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 Chapter 124: The Fire Crow Demonic Commander

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Although Li Chenxi and the rest wished that everything that had happened was a dream, but the reality tended to be harsh and cruel.

Lin Feng, who had been looked down by all of them, was indeed the Master of their four heroes.

They were especially unsettled by how the fearsome Xiao Budian was giggling as he went to grab Lin Feng's hand to ask for a prize or reward for his good performance.

This scene destroyed the worldview which they had adopted for a very long time.

A group of cultivators wanted to move forward to express their gratitude but they did not dare to and hence, remained standing at where they were in an awkward fashion.

They had originally wanted to mix around with Xiao Yan and other three to do some form of networking but now no longer possessed the courage to do so.

Lin Feng could not bother to be calculative with them as he grinned towards Yang Qing.

Yang Qing gave off a bitter smile when he realised Lin Feng was looking at him. He stammered, "I....You...No, Revered Cultivator, I totally had no idea..."

Lin Feng smiled in a gentle manner and patted his shoulder, "You biggest problem does not lie in the difficulty in your Qi Training but in your attitude and character."

"Be more confident. Be more brave. And then you will realise the path ahead is wider than you thought."

By now, Yang Qing has regained his composure and he bowed towards Lin Feng with his utmost sincerity. "Thank you Revered Cultivator for your teachings. I will definitely do my best."

Lin Feng looked at the four Aeolus Sect Disciples whom his disciples have taken down before shaking his head in laughter. Following which, he waved his hand and the Black Cloud Flag emitted a dark glow, rolling the dying Fire Crow Young Master up.

"You actually remembered me?!" The Fire Crow Young Master let out a cry in anguish because he did not expect anyone to still be aware of his existence after his repeated transformations.

What a joke, Gao Fan's objective from the start was the Grand Moon Primordial Water, while killing the Fire Crows was nothing but a decoy.

However, Lin Feng was only focused on the Fire Crow Young Master right from the beginning.

More accurately, he was in control of all the intelligence regarding Mount Yujing.

With regards to the Grand Moon Primordial Water, Lin Feng let out a sigh. He would not kill everyone just to locate the water like Qin Tao and the rest.

In addition, with his current Qi Level, he was not confident of taming the Primordial Water. However, Lin Feng was aware that if he could progress to the Aurous Core Stage, he could indeed temporarily seal the Primordial Water with his Heavenly Cage Mantra.

"We can only call it a day. Who knows who will be the lucky winner that has the Primordial Water in his body." Lin Feng smiled. "Let's go."

He threw the Black Cloud Flag into the air and, together with his disciples, flew off.

Before that, Lin Feng turned his head around and looked at Yang QIng before saying, "Yang Qing, my little friend, we will meet when fate allows."

Yang Qing bowed again, "I have learnt much from Revered Cultivator. I really hope to be able to meet Revered Cultivator again."

He stood up again to send Lin Feng and the rest off with his eyes till they vanished from the edge of the skies.

Yang Qing thought to himself. When will I be able to fight off strong enemies with ease like the disciples of the Revered Cultivator? The youth who was riding the Feilian beast was only at the Qi Disciple Level 5...

Yang Qing sighed before turning around to a shock.

A group of people were surrounding him from the back with multiple pairs of eyes staring at him.

They laughed in an uneasy manner, "Senior Yang, You and that cultivator...Erm, the Revered Cultivator, seemed to be getting along well eh."

"Senior Yang indeed possesses the best foresight. He could tell that the Revered Cultivator wasn't a nobody right from the start."

While the rest took their turn to heap praises on Yang Qing, Li Chenxi also looked at Yang Qing before saying, "Junior Yang, you have indeed kept your tricks up your sleeves well. Do you know of the background of that Revered Cultivator? I have never seen them before though. Is he a cultivator from Mount Kunlun?"

Yang Qing did not know whether to cry or to laugh as he was surrounded by their questioning.

He might be gentle and weak but Yang Qing was not a stupid man. How could he not know what the rest of them were driving at?

Lin Feng might not have displayed his skills and Qi Level but being able to train such brilliant disciples like Xiao Yan gave off clues of his own abilities.

Of course, if we were really picky about the analysis of the abilities of Xiao Yan and the rest, they are only at the initial stages of the Foundation Establishment Stages.

But the potential and abilities that they had displayed have really changed all impressions of them. The skills and spells that they possessed at such a tender age as well as their control over the battle with opponents that were superior to them have really given the rest much food for thought.

If they were to continue along this progression in a speedy manner, who knew what they could become in the future?

In fact, they might soon attain heights that normal beings would never be able to in no time.

Everyone present belonged to all the little Sects and Clans of Mount Kunlun. Their strongest Elders in their respective Sects and Clans were only at the Aurous Core Stage. They were nothing compared to the Nascent Soul Stage Elders in the more reputable Sects.

This was the exact reason why they kept trying to bootlick Gao Fan. It was not because of Gao Fan's abilities but rather because of his background in Aeolus Sect, which was one of the few powerful sects in Mount Kunlun.

Looking at how Yang Qing managed to establish contact with the mysterious Lin Feng, Li Chenxi and the rest were definitely envious. Some were even jealous.

Yang Qing only felt that everything was absurd and cannot help but replied, "I am also unaware where the Revered Cultivator resides."

Li Chen Xi was obviously unhappy with his reply, "Junior Yang, I know you are holding a grudge from my lack of courtesy earlier. I have already apologized. But do you really have to harp over such a minor thing?"

The others were also unhappy about this, "Hey, I know you have gotten on good terms with the Revered Cultivator. But how could you just leave your fellow peers behind like this? I did not know that you are such a selfish man."

"Forget about it. Who knows if he really is such a man? Once he has found someone that he can rely and depend on, he might just forget about the people that he used to know."

"I just don't get it. He is just a coward. Why would the Revered Cultivator even want to mix around with someone like him?"

Yang Qing blushed and kept quiet. He was never adept in the art of debating and continued to let them express their frustration.

"I..." Just as Yang Qing was about to say something, his expression suddenly changed as he gazed at a distance in the sky.

Li Chenxi and the three other cultivators who were at the initial stages of the Foundation Establishment Stage were injured but they too followed the direction that Yang Qing was looking.

The clouds at the edge of the sky rolled open to reveal a single red cloud that was looming towards the crowd, releasing a frightening aura across the entire place.

"Aurous Core Stage!"

Li Chenxi furrowed her brows at her estimation of the abilities of whoever and whatever was in the cloud. When the red cloud neared them, everyone's expression changed astoundingly

At the centre of the cloud was a seven metres long gigantic fire crow with a wingspan of up to 35 metres.

A demon at the Aurous Core Stage was usually known as a Demonic Commander. And right in front of Yang Qing and the rest was a Fire Crow Demonic Commander.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander was situated in mid-air as tide and tides of heat waves swept to the ground, leaving Yang Qing and the rest out of breath.

"Where is the Young Master of my clan?" The Fire Crow Demonic Commander suddenly spoke in human tongue with its screeching voice. "Did you humans injure the Young Master of my Clan?"

An idea occurred to Li Chenxi as she exclaimed in her loudest voice, "It is the white robed cultivator! He captured the Fire Crow Young Master."

"What?" The Fire Crow Demonic Commander was enraged. The tremors from his powerful mana shook the souls of everyone present, resulting in them falling onto the ground.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander glared at Li Chenxi with its red beady eyes and questioned her, "Speak! Where are they?"

Li Chenxi struggled as she pointed at Yang Qing, "That cultivator has left already. But this man knows where they had gone."

"Me? I do not know..." Yang Qing was stunned and just when he was about to defend himself, he was cut off by Li Chenxi. "This issue is none of our business. As long as you bring this man with you, you will definitely be able to locate the white robed cultivator."

Yang Qing felt a chill from within his body as he finally experienced how cold and cruel the world could be. He noticed how the people around him started to take a step back, leaving him in the center of the spotlight.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander which was in mid-air screeched, "Alright, human, lead the way!"

Just when Li Chenxi was about to heave a sigh of relief, the Fire Crow Demonic Commander continued on, "As for the rest of you, it seems like you are no longer of any use."

Cruelty flashed across its pair of beady eyes as it continued, "Go to hell then!"

As it finished its words, it flapped its wings and endless flames engulfed Li Chenxi and the rest.

"Noooo!" Li Chenxi screamed as she attempted to use her flying sword to parry its blow but was turned into ashes in no time by the sea of fire.

Amidst the eerie laughter of the Fire Crow Demonic Commander, everyone besides Yang Qing were also engulfed in flames by the sea of fire, as they howled till their deaths.

Yang Qing was caught in a daze as he witnessed and heard the last few screams of pain from his companions. His heart felt as though it was gripped by someone, as cold sweat broke out profusely, leaving him gripped in endless fear.

"Come on be brave! Be brave!"

Yang Qing loosened the grip on his fist before tightening it again. He gave off a howl as he brought his hands together before forming a symbol with them.

The mana in him surged like river which has broken free from a dam. Yes, that is the secret technique from his sect, the only technique which Yang Qing managed to master. Flash Flood Mantra!

The Flash Flood Mantra immediately drained Yang Qing of all his mana, as it called upon a water dragon that headed straight for the Fire Crow Demonic Commander.

Initially, the Fire Crow Demonic Commander could not be bothered with his attack because he was merely a cultivator at the Qi Training Stage. No matter how much he tried to unleash his potential, the attacks would pose no threat to it.

However, just when the water dragon was released, a green light flashed in the body of the water dragon.

The green flash was like a masterstroke as it gave the water dragon life!

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander immediately felt uneasy as it screeched, "Is this...the Grand Moon Primordial Water?!" Right now, he no longer dared to treat this lightly as the fire on it body became larger as it came into collision with the water dragon.

However, Yang Qing's level is still too low as the water dragon which he has summoned with all his strength and might was still destroyed in a single blow by the Fire Crow Demonic Commander.

The huge recoil threw Yang Qing back and he fell heavily into a stream with fast current, that was flowing into the mountain. He sank straight to the bottom of the river and disappeared from sight.

Because it was just a small volume of a normal mountain river as compared to its powers, the Fire Crow Demonic Commander was ready to evaporate all the water.

But the moment Yang Qing sank into the water, the entire stream turned into jade green.

The Fire Crow Demonic Commander muttered coldly, "Consider yourself lucky." It nevertheless did not dare to pursue him, as it spreaded its wings and flew towards the depth of Mount Kunlun.

"Whoever you are, get ready to die for capturing our Young Master! I will not wait for the King to make his move before I burn you into ashes!"