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 Chapter 110: To Each His Own

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As Xiao Yan and Wang Lin climbed back up the mountain, Lin Feng looked at them and asked smiling, "So how was it? Did you learn anything?" Xiao Yan and Wang Lin replied simultaneously, "Indeed, we learned a lot." Lin Feng turned his head to Xiao Yan and said, "Your Third Junior's Finger of Styx still possesses one more move."

"Oh?" Xiao Yan replied while looking at Wang Lin from the corner of his eye. "Good chap, he kept the last move from me?" Wang Lin laughed and exclaimed, "Master, tell him the truth. If not he'll never leave me alone."

Lin Feng prodded Xiao Yan and laughed, "You naughty monkey! Don't be so anxious and let me finish speaking." Xiao Yan giggled, and Lin Feng said, "There is something interesting about Wang Lin's third move. It's not meant for combat. For now, it's incomplete and would require more research." Xiao Yan nodded his head in agreement.

Just as he was about to say something, his attention had been diverted to something happening below the mountain, "Little Junior's technique is magnificent." Lin Feng and Wang Lin also turned their gaze to the battle that was about to commence below the mountain.

On the plains, Xiao Budian chuckled, "Second Senior, I'm about to start. Hope you don't mind." After saying that, he slammed his palms together and then slowly pulled them apart. In Xiao Budian's left hand, he held a ball of gale and on his right, a ball of thunder. Together, they form a giant saber made out of thunder of around 30 meters in length. Electrical currents cackled sharply in the air.

Compared to the Demon Destroying Cyclone that was used to subdue Gao Long, Xiao Budian appeared especially apt in wielding his Tempest Saber. A cyclone swirled on top of the tip of the Tempest Saber. The energy of the storm and the wind vibrated ceaselessly, as if they were feeding on each other and strengthening each other.

Xiao Budian suddenly leapt from the ground to a height of tens of meters, and raised his giant Tempest Saber, and then bringing it down onto Zhu Yi's head. The Tempest Saber was indeed ferocious.

However, to both Zhu Yi, who was on scene, and Xiao Yan, who was on the mountain, it was disappointing. Xiao Yan muttered to himself, "This should not be. Is that all Little Junior got?" Wang Lin arched his eyebrows, looked at Xiao Budian, and said solemnly, "Perhaps there will be changes."

Lin Feng's heart missed a beat, and he thought of a possibility. He said, "Watch carefully, your Little Senior is not so simple." In his heart, he thought, "Chap, do you really possess the power I believe you to have?"

Facing Xiao Budian's Tempest Saber, Zhu Yi shook his head and said, "Little Senior, if that's all you got then all I can say is that you've been too slack recently." With a wave of his hand, he pulled out his longsword. While it appears to only be an ordinary-looking longsword, it dazzled with an astounding light.

Whish! Whish! Whish! Whish! "This is what I've learnt from my Sect's secret sword manual, please correct me as you see fit, Little Junior." With a flick of his hand, Zhu Yi wielded four swords in one breath.

The first sword glided loftily in the sky, possessing the arrogance and awe of a passing cloud. This is the Heavenly Sword!

The second sword weighed heavily on the ground, possessing the solidity and firmness of the soil. This is the Earthly Sword!

The third sword is swift like the wind, cleaving through the air without a trace. This is the Wind Sword!

The fourth sword is explosive and aggressive, humming and overflowing with energy. This is the Storm Sword!

As Zhu Yi unsheathed his four swords, a gale roared through the heavens and earth while storm clouds rolled past. "I call this sword manual the Way of the Facile Blade!" Zhu Yi stood amidst the wind and thunder, pointing his longsword at Xiao Budian, "This technique from the manual is known as the Stance of the Perpetual Thunderstorm."

"As the Heaven moves vigorously, a man shall not be content with greatness and strive even harder." "As the Earth is vast, a man shall undertake his tasks with morals." "As the wind blows, a man shall carefully execute his tasks." "As the thunder roars, a man shall temper his conduct with fear." "As the thunder and wind dances, a man shall always expect changes!"

As Zhu Yi executed his Perpetual Thunder and Wind with his sword, Xiao Budian's Tempest Saber dissolved instantaneously. All the thunder and wind in the sky rolled towards Xiao Budian instead. Xiao Budian did not show any sign of fear. Instead he clapped his hands and laughed, "Second Senior's sword techniques are truly amazing!" His pitch-black eyes rolled, and he said, "I don't understand all those profound morals. I only understand that my previous Saber was not powerful enough." "Hence, from now on, I need more power. More and more power till Second Senior cannot resist it!"

Xiao Budian closed his palms again, and pulled out another Saber. On his cute face a sly grin emerged, "This won't stop growing. Second Senior, could you handle infinite energy?" Zhu Yi's eyeballs shrank, and he realized suddenly that Xiao Budian's Saber is changing.

Previously, the Tempest Saber was an improvement from the Wild Thunder Blade with a cyclone attached to the top of the Saber. Now however, the blade is made up of wild charges clustering tightly around the cold wind blade. Zhu Yi's heart missed a beat, and in a fraction of a second he managed to catch a wisp of spiritual light. On his Stance of the Perpetual Thunderstorm the thunder was on top while the wind was on the bottom. The thunder supplied much of the energy, while the wind was the secondary source. However, Xiao Budian's Saber was powered mainly by the wind, rather than by thunder. The two powers were coincidentally inversed. Xiao Budian's Saber cut through Zhu Yi's Stance of the Perpetual Thunderstorm like an ax felling a bamboo forest, but it did not destroy it. Instead, a reaction was created from its impact with the Stance of the Perpetual Thunderstorm.

Xiao Budian smiled, "Second Senior's mastery is astounding. You could encapsulate the powers of the Transformation of the Eight Trigrams within the Way of the Facile Blade. I am not so able, as I can only use the energies of the thunder and the wind." "Second Senior, take this! Infinite Thunderstorm!" Xiao Budian quickly executed the gesture required for the move.

Under the spell, his wind-powered Tempest Saber and Zhu Yi's thunder-powered Stance of the Perpetual Thunderstorm formed a huge cycle. The two were divided clearly, and did not hurt each other. On one side, thunder illuminated a cyclone while on the other; a wild gale enveloped a thundercloud.

But these two powers were like a natural Yin-Yang symbol, turning together and morphing into one entity. The wind and thunder complemented each other! The wind and thunder came together in harmony! Under the influence of the cycle, the thunderstorm cackled and both fighters' power increased exponentially. This increase appears to be without limit!

On the mountain, Xiao Yan and Wang Lin had their eyes wide open, staring at the cycle of wind and thunder that ceaselessly increased its energy. A smile appeared on Lin Feng's face, as he said while rubbing his hands together, "So this is it, Xiao Budian you did not disappoint me."

With the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams, Wang Lin managed to understand the movement of the heavens and its essence, allowing it to fuse with his Finger of Styx.

As for Xiao Yan, the Way entered him and allowed him to improve greatly and destroy everything with the unstoppable force of the Eight Trigrams.

Zhu Yi's mastery was the deepest, and he understood the Eight Trigrams the best too. With only a single Way of the Facile Blade, he pulled off a spectacular display of the whole thing. Xiao Budian and Zhu Yi treaded opposite paths. While Xiao Budian only understood the movements of the wind and thunder through the Eight Trigrams, he mastered them to a level of perfection, even surpassing the limitations of the Eight Trigrams and discovering new principles.

Lin Feng nodded repeatedly, "Despite having understood only one part of it, this achievement is already valuable." The battle between Xiao Budian and Zhu Yi was one between depth and breadth. Facing Xiao Budian's Infinite Thunderstorm, Zhu Yi's expression was serious, "Little Senior, you skill is indeed powerful. Based solely on your power over thunder and wind, I concede defeat." "However, this battle is not yet over."

While saying that, Zhu Yi fused his swords together. Another technique from the Way of the Facile Blade is coming. "The mountains under heaven, flee! The gentleman shall stay away from the lesser man, "

With his Heavenly Sword and Earthly Sword, Zhu Yi produced from their fusion a concealment technique. Mountain Concealment Technique! Concealing himself with his sword, Zhu Yi concealed himself within the aura of his sword. It was if he disappeared without a trace.

Xiao Budian's Infinite Thunderstorm was initially unable to pinpoint Zhu Yi's location, and now with Zhu Yi's Mountain Concealment Technique, Xiao Budian's powerful thunderstorm appeared to have lost its target. Xiao Budian chuckled and he recalled the Infinite Thunderstorm back to himself for protection. As expected, a rift in the air behind slowly gave way to the form of Zhu Yi's body. Apparently, Zhu Yi did not conceal himself, but rather sneaked up onto Xiao Budian.

"Second Senior, your concealment technique is more unpredictable than the Dragon-In-Clouds Technique." Xiao Budian had prepared for this, and naturally he would not be caught off-guard by Zhu Yi. While laughing, he used his turbulent thunderstorm to block Zhu Yi's sword. "In melee, you can't beat me!" Everyone gasped as a violent odor of flesh and blood struck them. A tiny frame charged towards Zhu Yi with the vigor and malice of a cub of a primordial beast. Zhu Yi maintained a calm serene demeanor, as he evaded the blow with his Mountain Concealment Technique.

Xiao Budian's body was engulfed by wind and thunder, and his speed like that of lightning. He was not much slower than Zhu Yi. He pursued Zhu Yi doggedly, not giving him any chance to slacken off. The battleground between the two had grown white with heat, and Xiao Yan and Wang Lin watched the battle with expressed interest.

As Lin Feng observed this, he suddenly opened his mouth and asked, "Let me test your eyesight. Amongst the two, who do you think will win?"