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 Chapter 116: The Ideal Guy?

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"I heard from Yang Qing that you have ways to find traces left behind by the fire crow?" Lin Feng asked Gao Fan after pondering for awhile.

A female cultivator in the crowd instantly glared at Yang Qing, " Why do you have such a big mouth" Yang Qing smiled apologetically.

Lin Feng looked at the female cultivator who was beautiful and had a tall and slender figure. but she was like a rose with a thorn. Apart from Gao Fan, this lady was one of the three remaining Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators, albeit in the initial stages. There seemed to be a fierce aura around her though. Clearly, she often battled with others and had a rich battling experience.

Gao Fan smiled slightly, " There's no harm, Junior Li."

In front of Gao Fan, Li Chenxi immediately changed from a fierce tiger to a lovely and gentle kitten, and responded gently, "Yes, Senior Gao." Judging from the way Gao Fan addressed Chenxi, the two were close. Other cultivators looked at Li Chenxi enviously, but because Gao Fan was present and also fearing Li Chenxi's skills, all the female cultivators looked down and did not reveal their dissatisfaction.

Gao Fan turned to Lin Feng, and said with a smile, " Actually, there is nothing to hide. In the past, I had once unknowingly gotten a strand of the Fire Crow Demonic Commander's feather, and with this strand of feather, I can get a rough sensing of the presence of fire crows within a certain range. " Lin Feng smiled gently, "That's good then."

Li Chenxi went closer to Gao Fan discreetly, "Senior Gao, this person's origins are unknown..." Gao Fan laughed, "There's no harm, people who want to get rid of the Fire crow are friends". Li Chenxi nodded, and did not say anything else. After joining this team which was formed last-minute, Lin Feng spoke less and secretly observed that the team indeed centered around Gao Fan. Lin Feng also heard a lot about Gao Fan.

Born into the renowned Aeolus Sect, Gao Fan attained the Foundation Establishment Stage before the age of twenty, he subsequently stayed low for ten years without any significant improvement, and just as people were gradually forgetting him, Gao Fan amazed everyone with his Class Two Spiritual Altar, hence becoming the number one among the younger generation of the Aeolus Sect. Not only was he highly-skilled, but Gao Fan's practical battling experiences were also unparalleled. He had perfected the Aeolus Sect's signature Tornado Cut to a very high level. The entire Aeolus Sect had publicly acknowledged that, including the elders in the Aurous Core Stage or even the Nascent Soul Stage, when based purely on the Tornado Cut move, they could only at most beat Gao Fan in terms of power, but definitely could not be more proficient in the skill. Gao Fan also actively fought injustice. Take the fire crow encirclement for instance, it was Gao Fan took action to mobilise a team to exterminate the fire crows. Despite being blessed gifts and a bright future, he remained humble and approachable, never assumed great airs when interacting with juniors, and was always generous in advising juniors and funding the panacea. Lin Feng observed quietly, whenever the team rested, everyone would crowd around Gao Fan to consult him, and Gao Fan never rejected anyone, helping every one of them. These people naturally would not completely reveal their family's stunts, Gao Fan would also never cross the line to find out, if anyone had any doubts in the process, Gao Fan would also try his best to answer. At the same time, Gao Fan would even give out various panacea to everyone, helping them in their practices, recover their power, detoxify, and so on. The various signs all showed that this man, who was tall, rich and handsome, was the Mr Perfect of the World of Cultivation. Additionally, despite being tall, rich and handsome, he was not mean to others, neither did he bully others. Not only did he have his own dreams, he also had good interpersonal relations, a sense of justice and a kind heart. He was also a very approachable individual.

Lin Feng turned to look at Yang Qing who was next to him, and asked with a smile, " Why don't you go over there?" Yang Qing shook his head, embarrassed, he laughed, "Everyone knows my problem and even the seniors cannot solve it, I better not trouble Senior Gao." Lin Feng shook his head and said nothing. Yang Qing's biggest problem, was not a low ability in learning the skills but his weak will to learn. However, since it was the first time the two met, it was inconvenient to have a deep conversation so Lin Feng did not say much. There were many things that depended on oneself, especially those concerning willpower.

The group of people were walking in the northern part of Kun Lun Mountain Range, and one day, Gao Fan, the leader, suddenly stopped. Others behind him also followed suit. Lin Feng quietly observed in the team, and saw Gao Fan take out a bird feather that was a a good one meter long. The feather was deep red, and there appeared to be rays of fire glows vibrating on it. Gao Fan frowned as he stared at the feather, then lowered his voice and said, "They are near this area, and approaching us." Lin Feng looked closely, and saw that the frequency of the movement of the fire rays on the feather was increasing.

A little commotion started amongst the people because the fire crows were very powerful in battles, especially when they come in large crowds. Gao Fan took out a gourd from his waist area, and poured out a deep red panacea the size of a green bean. He turned and said, "The fire crow's fire is quite powerful, especially since the feathers cause smoke that mixes and causes a poisonous fire, which can breaks our protection spells. The moment we come in contact with the fire poison, we risk losing our lives." "This is a panacea for fire made by our seniors, we can avoid the poison of the fire after consuming it, everyone take one and consume it quickly to prepare for our battle."

A group of people walked to Gao Fan's side, grabbed the panacea and consumed it. Lin Feng looked at the panacea pill on his palm, his eye pupils contracted but quickly returned to normal, he then acted as if nothing happened and quickly took the panacea from Gao Fan's hands.

After the crowd consumed the pill, they immediately felt waves of heat coming from the northern part of the sky. Lin Feng looked far, and saw that the northern sky had turned red, a strong and big wave of fire rolled towards them. Hundreds of fire crows flew out from the endless sea of fire, and their growls were piercing, causing people to feel extremely annoyed after hearing them.

In the middle of the fire crows, there was a teenager in a red shirt. However, this young man did not have looks that could easily earn compliments. He was thin like a stick, with a sharp mouth and cheeks like a monkey, and a ray of redness spread out from his purplish-black face, his small ears stood up straight, and not a single strand of hair grew above his bare head.

A group of fire crows gathered around this teenage in a red shirt, and unanimously let out weird sounds, and said, "Your Excellency".

Lin Feng stared at the red-shirt teenager, and his eyes lit up, "So this is the Fire Crow Young Master?"

The fire crows are the descendants of the Three-legged Golden Crow, the leader of the Clan was known as the Fire Crow Demonic Lord, and rumors had it that he could control the Grand Sun Primordial Fire, and was very domineering. This Fire Crow Young Master was the youngest son of the Fire Crow Demonic Lord. However, in Lin Feng's eyes, they were really nothing to marvel at.

Lin Feng's eye pupils shifted, he was not in a hurry to battle, and his sight landed onto Gao Fan. As expected, Gao Fan stepped forward, stared at the Fire Crow Young Master who was in the middle of the sky, and said in a low voice, " Your Fire Crow Clan has always stayed around the Southern part of Mount Kunlun. Why did your clan suddenly enter the Kun Lun Mountain range and kill the ordinary masses?"

However, the Fire Crow Young Master ignored him, looked down and saw the red feather in Gao Fan's hands,before snorting, " I was wondering why humans were coming closer to us. So it is because you have gotten your filthy hands on the feather of my species." He stared at Gao Fan with a menacing smile, "Since you all hurried to your deaths, I shall complete your wish!"

Upon his order, the hundreds of fire crows around him let out strange calls unanimously and then dashed onto Lin Feng and the others, causing a sea of fire to descend, which looked like it was raining fire. Gao Fan remained calm as he watched the crowd of fire crows that were descending, before mildly spitting out a few words. "Natural disasters can be forgiven, but harm caused deliberately should not be let off."

Before his voice trailed off, the white robe on him suddenly lit up with a green glow, which dissolved into the air around him, bringing about tornadoes which poured into the sky, putting out the sea of fire caused by the fire crows.

Apart from Lin Feng, everyone present cheered unanimously. Yang Qing looked at Gao Fan with eyes filled with admiration. Lin Feng on the other hand appeared as if it was nothing impressive.

Gao Fan then waved his arm forward as he called out, "Everyone, today is the day we eradicate these demons!" The crowd unanimously let out a shout and dashed towards the fire crows to kill them.