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 In a dense primeval jungle, Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag and flew carrying Xiao Budian.

"Master, that's the place." Xiao Budian pointed at a valley and said.

Lin Feng lifted his eyes and looked over. He could clearly sense from far away an aura as violent as lightning within the valley.

What was even more noticeable was that in the sky above the valley, there was a violet light faintly flickering in the clouds. With a glance Lin Feng knew that the violet light was actually snaking lightning. The power of this lightning was tens of hundreds of times stronger than inside the valley.

Lin Feng observed for a moment and exhaled a sigh of relief: "Fortunately that Heaven Gold Thundersnake still hasn't started shedding."

The Heaven Gold Thundersnake is a mutant beast, its strength is equivalent to the foundation establishment stage of human cultivators. If it finished shedding, it could evolve into a Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm.

A snake that lives for a thousand years is a wyrm and a dragon after ten thousand. After shedding the shackles of the snake body, it can turn into a wyrm and roar in the nine heavens.

But it is insufficient to complete this kind of evolution relying solely on the Heaven Gold Thundersnake's own lighting power, it also needs to borrow the vast power of the world and borrow the mighty lightning power of nature. If it can successfully absorb the lightning power in the thunderclouds above its head, this Heaven Gold Thundersnake can successfully shed it skin and evolve to a wyrm.

This is also the most critical moment for the thundersnake.

After evolving into a Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm, its strength is equivalent to the aurous core stage of human cultivators. But after just finishing evolving, the Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm will be very weak.

That is the time when Lin Feng strikes.

Not only is it easy and saves energy, most importantly is that for Xiao Budian's baptism, the vital blood of a thundersnake and a thunder wyrm are two completely different things.

Before Lin Feng was originally prepared to use the vital blood of that big python of Hui Ku's to baptise Xiao Budian, but even though that python blood has gone through the nourishment of the Buddhist Thunder Staff, it is not on the same level as the Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm.

Wave after wave of screeching constantly travelled over from the valley. Lin Feng settled down and started to quietly wait.

With this he waited for seven days' time.

Noon time seven days later, the thunderclouds in the sky swirled increasingly more intensely, the violet light in the thunderclouds was also increasingly more dazzling. At the end, the violet light even dispersed the thunderclouds and a massive hole appeared in the heavy cloudage above the valley.

A sharp screech travelled out from within the valley. It was the same as a giant snake hissing, but there was a faint aura of majesty within the howling that spread out like a dragon's cry!

Hearing this sharp screech, the eyes of Lin Feng and Xiao Budian both lit up.

Following after the sharp screech were more sharp screeches that incessantly travelled out. As time passed the screeches became increasingly more powerful, no longer shrill and instead more and more vigorous and mighty.

And accompanying the sound of every screech, the thunderclouds in the sky writhed even more severely as though they were brewing up something.

The flash of lightning filled the skies and thick lightning bolts occasionally descended from the sky, landing in the vast forest around the valley and bringing up columns of billowing black smoke.

Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag and flew into the air. He saw a ball of lightning flickering on the ground at the heart of the valley. Within the lightning, the figure of a giant golden snake was vaguely revealed and it was arching its neck howling at the sky!

The giant golden snake's colossal body constantly twisted. The scales on its body opened up and a thick air of blood surged in the air, constantly raging like a mini tornado storm. Two bumps were actually slowly rising up on top of the giant snake's head, becoming sharper and sharper and in the end turning into two pointed horns.

Chunks of scales fell off one after another, turning into crackling lightning that continuously crashed in the air. Dense arcs of lightning constantly flickered around the giant snake's body.

In this process, the giant golden snake's strength did not weaken at the slightest and instead became even more refined and powerful.

"Rumble!" Chains of thunder crashed and lightning crackled in the dark clouds. At this moment the atmosphere was already suppressed to the extreme.

The thunderclouds in the sky abruptly shook. Lightning whirled and merged together, turning into a massive bolt of lightning that split the world and struck down towards the Heaven Gold Thundersnake in the valley!

Lin Feng slightly narrowed his eyes: "It's here!"

The Heaven Gold Thundersnake's evolution is not without danger, the key is in this last hurdle.

If it can successfully withstand the trial of the divine lightning and absorb the lightning energy within, the Heaven Gold Thundersnake can evolve into a Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm and henceforth step into a completely different world.

But if the Heaven Gold Thundersnake is unable to withstand this lightning tribulation, it will be directly turned into char without any remains.

If it successfully evolves, as long as it can get past its weak phase, it will henceforth be an overlord level demon beast. If it fails in its evolution, it will lose everything and disappear from this world.

At this time, Lin Feng who was waiting to take advantage of the situation, probably wanted the evolution this time to be successful more than the Heaven Gold Thundersnake itself.

Watching the Heaven Gold Thundersnake getting struck by the divine lightning and releasing screams of pain, Lin Feng slightly knit his brow: "Its evolution this time is very strained."


Thunder crashed again in the sky above.

Your worst fears come true, there was far more than one bolt of divine lightning.

Could this Heaven Gold Thundersnake continuously withstand the divine lightning's assault?

Lin Feng was in the middle of speculating when a thought suddenly appeared in his mind and he took out the Universal Mirror.

The center of the Universal Mirror was a yellow dot, representing Lin Feng's current position. Not far east from the yellow dot was a massive flickering red dot.

"A foundation establishment stage cultivator." The corner of Lin Feng's lips curved into a mysterious smile: "I'm not the only one who wants to take advantage of the snake."

"This feeling, this person laid down a massive formation here." The mana of the Eight Trigrams Great Daoist Scripture of the Heavens stretched out and Lin Feng quietly sensed: "Wind class mana, it seems to want to create hurricanes and its power is not small, moreover its area covers the entire valley."

Lin Feng called over Xiao Budian. He gave the Flowing Wind Sigil to him and gave him some orders.

Hearing Lin Feng's words, Xiao Budian raised his eyebrows and said cheerfully: "Don't worry Master, watch me." Lin Feng let him out from the Black Cloud Flag's black light and the little guy swiftly ran into the valley, disappearing out of sight.

At this moment, the thunderclouds swirled fiercely. Not only above the valley, Lin Feng astonishingly saw blue-violet lightning converging over from all directions and concentrating towards the clouds above the Heaven Gold Thundersnake's head.

Bolt after bolt of lightning violently tore apart the sky. Under Lin Feng's gaze they rained down and mercilessly bombarded the Heaven Gold Thundersnake's massive body.

At the end, the lightning in the sky suddenly stopped for a single instant.

The scene was incredibly abnormal and bizarre.

Closely afterwards, there was an utterly terrifying streak of lightning that penetrated the world and landed in the valley.

"Boom!" The ground at the center of the valley was directly split apart. In the sound of explosions, countless pieces of broken rock were sent flying. Even from far away Lin Feng could feel the earth beneath his feet constantly shaking.

This bolt of lightning seemed to have exhausted all of the lightning energy in the clouds. The thunderclouds in the sky actually showed signs of gradually dispersing.

Lin Feng held himself together and looked back towards the heart of the valley. There, black smoke billowed and blocked Lin Feng's sight.

"Success, or failure?" Lin Feng muttered to himself. The next moment, a fierce dragon cry suddenly sounded beside his ears.

Even though the dragon cry appeared a bit weak and sickly, the voice was mighty and majestic, soaring into the clouds and seeping into the rocks.

The thick, billowing smoke gradually dispersed and revealed a faint violet-gold light.

A curled-up body slowly unfurled itself. It stuck out four claws and had two horns atop its head. Unfurled, its long body was dozens of meters long. It was impressively a golden wyrm wreathed in lightning.

The demon beast with aurous core stage strength, the Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm!

It successfully evolved!

Even though it had a powerful, overbearing pressure, you could tell that this newly-advanced wyrm was faint of breath. Evidently it was in extremely bad physical condition. In the process of fighting against the divine lightning just now, even though it successfully survived and evolved, this demon beast's own strength was also completely exhausted.

Give it some time to rest and it could very quickly recover the strength and grace of an aurous core stage demon beast. Unfortunately, others will not give it this opportunity.

Dozens of hurricanes suddenly rose up in the valley, howling and enveloping the entire valley.

Countless ancient, towering trees were uprooted, the wind that was like sharp blades cut out scars on the stone walls of the valley.

In the sky in the distance, a short youth laughed coldly atop of the bird-headed, deer-bodied feilian that was wreathed in a green glow: "The mark left on your body is faint, but I know that you are right in this valley."

"It just so happens that I can deal with you and this Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm together."

The short youth's hands formed a spell sign and he shouted in a low voice: "Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation, open!"

In the valley, strong winds blew increasingly more violently.