can't imagine the amount of effort it would require to clean it.

Tang Ze smiled, "It has been corrupted by the Blood River Primordial Water. Even if you head back to Mount Shu it would be hard to clean"

Liu Yang suddenly turned his head and glared at him fiercely.

Tang Ze did not care so much. His face was filled with a mischievous smile. "Since I was entrusted with bringing you out, I have already prepared myself for your sorry state after a year's imprisonment in the blood river."

"I have prepared items to help you clean off the dirty blood, follow me."

Liu Yang's eyes shone. "Only one of the Six Great Primordial Water can completely cleanse one off the pollutants of the Blood River Primordial Water, the mother of all water which could transcend all creation, and that's the One Heavenly Primordial Water. You have it?"

Tang Ze spoke as he walked, "Nope, but the person who entrusted me with saving you has it. Follow me."

Liu Yang's eyes turned to slits and he said nothing. Unhesitatingly, he followed behind Tang Ze.

The two of them flew westward for thousands of li before descending into a quiet little valley. Tang Ze led the way with Liu Yang following close behind. The two of them walked into the valley.

"It appears as if you could not respect the Taoist Lin?" Tang Ze unknowingly swept Liu Yang with his gaze. "Other than you, an elder from the Intense Flaming Sword Sect, a member of the Yu Family, the second manager of the Xuanji Household Tao Er and a disciple from the Great Thunderclap Temple, Hui Kong, had all lost to him. All of them were in their Aurous Core stage."

"Tao Er and the member of the Yu Family died horrible deaths."

Liu Yang was stunned, and he said, "That's impossible! A Qi Disciple Level 10 bastard couldn't have defeated so many Aurous Core Stage cultivator?"

Tang Ze's eyes sparkled, "Qi Disciple Level 10? Are you sure?"

"Of course!" Liu Yang said unhesitatingly. "Had I not fallen for his trick earlier and got trapped by the Unholy Blood River, I wouldn't even need my little finger to destroy him; a single breath would do."

He looked at Tang Ze sideways, "Those people, did they fall for his trick?"

Tang Ze shook his head, "No, they were all killed in full view of everyone in a face-to-face fight." He paused, then added, "Tao Er, the Yu Family household member and Hui Kong the disciple of the Great Thunderclap Temple were killed by him in a three-versus-one fight. In the end, two of them were killed on the spot and one of them was captured alive."

Liu Yang was shocked beyond words, and he muttered non-stop, "Impossible, that's completely impossible..."

After listening to Tang Ze's recount, Liu Yang breathed a sigh of obvious relief, and said, "It's a puppet. It's obviously an extremely powerful puppet. The little bastard got lucky. I don't know how did he cultivate the puppet, but he used it to defeat the three Aurous Core stage cultivators."

"Without the puppet, he's nothing." Liu Yang said solemnly. "I'm sure that the bastard's mastery in the earth palace was only at Level 10. Even if he did manage to improve tremendously in the past one year, he should still be in the Foundation Establishment stage, not even at the Spiritual Altar stage."

Tang Ze nodded his head lightly, as he agreed with Liu Yang's analysis on Lin Feng's rapid improvement in mastery.

Achieving Foundation Establishment from Qi Disciple Level 10 would require unparalleled genius.

Of course, the precondition was that Lin Feng must be like what Liu Yang had said, possessing only Qi Disciple Level 10 a year ago.

Liu Yang nodded his head. "I can't be wrong. He must possess some secret spell to mask his mastery level from external scrutiny. However, once we force his hand, his true powers will be made known."

At this point, a clear voice suddenly sounded from the mountain valley.

"If that's the case, then things will be easier."

Liu Yang and Tang Ze jumped into the valley. Between the mountain creeks stood a youth in white who was smiling at them.

"Oh, it's you Chen Gang," Liu Yang said, surprised. "So what? Does your Great Void Sect have beef with him too?"

Chen Gang, the disciple of the Great Void Sect, smiled lightly. "He's just a jumpy little clown. Too bad he liked to bounce around a little too much. He disrupted Senior Pang's carefully laid out plans. Hence, I'm following Senior Pang's instructions to get rid of him."

Chen Gang looked at Liu Yang, "I've long suspected this person's cultivation. After hearing your words, my heart is clearer."

"I have a way to defeat his puppet," Chen Gang said slowly. "However, earlier on when he was in the Great Swamp of the Ancient Regions, he used a never-seen-before spell formation to kill an army of 3000 Divine Martial Army soldiers led by a Aurous Core Stage cultivator. He took their Almighty Celestial Destroying Formation and won."

Liu Yang and Tang Ze looked at each other in shock.

The three of them together could not even match an Almighty Celestial Destroying Formation formed by 3000 cultivator soldiers and led by a Aurous Core Stage cultivator."

Liu Yang said unbelievingly, "How could this be possible?"

"This had already happened, so there's nothing impossible about it. I witnessed it myself." Chen Gang said. "The problem is, that time, the Taoist Lin did not personally attack them."

"Thus, my guess is, the crux of it lies with his formation map. His power may not be high, but he possessed some powerful object." As Chen Gang spoke, he made an incantation with his hands. "If it's indeed a puppet, I'm not worried. But for the spell formation, I need to seek help from my senior."

Chen Gang waved his hand and the water from the creek jumped up to form a round circle. It hovered in the air; it was about as high as a person.

The light at the centre of the circle turned white as water droplets vibrated non stop. After a while it calmed, a reflection of a young man can be seen.

The young man's face was clear, bright and handsome. He wore a white robe and his body appeared as light as air without any hint of edginess, like a gust of clear breeze or a drop of clear stream water. Only his eyes, akin to twinkling stars in the night sky, sparkled brightly; his gaze appeared to penetrate deep into one's soul.

Chen Gang bowed and said, "Chen Gang respectfully offers his respects to Senior Pang."

Liu Yang and Tang Ze's heart missed a beat, "This is the current All-Under-Heaven Strider of the Great Void Sect, Pang Jie?"

"The three All-Under-Heaven Strider before him were all female. Previously, it was a running joke in Mount Shu that the Great Void Sect is strong in yin but weak in yang." Liu Yang thought. "Finally, they produced a male All-Under-Heaven Strider?"

"Heaven, Earth and Man; they come in three. In the cycles of yin and yang, it will change every three cycles, fulfilling the will of Heaven. How is this strange?"

As Liu Yang gloated privately, a plain voice sounded in his heart.

The voice originated from Liu Yang's heart, almost as if he was talking to himself.

Liu Yang's face changed color rapidly, he raised his head to look at the circle of light and the clear airy reflection of Pang Jie. His heart thought, "This person is so powerful till the extent whereby not only could he know what I was thinking, but also the Flash of Intention skill?"

"Doesn't this mean that as long as he wants to do it, he could kill my soul essence and occupy my corporeal body?"