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 Chapter 117: Diametrical Opposition between Fire and Water

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Under the leadership of Gao Fan, the group of cultivators engaged in a furious battle with the Fire Crows in the air.

Lin Feng remained at where he was, while a look of hesitation formed on the face of Yang Qing who was at his side. Yang Qing felt ambivalent as he was both fearful yet slightly excited to try his hand on this.

Li Chenxi glared at them before she joined in the battle. "Why are the two of you still standing there? Now is the time to slay the demons!"

Yang Qing's face became red with embarrassment and hurriedly exclaimed, "Coming soon!". He followed suit afterwards.

Lin Feng remained calm and nonchalant as he continued to observe the battle in midair. He was unabashed and smiled, "I will cover the rear." Li Chenxi was stunned by his words and muttered angrily under her breath, "Coward." Leaving Linfeng at the rear, she bashed her way towards the Fire Crows. With regards to her condescension, Lin Feng could not even be bothered. He kept his gaze on the battle in mid air that was becoming increasing furious.

Gao Fan, assisted by the wind currents generated from his Windflow Magic Robe, floated to mid-air before leading the onslaught on the Fire Crows. A man as attention-grabbing as him was like a firefly in the dark night. Nothing could hide his gifts and abilities. Not even the chaos and fog that was shrouding the battle. With a wave of his Wind Blade, he sliced a Fire Crow into half. Gao Fan remained composed in his white hemp robe, unfazed by the bloody scenes.

Following this, using his Wind Blade, he violently created a gash between the flock of Fire Crows and battled his way towards the Fire Crow Young Master directly. Apparently, Gao Fan has adopted the strategy which is to impale the morale of the Fire Crows by taking down their leader first.

The Fire Crow Young Master's dark purple face flared into a fiery red color as his small beady eyes, which were looking at Gao Fan, showed a cruel look. He let out a few squawks and the flames surrounding his body surged like oceans in a turmoil. The soul essence of the Fire Crows could be seen from time to time within the flames like fishes swimming within the violent oceans.

Lin Feng carefully noted that the number of Fire Crow soul essence which the Fire Crow Young Master had been refining had amounted to thousands. This also means that the Fire Crow Young Master had probably killed thousands of lives. Under the control of the Fire Crow Young Master, the Fire Crow soul essence transformed into runes and melted into the the sea of flames. The red flames became and distorted and turned into a few flame pillars which shot up straight to the limits of the sky. In the sky, the flame pillars intercrossed with one another, forming a mysterious rune. The rune appeared to resemble a distorted character of Huo (fire) but in a paradoxical and weird way. When Gao Fan saw the strange rune, the corners of his mouth revealed a smile as he said, "This must be the ancient characters of the Demonic Clan? It is quite commendable that you could actually pick up a bit of it."

The Fire Crow Young Master laughed in an eerie way, "Human, brace yourself for my technique, Mantra of the Fire King!" The strangely shaped character Huo (fire) appeared and evaporated all the water surrounding it, leaving all life forms around it burnt and withered.

Gao Fan laughed, "What a pity! Characters are creations that have been evolved to its maximum potential under the ownership of humans. They belong to our civilisation. The runes of the Demonic Clan is nothing but a joke in front of the developed culture of humans." In the face of the enemy's super finishing move, Gao Fan did not lose his smile and stayed suave.

"He can really act well." Even Lin Feng could not help but agree that Gao Fan is better than him at this. Gao Fan brought his hands together in front of his chest and called upon a mantra, leading to a fluctuation in the mana in his body. Two tornadoes simultaneously formed in front of Gao Fan, and attacked straight at the Fire Crow Young Master. During their advances, the two tornadoes closed up and repeatedly rubbed against each other. In the process of these little collisions, the two tornadoes did not fuse but rather started to disappear slowly. What is leftover from the collisions are the contact points which has formed a gigantic wind blade which is easily ten feet high. This scary wind blade slashed towards the Fire Crow Young Master in a way that defied the laws of Nature.

The human cultivators all cheered in unison, "It is the Tornado Cut! It is Senior Gao's most adept move!" Li Chenxi added, "Bird Demon, this time round let's see if you can survive his blow!" When pitted against Gao Fan's Tornado Cut, the Fire Crow Young Master also chose to evade rather than parry it. The size of the wind blade might be huge but it could move at a very fast speed. Even though the Fire Crow Young Master, part of the Bird Demon species, could also move very fast, half of his wings were cut away by the wind blade.

Feathers and blood were left splattered all over the sky. The Fire Crow Young Master shrieked in pain, while Gao Fan remained composed as always on the other end of the battlefield. In the face of the Fire Crow Young Master's powerful Mantra of the Fire King, Gao Fan kept still and calm, choosing neither to evade nor parry the attack.

Just before the flames comes into contact with his body, the white hemp rope that was donned by Gao Fan became lit up in green. The green light transformed into countless hurricanes that protected Gao Fan's body. The Mantra of the Fire King exploded into endless flames which engulfed Gao Fan but were rendered useless by the hurricanes that enveloped him. Gao Fan maintained his carefree demeanor as he strolled out from the sea of flames.

Wherever he walked, the hurricanes would divide the sea of flames to create a path for him. The group of female cultivators were all swooned by his charming and suave look as he emerged from the flames unscathed.

Lin Feng was very disgusted by the look on all their faces. "Go ahead and carry on fangirling over him. Who knows if something unexpected might be awaiting?" he thought to himself as he maintained his nonchalant look.

The Fire Crow Young Master held onto a pile of little flames and kept his gaze on Gao Fan's white hemp robe. "No wonder you have been so haughty in your actions. You actually possess an Aurous Core Stage Defense Magic Item." "However, do you really think you are the only one with good gear and equipment?" the Fire Crow Young Master exclaimed. "Let me expand your horizons today humans!" During his squawkings, all the fire crows have left their respective battles to return to the sides of the Fire Crow Young Master, despite the possibility of being injured by their opponents.

"The Grand Fire Crow Formation!" The Fire Crow Young Master issued a loud command and followed by transforming itself back to its original fire crow form. It became a gigantic Fire Crow with wings that span up to ten meters.

Under its lead, the other fire crows formed a large formation and dived towards Gao Fan. The Rising Sun Primordial Fire from the hundreds of fire crows have now merged to form an endless sea of flames, supplying mana and energy to the Fire Crow Young Master. The Fire Crow Young Master opened its humongous beak and released a tiny golden spark. Just as the spark appeared, an insanely scary amount of energy dissipated to surroundings.

Except for Lin Feng, Gao Fan and other Foundation Establishment stage cultivators, the rest of the other Qi Cultivation Stage cultivators felt a chill from the center core of their souls. All their inner instincts reminded them that a tragedy is imminent. The endless flames which the Great Fire Crow Formation has supplied to the tiny golden spark allowed it to rapidly expand, giving away blinding flashes of sunlight.

The Grand Sun Primordial Fire!

The Grand Sun Primordial Fire was one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires. It belonged to the ancestor of the Fire Crows, the Immemorial Demon Three-legged Golden Crow. The golden spark which emerged from the mouth of the Fire Crow Young Master was a spark of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire. Absorbing the mana from the Grand Fire Crow Formation, the golden spark turned into the real Grand Sun Primordial Fire. It was relatively small, but because of the power of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire, it was still capable of turning everyone present into ashes. The radiant golden light was just like a little Sun. Countless golden flames continued to burn as the golden light they emitted stinged everyone's eyes. The Grand Sun Primordial Fire was the essence of the Heavenly Fire, formed by billions and billions of golden optical lines, which gave it the look of a cluster of golden needles. The individual flame that was in the shape of a golden needle is called the Heavenly Sting of the Sun. Any one of these stings contained unimaginable power, not to mention the countless number of stings right now.

The Fire Crow Young Master laughed eerily, "You can count your blessings for being able to see the Grand Sun Primordial Fire!" The light of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire might be golden but it has casted a metaphorical shadow over the faces of the human cultivators. The fact that their opponent was able to summon the Grand Sun Primordial Fire, one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires, was totally out of their expectations. Lin Feng maintained calm and composed as he focused on observing Gao Fan, without looking at the Fire Crow Young Master.

The overpowering might of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire rendered the green glow of Gao Fan's Windflow Magic Robe useless as it moved towards him. The Aurous Core Stage Defence Magical Item was unable to handle the monstrous power of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire.

Despite the destruction of his Windflow Magic Robe by the monstrous flames, Gao Fan did not show any sign of fear. Instead, he was very much at ease as though he had everything under control. "Bird Demon, have you heard of this saying that goes like this?" "Water and Fire cannot coexist." Gao Fan proudly smiled.

The Fire Crow Young Master paused as though something came to his mind. The huge boulder below it suddenly began to shake violently as the ground and mountain beneath it started to shake as well. It was as though something was trying to come out from the ground.

Boom! The mountain cracked as a jetstream of river water surged from the underground towards the Grand Sun Primordial Fire!