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 Chapter 126: The Kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame

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As his life was in the hands of Lin Feng, there was nothing Gao Fan could do other than to divulge the truth about the Secret Manual of Kun Peng.

The secret manual of Kun Peng was hidden in the North Polar Sea and was enclosed by sealed all-year by thick layers of black ice. Despite knowing its location, as well as possessing a magic item that could activate the manual, he did not know how to crack the black ice.

Fortunately, due to the wheels of fate, the dark ice would be eroded every few years by positive yang energy and become weak.

This would last until the positive yang in the North Polar Sea ran out and the negative yin energy regained the upper hand. Only then would the black ice become strong again.

However, even if one managed to weaken the black ice, it was still difficult to access it.

If one wished to destroy the many layers of black ice, one would need require a firepower akin to one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires or to bash through it.

Otherwise, one would need the Grand Moon Primordial Water, which could direct all types of water and master all ice and water under heavens, to break open the ice.

Gao Fan knew that a stream of the Grand Moon Primordial Water is hidden in the northern foot of Mount Kunlun. Taking advantage of the misdeeds of the Fire Crow Young Master, he wished to spark a fight between the Grand Moon Primordial Water and its Grand Sun Primordial Flame and reap both as his prize in the end.

Despite possessing only one, he would be able to break the dark ice of the North Polar Sea and obtain the Secret Manual of Kun Peng.

Once he obtain both the secret manual and the Grand Moon Primordial Water, Gao Fan would reach unimaginable heights.

Too bad that as of now, that did not belong to him anymore.

After Lin Feng took away his hidden treasure the Scale of Kun Peng, Gao Fan's heart bled nonstop.

On the other hand, Lin Feng was unimaginably happy. Despite not possessing the Grand Moon Primordial Water, but he did possess Xiao Yan's Unholy Spectral Light, which could destroy the dark ice too.

Furthermore, he also possessed the Fire Crow Young Master's kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.

Directing the Black Cloud Flag to head west while instructing his disciples to follow tightly behind on the Feilian, Lin Feng had another plan. He wished to find the another Kindling of the Legendary Flame.

Despite it being only a fire kindling, but it already possessed an incredible heat.

Lin Feng allowed his thoughts to enter the Kindling of the Legendary Flame, and in that moment he felt a golden light shining before his eyes. Countless tiny rays of light spiked through his brain.

"The divine light from the Grand Sun Primordial Flame is truly powerful," Lin Feng said in awe. At that moment, the power of the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams began to activate.

With its power of genesis, a small virtual world began to form in Lin Feng's internal consciousness.

The dancing bright lights began to enter the small world and recomposed themselves as a bright red sun in the middle of the sky. As the sun rays spilled onto the earth, all creations began to grow energetically.

The vast expanse of the heaven and earth absorbed the golden sun rays. All appeared well and harmonious.

Lin Feng smiled lightly and continued to communicate with the essence within the kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.

"Who dares to sneak a glance upon the kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame which I had bestowed to my descendants?"

Suddenly, a ferocious voice sounded and shook Lin Feng's consciousness. The great bellow caused Lin Feng to suddenly feel dazed.

Lin Feng thought, "Could it be the Golden Crow?"

Settling his spirits, Lin Feng went closer to take a look and noticed a shadow moving in the golden light.

While the shadow appeared blurred and formless, it emanated an enormous energy and power that was extremely shocking.

Lin Feng realised suddenly that the shadow is a tiny piece of consciousness of the Golden Crow. It could not even constitute a part of him but merely one of his thoughts. A remnant piece of his consciousness.

However, just this consciousness alone was able to suffocate Lin Feng.

The shadow, which was originally unclear, became increasingly clear with that one sentence and it begun to take on a shape.

A Three-Legged Golden Crow dazzling with a halo of holy light that resembled the sun appeared.

Blazingly hot, it was super strong.

The Grand Sun Primordial Flame within the Kindling of the Legendary Flame congregated onto the body of the Three-Legged Golden Crow. As its power concentrated, the shadow became clearer.

Lin Feng arched his eyebrows. The Three-Legged Golden Crow was truly powerful. Based only a string of thought, it could turn the kindling of the primordial flame into an extension of itself.

The Three-Legged Golden Crow definitely did not pass only one Kindling of the Legendary Flame to his descendants. To facilitate their usage, he erased his own experiences and spell imprints, but he left his consciousness in the kindling of the primordial flame.

As long as an outsider wished to cultivate using a kindling of the primordial flame, the Golden Crow would feel it. He did not have to descend personally or use a body extension. He only needed to cultivate the kindling of the primordial flame into a bodily extension to destroy his opponent.

Despite the single kindling within the Grand Sun Primordial Flame not being much and was only a kindling, but with the powers of Golden Crow he was able to cultivate an extension of his self and imbue it with a humongous amount of battling power.

As of now, there was no way Lin Feng could resist.

However, Lin Feng did not panic. Rather, he understood the principles behind this technique and calmed down.

"This is just the right moment for me to test out new spells," Lin Feng said smilingly as the form of the Golden Crow took shape. He carefully sensed the change in mana.

This was a good reference for his subsequent cultivation of the kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.

As the shadow of the Golden Crow began to take shape, Lin Feng extended a hand and his five fingers became as sharp as knives. He gently waved it in the air.

"Regardless of who you are, as long as you dared to touch the kindling of the primordial flame that I've given my descendants, you would surely be destroyed...eh?"

From the shadow emanated the voice of the Golden Crow, which combined with the powerful mana to form a powerful voice whose sound waves could almost be seen by the naked eye.

However, with a chop from Lin Feng's hand in the air, the voice suddenly gasped in surprise.

"Who exactly are you? How did you sever the connection between the kindling and I?" The shadow of the Golden Crow did not form an actual entity, but only established a connection with the Grand Sun Primordial Flame. He was unable to actually see his surroundings.

As the shadow was about to form into an actual entity with the power of the fire kindling, he suddenly felt as if he had lost the connection with the fire kindling mysteriously.

"Who are you?"

As his connection to the fire kindling was severed, the Golden Crow actually became more calm. However, Lin Feng could feel the anger beneath the calm.

It was like a supervolcano that was about to erupt.

However, this supervolcano temporarily could not erupt onto Lin Feng, who had severed the connection between the Golden Crow and the fire kindling. Even if, in a fit of anger, the Golden Crow wished to come down personally, it would not be so easy.

He could also come to Mount Kunlun to search for Lin Feng. But, as a great sage of the demons, his every action would come under scrutiny.

A personal expedition to Mount Kunlun, the traditional area of control by Man, by the Golden Crow is vastly different from an intrusion by a bunch of mischief-making fire crows.

His coming would be met and countered by his human equivalents.

And because of that, the Golden Crow was especially angry.

As the form gradually dissipated and returned to its shadowy form, Lin Feng said, "What a stupid question, can I tell you the answer?"

Despite it being a close shave, Lin Feng was still cautious. If not for his new technique, the Golden Crow could have succeeded.

"How should I begin? This spell still needs to be perfected. However, the Abhijna Analytic Device cannot be used on techniques I've created," Lin Feng sighed, and returned his attention to the Kindling of the Legendary Flame。

Destroying the threat and having obtained a tip from the extension of the Golden Crow on cultivating the Kindling of the Legendary Flame, Lin Feng realised it's easier to cultivate the fire.

"Abhijna Analytic Device, activate."

From his systemic tools he activated the Divine Analytic Device and quickly, he analysed the powers and profound techniques within the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.

Through the machine's analysis, Lin Feng could master it quickly.

"Possessing solely the divine rays from the Grand Sun Primordial Flame is really not enough. If only I possess the incantations to summon the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, then how good would that be."

Licking his lips, Lin Feng's heart was full of regrets. "It would be easy to combine an incantation with a spell's abhijna, but to derive an incantation with an abhijna would be difficult."

"Is that the Grand Sun Primordial Flame? Really? My intuition is not wrong! Give me give it to me!"

Lin Feng was stunned and he took out a ring. From the ring, he could hear the little Taotie Tuntun's panicky voice.

"What do you want now?" Lin Feng's consciousness entered the ring and he stared at Tuntun, who was leaning against the bars of the Light Prison, her eyes green with envy.

Tuntun said loudly, "Just now, I felt the powers of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame but I dared not confirm it. Now that I'm closer, I can confirm that it's the Grand Sun Primordial Flame."

Lin Feng's mouth twitched. "So what? Even if it's the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, it belongs to me." Tuntun slapped the bars, her face full of desire, and said, "Give me, give me, please. This kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, give it to me please!"

Lin Feng's heart softened. The glutton, Tuntun, was never picky nor demanding. This was her first time demanding something so strongly, to the extent whereby she was not afraid to appear weak in front of Lin Feng.

"Why do you want the Grand Sun Primordial Flame so badly?"