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 Chapter 114: A Mountain on Top of a Mountain

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Geographically, Mount Kunlun is located to the west of the Hengduan Mountains. Specifically, it sits connected to the northwest of the Hengduan Mountains and can said to be amongst the few large-scale mountains in the world. The mountain is full of mythical peaks and brimming with spiritual energy. Many sects and cultivators chose caves here to hone their skills.

Earlier on, there was a conflict involving Xiao Yan and the others as well as the core disciple of the Aeolus Sect. Aeolus Sect is located to the south of Mount Kunlun, situated amongst one of the valleys that brimmed with spiritual energy. Upon hearing from Xiao Yan that his opponent was from the Aeolus Sect, Lin Feng displayed an odd expression as he thought of a particular point. It is highly possible they may be neighbors.

Despite the fact that Mount Kunlun hosted many blessed spots, most of these locations were only of above average quality. Hence, while there were many sects who decided to base themselves here, few were truly exceptional. Many of them were only of average prowess. This caused Lin Feng to become slightly doubtful, as he questioned the veracity of Long Ye's information. If that Mount Yujing were really that good, why hadn't anyone else claimed it? Mount Yujing was the blessed spot that Long Ye recommended to him.

"Mount Yujing doesn't belong completely to Mount Kunlun. Instead, it is a mythical mountain that floats above the nine heavens and is shrouded by fog and strong winds throughout the year. As a result, this mountain constantly enters an alternate dimension and may appear and disappear at will. It doesn't truly belong to this world." Long Ye's original words rang in Lin Feng's ears, "Mount Yujing is normally concealed within the cracks of dimensions, and hence it's difficult to find its entrance. Every 60 years, it would only appear once. It would completely exit from the alternate dimension and enter our world. That shall be your chance." "The last time Mount Yujing was seen was 58 years ago. In another two years' time, Mount Yujing shall revisit this world. Whether or not you could capture this opportunity is up to you."

Lin Feng lightly creased his eyebrows as he rode upon the Black Cloud Flag upon the sea of clouds. Gazing at the numerous peaks of the Kunlun mountain range, he noticed that many of the peaks pierced through the clouds and reached into the sky, inducing a slightly claustrophobic feel. However, there was no trace of Mount Yujing. It had almost been a year since he left Long Ye. The two years deadline was almost up.

However, Lin Feng had searched in the northern parts of Mount Kunlun for almost half a year in vain. He did kill many beasts in the mountain and collected many rare herbs. He could also feel that his spell mastery has greatly improved. His four disciples also undergone many experiences and became increasingly mature. However, with regards to Lin Feng's search for Mount Yujing, they were of no help. The contemporary cultivator's world had gone through thousands of years of development, as well as numerous spars and battles. Many of the major forces were well established. The better blessed spots had been taken by these major forces. Currently, Lin Feng could not compete with them for these spots and could only settle for blessed spots of lesser quality. However, he was extremely unwilling to do that, as he believed that his disciples would be extremely disappointed.

In comparison, Long Ye's Mount Yujing was the most reliable and the most suitable. As that Demoness wished that Lin Feng could develop his potential to challenge the great contemporary sects of Man, such as the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect, and compete for resources, she truly desired for Lin Feng to become someone great. Hence, the information she provided would be correct. However, her information was still too generic. Lin Feng had been searching at the northern foot of Mount Kunlun, which stretched for thousands of kilometers, for far too long.

He had already dispatched his four disciples to search for the mountain separately. All of them already possessed a bit of skills for self-preservation and hence were not scared to act separately. Crucially, all of them were destined for great things and it would take a lot to alter the will of heaven. Thus, they were suited for this role.

"Eh?" As Lin Feng rode upon his Black Cloud Flag in the middle of the sky, he suddenly saw a mountain embroiled in a thick smoke and bright flames from mid-mountain to the peak. Upon careful inspection, it was actually a small village embroiled in a blazing sea of inferno.

In the inferno, people were scrambling to escape. The cries of the women and children were deafening. Lin Feng arched his eyebrows, and he saw a strange red bird flying amidst the flame. While it looked like a crow, its feathers were crimson like fire. In an instant smoke and fog flew across the sky and as the bird opened its beak, it did not screech but spat fire.

"Is that a fire crow?" Lin Feng recognized the strange origins of the bird. The fire crow was a contemporary descendant of one of the fiercest beasts of ancient history, the Three-Legged Golden Crow.

The Three-Legged Golden Crow was a legendary beast of ancient history. It could master one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires, the Grand Sun Primordial Fire. Legend has it that it was the embodiment of the sun and was fierce and majestic beyond words. Its firepower could incinerate the sky and boil the oceans. While the blood of the Three-Legged Golden Crow was no longer pure in the fire crow, but it nonetheless still possessed a bit of its ancestor's ability to manipulate intense fires. The fire that it was able to manipulate was known as the Rising Sun Primordial Fire, which while being a reduced version of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame was still powerful beyond measures.

The fire crow gazed contently upon its masterpiece: hell on earth. As it squawked, it sounded like a human laugh. Lin Feng arched his eyebrows tightly as he flicked his finger. A blast of dark orange spirit energy shot out from his finger. Because Wang Lin had taken away the Pearl of Styx, Lin Feng was unable to use the River Styx Primordial Water, but he nonetheless carried on him some remnant power of the River Styx Primordial Water. Despite the fact that it was not the River Styx Primordial Water, it would be fine as the flame of the fire crow was not the Grand Sun Primordial Flame either.

The fire that blazed around the mountain village was quickly put out, and the villagers stared stupefied at Lin Feng. It took a long while before they could react and start kneeling and bowing to Lin Feng in gratitude for saving their lives.

The fire crow was shocked and it turned to look at Lin Feng. Squawking, it began to start enunciating human words, "Damn you! Stop meddling in my affairs or I would scorch you into a fire slave!" "My young master and my kind live nearby. Don't challenge us or you would die."

Normally, Lin Feng would not even bother with replying. He would have simply torn it apart with his Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm. However, as he had been busy and perplexed with his search for Mount Yujing, he became extremely sensitive to new information.

"While Mount Kunlun is full of monsters, but the power of Man is still enormous. How can this fire crow be so arrogant?" Lin Feng thought. "It also mentioned that its fellow crows live nearby, as well as its young master. The fact that the fire crows are here on such a great scale cannot be overlooked." "Could they be looking for something? Could it be Mount Yujing?"

As he thought about it, Lin Feng suddenly changed his mind. He looked at the fire crow, smiled and said, "Where are the rest of your kind? Bring me to them." The fire crow was furious. "Insolent mankind!" As its wings flapped, the sea of fire broiled. Immediately, all that was before the crow became a sea of fire.

From the sea of fire emerged dozens of apparitions of the fire crow, all ablaze with a burning fire. They charged towards Lin Feng. The apparitions from the fire crow were its former victims. After killing them, the fire crow kept their souls by cultivating them carefully and harnessing the powers of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire. This was truly an evil move.

Lin Feng's expression did not change. He extended a finger, and used his Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm. The space before the fire crow that was ablaze with fire swapped positions with Lin Feng's previous location. The ferocious apparitions of the fire crow were immediately forced out of the space; while the fire crow lost the fire that it used to protect itself. Lin Feng charged straight towards the fire crow.

The fire crow gazed dazedly at Lin Feng, and with a light movement, Lin Feng slammed his hand onto the head of the fire crow and split its skull. The fire crow squawked weirdly, and a beam of red light charged up into the sky. The beam of red light was the fleeing soul of the fire crow.

However, Lin Feng was already prepared for this. With his Heavenly Cage Mantra, he managed to confine the red beam. Looking at the horrified and struggling soul of the red crow, Lin Feng smiled lightly and said, "Good, now tell me, where are the rest of your kind? Why are all of you here on such a large scale?"

The soul of fire crow bellowed angrily, "Human, don't expect to get anything out of me! You will die in a blaze of inferno." Lin Feng smiled, "All I know is, if you don't talk you will be the one dying in a blaze of inferno." After saying that, he gently flicked his finger and a tiny milk-white ember fell upon the soul of the fire crow.

The Acalanātha Inferno, which had the ability to engulf other normal fires, scorched the fire crow so painfully till it hardly had any breath left. Finally, Lin Feng managed to extract an exciting piece of news.

The group of fire crow entered the northern foot of Mount Kunlun to search for Mount Yujing. And their leader, the young master of the fire crows, knew the exact location where it would appear!