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 "What happened"? The crushed crystal glowed with a white light, the voice of a man travelled out from the white light.

The black-clothed man reported everything that happened before.

After being silent for a moment, the other man opened his mouth saying: "Recently the sect will send disciples over there to you guys to increase you guys' strength and at the same time let the disciples gain experience."

The scar on the black-clothed man's face twitched and he sighed in his heart. Like this, their infiltration and control over them will be even stronger.

But he didn't have the leeway to refuse and could only respond respectfully: "We will make preparations on this side."

After the man said ok, he then asked seemingly without any intention: "Last time you guys were ordered to watch for an opportunity to capture Zhu Yi, is there any news?"

The black-clothed man responded saying: "We've only heard that he once appeared around Chuzhou City at the Great Qin Dynasty's southern border, but his location now is unascertainable."

"Okay, I know. You guys hurry up and evacuate." The man didn't say anything more and ended the connection.

But the black-clothed man still faintly heard the man seemingly muttering to himself: "A white-robed young daoist wearing daoist clothes? This person has been very active recently, how come we've never heard of this person before...." (TL: Damn ambiguous text, you can talk in Chinese and leave out pronouns so half the time I don't know what the hell to use.)

Even though he clearly knew that the man couldn't see him, the black-clothed man still lowered his head not daring to let out a peep.

Because, that person is a disciple of the number one holy land in the world, the Void Temple. For him, he is an absolute behemoth.


Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag and flew in the air. He split out a sliver of his consciousness and entered into the interior of the Black Cloud Flag. Looking at Dao Zhiqiang who was still spacing out, he asked: "Okay, what plans do you have for the future?"

Dao Zhiqiang returned to his senses, his gaze looking at Lin Feng was extremely complicated. He sighed lightly: "I can't go back to the Shenwu Army. My comrades have been completely annihilated while I alone live on. My outcome if I go back will definitely be extremely horrible."

Lin Feng lightly scanned him: "I'm letting you go, what plans do you have?"

"Thank you for trusting me." Dao Zhiqiang said: "I plan on heading over to the Great Qin Dynasty to test my luck and see if I can enter into a big sect to cultivate and increase my strength."

Lin Feng's eyes flashed: "Oh?"

Dao Zhiqiang said openly: "The reason I joined the Shenwu Army in the first place was also because the Shenwu Army had large amounts of cultivation resources, dao techniques and skills, and I could increase my strength,"

His expression was determined: "I need strength, powerful strength."

Lin Feng waved his sleeves: "If so, then I wish you good luck." Dao Zhiqiang knows nothing about him so Lin Feng isn't worried that letting go of Dao Zhiqiang will expose any of his secrets.

Leaving the Black Cloud Flag, Dao Zhiqiang bowed towards Lin Feng: "Thank you for not killing me." Finishing speaking he didn't drag his feet and turned around leaving.

Lin Feng looked at his distancing figure and smiled shaking his head.

This is also a person with a story.

But, it has nothing to do with him.

For Lin Feng, the most urgent matter right now is to meet up with Xiao Yan and those other two kids asap.

Heading west, he left the Ancient World Marsh. The next time he saw Xiao Yan and co was already a month later.

"Master!" Upon meeting, Xiao Budian flung himself over. Lin Feng patted his little head in amusement: "Little brat, did you cause any trouble for your two apprentice-brothers?"

Xiao Budian's big black shiny eyes turned and he said grinningly: "Of course I didn't."

Behind him, Xiao Yan poked fun of him: "Nice try, tell everything that you've done to Master." While smiling, he walking over with Zhu Yi and the two people bowed to Lin Feng: "Greetings Master."

Zhu Yi grinned and took out a small stone talisman the size of a palm: "Master, we did not fail you and successfully brought back the Thunder Element Sigil."

Lin Feng smiled slightly and said in his heart: "Of course I know you guys completed the task."

Taking over the Thunder Element Sigil, he saw that its appearance was similar to the Flowing Wind Sigil. Its material and size were all the same, it's just that the sigil carved on the stone talisman is a symbol similar to a lightning bolt which is different from the Flowing Wind Sigil.

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Budian with a smile. Xiao Budian laughed and took out the Flowing Wind Sigil, handing it over to Lin Feng.

Alone, these two sigils are both unassuming, the spiritual energy harboured within is extremely thin.

But combining the two sigils, Lin Feng instantly sensed a great change occurr within. The genesis of wind and thunder, inseparable and interconnected. There was actually a magical power constantly developing and growing in the sigil, growing at a shocking speed.

"This thing really can't be judged by its appearance. It looks unassuming but it's definitely a treasure." Lin Feng pondered in his heart. His gaze floated towards Xiao Yan and the other two and he suddenly sensed something strange.

Taking a close look, Lin Feng was instantly speechless.

Before they split, Xiao Budian's cultivation level was qi disciple level 10, Xiao Yan was qi disciple level 9 and Zhu Yi had just reached qi disciple level 7.

Not seeing them in a short 2-3 months, Xiao Budian had impressively already broken through to the great circle of the qi disciple level stage, qi disciple level 12. Xiao Yan was at the peak of qi disciple level 11 and could tackle qi disciple level 12 right away.

The most terrifying was Zhu Yi. This kid had actually also reached qi disciple level 11 already.

What kind of joke is this?

Lin Feng's pressure was instantly as big as a mountain. Being surrounded by a group of monsters like this, how can Wang Lin be the only one feeling pressure?

"You bunch of chosen ones, the speed you guys raise your cultivation levels at is like you guys are on drugs." Lin Feng secretly wiped his cold sweat and made up his mind: "Fuck this, I've also got my original dao technique now. I'm definitely going into closed-door training this time, I've got to at least reach foundation establishment stage."

Looking at his three disciples before him, Lin Feng felt the turbulent main character aura multiplied by 3, chaotically oozing outward.

Lin Feng then looked at Wang Lin who looked a bit down at the side and the corner of his lips slightly twitched: "What the hell are you feeling down for, isn't a late-bloomer like you the most terrifying?"

Lin Feng's gaze turned towards Zhu Yi. The other two guys are one thing, this kid's speed is also kinda too quick?

With this glance, Lin Feng instantly saw some clues.

His face revealed an enigmatic smile: "Zhu Yi, looks like you had a fruitful trip."

Zhu Yi nodded his head: "I was just about to report to Master." Finishing speaking he took out a rod-like metal object.

Lin Feng looked closely. It was a magic item carved into the appearance of a snake. The serpentine body was lifelike and the two crimson-red snake eyes on the head emitted an abnormal glow.

Zhu Yi explained saying: "This item's name is the Snake of Diablo, it is a magic item. A spell can be used to release golden light that will penetrate the enemy's body and destroy the enemy's soul and body from the inside, making it difficult to effectively defend against."

"In our trip to the Wind & Thunder Sea this time, when we found the Thunder Element Sigil and were ready to return, we chanced upon a cultivator transcending tribulation. In the end he failed to transcend tribulation and died, yet due to this I obtained a portion of his mana essence, causing my cultivation level to skyrocket." (TL: I just took the term used in ISSTH. Basically, in cultivation when you're advancing to the next stage, there's usually some disaster that descends upon you that you must get past to successfully advance. E.g. getting struck by lightning, flames that burn your soul, winds that cut your soul, internal demons that try to lead you astray.)

"Besides that is this Snake of Diablo magic item along with a spell called Dark Mandala Formation." While speaking, Zhu Yi also took out a jade slip and gave it to Lin Feng. He had a confused expression on his face: "It's extremely strange. Regardless of refining the magic item or practising the spell, I was very successful in both of them. But I let Eldest Apprentice-Brother and Youngest Apprentice-Brother try and they both had no success."

Lin Feng took over the jade slip with a bit of a weird look on his face, but actually in his heart there were already thousands of horses galloping across.

"A blessing of 10 really isn't a bluff." Lin Feng secretly shook his head with a wry smile. On the surface he was completely calm and he opened his mouth saying: "No need to worry, every person has their own fate."

Zhu Yi nodded his head and then said with slight hesitation: "Besides this, we also might have caused some trouble."

"After that cultivator failed to transcend tribulation, there were also other people coveting his inheritance. We got into a conflict with them..." Zhu Yi paused and then continued saying: "... In the conflict, we killed two of their people."

Xiao Yan slapped Xiao Budian's head: "If this kid just kept his hands to himself, we would have directly ran after taking the things."

Xiao Budian stuck out his tongue: "How could I have known that they were hiding in a damned place like that, I just casually threw out a bolt of lightning and it actually hit them."

Lin Feng's expression didn't change but he sighed in his heart: "Just as expected. After leaving the novice village there will be countless big and small creeps clamouring and throwing themselves at these kids, asking to be abused and educated."

The path of prodigies is to blaze a way through all manner of obstacles, to shine like the sun and to trample on all cannon fodder who come knocking asking to have their faces slapped.

Pulling himself together, Lin Feng asked: "Do you know who they are?"

Xiao Yan nodded his head: "They told us their sect is the Wind God Sect."

Lin Feng had a bit of a strange look on his face, although it was only for a fleeting moment. He smiled and shook his head: "No need to worry. Remember you guys, we don't cause trouble, but if someone tries to step over us then just let loose and fight."

Hearing this, Xiao Yan, Xiao Budian, Zhu Yi and Wang Lin who was silent at the side all felt reinvigorated. They bowed and said: "At Master's decree."

Xiao Budian's eyes turned and he suddenly smiled saying: "Master, when we came back this time we passed by a valley. There is a Heaven Gold Thunder Snake there about to shed its skin. Do you think we should, end it?"

Lin Feng looked with a faint smile at this little disciple of his who looks cute and cuddly, but has actually already shown some potential for shamelessness and black-heartedness: "Little brat, thinking about your baptism?"

Xiao Budian scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and said with an eager smile: "Master, I'm about to turn five already."

Lin Feng smiled and patted his little head: "We'll go after some time. Don't worry, Master hasn't forget your baptism."

Before this, Lin Feng has to first hurry up and let himself achieve foundation establishment!