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 Chapter 128: High Above the Clouds

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It took quite awhile before Lin Feng broke the silence and asked the speechless Tuntun, "So your parents were not angered with how the Dark Aqua Xuanming had beaten you up?"

Tuntun curled her lips before replying, "His body has also been destroyed by me. His soul was probably severely fragmented by my attack. He should be only left with a single fragment of his soul. But I am sure he is still alive."

"With regards to whether my Dad went to demand an answer from the Xuanming Tribe, I am not too sure about this. It took me quite a bit of effort to find a shelter where I can rest and recuperate. And the moment I began my hibernation, ten years had passed."

When she reached this topic, Tuntun was overwhelmed by her anguish as she whacked the bars of the Light Prison. "Our powers are relatively even. Any battle will likely end up in mutual destruction. But if I have the Grand Sun Primordial Fire, things would be very different."

"With the Grand Sun Primordial Fire, I would be able to take on his Xuanming Primordial Water. Then along with my Self-Engulfing Theurgy, I can definitely defeat him.

In the mortal world, the Six Legendary Primordial Waters are all special in their own ways. The Blood River Primordial Water could pollute all earthly creations. The Yellow Spring Primordial Water had the ability to cleanse all earthly creations. The Grand Moon Primordial Water was the leader of all Water where it governs all water.

The Xuanming Primordial Water was the coldest water water in the water. Instead of labelling it as water, we might as well describe it as ice because it usually exists in a solid form. It was so cold that it can even freeze a fire.

To counter the Xuanming Primordial Water, the Seven Legendary Primordial Fire was the most suitable for the job. Amongst them, the Grand Sun Primordial Fire was the most effective.

No wonder Tuntun was so persistent in acquiring the Grand Sun Primordial Fire.

Lin Feng thought about it before replying Tuntun slowly. "Tuntun, don't mind me."

Tuntun replied with curiosity, "What is it? Just go on."

"The Dark Aqua Xuanming was willing to fight with you till both sides became seriously injured. That was all for Hufen." Lin Feng was very careful with his words as he did not want to aggravate the pain that this little Taotie was already feeling. "The fact that they shared such deep and strong feelings for each other probably means that it would be a tough fight for you."

Tuntun curled her lips and said, "What? He was just playing around with Hufen. He probably was not serious about it."

Lin Feng saw how she was so firm and obstinate about this and could not help but feel very surprised. "Is the Dark Aqua Xuanming retarded? Why would he want a fight to the death with you?"

Tuntun gave a I-know-it-all expression as she confidently replied, "That is because I want to mate with him. And because he would rather die than play along with me, hence, we began a little fight. Before we know it, the rage and anger became real and the friendly scuffle became a deathmatch."

Linfeng was totally speechless.

Tuntun grabbed onto the pole of the Light Prison and begged, "Please pass me the spark of the Primordial Fire."

Lin Feng's apathetic eyes finally moved as he looked at Tuntun before asking slowly, "The reason why you want the Grand Sun Primordial Fire is not for you to deal with Hufen but rather to defeat the Dark Aqua Xuanming?"

Tuntun nodded her head, "Actually it is also for me to deal with Hufen. If I can win the Dark Aqua Xuanming's heart, I would naturally have to defeat Hufen!"

Lin Feng nodded his head plainly as he continued asking, "Yes, that is right. After you have defeated the Dark Aqua Xuanming, are you going to force...force yourself on him?"

Tuntun nodded her head fervently, with her eyes glowing with lust, "To mate with him! Correct, to mate with him!"

The little Lolita danced in joy, "Wait till I begin to bear the child of the Dark Aqua Xuanming! The seductress Hu would no longer pose any threat. When this happens...Hey, why are you leaving?"

"How can you leave? Wait, don't go. What about the spark of the Primordial Fire? Leave the spark of the Primordial Fire for me!"

Lin Feng found himself unable to respond to any of her ridiculous words as he left without turning his head.

Right now, there were millions of thoughts racing through his head just like how the horses run over the green pastures.

Who cared about all the biggest humiliations?

Who cared about all the deepest hatreds?

Who cared about all the intolerable foes?

Screw this!

"Why are the people from the Demonic Clan all like this?" Lin Feng found it annoying and funny at the same time. Initially Tuntun was very solemn as she brought it her parents into the topic. But then as she went on and on, who knew that the conversation would end up like this?

Lin Feng had heard before how animals of the same sex would fight it out to mate with their desired partner.

Who knew that Tuntun would be different? As a female, she wanted to force herself onto the male. Such ferocity and aggression belied her age.

She was totally a Lolita. In her solemnity, she swore to rape a big and muscular man. What was going on in this world?

In Lin Feng's mind, a picture formed as the Lolita, who looked no more than 5 years old, edged in nearer to a handsome youth with a heretical smile. "Handsome, just listen to the lady, would you? Tonight, even if you do not want to follow my orders, you have no choice. Don't worry, I promise you that it won't hurt..."

The image was too beautiful but corruptive and Lin Feng could not bear to continue with his little imagination.

Allowing the little Taotie to dwell in her anxiety, Lin Feng left the realm of space in the ring without any feeling of guilt and he tossed out the Black Cloud Flag before taking flight.

After a short moment, he gauged the distance flown and deduced that he was near the Lingyun Peak.

As deduced, after another moment of short flight, a lonely peak which was significantly higher than the rest stood out from the mountain range of Mount Kunlun. The peak rose straight into the sea of clouds as the swirl of clouds gave it a majestic look.

Lin Feng took a deep breath as he used his mana to project his voice to the Wang Lin and the rest, who were riding the Feilian. "Follow Master and ascend."

The Black Cloud Flag gave off a dull glow before it dived into the sea of clouds, parting the layers of cloud mist.

As the cloud mist disappeared before his eyes, the view became clear and open. Lin Feng could see Lingyun Peak which really stood out as it was significantly higher than the sea of clouds.

However, Lin Feng furrowed his eyebrows.

He lifted his head and scanned around him to find that there was nothing in the sky above Lingyun Peak.

Lin Feng grabbed the Fire Crow Young Master out from the Black Cloud Flag and looked at it with a face devoid of expressions.

Of course, the Fire Crow Young Master knew what Lin Feng wanted. It twitched its neck before saying, "You won't be able to see it. Only after you come into physical contact with it, it will then reveal itself. If not, Mount Yujing would have long been discovered by the others."

Lin Feng nodded his head and threw the Fire Crow Young Master back into the Black Cloud Flag. Afterwards, he continued to fly up above the Lingyun Peak.

After ascending a few thousand metres above Lingyun Peak, Lin Feng suddenly found the void space in front of him contort. A huge cloud of dense purple gas suddenly appeared in front of him.

Lin Feng was shocked as he quickly descended before finding the dense purple gas disappearing before his eyes. A hypothesis quickly formed in his head as he attempted to fly upwards again to where the dense purple gas formed.

His hypothesis was indeed correct as the void space rippled like a water before the dense purple gas emerged again.

In the meantime, Wang Lin and the three others finally caught up. Zhu Yi asked Lin Feng with a quizzical look on his face, "Master, what is that?"

Lin Feng stared at the empty space in front of him for a short moment before gently raising up his right hand. He formed the shape of a blade from his five fingers before he made a slashing motion in front of him.

The air suddenly became like boiling water as it began to contort and bubble.

Smogs and smogs of dense purple gas began to spread continuously like waves.

The entire sky was soon dyed purple.

Everyone, even Lin Feng was dazed as they marvelled at this sight.

A hundred thousand acre size sea of purple clouds had formed with traces of the purple gases permeating the surrounding. It was indeed a splendid view.

In the middle of this purple sea of clouds, a thousand feet high mountain which was as pale as white jade slowly became visible.The mountain was also radiating an unbelievable amount of spiritual energy.

Describing this as an unbelievable amount was still an understatement as the dense purple gas had insulated the radiation of energy. One can only imagine the unfiltered impact of this silo of spiritual energy.

Within the dense cloud of purple gas, you can find Treasure Trees, Treasure Towers, Legendary Polearms, Treasure Swords as countless shadows give away the fact that there were millions of treasures within the cloud.

All these items were like the mountain partially concealed.

The white jade-like spiritual mountain had fountains, waterfalls and delicate trees scattered all over it, giving it a dream-like atmosphere.

At the foot of the mountain, there were countless gales howling and thunderous clouds rolling acting as the guardian of this spiritual destination.

Lin Feng took a deep breath before muttering to himself. "Is that Mount Yujing?"