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 Chapter 122: That's what I call Justice!

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Lin Feng suddenly had a thought, smiled and kept quiet. What made it even more ridiculous was how he closed his eyes and simply just sat there to rest. His actions immediately angered the already anxious crowd.

"Just when we thought he had some abilities... So he only knew how to talk big..."

"What luck.... Just when I thought we had some chances of surviving..."

"Putting hopes on such a person? You are too dumb!"

Yang Qing moved closer to Lin Feng and whispered, "What is going on?"

Lin Feng let a smile slipped from the corners of his mouth and spoke gently, "Just relax and watch."

Qin Tao watched Lin Feng closely and sneered, "So is my magic strong enough for you? Let me show you what I can do!"

"Who is it that you want to show your powers to?" A voice rang from afar. When the voice started, it sounded as though the speaker was miles away but right before he finished his sentence, the person was already before their eyes.

The look Qin Tao, Li Xiang and Liu Xudong's faces changed instantaneously when they saw a youth donned in black appear on the peak of a mountain not too far off. The youth was chewing onto a stalk, with both his hands resting behind his head, grinning widely and staring at them.

"Master has told us not to go easy on you all." Another bright voice rang across the hills. Another youth who was attired in a green student outfit was standing on another peak. He had a long sword by his side and had a straight back, emanating an aura of righteousness.

On the opposite cliff stood a cute little young boy who was around five to six years old. The young boy smiled and said, "How about we do a one-on-one battle? Third Senior can help us cover the rear." The little boy was a good five to six hundred meters away from Qin Tao and the rest but his clear pre-pubescent voice could be heard by everyone. Everyone was amazed and stunned.

"Foundation Establishment Stage at such a young age? Are you kidding me?"

The three of them were standing at the East, West and North positions respectively.

Then, a beast and a human also appeared on the Southern Peak. The demonic beast was humongous, with a body of a deer, head of a sparrow, horns of a goat and tail of a snake. The entire body of the beast was radiating with a green glow. Qin Tao and his peers were shocked as they exclaimed, "Feilian (Winged Dragon which is the Chinese God of the Wind)!"

On the Feilian's back sat a determined and slim youth, who was no one other than Wang Lin. Hearing what Xiao Budian had said, Wang Lin gave a little smile and replied, "I will patiently wait for each of your successes."

Xiao Yan spat out the stalk in his mouth and smiled at Qin Tao. "Fatty, you are quite haughty and arrogant eh?" Qin Tao scanned the trio before sneering, "Three brats in the initial stages of the Foundation Establishment Stage? How dare you behave in such a way in front of me?"

After hearing that Xiao Yan and the rest were only at the initial stages of the Foundation Establishment Stage, Li Chenxi and the rest once again lost their hopes. The fact they had gone three-on-three but still lost to them despite also being new Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators did not give them much confidence in Xiao Yan and friends. Some of them could not help but complained, "We had an arrogant lunatic just now. Now, we have a few brats who do not know what they are doing."

Qin Tao glared ferociously at Xiao Yan and friends. "Helical Ground Hurricane!" Following Qin Tao's shout, a black hurricane started to form and never stopping spinning. Without waiting for Xiao Yan to retaliate, Xiao Budian quickly leapt off from the peak towards Qin Tao and laughed, "Big Senior, let me have the fatty!"

"Haha! I just cannot do anything about you." Xiao Yan shook his head and smiled. Looking at Zhu Yi, Xiao Yan said, "Second Junior, we should make our move soon."

Zhu Yi smiled, "These fearsome infidels deserve to die here." He withdrew the longsword from its sheath and leapt off the mountain as well.

Liu Xudong sneered, "Little rascal! Let me show you what is the meaning of death!" His bony face trembled, as he brought his palms together and chanted his mantras. His mana surged, calling upon endless gales, which swept up the sand and pebbles, attempting to bury Zhu Yi in it. However, Zhu Yi was very much at peace and he maintained his composure. Watching the sandstorm which Liu Xudong's Sand Vortex Technique has created, Zhu Yi nodded and noted. "So this is actually an illusion. A mirage that confuses our sense of direction, resulting in us expending much energy to try to get out of this sandstorm before being at his mercy."

"Too bad, your illusion is too basic for me. The glow from the fireflies would never be able to compete with the light from the Moon and the Sun." Zhu Yi sheathed his sword onto his back with his right while his left hand performed a hand-sign to call on his spells.

"Dark Mandala Formation open!"

Liu Xudong was about to make his next move but then beams of black light shot up from the ground and enclosed him in a formation which was about a hundred meters diameter. In the eyes of the outsiders, the black light came out from the ground and formed a light hemisphere which was glued to the ground, enclosing Zhu Yi, Liu Xudong and the entire sandstorm. Liu Xudong noticed that the moment he was enclosed in the Dark Mandala Formation his awareness and sensitivity to his surrounding had been disabled.

In a moment of panic, Liu Xudong could only call back his sandstorm to form some sort of defensive armor to protect himself. In the Dark Mandala Formation, Zhu Yi, being the spellcaster, did not have his senses disabled. Seeing that Liu Xudong had recalled the sandstorm for self-protection, Zhu Yi was nonchalant as he used his right hand to draw two strokes with his sword. The Taoist Diagram which he drew called upon the elements of nature. The sharp Qi that was emanating from the tip of his word stripped the sandstorm defense that Liu Xudong had and stabbed Liu Xudong's body.

The darkness faded into the air, revealing Liu Xudong who shrieked in pain and collapsed onto the ground. Zhu Yi gave the tip of his sword a light flick which gave off a crisp ring before he sheaved his sword in a suave manner,

Li Chenxi and the rest had their eyes widened as they took in this shocking and unexpected scene without saying a single word.

On the other side, Xiao Budian continued to giggle as he waved his soft little hands in the air as he faced Qin Tao's Helical Ground Hurricane. Xiao Budian's left hand called upon the most vicious of winds, while his right hand called upon the loudest of thunders. When he combined his palms together, he released a powerful storm which aided both the wind and thunder to grow as they fed on each other. Not belong long, the storm had expanded to unimaginable proportions. Qin Tao's Helical Ground Hurricane was immediately put under pressure by the storm once it came into contact with it as it struggled to match up to the strength of the storm.

Xiao Budian chuckled and added another stroke of lightning into the humongous storm. The storm engulfed and swallowed the Helical Ground Hurricane entirely with its new inject of power. Qin Tao was in utter disbelief as he choked on his words.

In the meantime, Xiao Budian's endless storm, rejuvenated after absorbing the Helical Ground Hurricane, howled as it sped towards Qin Tao. Qin Tao's huge body was directly hit by the endless storm and he flew off like a kite without a string, before landing heavily.

Li Xiang's jaw dropped as he watched his own senior and junior get pulped in a blink of an eye. He turned his focus back onto Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan acknowledged his stare and replied, "It is now our turn."

As he finished his sentence, Xiao Yan's right fist formed an unusual symbol before he threw a punch at Li Xiang's head. Li Xiang gave a loud grunt before calling upon the countless wind blades to form the Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier in front of him.

As of now, he no longer dreamed of defeating the enemy, but only hope that his spells and techniques could protect him against Xiao Yan's blows. This, he believed he ccould do it because a full defense mode Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier was formidable.

"It is impossible to penetrate the Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier!" Li Chenxi gasped as she covered her mouth in disbelief. Her Roar of Thunder could not even breach the defense of the Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier. How could the youth in black hoped to do it with his bare fist?

In the face of Li Xiang's defense-inclined strategy, Xiao Yan laughed it off and continued with his punch. It was then when the vibrations and tremors from the destructive power of his punch started to stack and overpower the Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier as the formidable fortress began to crumble like paper pulp. The countless wind blades only did one thing in the face of the Crash of the Eight Trigrams, which was to shatter. And it was a continuous shattering until the entire barrier shattered.

Li Xiang's jaw dropped as he watched how Xiao Yan's iron fist became bigger and bigger as it neared before coming into contact with his poor face.

Liu Xudong.

Qin Tao.

Li Xiang.

The three core disicples of the Aeolus Sect, all mid-term Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators, were all destroyed and wrecked by Xiao Yan and friends.

Li Chenxi and the rest were now paralyzed by amazement, and they felt that it was a little too overwhelming for their brains to process.

Lin Feng, who had been sitting on the fishing platform in ease from the beginning till the end, finally stood up and smiled, "This is what I call justice." The look on his face suddenly changed as he looked at Gao Fan before a weird smile formed on it.

"Hey, you are quite resistant eh?"

Gao Fan, who was originally lying on the ground like a dead dog, suddenly shot up and fled towards the Southern Peak where Wang Lin was at.