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 Chapter 121: How Important is Justice to You?

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Liu Xudong clasped his hands together and summoned a spell. In that moment, a great gale blew and pebble, dust and sand smothered the sky and blotted out the sun.

From the crowd, shocked cries of "Aeolus Sect's Sand Vortex Technique" could be heard. Other than Li Chenxi, the other two Foundation Establishment stage cultivators looked at each other.

One of them bellowed, "I'll destroy you!" With that, mana began to course through his body and his entire body appeared to have grown bigger. His exposed muscles pulsated vigorously as if they were filled with explosive power. In reality, he was a cultivator who had practiced the Divine Martial Way of the Muscular Body. He charged towards the area engulfed by Liu Xudong's Sand Vortex Technique and in a blur, his vision was clouded by black and yellow as strong winds and granite buffeted his body. "My muscular body is enormous and it can resist his spell. After I get past this sandstorm and get nearer to him, I would be able to hit him with my iron fists even if he were to be in the middle stage of Foundation Establishment." The cultivator set his mind upon this idea and made a beeline for Liu Xudong. However, he quickly discovered that something was amiss. Despite having charged hundreds of meters, he had yet to break through the sandstorm. Soon, he discovered a terrifying reality. Regardless where he turned to, regardless of how far did he advance in a particular direction, he was unable to break through the sandstorm. Regardless of how he tried, he could not exit the sandstorm. However, the power of the wind and sand was increasingly stronger. As it continued to buffet him, his body was reaching its breaking point!

From the outside, he could hear Liu Xudong's laughter. "My Sand Vortex Technique was never meant for offense. However, once you entered my sandstorm, don't expect to leave it alive!"

The other cultivators that had yet to step into the sandstorm turned pale, and one of the cultivators in the squad who had only reached the initial stage of Foundation Establishment, called out, "Don't be too glad! As long as we don't enter into your sandstorm, there's nothing you could do to us." With that, he began to cast his spell. He started to channel all the mana in his body into the ground beneath his feet. The land before this cultivator immediately started to crackle and split and with a great noise the earth and rock began to turn as if there had been an earthquake.

Under the gaze of the crowd, a golem nearly ten meters high with wide shoulders and a thick waist began to emerge from the ground. The golem roared into the sky silently. Though there was no sound, a giant blast of mana shook the souls of every cultivator present. Roaring silently, the golem charged wildly towards Liu Xudong, the rocks that comprised its body trembling from head to toe. With each step it took, it left a deep imprint, which was truly an impressive sight.

Liu Xudong had a skinny and tall physique, but in front of this giant golem, he too appeared extremely small. However, he did not appear impressed nor daunted by the golem, dismissing it with a derisive grunt.

Qin Tao, who had been standing next to Liu Xudong, noticed that he wasn't saying anything and laughed, "This shall be my foe then." With that, a black cyclone appeared before him and swirled incessantly around him. Qin Tao's fat face trembled ceaselessly, and smiled cunningly, "My Helical Ground Hurricane isn't convoluted like Li Xiang's or Liu Xudong's. You will feel it directly!"

A black dragon emerged from the black cyclone and roared towards the golem. While flying, the black cyclone twisted violently and formed a circular shape while advancing. From its frontal extremity, a powerful, fearsome and all penetrating gulf of energy emerged. Qin Tao's Helical Ground Hurricane Spell smashed onto the golem's head like a drill and circled endlessly, before eventually entering into it. In that moment, the golem disintegrated immediately. The ten meters high golem collapsed in that instant and was reduced to a bunch of debris.

The cultivator who was operating the golem let out a pitiful wail as he felt a splitting headache. He dropped to his knees. The Helical Ground Hurricane did not attack him directly, but in that instant, it destroyed the mana that was imbued in the golem. This destroyed his spell, and as mana was derived from one's soul this move hurt his soul too.

Yang Qing, Li Chenxi and the rest of the cultivators' face turned pale. It might be one's advancement in cultivation, or the power of one's spells, but they were completely defeated at all fronts.

The fearful Chenxi gritting her teeth as she took a small black ball from her storage bag and hurled it towards Li Xiang's Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier.

Yang Qing's eyes sparkled, "The Roar of Thunder?"

The Roar of Thunder was a one-use expendable spell item that produced thunderous light to strike one's enemies.

The rest began to feel hopeful again, as they felt that as long as they could break Li Xiang's Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier they would be able to create a hole from which they could escape. The Roar of Thunder struck the Thousand Wind-Feather Scale Wall and created an explosion of thunderous light. The roaring thunder struck at the Thousand Wind Feather-Scale, causing it to wobble perilously as if it was about to collapse.

However, before Li Chenxi and her group could smile, something despairing happened.

Li Xiang laughed coldly, and he changed his incantations. The Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier turned into tens of thousands of wind knives. In the instant of the explosion, the entire sky is filled with flying wind knives that cut the thunderous light into tiny pieces! Before that, the Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier was used for defensive purposes. In that instant, Li Xiang finally revealed his true powers as he transited from defense to offense. Wind knives that enveloped the heaven and earth obscured everyone's field of vision, turning into a tempest of death that attacked every inch of exposed flesh of the crowd. Li Chenxi was one of their first victim. Her body toppled to the ground with countless streaks of blood all over. The other cultivators tried desperately to resist the slashing and dashing of the wind knives. Those with a lower level of mastery were immediately diced to pieces by the wind knives. It was a truly horrific scene.

Finally, the onslaught of the wind knives ended. All that were present ended in a sorry state, with wounds all over their bodies.

At that moment, Liu Xudong laughed loudly. A figure flew out from the midst of the Sand Vortex Technique. It was the cultivator that had charged into it earlier on. While he was still alive, his body was now filled with tiny holes and wounds as he was mercilessly buffeted by the sandstorm. It was a horrible sight. The three strongest Foundation Establishment stage cultivators from that side were all heavily injured and had lost all ability to resist. In everyone's heart, despair loomed.

Someone shouted, "This is the northern foot of Mount Kunlun. You disciples from the Aeolus Sect came here to massacre us. Do you think that amongst the many sects that reside here, no one would come and seek justice for us?"

Qin Tao and his two companions looked at each other, before simultaneously breaking out into a raucous laugh.

"Justice?" Qin Tao raised his hands and smiled deviously. "Do you believe that anyone here would be able to leave this place alive to spread the news? You want justice? Fine, I'll give it to you. My pair of fists and my powers are justice!" With that, Qin Tao clasped his hands together and conjured another swirling black cyclone by his side.

"If one's mastery of spells and mana is justice. Then, your sense of justice is nowhere near enough."

In that moment, a calm and quiet voice cut short Qin Tao's laughter.

Qin Tao swept the crowd with his glare while Li Xiang and Liu Xudong also turned their gaze coldly towards the source of the voice. Everyone, including the heavily injured Li Chenxi, and even the listless Gao Fan and the Fire Crow Young Master, turned their gaze towards the young person sitting cross-legged under a tree.

Lin Feng's expression was calm as he sat there quietly. He had no intention of getting up. Qin Tao took a deep breath without revealing any emotion on his fat face. "Oh? Then according to you, what will be considered as enough?"

Lin Feng smiled serenely, and said, "For example, like me."

Li Chenxi shouted, "You little scoundrel, coming to play the hero at this point in time. Do you really want to die that badly?" The crowd finally reacted, and they looked at Lin Feng as if he was a madman.

"During the battle with the fire crow, he hid at the back. Now, what does he want? If you want to play the hero this really isn't how you go about doing it."

"Shh, be quiet. With him to distract their attention, isn't that a good thing? For all you know, once the three murderers are distracted, we would be able to escape."

"You are right. He could finally make a contribution in his own way like this."

Regardless of what the crowd was saying, Lin Feng's expression remained calmly serene as he sat quietly cross-legged under the tree.

Qin Tao laughed coldly, "Braggart! I will put you to the test to see what right do you have to sit here and make a fool out of us!"

Lin Feng was just about to say something, but he suddenly decided against it. He smiled slightly and decided to keep his mouth shut. Not only did he choose not to say anything, Lin Feng even decided to close his eyes while sitting there, as if he was resting.

The crowd went berserk.

"What is he doing? Shutting his eyes to await death?"