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 "Curiosity killled the cat"they say.It's a common expression used to scare the one who snick their nose where they are not supposed to.But what if ,that cat wanted to be killed by it's curiosity?

-crack- He is not so nervous nor unexpected.Every time he touches me ,it feels so weirdly hot and my body reacts to him.All I wanted it to fulfilled my curiosity.

"Are you scared ?Don't be ,I am gentle with virgins "he started to tenderly kiss me and suck my lips and then bit them.

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"Ouch." it actually hurts.But I want more ,please break me .

"Tell me ,why you want to do this with me ?"

All I could think of is the past.Every time he spoke to me while kissing my body,I felt possessive vibes that I thought I would never feel them again.Mum used to be so happy every time I said "I am yours".