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 Chapter 119: I Really Didn't Mean It...

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Red light whirled around Gao Fan's body and mixed with the furnace that was created from the blood of the masses. He inhaled the Grand Moon Primordial Water. Yang Qing gazed at Gao Fan with a look of amazement, and shouted "Fireproof elixir! They are the fireproof elixirs!"

Gao Fan smiled, "Yang Qing, I have been saying, actually you are not stupid, just a little weak". The fireproof elixirs that Gao Fan fed to the people were refined from The Great Furnace of the Commons. Through these pills, Gao Fan did a ritual, absorbed the vitality of the masses, as the fuel for the Great Furnace of the Commons, in order for him to control the Grand Moon Primordial Water. The commotion started to arise among the people. Senior Gao, who was strong and approachable and who people rely on usually, had a different look, causing everyone to feel lost.

"Senior Gao, what do you exactly want to do?" Li Chenxi asked in a trembling tone. She had never thought that Gao Fan would become so remote one day. Perhaps, she had never known him fully?

Gao Fan broke into a smile. Although it was a fierce battle, Gao Fan who was dressed in a clean white robe, cruised through the winds and still looked energetic. In fact, he was inexplicably unrestrained. His smile still looked amiable, kind and gentle. Gao Fan looked at the people and said smilingly, "Just like I had said before, I wasn't being humble, but I really want to thank all of you. Without your help, I would never have been able to control the Grand Moon Primordial Water."

His head rose and marveled, "Oh Grand Moon Primordial Water, this is the one of the six primordial water in the Heavens and Earth. The energy is really extraordinary." With this Grand Moon Primordial Water, Gao Fan believed that he could become a legend. He was no longer a potential newbie, nor a rising star, but truly a legend and an authoritative figure!

Facing the shocked and furious looks on Li Chenxi and the people, Gao Fan nodded his head slightly and said in an amiable smiling tone, "I know all of you might not be able to fully understand, nor be able to accept, but if you all could still possess some form of awareness after your deaths, you all will know eventually that your sacrifice was meaningful, because you witnessed the birth of a legend."

Yang Qing's face turned red with anger as he clenched and released his fist over and over again. Lin Feng looked at him and said, "What do you want to do?" Yang Qing bit his lips and said in a low voice, "I... actually I still know a type of spell, it is the forbidden Flash Flood Mantra of our Sect. Once the Flash Flood Mantra is used, it will unleash all my mana in an instant, just like the eruption of a mountain torrent. Yang Qing had a hesitant look when he said this, "But when we use this spell, it would harm our body greatly. Now that I am hit by Senior Gao's...Gao Fan's witchcraft, I don't know if I can still use the spell."

Lin Feng shook his head and said smilingly, "This kind of potentially explosive spell usually harms the self before it harms the opponent. With your current physical status, you would be consumed by the spell even before unleashing it." Yang Qing went pale, "I... I..." Lin Feng patted his shoulders, "Be calm, there is no need for that". Just then, Gao Fan looked in the direction of Lin Feng, "I guessed Gao Long died in your hands? Or at least his death had something to do with you?" Lin Feng was calm and laughed, "You want to avenge him?" "Of course..." Gao Fan laughed a little, "Of course not!" He shook his head, "That rash and arrogant fool, who relied on his Master's love, what else could he do besides getting into trouble? I had to clear up after him, I really thank you for killing him, saving me a lot of trouble."

Yang Qing, Li Chenxi and the rest trembled with fear as they began to comprehend the meaning of Gao Fan's words. If Gao Long had not died, he would have been dead in Gao Fan's hands one day. How could someone be so cruel and twisted? The Great Furnace of the Commons Spell was witchcraft and it sacrificed the blood and soul of the people. Gao Fan had practiced it for a long time behind closed doors. If someone were to know about this, it would definitely have created a public outrage. These people at the scene knew about his secret, and that was why he had to silence them no matter what.

Gao Fan smiled, "Relax, I will not let you all feel pain". Even until this moment, Gao Fan still had an elegant demeanor. His voice was soft and made people felt pleasant.

"Take care of yourself first", Lin Feng thought to himself, and used the Heavenly Cage Mantra, which sealed the demonic seeds that were creating havoc within his own body. This immediately cut off the passageway which Gao Fan drew Lin Feng's vitality from. Following which, Lin Feng stretched out his right hand and swung it down lightly like an executioner's blade. It seemed to cut through something.

Gao Fan's body who was still in mid-air shook vehemently. He was shocked and looked down, to a scene that dumbfounded him. There seemed to be an invisible barrier that stopped the connection in mid-air which connected the red thread between the masses and Gao Fan. That barrier was invisible and without substance, as it floated in the mid-air.

But there were ten plus red threads that snapped silently and vanished.

"Who did this?" Gao Fan opened his eyes widely, his face no longer had the look of calmness. His first reaction was to kill the opponent and destroy all forms of interference. But shortly after, he discovered something that terrified him more. After losing part of the vitality supply from The Great Furnace of the Commons, his power was greatly reduced and he was losing control of the Grand Moon Primordial Water in the furnace. The Grand Moon Primordial Water started to wreak havoc in Gao Fan's body, waiting to break the seal and escape. Gao Fan was greatly shaken, and immediately attempted to reinforce The Great Furnace of the Commons Technique, but unfortunately, the mana was not sufficient.

The furnace was already turbulent, and some spots became weak. The Grand Moon Primordial Water was spiritual in nature and had an intellect of its own. Naturally, it attacked the weaker spots of the furnace. Lin Feng looked at the few dozens of red thread on Gao Fan's body, and secretly frowned, "The new spell was not perfect yet. It had only snapped one-quarter of Lin Feng's red thread..."

"Oh wait, what is the expression on his face now?" Lin Feng looked at Gao Fan with a look of surprise and saw that the Senior Gao who had always been charismatic, frowned deeply and was totally red-faced with beads of sweat running down his cheeks. Whatever gracefulness and elegance that he had were gone and the veins at the back of his head broke out.

"Why does he have a look of constipation?" Lin Feng was rolling his eyes, looking amazed. If Gao Fan knew what Lin Feng was thinking at this moment, he would definitely have vomited blood profusely. Lin Feng knew that Gao Fan was not constipated, but enduring the force from the Grand Moon Primordial Water on his private part of the body. It was also a coincidence that the red threads which were severed by Lin Feng were all connected to the base of The Great Furnace of the Commons.

Now that the furnace had lost the mana and vitality supplied by these red threads, the bottom of the furnace became weaker and became the breaching point for Grand Moon Primordial Water. Because Gao Fan's body was merged with the Great Furnace of the Commons, the top of the furnace was akin to his head and the body of the furnace was similar to his body. The base of the furnace was not Gao Fan's soles though because his limbs were like the four pillars of the furnace, and the bottom of the furnace was...the spot between his buttocks. Gao Fan struggled to channel the other red threads to supply the required vitality to the weak spot at the furnace base. But the Great Furnace of the Commons Spell had its own rules. Wherever the red thread began connected to, the vitality and mana would be transported there. Any shifting or circulation would not be possible.

"No, no.... No! Please don't!" Gao Fan had never been so frightened, and never been so hateful about the Great Furnace of the Commons Technique. He had used all the mana within his body to fill up the furnace base, but the technique was a system on its own which was not something that Gao Fan's Aeolus Sect's mana could replace.


The Grand Moon Primordial Water gushed into Gao Fan's body and focused its attack towards the base of the furnace!

"No!" Gao Fan, who was mid-air, gave out an excruciating cry but it didn't sound like that of a normal human being. The people at the scene were all dumbfounded and gazed at Gao Fan who was in the mid-air. They saw how his buttocks ruptured suddenly and how the blood splattered through the sky as he cried miserably. After his intense cry, Gao Fan's voice stopped suddenly, as if someone had used a knife to cut it, leaving a trail of the remnants of the sound vibrating through the air.

It was not that Gao Fan no longer hurt, but the exact opposite where he had experienced the most excruciating pain ever, hurting him to a point where he could only sniff in cold air and unable to let out any voice. Gao Fan could not control his body anymore, and fell from mid-air like a piece of broken sack and landed on the ground with a loud thud, stirring up dust and dirt. These dust and dirt mixed with the blood and Gao Fan lost his charismatic elegance immediately.Seeing how he laid on the ground twitching in pain miserably, the people at the scene could almost feel a similar tightness and pain in their anus...

Lin Feng was also looking blankly at the scene which unfolded in front of him, "It's amazing how I can feel the pain just from looking at him!" Lin Feng swore to the Heavens that he had only intended to destroy Gao Fan's Great Furnace of the Commons. Not his ass.

"I really didn't mean it..."