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 Chapter 131: Central Wutu Divine Light

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The Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds that had been shone upon by the earthly yellow light emanated by the Heaven and Earth Mirror began to retreat while churning.

While churning, the violet cloud and the yellow light merged to form a single entity, a mirage akin to a small new world.

In that mirage, there were traces of the primordial powers of creation.

Lin Feng was struck by a thought, as he lowered his head to look at the Heaven and Earth mirror, "The pure and impure auras, while the pure aura rises up and become the sky the impure air sinks and become the earth. Hence, this is like the formation of heaven and earth."

"If the Heaven Revolving Purple Cloud rises into the sky to become the pure aura, then the yellow light by the Heaven and Earth Mirror would similarly sink and become and the impure aura."

The yellow light produced by the Heaven and Earth Mirror combined with the Heaven Revolving Purple Cloud to cause the purple cloud to dissipate and retreat.

At this point, Lin Feng had already understood. Without hesitating, he used his internal mana to force out the yellow light produced by the Heaven and Earth mirror to combine with the Heaven Revolving Purple Cloud.

Where the yellow light hit, the purple light gradually went away and formed with the yellow light a mirage world.

Lin Feng took this opportunity to enter the entrance formed by the passing of the purple light. With the Heaven and Earth Mirror opening the road, everything flowed smoothly.

However, Lin Feng's heart was sinking as he realized that the yellow light from the Heaven and Earth Mirror was becoming increasingly weaker and it was taking longer to combine with the purple light.

The enormous amount of purple light began to fill in the gaps left by the dissipated purple light

Regardless of how Lin Feng tried to use his internal mana, he was unable to reverse the decline in the weakening of the yellow light emitted by the Heaven and Earth Mirror.

"This is terrible, the power of the Heaven and Earth mirror is limited but the Heaven Revolving Purple Light surrounding Mount Yujing is too big." Lin Feng looked at Mount Yujing, surrounded by a sea of purple clouds. There was still a great distance between him and the mountain.

Lin Feng was not even a third into the entire purple cloud sea.

The yellow light from the Heaven and Earth Mirror was becoming increasingly weaker. Eventually, it disappeared.

From every direction, the infinite Heaven Revolving Purple Cloud came in again. While it did not hurt Lin Feng, it pushed him out.

Looking at the newly-sealed purple cloud, Lin Feng gritted his teeth in anger. He raised the Heaven and Earth Mirror, and communicated with it telepathically.

"Central Wutu Divine Light... Is this the name of the earthly yellow light?" Lin Feng's heart thought. "Wutu Earth, indeed it's related to the earth, only that its power is too weak. Could I increase it?"

Here, two spots of light suddenly appeared on the Heaven and Earth Mirror.

In the center of the mirror a dusk-coloured light appeared. As per previous instances, it represented Lin Feng's current location.

Not far from the yellow light, a red spot of light shone. The red light was especially strong, and it jumped as if it had a life of its own.

Lin Feng's eye brightened, "Maybe it's hinting to me to search for a particular object? The red light represents the object. Perhaps the object could increase the power of the Central Fifth Earthly Divine Light?"

While thinking, a system tip sounded suddenly in Lin Feng's ears.

"Owner initiated the task of searching for the Central Wutu Divine Light."

Lin Feng was slightly stunned as he entered the system to read the task description.

Task search, Central Wutu Divine Light.

Task background: The Heaven Revolving Purple Cloud activated owner's treasure, the Central Wutu Divine Light from the Heaven and Earth Mirror. Currently, the Central Wutu Divine Light from the Heaven and Earth Mirror is relatively weaker. To increase the power of the light, one must find an Earth type object and use its aura to enhance the mirror.

Objective of the task: The owner must obtain sufficient high quality Earth type spiritual items to cultivate the Central Wutu Divine Light to a certain level.

Duration of task: 10 days, should time limit be exceeded the task would be forfeited.

Looking at the system's instructions, Lin Feng scratched his head. "A certain level? Who knows what does your certain level mean? My standards are not high, as long as you can help me break through the Heaven Revolving Purple Light surrounding Mount Yujing." With that, Lin Feng followed the instructions given by the mirror and flew toward the red light.


500 li west to Tianjing, the capital of the Great Zhou Empire, the Black Clouds Earth Palace's entrance had been placed under tight security.

A small squad of cultivators from the Divine Martial Army were standing guard there.

The commanding officer of the squad sat with his knees crossed on the floor, silently meditating.

The cultivators under his command, however, were listless and bored. Not only was guarding such a dilapidated palace a boring and unglamorous task, they also had to worry whether the Unholy Blood River would burst its banks and come flooding.

Suddenly, a blast of mana shook in the sky above and the clouds dissipated. An armor-clad general dropped down from the sky.

The commanding officer hurriedly stood up while the other cultivators from the Divine Martial Army maintained a serious demeanour to welcome the new arrival.

The newcomer's body pulsates with mana. He was undoubtedly a Golden Elixir stage cultivator.

After he saw the newcomer's face more clearly, the commanding officer was shocked, "General Chen, you are not detailed for duty today. So why are you here?"

General Chen said lightly, "I can't stop worrying about the Unholy Blood River, so I decided to go down again."

"General Li had just inspected the blood river." The commanding officer's gazed at the general. "He just left, and you should have met him, didn't you see him?"

General Chen swept him with his gaze, "This isn't something you should be asking."

The commanding officer lowered his head. "Sorry general, please forgive me."

General Chen stopped, and his gaze fixed upon the commanding officer briefly. His emotionless face suddenly displayed a trace of a smile. "You are a cultivator, could you please be different from those ordinary soldiers?"

"Those who are too committed and serious would die the fastest."

The commanding officer's face drained. He wanted to crush the spiritual talisman hidden in his hand, but he realized he lack the strength to move a single finger.

With great difficulty he turned his head, he then realized that his subordinates' faces were pale and emotionless, as if they had been drained of blood.

"You are not General Chen, General Chen would have known that General Li wasn't on duty today." The commanding officer said with much difficulty.

"General Chen" smiled briefly. Tiny droplets of blood began to appear on his face. Soon, his whole face was filled with blood.

The blood flowed down along his face and in an instant his face became clean again, but it had changed completely.

A young but pale face appeared. His features were plain, save for a pair of blood red eyes that were extremely shocking.

The armor he wore on his body also melted in a bunch of blood before disappearing. His body was now clad in a blood-red robe.

The young man in the blood red robe smiled, "I really did not want to kill you, especially since the Zhou Emperor Liang Pan and the Marquis of Xuanji, Zhu Hongwu, are not meant to be lightly offended. However, since you want to act smart, I have no choice but to kill you."

He paused, and smiled, "I really don't want to kill you because your mastery is too low. You don't have a drop of quality blood. Killing you brings about no benefit."

The commanding officer wanted to say something, but as he opened his mouth blood flowed from it non-stop. He could only feel his body getting colder and life leaving it.

The young man in the blood-red robe sniffed his nose, and the two tiny mists of cloud appeared in the air. He inhaled them.

"That's why it's too weak," the young man in the blood-red robe said while shaking his head. His target was the subterranean Unholy Blood River.

When he reached the lake where the blood river flowed into, the blood-red robed youth lightly inhaled. The pungent odour of the blood river which was unbearable to many appeared to be extremely fragrant for him. He sighed in admiration, "The taste of the blood river is always intoxicating."

Saying that, he looked at the Unholy Blood River beneath his feet, and smiled, "Isn't that right, Liu Yang?"

From the Unholy Blood River came a great vibration of mana as countless bubbles rose to the top of the river. The blood river churned like boiling water.

"Tang Ze, are you here to mock me?" A voice brimming with urgency came from the river.

Tang Ze, the young man in the blood-red robe, laughed before jumping into the Unholy Blood River. The corrosive mana of the Blood River Primordial Water appeared to have no effect on him, instead it appeared to have strengthened him.

Tang Ze dived to the bottom of the blood river where a ball of light shone dimly as it resisted the corrosive effects of the Blood River Primordial Water.

Within the ball of light a sword disciple in green sat cross-legged with his sword upright and barely supporting against the weight of the river. His face twitched while his expression was frantic.

This was the person whom Lin Feng has tricked to clog up the blood river, hence trapped by the blood river: the sword disciple of Mount Shu Liu Yang.

Looking at Tang Ze, Liu Yang's face was joyless. He said dully, "What do you want, Tang Ze?"

Tang Ze said smiling, "To save you, of course."

Liu Yang raised his eyes at him, "You are so kind?"

"Of course...not!" Tang Ze said slowly and deliberately. "Saving you has its benefits I suppose."

"What do you mean?" Liu Yang arched his eyebrows and asked.

Tang Ze looked at him and said slowly, "Recently there's a Taoist called Lin, he's been really active recently. Some people aren't happy with him and would like to deal with him."

"Can you provide any information of value?"