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One of the Extraordinaires was pierced by the ice spear of the Ice Lake Girl and was instantly on the verge of death.

The silver-haired mage exclaimed: [As long as I am still alive, you will not die!]

The Holy Light Spear-the upgraded version of the silver-haired mage's Holy Light bullets-penetrated the wounds of the injured Extraordinaire and turned into life-giving energy to rapidly heal the wounds.

Looking at the back of the tall and virtuous silver-haired mage, the Extraordinaires were moved to tears.


The Ice Lake Girl held up her hands to combine gigantic cubes of ice together. She was attempting a full-map attack that would deal a terrifying amount of damage!

The next moment, the fingers on the silver-haired mage's right hand were broken to form an iron chain, which wrapped around the Ice Lake Girl and bounded her tightly. The mage shouted: [Attack!]

Looking at the silver-haired mage's broken fingers on both of his hands, the Extraordinaires were moved to tears.


When the remaining life of the Ice Lake Girl-the boss of the sixth checkpoint-dropped below 20%, she would immediately cast her AOE ability and summon a storm of ice crystals to attack the entire battlefield.

Having been annihilated thrice at that juncture (rather, it was only the Extraordinaires who died thrice), Ren Suo had also reloaded the savegame three times. He controlled the silver-haired mage to activate [Breath of Fire Skin] and summoned the giant demon!

However, he did not control the fire demon to attack but used it as a fortress instead. With that, he successfully shielded the mages and the Extraordinaires who were inside of the 'fortress' from the boss' final ultimate attack!

Looking at the charred skin of the silver-haired mage, the Extraordinaires were moved to tears.


[Now, there should only be one arena left outside, which is inaccessible, right?]

By the time the silver-haired mage granted salvation to Ice Lake Girl-the boss of the sixth checkpoint who was in front of him-he was severely injured and resembled nothing like a person. The mage fell lifelessly to the ground, as he asked the question to the coalition force of Extraordinaires behind him.

The Commander of the Watchmen replied: [If there are no other undiscovered mystery realms, then the mystery realm in central Australia is the only one that's left.]

The silver-haired mage said: [I must admit that you, humans, now have capabilities which are no less powerful than us, mages... Please make use of such a strong power to defend your lives.]

To the silver-haired mage, there were more than 200 Extraordinaires who were armed with all sorts of heavy firearms assisting the fight, and even numerous heavy machine guns were used-it was a wonder how they managed to bring them into the mystery realm. Of course, however, they would have stood no chance against the Ice Lake Girl without the healing power of Mage.

The commander from Fanying Nation was a beautiful young lady. She was on the brim of tears as she exclaimed: [Please do not say that. Sir Mage, if not for your protection just now, we... we might all have...]

The silver-haired mage replied: [Under the watch of the World Tree, humans will not be allowed to be injured...]

Looking at the commander from Fanying Nation who was saved by him thrice and who was now hugging him, the silver-haired mage laughed and said: [I don't know when will be the next time I will awaken, so do not fall in love with me, young lady.]

[Nonetheless, I will silently wish you well in the World Tree.]

The words of the silver-haired mage, coupled with his devastating appearance at present, was especially touching, and the Extraordinaires broke out in quiet sobs.

The Commander of the Watchmen glanced at where the female mages disappeared and asked suddenly: [Sir Mage, why... why were you the one who had to sacrifice twice consecutively? Clearly, if your companions were willing to share the load...]

As expected, they were starting to suspect.

The silver-haired mage laughed and asked: [Did you not realize that they have never spoken a thing, and have just been fighting in silence?]

The Extraordinaires had fought alongside the mages on four to five occasions, and it was natural for them to have noticed discrepancies in what the mage said and what they saw. The commanders who gathered around the silver-haired mage were completely unperturbed by the question the Commander of the Watchmen posed, indicating that they had also been notified by their superiors of their suspicions about the mage.

The silver-haired mage explained solemnly: [It is because of their sins. Don't be fooled by their appearances-in fact, half of them are... men.]


The Extraordinaires were extremely surprised. The faces of a number of them who secretly admired the beautiful movements of the female mages in battle instantly turned pale-they were so cute and beautiful, yet they were actually men?

The silver-haired mage revealed the grim reality: [As you know, the monsters here are countless. Unless they are granted salvation by a mage, they would revive continuously and never die.]

[To a mage, granting salvation to humans who turned into monsters is tantamount to... killing people.]

[Whenever such a falling Forbidden Fruit emerges, it is when we, mages, come into action... Don't be fooled by our young appearances, for most of us lived thousands of years ago. During that time, Reiki was still not... Cough, cough.]

Reiki was not... what?! Hurry, finish your sentence!

However, the silver-haired mage quickly changed the topic and continued: [We help the World Tree to deal with the Forbidden Fruits, and the number of monsters we are faced with is never known. There could be as little as thousands of them, or more than millions of them. The monsters we purify do not just disappear like that; their memories and resentments will turn into the strength we possess.]

[That is also the reason why mages are so powerful.]

[However, while mages join the World Tree out of great love, even the souls of those with the most resolute of minds will be irreversibly polluted through the repeated killings of people.]

[We, mages, are not crazy murderers. When we take lives, we also hurt our souls at the same time.]

[Over time, the wounded soul would be reflected onto the mage's body, and the mage would thoroughly recognize the horror of 'killing'. As a result, not only would the mage no longer be willing to purify monsters, but it would also cause the mage to undergo physical changes.]

There was still one arena left, and Ren Suo did not dare to say for certain if what he said was true. Nonetheless, the appearance of the six female mages was sufficient evidence to prove his point. He continued: [Only very few male mages are able to withstand such changes. Most mages would be unable to bear such sins, and the male mages would turn into beautiful young women, while female mages would turn into... even more beautiful young women.]

[Furthermore, after the changes, the temperament of the mages would also change drastically. They would become unwilling to talk to strangers, and only willing to communicate with their mage companions in the language of the mages...]

[Most importantly, after their death, they would not be able to revive again.]

[This is who a mage is, hovering just between death and rebirth, killing and self-blame, and male and female... warriors.]

[It is precisely because of this that mages who are still able to purify monsters will try to protect those 'seniors', even if it means they have to 'die'... One day, we will eventually become like those 'seniors', and at that time, I hope that our descendants would protect us...]

[I wish that we will not meet again... and I wish that mages will not appear in front of you again...]

Upon finishing his sentence, the silver-haired mage also finished his 'act' and fulfilled his mission, vanishing completely with a ball of light.


It took another half of a day to utilize the energy stored within the [Jade Pendant of the Goddess of River Luo], successfully increasing Ren's Suo's Practice progress to tier 1, 58%.

As he grew closer to becoming a tier 2 Practitioner, he also realized that, regrettably, that was his one and only chance of being able to increase his talent score without spending much effort.

'Perhaps I should choose to play games that are more related to monsters in the future...?' Ren Suo thought. He naturally could not help but think of ways to make the best use of the [Jade Pendant of the Goddess of River Luo], knowing that it was able to gradually increase his talent score.

It was mealtime again, and Ren Suo went over to Dong Chengling's house. He was surprised to see Gu Yueyan and asked, "Have you been discharged from the school hospital?"

"I was already discharged yesterday," Gu Yueyan coldly replied.

Ren Suo laughed and said, "Luck is really not on your side, I think you'd better stay home from now on."

Gu Yueyan lamented, "Isn't it all because of you..."

"What?" Ren Suo questioned as he blinked.

"Nothing!" Gu Yueyan exclaimed as she stood up and walked into the kitchen to help Dong Chengling bring the dishes to the table. Very quickly, an appetizing aroma wafted through the living room-Dong Chengling was getting better and better at her cooking.

At that juncture, Dong Chengling retrieved two boxes and handed one each to Ren Suo and Gu Yueyan. She said, "It's for you, please accept it."

Ren Suo and Gu Yueyan opened the box and saw a necklace inlaid with blue stones.

Gu Yueyan saw that her necklace was the same as Ren Suo's, then looked at the one Dong Chengling was wearing around her neck-it was pure white.

Why did she give me the exact same necklace as... him?