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 Chapter 120: Where did the Primordial Water go?

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Gao Fan had his anus burst by the jet stream of water, leaving traces of fresh blood in the air.

A flash of green light rushed out of his anus but as soon as it did, it transformed into a green colored shower of rain and splattered all over the rest of the people.

"Disgusting!" Lin Feng muttered as he avoided the flash of green light. He watched how the green light disappeared quickly after landing on the rest of the people. Lin Feng suddenly hit on an idea. The Grand Moon Primordial Water might have breached the Great Furnace of the Commons but it has definitely been turned into an essence of a smaller volume by Gao Fan's refining.

The Grand Moon Primordial Water possesses sagacity; after breaching the Great Furnace of the Commons, it will naturally hope to rest in a human body. A large part of the green light earlier was probably a cover-up. Only a small part of it contained the essence of the Grand Moon Primordial Water.

Lin Feng's eyes swept around as he wondered who would be the lucky guy to be in possession of the Grand Moon Primordial Water. Unfortunately, a hibernating Grand Moon Primordial Water would not no longer be drawn into action by the Grand Sun Primordial Fire. It probably thought, "Who the fu*k will care about you? I need to sleep right now." That must be the current state of the Grand Moon Primordial Water.

Apparently, Gao Fan is also aware of this. Thus, despite being lying in pain from the rear, he tried his best to raise up his head and stared hard at the rest with his newly green eyes. The rest regained their calm and looked at each other before they started cheering.

"Great! Gao Fan's demonic spells has backfired on him!"

"So haughty of him! Serve him right for trying to force out a spell which he cannot control!"

"How dare he continue to glare at us with such viciousness! I swear I will dig his eyeballs out!"

"Gao Fan, now do you understand the saying, the wages of sin is death?"

"Punch him to death! There is no difference between his actions and those of a monster!"

The Great Furnace of the Commons Spell was interrupted by Lin Feng before it was completely casted, and hence resulted in the explosion of the furnace into bits and pieces. All the previously absorbed blood and essence were also automatically returned to their respective owners. The shaken crowd started to become infuriated after they have regained their energy and spirits.

Yang Qing was unsure of what to do as he looked at the increasingly rowdy group of people.

"A bunch of dumb fu*ks who do not know what they have gotten themselves into." Lin Feng smiled and muttered as he spoke whatever that was in his mind. Yang Qing was shocked at what he had heard and turned to look at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and replied, "They are here."

Just when he finished speaking, three powerful fluctuations of mana could be detected in the vicinity. "Gao Fan, how did you get yourself into this sorry state?" A loud voice rang just like a loud gale, silencing the ruckus that the crowd was making.

Lin Feng looked into the distance and saw a young cultivator that was dressed in a green robe standing on a cliff. The young cultivator had a cynical smile over his face as he gloated at the defeated and humiliated Gao Fan. Gao Fan trembled but remained silent.

"My dear Senior Gao, how did you end up in this state? Hahaha!" On a neighboring cliff, a fatty who was also wearing a green robe looked at Gao Fan and laughed.

Another skinny cultivator who was also robed in green perched on the opposite cliff as he gloated at Gao Fan. "Gao Fan, I never knew you had such sexual inclinations. However, your partner seemed to have been too violent! Hahaha!"

The three of them formed the Chinese Character Pin (, each of the squares represents one of the cultivators), as they each stood on different cliffs, insidiously surrounding everyone as they gloated and smirked at Gao Fan. However, the rest could not muster a smile because these three cultivators were the core and direct disciples of the Aeolus Sect, Gao Fan's direct seniors and juniors. Most importantly, the three of them, just like Gao Fan, were also Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators.

Gao Fan gnashed his teeth in anger as he said, "Qin Tao! Liu Xudong! Li Xiang!"

The fatty, Qin Tao laughed at Gao Fan, "Among the seniors and juniors in our generation, I have very few people whom I admire and respect. However, looking at you right now, I have to say that I cannot respect you more. Learning and mastering the ancient magic spells and coming close to taming the Grand Moon Primordial Water. How scheming of you!" Gao Fan was disheartened as he does not share a good relationship with these three.

Originally, when it comes to one-on-one combat, none of the three is his match. Even if they gang up against him, Gao Fan could rely on his Aurous Core Stage item to strain a complete retreat.

But right now, Gao Fan was severely injured, and cannot even muster up to one-tenth of his original powers. To Gao Fan, facing the three of them was like being a fish on the slicing board, his fate is no longer in his hand. Although the pain in his ass was so painful that he almost fainted, Gao Fan tried to gather his wits as he calculated the potential gains and losses.

"What do you all want?" Gao Fan painstakingly asked. Qin Tao and the rest looked at each other and laughed heartily. The walking bamboo, Liu Xudong smiled and replied, "Stop acting dumb, Gao Fan, you know what we want!" "If you are in so much pain that it has affected the clarity in your thoughts, we can wake you up."

After keeping silent for a short moment, Gao Fan said softly, "Alright, I will tell you all about the secret location of the Kunpeng (a mythical creature likened to the Roc). However, it will only be after a few years before that place would be opened up. Even our Nascent Soul Stage Founder will not be able to overcome the restrictions at the perimeters of the location."

Lin Feng, who has been sitting down quietly, became alert to whatever they have been talking about.

Kunpeng, according to legend is at the same level with the Taotie, Dragon and Phoenix as the Immemorial Mythical Creatures. The Kunpeng can transform into both a fish and a bird. When it takes the form of a fish, its size is equivalent to a huge island in the middle of an ocean. When it takes the form of a bird, with a single flap of its wings, it can easily travel thousands of miles. The hidden treasure left by the Kunpeng, even if it is not of the purest breed, will still be fairly remarkable and attractive.

Liu Xudong smiled and replied, "We already know of these. If not why would you still be hanging around. You would have went for the treasure hunting long time ago." The quiet Li Xiang suddenly opened his mouth and exclaimed, "This is insufficient to trade for your life!"

Gao Fan's face turned dark and he sighed before slowly replying, "The Grand Moon Primordial Water is still here. It has yet to return to the underground." After his words, Qin Tao, Li Xiang and Liu Xudong's eyes lit up.

Gao Fan raised his hand in pain and pointed towards Lin Feng and the rest. "The essence of the Primordial Water is hidden among these people. It is resting in their body but I am not sure in whose body. You all will have to look for it on your own."

The fatty Qin Tao laughed heartily as the fats around his cheeks wobbled up and down. "This is simple. Just kill all of them!"

Li Chenxi and the rest were utterly shocked and feelings of unjust arose. "Let's go all out against them!" Li Chenxi delicately exclaimed. The other two cultivators who were in the initial stages of the Foundation Establishment Stage also decided that they would join in the fight for survival. At this point of time, rather than sit and wait for their deaths, it would be indeed be preferable to try and fight to escape. Under the lead of the three Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators, the rest of the cultivators also followed suit as they tried to bash a way out for their survival.

Yang Qing opened his mouth but still chose to keep quiet in the end. He had originally wanted to join the group in their battle for survival but found his own legs rooted to the ground. Lin Feng remain cross-legged on the ground as he smiled and Yang Qing. "It has come to this stage where fighting would give you a chance of survival that inaction doesn't. What are you still scared of?"

Yang Qing gave a smile that looked worst than a crying face.

"You two pussies, why are you still sitting there? Waiting for your death?" Li Chenxi turned her head around and stared at them angrily before scolding them. Lin Feng looked as though nothing had happened before smiling and pointing at the front. "Watch out."

"Huh?" Li Chenxi paused before she quickly turned her head around. She had almost knocked herself into a wall made from wind. This wall of wind is different from the normal one as it is made from the overlapping and stacking of countless sharp wind blades, forming a barrier of death, stopping Li Chenxi and the rest.

"Aeolus Sect Secret Technique: Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier!"

Li Xiang kept both of his hands behind as he looked haughtily at Li Chenxi and her group of people. "Let me give you all a chance to attack."

Li Chenxi flared and shouted back, "Let us see what you are made of!" Using her slender fingers to make a waving motion, a bright flash coming from a sword's reflection flashed across the sky as it landed on Li Xiang's Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier. The friction between the countless wind blades that were revolving within the Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier and Li Chenxi's flying sword was deafening.

Li Chenxi's face soon turned pale as her sword faced increasing pressure and stress from the Aeolus Sect Secret Technique because she was already one with the sword.

The fatty Qin Tao laughed, "Li Xiang, your mastery of the Thousand Feather Wind Scale Barrier has improved again." But then his laughter soon turned cold as he looked towards Liu Xudong who was on the other side.

"Xudong, let's begin as well. Else Li Xiang is going to steal all the limelight."

"Exactly."Liu Xudong brought his bony hands in front of his chest as he began to chant his spell mantras.