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 Chapter 129: The Heaven Revolving Purple Clouds

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The elusive Mountain Yujing had finally appeared in front of Lin Feng and the rest. However, this white jade-like spiritual mountain was enshrouded by a protective dense purple gas.

At the peak of Mountain Yujing, you could barely see the silhouette of a Treasure Tree which looked like a sapling. But if you would take a closer look, it gave off the feel and aura that it could shelter the entire land under the sky.

Such a harmonious coexistence of two conflicting feelings radiated a mystical aura.

"Master, is this where you wanted to bring us?" Xiao Yan gazed at the peak of the Mountain Yujing which was still enshrouded in a dense cloud of purple gas.

Lin Feng had previously split them up to locate Mountain Yujing but he would never reveal to his disciples that even he himself was unaware of the exact location.

He only made it known to the four of them that it was intended as a little test to let them locate the entrance to the mountain. Now that Xiao Yan had asked him about this, Lin Feng would of course not reveal his intentions.

"Correct, this mountain is Mountain Yujing. It is our home. How is it? Do you all like it?"

Xiao Yan recovered from his amazement and exclaimed, "That is of course! It is amazing!"

Wang Lin swallowed his saliva as he was also left speechless.

Zhu Yi took a deep breath before reciting, "White Yujing high up above the sky, Twelve stories and Five cities... This place can really be described as a place for the gods in the realm of mortals!"

Xiao Budian just kept on cheering in joy as he gave the Feilian a pat before shooting straight up towards Mountain Yujing.

Lin Feng did not stop them from flying up as he watched thoughtfully.

Just when the Feilian neared the cloud of purple gas, it seemingly collided into a wall-like obstacle.

Instinctively, the Feilian shook the four people on it back off. Despite being unprepared, Xiao Budian and the rest stabilised their body very quickly.

The Feilian also became alert and it no longer dared to go near the purple gas as it went around to pick up the four of them before retreating decisively.

"Master?" The four of them look at Lin Feng in a puzzled manner.

Lin Feng had an expression which emanated composure. Actually, he had taken advantage of the period of time when the four of them were thrown off the Feilian to execute the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm. Simultaneously, he had also used the Heavenly Cage Mantra to acquire bits of the purple gas.

This purple gas was very light just like the usual smoke and mist but for some strange reason, the Heavenly Cage Mantra was unable to seal it in. The purple gas could easily corrode Lin Feng's mana and escape from the light prison.

However, the purple gas was not malicious and after escaping from the Heavenly Cage Mantra, it simply assimilated back into the sea of purple gas like how a droplet returns to the ocean.

"How mystical... But so domineering at the same time. Even the Self-Engulfing Theurgy which the Immemorial Mythical Beast Taotie Tuntun inherited was unable to put up a fight against the Heavenly Cage Mantra. Lin Feng furrowed his eyebrows as he thought about how powerful the purple gas was.

The purple gas might have escaped but Lin Feng managed to make good use of the short amount of time to use the Abhijna Analytic Device to analyze the gas.

Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, also known as the Solar-Revolving Origins Gas, was created along with Heaven and Earth. It came along with the birth of Heaven and does not possess any aggressiveness. However, it has both the ability to perform birth-like transformation and the ability to reject anything.

Lin Feng finally knew how the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds could escape from the Heavenly Cage Mantra so easily. At the moment it came into contact with the Heavenly Cage Mantra, it transformed itself into an origins form which was similar to the one of the Heavenly Cage Mantra, and hence was able to cheat the Seal.

The Heavenly Cage Mantra had treated it as part of itself and hence did not attempt to keep the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds within it.

On the other side, the situation which Xiao Budian and the rest met with earlier was a display of the rejection ability that the Purple Clouds could do.

Facing the look of confusion on the faces of his four disciples, Lin Feng smiled gently, "What's going on? Giving up after a little setback?"

"Previously when I asked you all to look for this mountain, it was merely a warm-up." Lin Feng looked up and smiled. "The real test has only just began."

"The purple gas in front of you is actually called the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, also known as the Solar-Revolving Origins Gas. It came along with the birth of Heaven and Earth." Lin Feng explained. "This gas has both the ability to perform birth-like transformation and the ability to reject anything. "

Lin Feng waved his hand, "Go ahead and try. Your options are not limited. Whoever that can overcome the rejection by the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds and ascend Mountain Yujing will be specially rewarded.

Xiao Yan and the rest were very much attracted by his offer but none of them moved right away without deliberation.

After listening to the introduction given by Lin Feng, they have learnt that the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds are not something to be underestimated.

Xiao Budian was the first to make the move as he leapt onto Feilian immediately and cheered, "Feilian, lend me a hand."

Feilian grinded its teeth and it started to give off a green glow before two pillars of tornadoes appeared in mid-air. They started to collide with one another to form a gigantic wind blade.

Xiao Budian used his left hand to form a hand-sign and endless hurricanes started to encircle around his right hand. He then swung his hands forward to combine his attack with the Tornado Cut.

However, this combination of attack amounted to nothing as not even a single ripple was formed in the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds.

When the wind blade slashed at the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, it was like the waves hitting onto the shore at the beach. The waves were simply disintegrated instantly and the shore remained as always.

"It seems like attacking blindly would not be possible after all." Zhu Yi shook his head as he unsheathed his sword. He utilised his Taoist technique to call upon the natural elements to charge up his sword.

Zhu Yi and the sword became one and like a single laser beam, he shot straight through and into the space enshrouded by the Heaven-Revolving Purple Gas.

Xiao Budian and the others started to cheer. Even Lin Feng became excited at the sight of the success of his disciple.

But it was too early to be happy as just as Zhu Yi had entered for no more than three feet, he immediately felt the resistance increased exponentially. The surrounding Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds were like waves that convened to sweep him away. They did not injure but only threw Zhu Yi out.

Zhu Yi did a somersault in the air before landing on the back of the Feilian. A serious look formed on his face as he felt hopeless against the powers of the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds.

Xiao Yan raised his brows before extending his right hand. He activated the Crash of the Eight Trigrams as stacks and waves of destructive forces surged towards the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds.

Lin Feng's eyes flashed as he reminded his disciple to be careful.

Xiao Yan heard the reminder from his Master and realised that the previously docile Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds have become fierce and aggressive in the face of the Crash of the Eight Trigrams.

The Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds transformed into a humongous wave and swept towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan's Crash of the Eight Trigrams was indeed powerful as it actually managed to overcome bits of the Purple Clouds though it would be insignificant if we were to consider the total volume of the Purple Clouds.

But because of this, it also enraged this massive being.

In the face of the ferocious attack from the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, Xiao Yan was shocked and quickly recovered the mana from the Crash of the Eight Trigrams for self-defence. He converted the mana into the Eight Trigrams: Sin Destroyer to protect himself.

But before the Purple Clouds even reached him, Xiao Yan found his vision blurred as the Purple Clouds which were very near him suddenly became very far away.

He looked around him and found himself in mid-air a distance away from both Mountain Yujing and the sea of Purple Clouds. He also found himself far from Lin Feng and the rest.

"Stop the Crash of the Eight Trigrams." Lin Feng's voice rang next to his ears. Xiao Yan quickly abided and stopped the technique and before he knew it, he had been teleported back to Lin Feng's side via the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm.

And at this moment, the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds regained their previous docility.

Lin Feng glanced at his four disciples before asking, "Do you all know what just happened?"

Wang Lin replied softly, "The Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds is the origin of all matter and would definitely be a strong advocator for creation and life. However, Big Senior's Crash of the Eight Trigrams is force of destruction which threatens the harmony of life. Because of this fundamental contradiction, they will hence be at loggerheads.

Xiao Yan nodded his head and validated the reasoning of his junior.

As he continued to ponder on this matter, he could not help but feel a chill down his spine. Xiao Yan realised that if Lin Feng had not teleported him away in time, His Eight Trigrams techniques could have delayed the attack from the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds but would only end up in further enraging the Purple Clouds.

Lin Feng smiled, "Do not be anxious. Take it slowly. Your Master's prize would not be earned that easily."

The four disciples looked at each other and broke into a smile before bowing, "We will definitely put in our best."

The Feilian fetched the four of them and circled around the Purple Clouds. The four of them no longer went to challenge the clouds individually and instead actively discussed on methods to overcome the Purple Clouds.

Regardless of who gets the reward in the end, the pressing issue at hand is to solve this difficult conundrum. With regards to how they would distribute the prize, it would be a problem that they would discuss later.

They were all clear about the challenge at hand.

Lin Feng watched as his four disciples went on and continued in their brainstorming on how to breach this impregnable fortress.

After the four of them left his sight, Lin Feng revealed an expression of despair.

"It is also time for me to put in some effort and destroy this obstacle. I have to breach the defence of the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds in order to reach Mountain Yujing."