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 Chapter 127: What a Great Humilation

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"Why do you want to obtain the Grand Sun Primordial Flame?"

Lin Feng looked at Tuntun and asked slowly.

The expression on Tuntun's small face suddenly became a lot more serious. She said, word by word, "I want revenge!"

Lin Feng enquired, "Is it for the person who previously defeated you utterly and left you with only a ray of your soul?"

"Not exactly." Seriousness was written all over Tuntun's small face. "It's more to avenge the shame faced by my parents."

Lin Feng turned his head. "Oh, may I ask who your parents are?"

Tuntun adjusted her clothes and answered with reverence. "My father is the Taotie Grand Sage of the Demonic Clan, and my mother is the Purple Zephyr Taotie Demon King of the Taotie Clan."

"I see," Lin Feng nodded. Even though Tuntun was left with only a ray of her soul, she could forcefully endure an assault from an Aurous Core Stage Cultivator. One could only imagine her powers last year when her strength was at its peak.

Especially since her age is considered very young for her kind.

To have given birth to such a daughter, one wouldn't require much thought to realize that Tuntun's parents are definitely no ordinary people.

But even if these parents could face such shameful humiliation, and have their daughter be so obsessed with revenge despite having only a ray of soul left. Then what kind of person would Tuntun's nemesis be?

"If I don't exact my revenge, I swear I will not enter Samsara!" Tuntun said resolutely.

Lin Feng yawned. "All the best to you."

Tuntun yelled unhappily. "What kind of attitude is this?"

"Apologies, apologies." Lin Feng waved his hand without an ounce of sincerity, but not because he wanted to be rude. It was just that Tuntun's story was so clichéd that he could not possibly show any interest.

Tuntun let out a dissatisfied grunt, but then her attitude softened. "You can just give me that kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame."

Lin Feng crossed his arms in front of his chest, and said faintly. "Your revenge requires this kindling?"

Tuntun nodded vigorously.

"But why should I give it to you? They are your parents, not mine. What does your feud have to do with me?" Lin Feng curled his lips. "Strictly speaking, our relationship isn't even that amicable."

Tuntun was suddenly taken aback. She herself knew that if Lin Feng hadn't been continuously using the Heavenly Cage Mantra to contain her, she would definitely have swallowed his mana.

As thick-skinned as Tuntun may be, denying such a blatant fact would still make her feel guilty.

After she mulled over it seriously for a bit, Tuntun seemed to have reached a decision. She looked at Lin Feng and said earnestly, "As long as you give me the kindling, I'll do anything for you."

Having these words recited by a cute little girl would normally be something that would make one's imagination go dirtily wild.

But unfortunately, Lin Feng was not a lolicon, and he knew clearly that the seemingly cute little girl standing before him was no human.

"Tell me first then, who is this nemesis of yours?" Lin Feng asked.

Tuntun's small face suddenly filled with burning rage. "Even though I'm Samsarian, I'll still never forget the humiliation she brought me!"

"Hufen of the Mount Qingqiu Heavenly Fox Clan, I will never forget her too!"

Lin Feng raised his eyebrows. "Is she very strong?"

Tuntun grunted in disdain. "Not at all, they are merely sly vixens who practice charms. In terms of mana mastery, it would be the same as that of a Demonic General."

"Oh?" Lin Feng was confused. Such a level would actually be equivalent to that of human cultivators in the initial stage of the Foundation Establishment.

In other words, their powers cannot exceed that of the Fire Crow Young Master even at their best. Such a level would allow even Tuntun herself to eliminate Hufen without lifting a finger, let alone Tuntun's formidable parents.

Not even a bone would be left if Tuntun swallows her.

Seemingly having understood Lin Feng's doubts, Tuntun curled her lips, "That bitch is very loved and pampered by her clan's elder, and hides in Mount Qingqiu all day without coming out. It's very difficult to kill her."

Lin Feng asked, "Who is the elder of her clan?"

"The Ninetailed Grand Sage." Tuntun answered melancholically. "Even though the Elder of the Heavenly Fox Clan is not known for sharp skills in combat, she has many supernatural charms that even my father cannot easily repel."

"In a deathmatch, my father has a higher chance of winning, but he is easily taken advantage of by other foes."

After hearing Tuntun's introduction, Lin Feng gained a rough understanding of the Demon World.

The Grand Celestial World, like the twin sides of yin and yang, is split into two - being the Divine Lands belonging to mankind, and the Barren Expanses belonging to the Demonic Clan respectively.

Between the two worlds exist many communication channels. And surrounding these two worlds are many spaces of alternate foreign dimensions, which all make up the Grand Celestial World.

The great elites of the Demonic Clan are known as Grand Sages. Many of them are great demons that have ravaged the skies and lands since time immemorial.

The ten most notorious demons of late are known collectively as the Ten Grand Sages of the Demonic Clan, but aside from these Ten Sages are numerous other demon sages that have yet to reveal themselves.

Under these Grand Sages are many Demon Lords. These vary greatly in strength and their characteristics cannot be generalized.

The Taotie Grand Sage, the Ninetailed Grand Sage, the Golden Crow Grand Sage whom Lin Feng narrowly escaped a battle with, and the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage whom the demoness Long Ye worshipped, are all members of the Ten Grand Sages.

"The Heavenly Charms Grand Sage is the most mysterious member of the Ten Grand Sages; no one knows where she came from." Tuntun explained. "But no one dares to question her powers. Even my father said that he cannot see through all her abilities. It's no wonder that many demon clans hail her as the most formidable one of the Ten Grand Sages."

The Supreme Code of the Demonic Clan, termed the Demonic Book of the Heavenly Tao, had untraceable origins, but is hailed by the Demonic Clan as the Holy Book which humans feared deeply.

The Demonic Book of the Heavenly Tao consists of ten scrolls, among which the first scroll has been lost, while the Hunyuan Demonic Code owned by the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage is ranked second among the ten scrolls, and is the most advanced of demon spells still circulated and practiced today.

Long Ye too practiced the Hunyuan Demonic Code, and was hence able to battle Yan Mingyue on equal footing.

Lin Feng then asked about the Grand Sage with the greatest relevance to himself. "How much do you know about the Golden Crow Grand Sage?"

Tuntun was previously sealed in the ring by Lin Feng's Heavenly Cage Mantra, hence had very little knowledge of the outside world. If she hadn't already set the Grand Sun Primordial Flame as her persistent goal, she wouldn't even have noticed anything.

After hearing Lin Feng's question, Tuntun's face showed a hint of reluctance. "You didn't steal the Grand Sun Primordial Flame kindling from the Golden Crow Grand Sage, did you? That old crow is extremely overbearing and arrogant. I had initially asked for a few kindlings from him, but in the end I was immediately chased out by him."

Lin Feng snickered and thought to himself, "For you to boldly walk up to his front door and ask for his precious treasures, not immediately slaughtering you is already showing you mercy out of respect for your father, the Taotie Grand Sage."

"What about the King of the Fire Crows?" Lin Feng changed his question.

Regarding the King of Fire Crows, Tuntun evidently expressed very little apprehension, and curled her lips. "A bad-tempered old brat. If not for the protection of the Golden Crow Sage, he would have been killed long ago."

Mount Huoyan, where the Fire Crow Clan resides, was a passageway between the Barren Expanses and the Divine Lands. Its exact location was to the south of Mount Kunlun, so Fire Crows frequently entered the Human World to wreak havoc, and human cultivators too frequently enter Mount Huoyan to train, search for treasures and to kill Fire Crows.

The Fire Crow King, leader of the Fire Crow Clan, was a legitimate descendant of the Golden Crow Grand Sage. Although his bloodline was not pure, he properly practiced the spells of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame passed down by the Golden Crow Grand Sage. Apparently he could already conjure the Flame himself, unlike the Fire Crow Young Master who used the kindlings from the Golden Crow Grand Sage.

Tuntun had thought of attacking the Fire Crow King the previous year, but she did not succeed.

Lin Feng already had most of the information he needed, but was now even more confused about Tuntun's situation.

"Your nemesis is Hufen, who is backed by the Ninetailed Grand Sage, but what does she have to do with the Grand Sun Primordial Flame? Is the Heavenly Fox Clan afraid of fire?"

Tuntun violently shook her head. "Of course not. Although the Heavenly Fox Flame may not be within the ranks of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires, it's still a renowned flame."

"I want the Grand Sun Primordial Flame to counter Dark Aqua Xuanming of the Arcane Clan. Like how the Golden Crows yield the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, the Arcane Clan can naturally yield one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Waters - the Freezing Arcane Primordial Water."

Tuntun gritted her teeth and said, "It was the Dark Aqua Xuanming who protected that vixen Hufen and pulverised me to such a sorry state."

Lin Feng nodded. "Oh, then you should seek revenge against him. But what does this have to do with your parents being humiliated?"

Tuntun glared at him petulantly. "Dark Aqua Xuanming would rather marry that vixen Hufen than take me as his bride. I even had the mastery level of a Demon King then! I couldn't even win in a battle for a man against a mere Demonic General. What a ridiculous joke."

"Now the entire Demon World knows about this, and my parents are extremely embarrassed. Is this not utter humiliation?"

Tuntun shot a scornful glare at Lin Feng. "You men are all scum!"

Lin Feng looked at her in bewilderment and disgust.