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 Chapter 118: The Great Furnace of the Commons Technique

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The mountains trembled as their peaks split and shattered. A green stream of jade water rose from within the cracks, shooting straight into the sky.

The Fire Crow Young Master stared blankly at the magnificent sight, his face paling in an instant. "Could it be. The Grand Moon Primordial Water? Was it hidden beneath this ground the whole time?"

The Grand Moon Primordial Water, together with the River Styx Primordial Water and Blood River Primordial Water were part of the six great Primordial Waters. However, it was said that the Grand Moon Primordial Water had the unique ability to overcome the other five waters, thus reigning as de facto alpha. The Grand Moon Primordial Water was the exact opposite of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, like Yin and Yang, they fitted together like pieces of a puzzle, yet would wreck havoc at the sight of each other.

At this sight, Lin Feng wondered, "Who would have guessed that the spring to the Grand Moon Primordial Water laid right here?"

"Such cunning humans!" exclaimed Fire Crow Young Master as he struggled to defend against the Primordial Water in front of him. This water was the bane of a fire demon bird like himself, and any contact would have been devastating.

In fact, without the aid of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire, the very presence of the Grand Moon Primordial water would have rendered him completely defenseless. Instinctively, he knew the time to unleash his all had arrived, and he concentrated all the power of the Fire Crows in him to power up the spark of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire. The little flames lit up the sky at the sight of their nemeses, screeching with hatred at the do-or-die juncture. In a thunderous collision, the clash of the tiny but powerful particles filled the air with millions of tiny golden flowers, each harvesting their own explosion. The deafening roars shook the grounds and blocked the streams, rendering the Grand Moon Primordial Water seemingly helpless. The stream scattered like little monkeys, almost in defeat, only to congregate together the next moment. This mind boggling feat continued with the water remaining persistent in the face of adversity. In a turn of tides, the endless stream of water surged out from the ground and diminished the flames. The flames flickered and cried out in pain.

What was supposedly an even battle now had its fate decided by the size of each force. No matter how hard the Fire Crow Young Master fed the flames, it was no match for the tireless stream of water. As the flames vanished into his body, the merciless water rushed towards him, not giving him any chance to breathe. Countless fire crows cried their last as the waters proved to be overwhelming. The Young Master felt a chill down his spine as he collapsed onto the cold hard floor with his venomous eyes locked onto Gao Fan.

"You would go to such extents just to perish with me!" Fire Crow Young Master's voice shaking with fear and hate. "The waters will eventually swallow you! You don't know what you're dealing with!" The already jubilant crowd suddenly fell silent, all eyes set on Gao Fan. "Is he speaking the truth?" they murmured. "Senior Gao's already prepared! What are you afraid of!" Li Chenxi suddenly interjected. Her strong facade faded as the waters, after finished battering the bird, suddenly turned towards the crowd.

Eyes closed with a slight grin, Gao Fan slowly started, "Don't worry, I've come prepared". The crowd heaved a sigh of relief, "You're indeed remarkable Senior Gao, it was the bird's misfortune to have met you today!" "See! I told you Senior Gao would cover it!" exclaimed Li Chenxi. Gao Fan humbly replied that it was collective effort that won the battle, inviting yet more praise from the crowd.

"I wouldn't have attained this water if not for everyone. Thank you." Gao Fan said with a grin. Yang Qing studied his seemingly unnatural expression before Gao Fan suddenly leaped into the air, chanting several incantations. The crowd found themselves suddenly rooted to the ground, completely weak and immobilized while a red dot began to form between their brows. Out of the red dot appeared a red stream which flew to surround Gao Fan like tiny metal pins attracted to a magnet. Gao Fan felt the life force surging within him and exclaimed, "So the Great Furnace of the Commons Technique does work!".

Instantly, a giant red furnace appeared over his head like a guardian halo. The halo was flawless, its body perfectly round less the ancient scriptures that had been carved into its patterns. It was so seemingly perfect that it gave of an air of corruption. With a loud thud, the furnace shook and descended upon Gao Fan, unleashing the Grand Moon Primordial Water within. Instead of destroying him, the water became mist as it seeped into his body.

The technique had worked.

The technique of the Great Furnace of the Commons involved implanting a set of targets with little demons. These demons extracted the life force of the targets, using their energy to internalize the power of an external source in a short time. Gao Fan had premeditated and sighted his prey. He now had the power of a legendary water, and he knew he only had to find a solitary ground to slowly internalize its power. The mere thought of it made him shudder with excitement as he let out a malevolent laughter.

"Senior Gao. What is h-h-happening?" stuttered Yang Qing as he stared blankly at Gao Fan, not knowing what to expect.

"What else could it be? We've been duped!" hissed Lin Feng, the red stream from his forehead still attached to Gao Fan, sucking the life force out of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng's gaze never left Gao Fan. The entire fiasco had been part of Gao Fan's plan, the Fire Crows were merely decoys, while the crowd was a chess piece in the chessboard which was the trap in Gao Fan's brilliant mind. He had his eyes on the legendary waters from the outset. Everything was proceeding as plan and Gao Fan was set to inherit the power of a legendary water.

"What a scheming bastard, " lamented Lin Feng as he faced Gao Fan. "We were all played by him, used by him as tools to attain power on his own. This man is indeed a marvelous tactician with a sharp mind. His battle procedure is almost flawless. The only miscalculation being my presence."

In peaceful demeanor, Lin Feng took a glance at the red stream from his forehead and sliced downwards.