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 Chapter 123: This Must be a Dream!

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Gao Fan, who had been lying on the ground like a dead dog, suddenly shot up and dashed towards Wang Lin.

Gao Fan right now had a face contorted in pain as well as a pair of bloody eyes, no longer bearing any resemblance to the charismatic and suave Senior Gao.

Despite being in immense pain, Gao Fan was still alert and rational to a certain extent as he accurately chose Wang Lin, the weakest among the four, as the possible opening from where he could escape.

Yang Qing was shocked and he shouted, "Watch out!"

Gao Fan might be seriously injured but at the end of the day, he was still a cultivator in the mid-term stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage. Wang Lin, who was only a cultivator of Qi Disciple Level 5, would never stand a chance against him.

Gao Fan obviously followed this train of thought as he lunged towards Wang Lin. In the meantime, he shouted authoritatively, "Feilian, assist me in killing this brat!"

He has already recognised that the Feilian carrying Wang Lin was the exact same beast which his cousin Gao Long had acquired from Aeolus Sect.

Normally, Gao Fan would not even have looked at this Feilian in the eye. If it dared to block his way, he would have simply killed this beast.

However, with his current injury condition, he could utilise less than half of his mana and abilities. Therefore, he had put his hopes on the Feilian to resist against Wang Lin and to assist him to escape from death.

Wang Lin heard Gao Fan's shoutings but remained calm and lowered his head to look at the Feilian he was riding on.

The wind beast Feilian heard Gao Fan's orders but could not be bothered with them. Its pair of eyes was stealing glances at the calm and composed Lin Feng who was in the valley.

Lin Feng smiled back at the Feilian, leaving it in shudders.

Feilian turned its head around and swept its glance over Gao Fan, revealing an expression that was very human.

Everyone over there could clearly tell what the expression meant.

It was a clear disregard for Gao Fan.

"Do you think I am an idiot? If I were to help you, I would be dead for sure." Feilian could not be bothered with Gao Fan, as it continued to steal glances at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was very satisfied with its performance and nodded his head in the direction of the Feilian, leaving it in relief and happiness.

Feilian's changes in expressions was visible to everyone, including Gao Fan. This made Gao Fan's blood boil as he never expected himself, a prodigy, to be looked down by a beast.

"Dumb creature!" Gao Fan was boiling mad. He could not be bothered with whether he was severely injured as he pushed on and tried to force out his mana.

"Tornado Cut!"

Under the impact of the movement of mana in his body, the wound in his anus and butt area splitted open once again, resulting in the spurting of blood out from his ass, leaving Gao Fan in pain again.

However, he pressed on and completed the spell as two pillars of tornadoes swept towards Wang Lin and Feilian. The two tornadoes collided with one another to form a single large wind blade that was slicing its way towards Wang Lin.

Because of his injury, Gao Fan's Tornado Cut was very much weakened and was incomparable to the one he casted during his battle with the Fire Crow Young Master. However, its power is still more than enough to take down Wang Lin who was still only at the Qi Training Stage.

Wang Lin's eyes flashed and he knew that at his current level, he could only use the Celestial Finger of Styx once.

If he were to use the Finger of Samsara, he might be able to parry Gao Fan's Tornado Cut but then he would no longer possess the power to defend himself.

Wang Lin patted the head of Feilian and laughed, "Now it's your showtime. Master will be looking at your performance."

Among Lin Feng's disciples, Wang Lin is currently the weakest and therefore, Lin Feng had given Wang Lin the Feilian to protect him.

Feilian trembled a bit before regaining its focus then letting a thunderous howl.

Two pillars of tornado appeared in front of the Feilian, as they sped forward, forming a gigantic wind blade that was more than ten metres tall as they collided with one another.

Quite apparently, this wind beast had also just used the Tornado Cut technique, just as how Gao Fan had just did.

The only difference was that its Tornado Cut was much more powerful that Gao Fan's

In front of Gao Fan's red eyes, Feilian's Tornado Cut shattered his Tornado Cut.

"You disloyal beast! One day, I will ripped out your tendons and skin!"

Gao Fan was so angry that he just let out his reprimand. But then halfway through his scolding, his voice was suddenly cut off.

Wang Lin who was sitting on the Feilian, looked at Gao Fan with a cold stare that was devoid of any feelings.

Wang Lin extended his right hand as he pointed at Gao Fan before exclaiming, "Celestial Finger of Styx, silence!"

Black swirly gases that characterized the space of death rose from the ground under Gao Fan's feet in an insidious manner and enclosed him within.

Gao Fan's Aurous Core Stage apparatus, the Windflow Magic Robe was already damaged by the Grand Sun Primordial Fire and could not offer any substantial protection right now.

Endless death gases attacked and corroded the severely injured body of Gao Fan in a fervent manner. The colour on Gao Fan's face was drained as death appeared to be imminent. Gao Fan could only push on and tried to use his mana to resist but the injured him simply did not possess enough power to break free from this death space.

Yang Qing, Li Chenxi and the rest were utterly shocked at this sight, feeling that whatever was happening in front of them was upsetting and changed whatever preconceived ideas they had about duels.

Wang Feng's Celestial Finger of Styx was so sudden and powerful that the rest could not help but to feel a chill down their spines. They questioned themselves if they could actually take on a Celestial Finger of Styx.

Just the mere thought of this left many feeling scared and they dared not to continue pondering on this issue.

But not for long, they were rejoicing as they looked towards Xiao Yan and the other three with admiration.

They were their saviors in this doomed situation, turning the tide and aiding them in their fight for survival. Such changes in circumstances had left everyone excited beyond their control.

"Superiority, this is true superiority!" a male cultivator exclaimed as he looked at Xiao Yan with admiration and respect. "Such a strong and powerful Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier but it was no match for his far superior punch!"

Li Chenxi's eyes were gleaming, "The strength of his fist is actually stronger than my Lightning Strike. What incredible strength."

The other female cultivators swooned at the sight of Zhu Yi. "That was way too cool. He destroyed the opponent's Sand Vortex Technique with so much ease. That is totally not human and too cool."

"Gao Fan is nowhere near them..." A female cultivator could not help but blurt this out, drawing looks of disapproval from other female cultivators. "How could you compare them to Senior Gao?"

However, most of the people were more interested in Xiao Budian. "That is insane, is this little chap even human? At the age of five, he has already attained the Foundation Establishment Stage. Could he be the calf of some Immemorial Beast?"

"What would his potential be if he already possesses such a high mastery of his skills at such a tender age?"

"His future is as bright as it can get! Any prodigy or genius would still be considered a scum when compared to this little chap!"

"Shhhhh! Keep it down! Stop calling him the little chap. If he hears it, we might be in trouble."

The cultivator who was the one talking, quickly covered his mouth. But still, he could not help but heap another praise on how strong Xiao Budian was. His eyes shifted over to Wang Lin, who was still riding on the Feilian. "That guy is no joke either. He might only be in the Qi Training Stage but he took only one move to take Gao Fan down."

"Gao Fan might be severely injured but not every Qi Disciple Level 5 cultivator would be able to take him down."

Suddenly, someone exclaimed, "They have been addressing each other as Senior and Junior. Unless they are all from the same Master?"

Having heard what he said, Li Chenxi thought it through before agreeing, "That must be right. The aura of their mana and the way they cast their spells all direct us to the fact that they must share the same Master."

Looking at Xiao Yan and the other three, a look of admiration and reverence formed on her face as she said, "I wonder who is that legendary master that can educate and train such brilliant disciples?"

"We must not look down on their current Qi Disciple Level because if they were to continue on their growth curves, all of their futures are brighter than the Sun!"

Everyone nodded their heads in unison and agreed.

Lin Feng heard what the rest had said and could not help but smile.

Yang Qing looked back and forth between Lin Feng and the four heroes, as he tried hard to establish some form of link before a revelation struck him. He was so shocked that he was left speechless.

Li Chenxi also noticed Lin Feng's smile and said coldly, "Why are you smiling? Thinking very highly of yourself? You do not have any gift or talent yet you like to boast about it. If not for these four young heroes, you would have been a dead man!"

Lin Feng replied plainly, "That might not be the case."

At this moment, everyone was extremely turned off by Lin Feng's words and behaviour and shouted, "Still trying to talk tough!" "We should teach him a lesson!"

However, because the Xiao Yan and the other three were moving closer to the group, they slowly quietened down.

Li Chenxi quickly tidied herself up and received them in her best possible state. "Thank you for saving us! May I know what your names are and who your Master is..."

Just as she was speaking halfway, she could not continue on with her words. Her eyes were illustrative of how shocked she was as she stared at Xiao Yan and the other three.

What did she see?

She actually saw how the powerful saviours moved in a respectful manner to the front of Lin Feng.

"We, your disciples, greet our Master!"

The four of them went before Lin Feng and bowed down in unison as they greeted their Master.

Even the Feilian followed at their rear and lifted its front hooves before bowing to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and replied, "You guys have delivered an exciting performance for Master. Rise please."

Xiao Yan and the rest continued on with a conversation with Lin Feng but Li Chenxi could no longer follow it because there was only one voice that was on repeat in her head.

"Is this a dream? This must be a dream. This must be a dream! "

She relaxed her neck and looked around to find the rest of the people also equally shocked.

Everyone was also chanting in unison. "This must be a dream!"