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 At the end of Zhou Dynasty's eastern coast, close to the territorial seas.

It is already in the evening; the sun shone from the Western horizon and the clouds were rendering the skyline red.

Above the sparkling sea, a group of tired seagulls were heading home.

Under the fresh sea breeze, the blue waves were crashing, against the horizon sunset.

In the distant sea, suddenly a ray of white light was slowly drifting in-between the sea and the sky.

Above the sea under the moon light.

Within the white light, a peerless beauty was dress in green was sitting crossed legged, with both eyes closed looking calm.

She suddenly opened her eyes, stood up, under the white light, standing above the sea of waves, looked into the distant horizon and bowed down.

Disciple Yan MingYue, Pay respects to Master.

In the distant skyline, the clouds started to change shape and gradually shape into a person's silhouette.

It was a woman; her facial features looked as if she had the charms of a matured adult but yet looked like a little girl who has yet to grow up.

The clouds drew a face which occupied half of the sky line, looked down upon the Yan MingYue who was above the sea, kindly asked: "How are your wounds?"

Yan MingYue smiled and said: "Master, thank you for helping me regain my physical form, my spirit and physical body is in harmony, with no cracks or barriers but if I want to recover my cultivation level back to what is was the past, I would need to spend some more time and effort.

The woman in the sky smiled, nodded her head and said: "This is for the best, I can finally put my mind at ease."

The woman calmly said: MingYue although u met with a disaster but it might be a blessing in disguise, just that the Sect has chosen a new Realm Wayfarer , your return to the Sect has to be put on hold until an opportunity arise. (T/L: Realm Wayfarer is a Male representative from void temple traveling the world. Zhu Yi's mother was a Holy Maiden, Female equivalent of Realm Wayfarer ) (T/L: Previously it was Daoist Wayfarer but the author changed it)

Yan MingYue nodded to show that she understood.

If she insist on returning to the Void Temple, she could go back and be an ordinary disciple at any time but if she has any other thoughts she has to wait for a better opportunity.

Yan MingYue smiled: "Disciple feels that the time for my return is arriving soon".

The woman in the sky smiled: "The "time" that you mention is it related to the wandering cultivator Daoist Lin?"

YanMing Yue smiled and nodded "He might be able to bring some surprises."

Then Your Master will wait and see. The woman asked:" regarding the stuffs you spoke to me last time, have you made your decision yet?"

YanMing Yue quietly said:" Yes, your disciple have decided to choose the Zhou Dynasty, both the emperor and his subject, Liang Pan and Zhu HongWu complement one another well, they hold the power to stop other officials, it should be the dynasty with the highest chance of succeeding.

The clouds in the sky slowly disappeared; the woman's face slowly disappeared as well.

The clouds disappeared; he sky darkens as the sun has completely set.

Yan Ming looked up towards the dark night sky with numerous bright stars flashing, with a dazed look

on her face.

Moments later, she recovered and raised her hand towards the sky and drew a spell, the spell dived into the sea and a second later a person rise from the sea.

It is a water person, the whole body is composed of water, transparent and shiny.

YanMing Yue smiled:" Go and spread the news, let the news spread to the ears of my successor, Junior/Shi Di Realm Wayfarer .

Yes, The Water Person hesitated for a second and asked:" If your Junior hears that the lost Stone Flute is in the hands of that Daoist Lin, he will definitely not let it go, can that Daoist Lin cause a threat to your Junior?

YanMing Yue did not feel not feel unsatisfied by the question but instead smiled: "Let him test the limits of my junior".

The Water Person bow down in acknowledgment and sank into the sea.

Yan MingYue looked up into the sky in a daze again.

Is it because I am too sensitive? Why do I feel that you will become an enemy of my Void Temple in the future?

Why do I feel that the person who will be taken advantage of will be my Junior? Hehe, this person is weird, he gives others an inexplicable confidence without any reason. YanMing Yue gave a slight smile:" Maybe it is my Junior who will test your limits."

In the Heaven Primal world, the Human world belonging to the Human race, is called Vast ShenZhou Earth. () (T/L: ShenZhou = Old Name for China)

As Compared to the Demon world belonging to the Demon race, is called the Heaven Desolate Vast Contient. ()

In the far east of the Heaven Desolate Vast Contient , in the middle of millions of mountain range extending forever into the distance, a small secluded small valley, a tall tree reaching the sky with big leaves and branches covering the sky, the canopy covering a large acres of space.

The tree branches from the big tree, were as white as jade almost to the point of being transparent, the leaves are all demon blue, gleaming cold glow, revealing desolate aura, but it is without doubt full of vitality. (T/L : I don't know why its demon blue)

Even if you break off a small branch, and plant it in the most barren land, it can immediately grow into a full size tree.

But it has strange barren aura, around the tree, a radius of several hundred feet, there is not even a single living grass in sight.

The trunk of the tree suddenly emerge a light, a girl bare footed girl dressed in white walked out from the trunk, with an appearance of a tender and beautiful smile which exudes a charismatic charm.

"LongYe pays respects to Master."

The air in front of her, emitting water like ripple, a woman slowly walked out, her body from head to toe looks as if it is shrouded in fog, which makes people unable to see her looks clearly.

She is Longye's Master, Demon Great Sage, TianMei.

Great Sage TianMei slowly said in a voice hoarse: If it weren't for the Jade Tree of Knowledge which has the same origins as you, you wouldn't be able to regain your physical form so soon.

LongYe smiled: "I would have to thank that weird human."

TianMei Great Sage asked: "You gave the stone flute from Void Temple to him?"

LongYe smiled like a little girl and said:" Not only that, I also gave the news to Yan MingYue."

You did well. TianMei Great Sage voice sounded happy. But why did you also tell him about the location of the cave dwelling.

LongYe eyes flashed a demon light: Your disciple has a feeling this feeling that this person is not simple, if he is able to succeed, he will be able to bring an impact to Void Temple and the Human Race.

TianMei Great Sage said in an indifferent voice: "So confident"?

It's just a feeling, Long Ye smiled:" Even if I'm wrong there's no loss right? That cave dwelling is not within our reach and also...

TianMei Great Sage: and also that old Golden Crow's descendant is in the vicinity of the cave dwelling.

LongYe smiled and hugged her Master's arm: "Didn't Golden Crow Great Sage gave you a lot of problems in the recent years? Your disciple also gave him something to do, to exercise his old bones."

Both Master and Disciple looked at each other and laughed.

Lin Feng brought Xiao Budian back to the place where XiaoYan and the others were, Zhu Yi has already come out of cultivation, Ling Feng took a glance at him, the mana in his body was flowing freely in abundance, he has successfully broke through the bottleneck and reached the 12th stage of Qi Disciple.

Lin Feng asked his four disciples to gather in front of him smiled: "You guys might feel weird as to why don't we have our own Dao technique. The Dao Technique I passed down to you guys were all different, there were Buddhist Dao technique, and even precious Dao technique's that you happen to get by chance. And why do we only use other people's Dao Techniques"

The four little guys look at each other, XiaoYan scratch his head: "Sometimes when there's nothing to do I will occasionally think about it, however not to the point of doubting you, I believe that Master has your own reasons.

ZhuYi spoke with a profound look and said: "Although the Dao Technique we learn are different, and seems to be mixed, But Master you take our abilities into consideration, I presume that the Dao Techniques that you teach us are the most suitable for our own progression. The fact is that it is also true, our cultivation level have improved by leap and bounds.

WangLin shake his head: "Whatever Master teach me, I will learn."

Xiao Budian said: "Master the Dao Technique you pass us are really powerful, But of course if you have ever more powerful Dao Techniques, Please don't forget about me"

Lin Feng smiled and glared at him: "You are cunning." (T/L: In a Joking Manner)

He looked at his four disciples, stopped smiling and said seriously: "My Dao Technique needs you guys to be in the Foundation Establishment as the basis, so during the Qi Disciple phrase whatever Dao Techniques you learn are not important, because when you reach Foundation Establishment by cultivating our Sect's Dao Technique, your current mana will naturally change into the my Unique Dao mana.

Lin Feng looked at the four of them indifferently: "Next I will pass down to you the "Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens" which is what I am currently cultivating and it is also your Sect's Dao Technique, The first Chapter of《Heavenly scriptures》, You guys have to work hard in the future there are even better Dao techniques waiting for you.