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 I am known as 'White Death' for having no hesitation killing the target given. Those who saw my face all died within a matter of seconds. I am known as the top assassin but was murdered... By the organization 'Ember'all because I showed mercy on a target by only claiming his life. The last words I heard are...

"We have no room for you anymore.You showed a little humanity and it's a death sentence. The bracelet that the organization gave you will explode in 10 seconds. Bye, White Death. "

I took a deep breath as I received my final seconds without fear. All my emotions were gone when I killed the first person.

"BOOM! " the explosion echoed through the silent night.

"Where am I? " I thought aloud. I looked around but there is nothing but darkness. my black hair turned silver white my brown eyes turned red, blood red. I watched as my whole body shrank. I felt no sense of fear. Not long after, I closed my eyes and received fate. I thought I would go to Hell and suffer there for eternity but I was wrong. The next moment, I saw light it was very bright. All I could say was "Waaaa... " . Not even a single letter escaped my mouth. I was carried in a pair of arms without my sight all I could do is frail my arms.

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"It's a baby boy! "A voice exclaimed.

It was at that moment then I knew, I was reborn as a baby.