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 Chapter 130: The Genesis of All Beings

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This sea of Purple Clouds was just like the Almighty Celestial Destroyer Formation, which was commanded by General Zhongxie back in the Great Swamp of the Ancient Regions. It basically contained and sealed off the internal space from the rest of the world.

Lin Feng had tried both the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm and the Black Cloud Flag but to no avail. He was still unable to be transported through space to beyond the obstruction of the Purple Clouds.

Lin Feng frowned as he stared at the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds. "Seems like I have to keep thinking about how to breach these purple clouds..."

Everytime he came into contact with the Purple Clouds, Lin Feng would be rejected and denied by it.

After some pondering, Lin Feng lifted his palm and aligned his five fingers to form a blade-like shape, before making a slashing motion towards the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds.

The Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds shook upon the impact but his action was still unable to split the defence apart.

But Lin Feng was surprised by this as he had realized that he was able to gain some insight and inspiration from the Clouds when it came to perfecting his second Spell.

The Purple Cloud's ability to isolate and deny anything, from a certain perspective, was very similar to Lin Feng's spell.

Lin Feng continued on this line of thought, "This should not only be restricted to spells. Even the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams would probably be perfected with the insights gained from the Cloud."

When Heaven and Earth was created, the clearest and most pristine of gases would naturally rise and the unwanted and most adulterated of gases would sink.

The Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds was definitely one of the clearest gases that rose up to the ceiling of the Heaven when Heaven and Earth were created. Hence, it naturally possessed an aura which was beneficial for creation and recreation.

As Lin Feng continued to mull over the inspiration and insights gained from his short encounter with the Purple Clouds, his understanding of vacuum and space improved by leaps and bounds.

Understanding how difficult it was for such opportunities to come by, Lin Feng sat on the Black Cloud Flag without any hesitation and began to meditate while facing the Purple Clouds.

Previously, Lin Feng had already succeeded in building a Spiritual Altar upon the Aura Sea, attaining the level of Foundation Establishment.

For Lin Feng, the next stage would be to emplace a Crucible upon the Spiritual Altar. Once the Crucible had been casted into shape, Lin Feng would be able to attain the final levels of the Foundation Establishment Stage and the Aurous Core Stage would be within sight.

However, the process of casting the Crucible is not an easy feat. It would take a remarkable amount of effort and concentration to craft a good Crucible.

Previously because of the reward from the system, Lin Feng managed to build the Supreme Spiritual Altar. But this did not imply that he would definitely be able to craft a Supreme Crucible. It could only mean that he had a better chance at acquiring it then a cultivator with a First Class Spiritual Altar.

The improvement in the abilities between a cultivator in the middle and the final levels of the Foundation Establishment Stage was not large. However, the importance of the quality of the Crucible was beyond question.

The quality of the Crucible would affect the quality of the Elixir. A high-quality Crucible would affect the chances of the formation of the elixir as well as the quality of the Elixir.

And that is why Lin Feng did not dare to treat the matter lightly. He immediately seized the opportunity the moment he realised that the contact with the Purple Clouds would be beneficial for his training.

What Lin Feng needed to do now was to open up the connection between the Heaven and himself.

The connection which was being discussed here, was not really about being able to know one's destiny or the prophecy for mankind but rather being able to feel the spiritual energy in our world and the awareness of the transition from order to chaos since the birth of the Heaven and Earth.

Once a cultivator who was in the middle level of the Foundation Establishment Stage had opened up the connection between the Heaven and himself, he would then be able to visualize the shape and form of the Crucible which belongs to him.

With the form and shape in mind, one would then compress his or her mana to form the exterior of the Crucible and then emplace it above the Spiritual Altar. Once these are completed, one would then attain the final level of the Foundation Establishment Stage, the Crucible Level.

The connection between one and the Heaven was a very peculiar transitory stage which even the System was unable to provide much of an assistance to Lin Feng.

That was because this stage would require one to comprehend the greater art of Tao and medicinal assistance would be futile. Even the past experience and wisdom of any predecessors would also be pointless and not meaningful.

Hence, many cultivators were stuck at the middle level of the Foundation Establishment Stage as they were unable to establish the connection between Heaven and themselves, spending decades trying to form the Crucible but to no avail.

Some people would spent decades on cultivating but still found themselves stuck at the middle level. Some would only take single flash of inspiration to complete this transitory stage.

Since attaining the middle level. Lin Feng had tried hard to open up the connection multiple times but to no avail.

Now, with the inspiration from the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, Lin Feng was able to gain some form of insight and started to find himself establishing some form of connection.

Initially, the connection was poor and the visualization of the Crucible was blurry and unclear. But slowly, a small black crucible started to form in the darkest corner of this imaginary space. It had the colour of the purest black one could ever imagined. One could feel his or her soul being absorbed into the Crucible just from staring at it.

In Lin Feng's sea of consciousness, a small black Crucible floated quietly. Despite being an illusory sight, the design and every single line on the Crucible was as clear as it could get.

The Crucible might look simple as there was no light that was emitted from any part of the Crucible. However, it emanated a desolate and dignified aura which gave away the image of the rebirth of life after catastrophes.

Lin Feng's mind was focused as he remained emotionless. He mobilized all the mana in his body and began to compress them to form the shape of the little black Crucible which he had visualised.

Just as how Rome was not built in a single day, Lin Feng took his time and focused his mana onto every single part and component of the Crucible.

First, he would refine and strengthen the bits of mana. After a good thousand round of this repeated process, every single bit of mana to be invested into the crafting of the Crucible had become extremely pure and strong.

After this, he would begin with the shaping of the Crucible by using the refined mana.

He started with the four different legs of the Crucible. The solid form of the legs were the result of the compressed refined mana and as time progresses, slowly but surely, the body of the Crucible began to take form.

This transformation from metaphysical to physical might be slow and in fact hard to be seen by the naked eye but it never stopped and continually moved from the bottom of the Crucible to the top.

Lin Feng sat on the Black Cloud Flag with both of his eyes closed and ignored the changes in his external environment. He understood the enormity and importance of this task and was not ready to be distracted by his surroundings nor prepared to take any shortcuts..

If one wanted to be ahead of the rest, one must be able to bear with the loneliness and put in the effort. Since he was already on the path of cultivation, Lin Feng has decided to walk further on this path than anyone.

He strongly believed that one should either put in his best or not start with the task at all.

In the meantime, Xiao Yan and the other three had returned twice but they did not dare to interrupt Lin Feng who was cross-legged in deep meditation.

They were still unable to overcome the Purple Clouds and hence, were embarrassed to report to their Master.

However, all four of them were determined and disciplined individuals. Seeing how Lin Feng remained silent, they became even more determined to overcome the obstruction of the Purple Clouds using their abilities and enter Mt. Yujing.

After much time, Lin Feng's Crucible was about to take shape.

With the investment and injection of the mana, the Crucible formed with a "rang" sound. Lin Feng's soul and body were both shaken by the sound.

The casting of the Crucible was finally done and it landed onto the Spiritual Altar slowly. The moment when it had finally landed, a huge glow was emitted.

Amidst the colourful glow, a powerful aura emanated. It was the Supreme Crucible!

It would only be days before he attained the Aurous Core Stage. And it was also very likely that he would be able to cultivate the Golden Elixir which would be the cream of the crop.

Lin Feng opened his eyes slowly below revealing a grin, "Mother Nature really holds a lot of secret to cultivation."

He looked at the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds before smiling, "Thank you so much for your guidance."

Lin Feng continued with a few more breathing exercises to stabilise the foundation of his Taoist power before standing up to feel his newly gained power.

Because he borrowed the assistance of the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, Lin Feng now had a deeper understanding of the Purple Clouds. In fact, he had also developed some hypotheses on how the Purple Clouds work.

Lin Feng paused for a moment before taking out the Heaven and Earth Mirror.

The Heaven and Earth Mirror flashed before his eyes and a pillar of golden ray soared upwards straight into the depths of the sea of Purple Clouds.

To his amazement, the golden ray managed to part the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, creating a sizeable gap.

"It seems like my hypothesis was correct. The Heaven and Earth Mirror does share a special relationship with the Purple Clouds." Lin Feng smiled and nodded his head as he looked at the Heaven and Earth Mirror in his hand.

"It seems like this mirror might be more important than I thought..."